Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

7/01 Ria ka Adda.:Kitani Mohabat hai??!!:. (Page 6)

Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
@Sumz - Hey u were righ on the window thingWink
@ Mehr -  love that u love itSmile
I watched Part 3 and Part 4 and the moment on the two part for me remain:
Arohi's split drink on his face saying why is she talking to him, he does not deserve this!
I watch this bit three times to makes sure to hear right on 'you don't deserve this' and guys, I was not angry or sad but I said 'wow;'
I love this bit because this reaction she gave to Arjun, she has spilled the beans out! DJ was taken aback because this time she can't prevent Arohi to say it.This action said everything to DJ, to Kartar and to Chikoo and even Gauri. The other members are watching it only a disgusting act of Arjun but this action really talks everything. It says that Arohi and Arjun shares something because for a stranger or for an employee, one would not react the way she reacts.
DJ realised with her taken aback sigh that Arohi all these times is acting to forget everything because of them and in real, Arohi still loves him (Ok I believe Arohi never stop loving Arjun - she is as different as Arjun and when this time it is Arjun's turn showing his love, this time Arohi was showing it differently, in her 'inkaars' was all her love hid in it and then now the tabe has turned, Arjun is stopping showing this love, this is when Arohi will start to show back)
Gauri was left in mixed emotion too - she was happy that Arjun created this misunderstanding and Arohi will be angry but she could not think that Arohi will be hurt to this extent that her anger that she saw today was something unknown from the Arohi she knew.
On this note I am hoping to see Gauri as temporary evil character.
Shefali, I really did not want to comment on her because she was feeling the same initial emotion of the audience has but the audience knows this is a season 2 and there is only Arjuhi and not ChikoohiROFLROFL while Shefali is living this story and at that moment despite of her cool temparament, she is afraid of this love story remained adhuri.
We got to see the beautiful conversation of Shefali and Arjun and I loved it because Shefali was like a child and Arjun was the master of experience. Again Shefali, the character who never believe in tue love in real life, got the lesson of what love is really and how in love there is elevation.
Coming to the bit before this convo, we got to see KSA and Arjun. This is indeed a response of the daring Arjun who said to Kartar his hands will not tremble to kill Arohi to this episode with how much respect he was talkng to Kartar because he can't even bear to see the lost of innocence of Arohi and he will not let even a drop of tear from her eyes. Kartar is realising tha Arjun is changing and I am expecting a convo of Kartar Arohi in the future.
It was cracking when how Kartar said being a policeman he catches the lie of Arjun but then how could the other police officers did not catch his lie, they were all gulping itROFLROFL
Now the real voice out of Arohi's conflict of heart vs mind was really good to see, the curtains she drew in her heart, it is not her heart who was not trusting Arjun but her fearful mind, now her heart has started ruled again and she is the one who will understand that she will need to accept defeat on what her heart will make her do and that will be for betterment.
And the Chikoo part, I was OMG, how did I not realise that actually he is also a negative character. What an amazing negative character - wow - I actually like this negative personality as much as I like Natasha or Paddy of KMH1. We have all been drowned in his hilarious depiction: murga,chikoo,kabootar,kharghosh that his negative character was opaque. We were getting hints in his facial expressions but then we were all thinking of him as 'price tag' and all in Arohi's view. This episode sums up the evil mind of Chikoo where he is shown as the self engrossing selfish man who thinks only on his advantage. The way he was humiliated Arjun is more for his own revenge that he had from the gun scene of the jungle scene rather than pleasing Arohi. He knows there is a cliche between Arohi and Arjun and all his words though funny were intentionally to hurt Arohi. He might be seen to be an act of cowardice that he let Arjun took all the blame and accept it but he is not backing off even if he is sure that Arohi loves Arjun.

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 5:00pm | IP Logged
Hello Addas, I wanted to share some point of criticism that I wish it can be improved in the upcoming episodes:
-> ITKARA tune as background music on Arjuhi
I love the Itkara song but how can they use the tune that showed the crush of Gauri to Arjun as the growing love between Arjun and Arohi! Watching some previous scenes and there were so many beautiful tunes in Arjun and Arohi that were more on KMH tunes and if they would have kept the same tune, it would have still worked.
I definitely need more KMH tunes itself to stick with rather than tunes from movies.
-> I have to admit to all of you who always ask the cameraman to produce a better work:
What is this? I have not till date properly seen the face of cookie and coffeeROFL
My eyes ached after watching the multi angle of the camera- one time is here and other time without link is some other place - trying to focus on all the characters' reaction in a quick way, it has left my eyes ached.
I think the camera angle has a lot to be improved and have a quality work rather than do it for the sake of do it.
-> Agree to all of those who pointed to Originality
When the story starts unfolded it was different,even if we know there were role swap in this season's characters but still the story line was different. I love it.  However now the way the themes are showing are too similar that of KMH1 that make it repetitive, I think you will agree to me if I will say, we need it in a different style with the same theme.
I think this is the three major points I gonna say.
We all know that all the actors portraying their characters are doing a good job but then the way it is delivered to us,the camera angle,it needs a little to be improved for health reasonsSmile

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shiviloveskmh Senior Member

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
@secretkeeper... Dis tym its not dat colorful... Hehe... Wink
bt i like d way u all write ur views...

