Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

7/01 Ria ka Adda.:Kitani Mohabat hai??!!:.

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  1. have tissues handy

It has been an OMG week!You will all agree with me that this week has been the best week ever for KMH2!!We've seen so much and its only getting better and better. Im loving itBig smile

Todays episode will be an 8 out of 10. I didnt give a 10 out of 10 because the flow of the episode was not that good. Missing links and i still think there is ROOM for improvement.

Quick Thoughts:

1.      Cheeku makes Gauri sounds like an idiot ROFL

2.      Arohi is so blurred with betrayal and anger that she does not realise what kind of person Cheeku is and what kind of fiance...If it was my fiance man!!he would have been out'!!!

3.      Not a big deal arohi?It is a big deal'that your fiance cant attend your sangeet!!!Disapprove

4.     Dance sequence of the family members was perfect

5.      Party in a club??? My parents would never have allowed thatROFL

6.      Cheekus mother ARRRHHHFFGGG

7.      The set of the club is it not the same set as KM1??Disapprove

8.      Same set as in KMH1 - the club- u remember that scene when Arjun was revealing his feelings to Arohi and Arohi didnt believe him LOL

9.      Oh no poor Arjun UnhappyUnhappyUnhappy

10.  Loved the heart to heart of Arohi and ShefalliHeart

11.  Loved the heart to heart of Arjun and Daddu   Heart

12.  Loved the heart to heart of Arjun and Sheffali Heart

13.  I felt like crying'Poor Arohi'Amazing acting 'UnhappyUnhappyUnhappyUnhappy

14.  Amazing acting on behalf of Ajun

Thumbs Down

1.      Yes it has been a fantastic week but yet I feel disappointed. When u think of it, I realize that the story could have been far better than what it is now. Arjun could have slowly filtrated himself in the hearts of the Alhuwalia's instead of always sticking to that chiku. Let's not forget that it is not only Arohi that he has to win, he has to win the whole family!!

2.      Same story as that of KM1 though!!HUMMMPPPHHHDisapproveDisapproveDisapproveDisapprove


Why Arohi still feels betrayed and is not ready to forgive Arjun?

  1.  Arohi is hurt. She is hurt because she has been betrayed by Arjun. She loved Arjun from the time of the mask party even though she didn't clearly know who he was. Yet her mind was already made up and she knew that Arjun would be the only person she would want to be with. With time she has been betrayed (a) Arjun lying to her about the whole kidnap story (b) arjun being a gangster (c) Arjun playing with her feelings even though he knew she loved her (guys u would agree that he knew she liked her) (d) Arjun not taking her side at the police station. At this stage Arohi's mind is only blurred with anger because she has been betrayed.


  1.  The intensity of hurt in betrayal is directly proportional to the love we had. Why does betrayal hurt so much?


  1. When we love someone, that person becomes our own. There is always a sense of ownership.


  1.  The sense of ownership and envy are essential to the process of love.


  1. I care so much for you; you are also supposed to care equally. I never hurt you; you are also not supposed to hurt me. THIS IS HOW AROHI THINKS!


  1. In love, the mind and the heart- logical and emotional feelings all are focused only on your object of love. It is an obsession when you think of nothing else but your loved one. This is main cause of pain after betrayal. Because you never could believe that your loved one could betray you. You had considered them to be far better and lovable than anybody else. How could Arjun do this to me? That question keeps hammering Arohi's mind and she does not get any answer.


  1. We cannot seem to see Arohi's pain and sadness because they are all feelings inside her heart and mind.


  1. Why do we have more sympathy for Arjun rather than for Arohi? Rightly so, our sympathy level for Arjun is higher because we've seen how he chucked his family for Arohi, how he is working really hard to get back to Arohi. But then we feel sad for Arjun but how about Arohi? Is that ok for her to forgive him just because he left his family and has a new job??


