Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

7/01 Ria ka Adda.:Kitani Mohabat hai??!!:. (Page 2)

ridhithakur Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 11:52am | IP Logged
it ws really sad seeing arjun taking the blame arohi.s acting was awsom 2 expres luv shoing hatrd is da best feeling

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Todays capz LOL 

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Parm...HugHugHug Welcome back chica! Can't wait to read your poems again!

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shaan17 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
@Italian and @Sarab: Huns waiting for your takes on yesterday's episode and thanks for hitting "like"Big smile

@Darl: Oh hun You not only have to catch up on the episodes but you also have to catch up on Adda ... everyone was so in and adda was rolling outstandingly well (ok may be im exaggerating not OUTSTANDINGLY but it was pretty good at adda this week) everyone had fun LOL and the ratings were suprisingly shocking!ROFL

@mehr: thxs for watching Big smile. By the way you are not the only one who thinks the camera angles are weird...its just that ive given up on that side of the episode. I think if the story and the actors are very good nothing else matters. But here as far as KMH2 is concerned they have serious issues storywise and characterwise. So i rather concentrate on these. And i should also admit that ive got used to it now ROFL

Missing links were :
  1. what happened after shefali managed to convince arohi to go for the club?
  2. how come daddu and DJ went in first?and y did go with the expression that they were aware that chiku was there
  3. what happened to chiku's many more!
  4. Why was arjun opening arohi's car door?

@Uncle jee (arohi's dad) : I now have a serious problem with you...i said i didnt before but now its like doing my head in!U agreed to have ur daughter's sangeet in a club Wacko are u seriously her dad????!!! and i didnt see you getting angry at chiku ... why was it only ur daughter who was worked up about the situation...lets not forget how u reacted to arjun!!i know these are 2 different situations but YET chiku at first look has betrayed ur trust and that of your come no reaction on your behalf??

@Rajveer chachu: ROFL ...i know u and cheeku are BFFs but still on the spot before Arjun explainging the situation were u not supposed to grab hiim by the throat??!!! and try murdering him?

@Sumz: "Gouri and Cheeku convo was hilarious.
"Gouri tum mujhe aak marahiho" "

I loved that 2 ROFL Cheeku is such a natural!

"muahahahah Shefali rocks." Yes she does... Big smile

I do agree ti takes certaing level of maturity but still it is hard to move on!

"when Cheeku says that Arjun forced him to dance with the girls. Shocked OMG  and the Aluwalias and Arohi believed him"
And they are supposed to be police officers and the dad is supposed to be a barrister ROFL

@gemini: thxs hun Big smile

"i completely agree with u on this part any normal simple girl would have never forgive such guy!!!!"

I would not that is for sure!ROFLROFLROFL

@Ana: thxs hun Big smile

@ridhi: Hence kitani mohabbat hai Heart

@Ash: Loved it HeartHeart



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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shaan17

Hey Shaheen, I tried my best level for not quoting but I felt to share my thoughts in addition to your  *flawless,absolutely awe and praiseworthy post as an opening* Aaj tune dikhadiya Shaaheen ka Adda aur maine ouski fida hogayiLOL. With Mehr ki *phoolon ki baarish* aur Arohi ke taaliyan, I will start:
Valentine rain hearts


Why Arohi still feels betrayed and is not ready to forgive Arjun?

I care so much for you; you are also supposed to care equally. I never hurt you; you are also not supposed to hurt me. THIS IS HOW AROHI THINKS!