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tanu111a Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 12:17am | IP Logged
hey all sorry i m super late in giving my take. here is super  cold so feels lazy in logging in frm lappy.@mehr my lappy net is okk now but i m not due to cold so using moble net my views abt epi-
first of all i wan to share my views abt characterization of chiku,arohi n arjun. 
chiku-i used to think abt him that he is a joker n sweet but i was wrong. nt only me everyone is wrong to judge him even arjun. arjun said to arohi-chiku shaadi ke baad arohi ke round round mandrawnga but it is not going to happen. after marriage he will ignore arohi fully.he has not luv for arohi. for him the word luv cannot exist. he is self centered guy who cannot luv anyone. he cannot be true for anyone. he is incomparable. he is height of stupidity, irritation, imperfection,overshow n wickedness too. i wish for him to be a bachelor forever otherwise i will feel very sad for his unlucky wife.he is wicked joker. 
arjun-i luv arjun really. he is very true for his luv. a lot of ppl can be true for his luv but a lot of ppl cannot hav strength n trust in his luv like him. he does not take care of his own reputation but take care of arohi pain. @nimra sorry to say i m disagree wid ur view.i really respect ur mehr said u should not be sorry for giving honest views but it seems u were in very aggressive mood n saara ka saara gussa hamare kmh par nikal gaya lolz.bechara kmh. anyways different ppl hav different opinion. its d fact n gals nature that we need no tym to accept  negative things but  for positive things we always use to hav huge doubt. i m like this. according to me arjun took very mature decision. at that instant it was perfect decision by him. he knows arohi luv him but a d same tym he also know she does not hav trust in him. she is giving her life in chiku hands even she does not luv him. for her chiku image matters. she will surely get hurt if she will come to know abt chiku real face. by taking this decision he wanted to protect arohi frm this pain. in future she will surely come to know abt chiku n perhaps arjun will b d one who will tell her but before this she wan to gain her trust in himself . after this what is chiku?who is chiku? how is chiku? these question will not bother her a lot of luv stories we see  very immature behaviour frm lead couples but arjun is not one of them. he wants arohi happiness. he is aware of the fact only his luv can give her real happiness. thats y he wants arohi back to him. he is very smart guy n very real too. he is fighting not for himself but also for arohi. he wants her happiness lyk a mother for her child. is it not sweet?he fell in luv with her because of her innocence .he know he will get her back because his luv is true n he also knows arohi luv is true. he can read arohi eyes.for getting her back he dont wan arohi to lose her innocence. he can wait for sometym other than it. did u all notice in every convo he always tries to get back her childishness n innocence. he has lost his innocence in his childhood but he does not wan that it happen with his luv whom he luv more than himself. he is a type of guy who wan to protect her frm each type of sorrow by taking her in his arm. this nature of arjun is justifying the line of title song"aa tujhe khud me main is tarah lo chupa".in kmh 1 i used o wish for a guy like arjun punj but now i wish for a guy like arjun. he is perfect n dream guy of every gal.
arohi-she is very immature character. she is sweet,childish, innocent.she even does not know she luv arjun deeply. she is not able to understand arjun luv n also her own luv for him. her luv is as deep as of arjun but she is not aware of this fact. in previous epi when she used to say to arjun that she does not luv him. i used to thought she is telling lie but i was wrong. for her this is true. for her this is not lie. she needs more tym to realise she luv arjun. she is not lyk a traditional character. she is different. we all need tym to understand her. she is other kind of reserve. she talks so much but she very very rarely discuss actual things of her mind n heart. she talks so much n in such an extent that she herself cannot hear the voice of  her own heart.this character is very close to reality unlike other characters. 
    @mehr i guess it is so long. u all cannot bear my take on d epi. so ending with this. 