  1. I say no that is not enough. What has to be instilled back again in Arohi for her to forgive him is that sense of blinded trust. Im sure you would remember the blindfolded scenes!!This is the kind of trust that has to be built up in Arohi for her to be able to forgive him.

I think todays episode is self explanatory though!!



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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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res for comments
after ages I'm here..Wooow loved the siggie :DD

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-- Edited -- 

sorry didnt get time to post

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Finally caught up with this past week's episodes. Since it is already the end of the weekend, I will save the more specific thoughts for tomorrow's episode and leave you guys with this...ROFL

This week saw Aarohi continue to be angry
While Chiku humiliated Arjun at every opportunity
Into the story came in Arjun's daadi
Who is DJ's old friend trustworthy
And hinted at the dark Ahluwalia – Singhania history!

Cookie and Coffee remained annoying
While Gauri continued her scheming
Chiku is caught in a club dancing
But Arjun takes the blame
To keep Aarohi's heart from breaking!

Finally, cliched and poorly written as it might be
I think this show still has potential to light up the screen
But a show cannot run purely on the lead actors chemistry
It needs story, characterization and consistency
And execution and rock-solid cinematography!

Not a bad week overall...averaged a 7 for me with some days better than others! But...the camera work seems more inspired by the Blair Witch Project than something noteworthy!

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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@Shaheen; Zabardust opening post with awesome critical analysis & images StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar

hmm this week was really good except yesterday :l You wouldn't want to know my rating on the epi LOL

Agree! Very shoddy execution Thumbs Down No flow! Bad editing and weird camera angles Wacko during the song sequence in the beginning. Actors did their job but the camerawork ruined the impact Confused And the whoosh whoosh effect in the club scene Angry I better be chup.

""f it was my fiance man!!he would have been out'!!!

"party in a club??? My parents would never have allowed thatROFL"
Mine too LOL

"Loved hear to heart of Aro-Shefali"
yep Clap

"Story could've been far better"
*hitting head on the desk* i've been repeating this since day 1.

I dont know wht to quote from your critical analysis Shaheen Star You explained beautifully ClapClapClap

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sumz3 Goldie

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Great episode.Clap

Amazing acting by all. Thumbs Up

Karan and Kritika, fabulous! Big smileClapThumbs Up
Thumbs Up

Shefali … you are wicked! Meaning awesome. Cool

Arohi's dadaji … superb! Clap

Puneet ... superstar yaar! Star

Gouri … improving Smile

Gouri and Cheeku convo was hilarious. "Gouri tum mujhe aak marahiho" ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL. too funny!!!! ROFLROFLROFLROFL And then telling Gouri that he thinks she is sick she needs rest. ROFLROFLROFLROFLTotally hilarious … and the look of satisfaction on Shefali's face. Suberb! Loved it. Big smile

Fight between Good and Evil … muahahahah Shefali rocks. Gouri was good today. I'm glad Shefali was able to spill Cheeku ja jawani beans. Muahahahaha. Evil Smile

Cookie and Coffee AngryAngryAngry tattoo tattoo blah blah blah waste of episode space today. Dead Why did they even need to appear today????? Wacko

Now the whole family going clubbing .. what the …? Wacko Which family goes to a club and agrees to actually go to a club. ROFL. I don't know about families these days but none of my family would ever agree. ROFL but storywise, I understand.

Cheeku ka jawani dance nahiiii mila. CryCryCry why? Cry Broken Heart It would have been rocking had you put Cheeku ki jawani dance. LOL But still loved watching him dance. Puneet you rock. Thumbs Up OMG I almost gagged watching the dance. But I was expecting more scandalous dance. Evil Smile

Good convo between Shefali and Arohi. Thumbs Up Glad to hear Arohi's perspective. Once trust is broken it is hard to trust that person again. Granted. Always a doubt remains what if they break your trust again. But it takes maturity and deep thought to understanding the situation … I know this takes long but if you are hurt and care you will want to know the persons intentions … this will come at some point for Arohi. Hopefully Arjun's protectiveness will prove his character and help in Arohi forgiving Arjun.Big smile