Justifying the way Arohi is thinking is agreeable but I will like to add that Arohi here is the young girl who has just come through her teens and growing to a lady, this is the time,love hits her for the betterment to change some of her perspectives. The way she is thinking is matched with her childlike innocence and her pure heart that 'I never harm someone, why do I get harm?'
Like one said nah,lovers are complement to each other, while the young girl is behaving like this, his beau knows that to win his belle, he needs to stay calm and here comes the sayings that someone made me learned:
'' Anyone can give up. Its the easiest thing in the world to do.
But to hold it together, when everything is falling apart, that's the true strength.''
I think this saying explains the melting of Arjun and also the first line talks about Arohi who will now step in soon to the second step. That self journey she had in the jungle did not stop there, she refused to accept she is the changed girl but when her beau is here, she will see it by herself,with time.
In love, the mind and the heart- logical and emotional feelings all are focused only on your object of love. It is an obsession when you think of nothing else but your loved one. This is main cause of pain after betrayal. Because you never could believe that your loved one could betray you. You had considered them to be far better and lovable than anybody else. How could Arjun do this to me? That question keeps hammering Arohi's mind and she does not get any answer. / We cannot seem to see Arohi's pain and sadness because they are all feelings inside her heart and mind.
Point to watch out here, Shaheen - is it an obsession? I think KMH2 and this love story is a love in innocence. There is not an obsession in both ways.  I will continue to it, yes, Arjun was all hers and this fact audience knows has not changed but what has changed is perspective. The story started with the perspective of love in innocence where one was feeling guilty of betraying someone he holds more than his own life and continued where the one got betrayed because of others thoughts injected to her on the one who she trusts more than herself.
It was praiseworthy to see Arjun made the initial step but circumstances have turmulted to the extent that Arohi is covered in her own world of fake happiness, where she is ready to lay her life for the happiness of her family. The laugh spirit of a child was replaced to the turmult blurred eyes of the child who got the biggest shock in her life. She is traumatised and she is finding warmth in the love of her family because she thinks that they will never hurt her and that is creating more and more misunderstandings that has built into a wall of darkness, not letting her to see the real light that comes from her beau. The string of fate is playing among the lovers where Arjun who has always been the struggler know how to make his way and Arohi who is still in the shield has yet to find her way. Fate separated them because of misunderstanding solely from Arohi's side as she is intentionally being broken trust from her best friend - Gauri. Still to weigh the amount of pessimist flow, love always find its way to goodness, characters are coming and building to a gang that are pawns to break that built dark wall in Arohi. Today's confession to Shefali - A positive character is a layer of bricks fallen from the dark wall that Gauri made her believed. Twisted with more jhadkas from Arjun - It is a turning point to Arohi - she claimed with words of mouth and convincing herself 'She does not trust him anymore' but then she swallowed all the hard words of Arjun? She knew that their eye locks were like souls communication but now she is believing again on Arjun. As one said, negativities have quicker absorption impact than positive image. And good job KMH2, it is shown by all the inkaars of Arohi on Arjun's goodness and gulp the negativities.

Why do we have more sympathy for Arjun rather than for Arohi? Rightly so, our sympathy level for Arjun is higher because we've seen how he chucked his family for Arohi, how he is working really hard to get back to Arohi. But then we feel sad for Arjun but how about Arohi? Is that ok for her to forgive him just because he left his family and has a new job??/ I say no that is not enough. What has to be instilled back again in Arohi for her to forgive him is that sense of blinded trust. Im sure you would remember the blindfolded scenes!!This is the kind of trust that has to be built up in Arohi for her to be able to forgive him.

You are right here, most viewers empathised more in Arjun's characters because it is explained by outer elements. I was among who always looked Arohi's side until the episode that she said to Arjun, she does not know what he did to her. I was thinking too, what,was it a dialogue that should have been said? Then I think it is justified by the amount of trust she has on Gauri,her best friend, whom she has always covered and took care of,the impact of the evilish words of Gauri that made her broken like multi pieces of a glass. Even she assembled, even if one eye lock melted her but she is unaware the actual impact of Gauri's machiavel and that will be the real broken intentional trust. Still,as the show is short, I think it was high time to see again rocking Arohi. I know time mends it. I agree to you on the rising question that when the girl is in,does it mean Arjun is returning home even with a different job? However as I am going to look at it on a reel perspective, this was the way to show that this lover is kneeling selflessly in this love. This lover is crossing all the barriers to recover the smile of his dame. Bearing insult from the one he holds most and from the one who hate him to death, he is ready to go to any extent for the person not to have more tears in her eyes. He has found and understood the level of pain he brought to her and forgot the fact that he is in pain to but to see that sparkling care free smile of her. This is also the elevation quality of a hero and a lover that will withstand any storm that he has to face.