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Nimz-KMH Senior Member

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
@Tanu, yea i was in a really bad mood...and i wish i didn't watch the epi at that time.....but oh well it's over now. I think i would've had the same views even if i wasn't mad.
I agree with what you wrote. The thing that bothered me was that Arjun got insulted for no reason. I agree that he protected her by putting his reputation in danger and he did this because he loves her but how come everyone is blind on cheeku? Why is her family doing this to her knowing what kind of a person cheeku is? To me it seems like they're all playing along and i wouldn't call that family caring or loving. I understand that Aro might've closed her eyes on cheeku's character because she doesn't wanna know the truth but why the whole family is doing that? At the club, he sneaked away saying that Arjun was the one who forced her to do this. I found that ridiculous. Is he a child? If Arjun is gonna force him to dance with the Russian girls, he's going to agree and then blame it on Arjun. Understood that Arjun is still a bad guy for Aro's family but how come everyone believed him in an instant and no one thought cheeku is also at fault. The guy doesn't come to your sangeet party but instead goes to a club to have a bachelor's party and you blame the whole thing to someone else. Doesn't matter how bad Arjun is....but if cheeku decided to go to the club that's still his fault and not Arjun's. That's one thing that didn't make sense to me.
Secondly, why is Aro insulting Arjun all the time and then feeling guilty about it? I wonder how much she's gonna have to regret once she finds out that Arjun was right. She's putting so much baggage on her and it'll be difficult for her to cope with it later on........If anyone can convince me that Aro is hurt because she really "fell in love" with Arjun in the jungle then I might be able to understand her feelings. I even know that in her case it's not the instensity of love (because there was no intensity) but as a young girl she trusted someone blindly for the first time and thought he's always be there but she was wrong and that's what hurting her now. So i can't relate to why...why...why Arohi is so hurt that she can't even give another chance to her love rather she's blaming him for the things he hasn't done. She loves her family so much that she's sacrificing her life for them....or should i say she has lost all her sense because clearly she can't even see through a transparent personality like cheeku. I know it's going to take some time for her to gain Arjun's trust back but she can't keep on pointing finger on him and then cry about it. Did she forget how much she was hurt when Arjun didn't back her at the police station. When he let his father insult her infront of everyone. Isn't she doing the same thing to Arjun now? Is she just trying to rid herself from all the frustration she has built in her after getting hurt by Arjun or she really was in love with him once and now struggling to find the answers to her questions. Because these are two different things. If she just wants to get back at him then she would do something like approve cheeku as her life partner knowing she neither loves him nor trusts him.
@Tanu, you just found out that cheeku is not a very positive character Smile I knew that from day one...he might be a joker making us laugh everytime we watch him but he makes me extremely mad because he gets away with everything everytime and he has the power to make everyone blind infront of him. The ahluwalia's are not intelligent i must say (but glad atleast daddu still has his senses)......if my family chose someone like cheeku for me regardless of how much they loved me, i would question them because i can always make them happy by sacrificing my feelings but i'm not gonna drag myself in hellSmile and if they loved me they wouldn't do that eitherSmile.

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
Finally caught up with this past week's episodes. Since it is already the end of the weekend, I will save the more specific thoughts for tomorrow's episode and leave you guys with this...ROFL

This week saw Aarohi continue to be angry
While Chiku humiliated Arjun at every opportunity
Into the story came in Arjun's daadi
Who is DJ's old friend trustworthy
And hinted at the dark Ahluwalia – Singhania history!

Cookie and Coffee remained annoying
While Gauri continued her scheming
Chiku is caught in a club dancing
But Arjun takes the blame
To keep Aarohi's heart from breaking!

Finally, cliched and poorly written as it might be
I think this show still has potential to light up the screen
But a show cannot run purely on the lead actors chemistry
It needs story, characterization and consistency
And execution and rock-solid cinematography!

Not a bad week overall...averaged a 7 for me with some days better than others! But...the camera work seems more inspired by the Blair Witch Project than something noteworthy!

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Nimz-KMH Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Jaya *hugs*HugHug and welcomeDancing
Finally you caught up! I must salute you for that!ApproveThumbs Up
Loved your poem! what a sweet way of saying CVs better buckle up!ROFLSilly

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MitEssH Groupbie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:20am | IP Logged js totally agree wid u...Fri k epi k baat mere dimag mein bhi boht saare y y y Creat ho gaye hai....God nos In Sab WHY k jawaab kab milenge.....Ek baat to bilkul mujhe samaj nahi aa rahi k..Arjun JAB Jab SACH Bol raha tha ARO se USE har BAAT Uski Jhooth lag rahi thi..ARO ne Arjun,ki Abhi Tak Kisi bhi Baat pe Believe Nahi kiya..BT AAJ Jab ARJUN sahi mein Jhooth Bol raha tha tab AROHI ne IMMEDIATELY Uski BAAT pe Believe kar liya..Jo bhi bola Arjun Ne Turant Sach man liya...KYUNNNN KYUN y..y Y...Aaj kyun aro ko nahi LAGA k Arjun usse Jhooth bol raha hai...ARO makin me totally confus...Nd ARO ko ye har baar ARJUN pe gussa kis baat ka aata hai....M not gettin it...GUSSA karna hi hai to APNE Cartoon cheeku pe karo WO 2 Saal Ka chhota baacha thodi hai..k arjun ne kaha To Usne maan liya...Aro is so immature Kya sahi hai Kya galat Hai Use kuch Pata hi nahi chal rha...Aro khud to Confuse hai aur saath mein Mujhe Bhi Confus kar diya hai...

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