The shame and shock Shocked on the Aluwalia's face seeing Cheeku dance was awesome. And Cheeku's expressions…priceless. LOLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

I'm so glad that Shefali is getting lots of screen space … she really adds to the episodes. Her acting and expressions are awesome.Cool

Arjun's sacrifice was hard to swallow but I understand his perspective, he doesn't want to see Arohi hurt again. But she'll be hurt in the end na when she finds out? Arjun wants to win her heart and have Arohi leave Cheeku and come to Arjun. Noble act on Arjun's part, though it's detrimental on his character, in Arohi's eyes and most of the Aluwalia's eyes.

ROFLROFLROFLROFL when Cheeku says that Arjun forced him to dance with the girls. Shocked OMG ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL and the Aluwalias and Arohi believed him. Shocked OMG. Even if Arjun hosted a party, no one can force you to dance when it clearly looked like he was having a blast. Blind folks. LOL. Arohi of all people shouldn't have looked like she believed that.

Loved the convo between Dadaji and Arjun. Thumbs Up Dadaji calling out Arjun for lying and Arjun for opening up to dadaji. Waaaow. I was expecting dadaji to give Arjun an earful.LOL  This was unexpected and awesome. Clap But now that dadaji knows the noble act of Arjun's, I hope he realizes Arjun's character is not characterless after all. Kuch kuch samjah karo dadaji. or kuch karo. LOL

Awesome convo between Arjun and Shefali. Thumbs Up Now Shefali has to find another way to use her cupid teer to bring them together. Evil Smile

Arohi's self convo was really good too. She's starting to believe his love is real. Wink

Now, what would be amazing would be if Arohi was to over hear Cheeku talking to Arjun for lying about Cheeku's bachelor party. Big smile Then Arohi would first know about Cheeku's character and two she would questions herself why Arjun would lie about this. Make Arohi think think think and then confront Arjun. Then Arjun and Arohi would have a heart to heart convo … which would open Arohi's eyes. LOL

Or another possibility would be Arohi's dadaji and dadi discussing the whole club fiasco and dadaji telling dadi about his convo with Arjun and Arohi over hears. Thumbs Up

Now I also want to see Shefali questioning Gouri's intention. She already directly questioned Gouri why Gouri was so adamant in keeping Arohi at home. Think Shefali. LOL

I didn't like Karan's hairdo today. Looking more like a crewcut, I prefer the Mohawk. Maybe he trimed his Mohawk. Wacko

Overall, really good episode. Lots of convo and great convos for that matter. Thumbs Up

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gemini1217 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged
@shaan17- u seriously explain kmh in such a positve way
luv it!!!!!!!
The way u analyse each n every thing
i would say kmh fans would have the same feeling as u have expressed it
hatsss offff!!!!!!!
Luv ur writing style!!!!!!!!
N luved tdys episode
1st toh i was realy annoyed by arjun 4 taking tat crab party on himself
but luved d way he expressed his feelings twd daadu n shefali
last part was awesum
aarjun -shefali
n aarohi!!!!!
Apt dialogues
i would say i luv kmh dialogue dey r so well written
one more thing arjun is not at all trying to convince anybody in aarohi family but slowly n gradually everybody wl automatically attract twds him as he is a magnate...,....lolzz
(i mean as alll his girl followers do!!!!)
as we have seen a big example of daadu tdy
n he wl surely win aarohi
at last
(I say no that is not enough. What has to be instilled back again in Arohi for her to forgive him is that sense of blinded trust. Im sure you would remember the blindfolded scenes!!This is the kind of trust that has to be built up in Arohi for her to be able to forgive him.)
i completely agree with u on this part any normal simple girl would have never forgive such guy!!!!
But its a story n I luv to live in a fairytale
4 now signing offf
gud night
kmh dream
n waiting 4 mon
luv u karan!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ana.khan Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
heyyy gr8 workkk........u xplained arohi s feelingss billiantlyy......

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