As in this love story, no one is really to blame but circumstances, I will side the poll about Arohi to give Arjun a second chance, after we have seen that when she is at home,she is living the numb life of Arjun that used to be. Oh yes, in love,lovers' swap the way of life and it is shown here how Arohi, despite being admist the jovial family, she is all alone,just like Arjun was. Arjun is gaining back the innocence that he long left away with the drousiness of Arohi's love.  We have seen Arohi is in heart vs mind conflict in the claustophobic atmosphere she put herself in her house. Today was the first time she talked openly on her emotion and none other than Shefali. DJ restricted to voice her emotions out but Shefali who is the living audience of this story will continue to live and be for Arohi in the moment of torments. On the long drive scene, we saw how Arohi was again the free bird with Arjun and was back on her bachpana self and sweet chirpy self. I personally feel, on Arohi's side, she is on the recovery way to that trust she held to Arjun. She got that trust when she realised how he misunderstood Arjun and this happened again but with more 'zor ka jhadka.'

To sum up, the love of Arohi to Arjun started with infactuation and she got quickly attracted to Arjun. The phases that she has been afterwards are only answers to her own self, if this remains an infactuation, this will dissolve the way it came but if that infactuation slowly turned into love, even if she want to push it away, it will pull back and hold.

As for Arjun's side, it was a slower process, he fell in love to Arohi with the innocence and purity of her character. While Arohi chirped in innocence because of her strong attraction, Arjun slowly drives into it and drown to the bud in his heart that is watered by Arohi's fragrance and this love built strongly that he knows her life is more precious than his. It was love always in his side.
I bet this has to happen for one lover to hold the string when the other one defies the truth like what we have seen in all love storiesROFL 

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
And then my short takes as I watched only 2 parts are pasted as:
Part 1:
'' I almost got kicked out from room as I took my bed as gymnastic mat ROFLROFL
I really like first part on the lovely 'gal mithi bol,' that is indeed a jovial rocking song, the Ahluwalias had a 'papu can't dance' wala dance ROFLROFLROFL The only one that was good was Shefali Tongue 
How can I forget, Gauri neh Chikoo ko ankh mari ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Oye Gauri, leaving Rajveer to Chikoo ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
It was too good the Chiku's reaction ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL and I was having the same cracks like Shefali.
It was not difficult for Shefali to convince the Ahluwalias on having the party in club!
The moment of this part  was when Shefali and Gauri convincing Arohi,as like my old post,I portrayed Arohi in between Angel and Evil,today was the perfect demonstration and well I like the bit where Arohi accepts the fact it is not a problem in hiding but the problem is in lying! Well I would have felt weird if it was in hiding, and for a minute,I was thinking Arohi really believed Chikoo. It is good that Shefali said it right away for the reason she wants to bring her out! Now even if Arohi does not go, the decision of the wedding came from the Family and it will be them who need to break this relationship because now Chikoo character has like what I described in my old post - he is playing with Arohi's emotion and whether his mother is covering his lie or did he really lie to his mother is enough for the stigma to raise that this family does not worth innocent Aarohi. Added to his chikoo,kabootar and kharghosh qualities ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL, this is a valid point for the wedding to stop from the family. I think for the other part I definitely need to wear protective gear in case if I hear, to forgive him once, he is still respected and bla bla bla ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL''
Part 2:
'' I can't believe I heard what I  said I ill crack if Arohi said these words on yesterday's analysis
: Arohi trust Chikoo and she will not bear if her trust break again  and worst now our Arjun has got the ultrasounds ears of Gauri who listened to itROFLROFL  because this is making me not watching part 3 and 4!''
> A big round of applause of Shefali's plan Clap well we can't blame anyone but Arjun if the plan fails in Part 3 and Part 4. She did it but if in part 3 and part 4 it ruins this is because Arjun does not want Arohi to break again how he breaks her trust.
> Actually I am on mixed note on this behaviour of Arjun:
FIrst one, I am pouring the bad one,
That will Shefali reaction to Arjun:
And it is mine too: Well, Arohi thinks her trust will be broken, Arjun but actually if you let reality as it is, as Shefali showed to them, Arohi's mirrage that is giving her constant 'ikraar' would have been flown away! Like we say nah, the heal of a 'zor ka jhadka' is by getting another 'zor ka jhadka.' That was the real point and even if Ahluwalias would left in disbelief on Chikoo's character, Arohi would have cried a little, tears that would have awashed all the misunderstanding that cropped in her mind, tears of letting go and come to ask you forgiveness of making you sacrifice everything for her.
My next explanation on Arjun's behaviour in Part 3 and Part 4 will be:
''Teri saason se hi meri saasein chale,tuhi dekhejabhi ankhein khule.  (*2)
Dekha falak dekhe zameen,koi nahin tumsa kahin. Aa tujhe khud mein mein iss tarah loon chupa ke Khuda kar na paye  juda. Kaise Kahein tumhein Kitni mahobbat hein,kitni mohabbat hein.. Kaise kaheiiinnnnn kitni mohabbat hein,kitni mohabbat heiinnnnn.''
> Wah Arjun, aaj ek baar phir tune dikhaya, kitani mohabbat hein Arohi se, ke ek aur aansoon ouski aakhein mein nahin dekh payenge. Ek baar phir tumne wo tut nahin karongi.
> You can bear all the insults that the whole Earth inject to you but you kow in her eyes, she loves you. You have always been a winner after struggle and in this struggle, you are strong enough to let her go because like Nisha says: 'Letting go is a way of holding you,baby.'  especially when you have self confidence and styleWink. Being and knowing you are different Arjun, it leaves in whatever path you take to be the winner. The other half might be left in tears when realise how much you love her but you know the right way to bring the smile in her face back!
As I watched the only 2 parts because I really did not want to watch the other half, so I will rate it part wised:
Part 1: a 4 out of 5, where one point is entirely for the moves of Chikoo, who will like not to dance with him,huh,ROFL and Part 2: A 3.5 out of 5, the -0.5 for the breaking of my dream on dancing with chikoo when he left the item girl on the floorROFLROFLROFLROFL
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nish ke Soch:LOL
Still I guess this has to happen for now it will be the takraar of the daadis who will make the potis to meet! I guess like Kavya,last time KSA rejected all effort of RPS from lovedeep and this time he will not let this mistake to happen again where RPS in a way though happy lives a shattered to robotised life and lovedeep never get married. I believe the reunion of the elders in the family will definitely give a new avenue to the arjuhi track. What else?
I am expecting to see Arohi to hear all truth fro Biji who might stop the wedding when she will see the tears in Arjun's eyes and this is when all the past will be out, Arohi will realise she was wrong and run to patao Arjun;-)
Nishu ke bhavishyaniROFL:
An importat episode that served another miniclimax and will shed some mini turning points:
(1) Gauri's character -  Permanent evil or will change back realising the love and sacrifice Arjun made and will comfrss everything.
(2) Peak atmosphere on giving shots on RPS (I still goes with lovedeep bua) ki kahani
(3) Shefali - I hope her character continues.
(4) Billu and Makhand and Arjun - I hope to see all three back in actions
(5) Arjun - back to the Singhanias but live the wind of change from Biji
(6) Arohi - time for redemption
 (7) More on Kharghosh character ROFLROFL  - Is he the cool easy going dude that will back off by himself or the self engross selfish man who will just continue for the way he wants?

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Ash_Smash IF-Rockerz

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Capz updated Big smile page 2

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