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EPM - 10th Jan 2011 To 14th Jan 2011 - updates pg 1 & d

eclat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 5:55pm | IP Logged

Updates by Lakshmikr

PROMO of the Week - Sandai VaramWink
DA & Meenu Meets, DAAngry tells to meenu that she will seperate everyone from shakti one after other nu sollura..Ayya is warning meenu to talk with respect to eldersAngry ..but meenu tries to talk still ..Shakti slaps OuchAngryher for not hearing him.Ayya screams at shaktiAngry


S& M having happy chit chatHeart, Shakti is trying to do some naughty actWink, n tells meenu that he wish to have baby girl like meenu with gundu eyesHeartWinkLOL..meenu blushingEmbarrassed n tells she was not able to manage the baby infront of her eyesWink.. nu sollura..n tries to esc from him that she needs to prepare food ..shakti stops her n tells they are going out n ask her to come soonWink(ama intha shakti yoda 2 wheeler agency yenna aachu, maranthugalaWinkWink).. she leaves happilyBig smile.. shakti lost in happy thoughts of meenuBig smile..Meenu goes n prays to god that these happy days should continueSmile.
Meenu comes out there comes DAAngry, started her prasangam, that she will seperate everyone from shakti n make him single in this homeAngry..make S&M to get chucked out of homeAngry,Make shakti jobless Angry, make them to go out of town Angrynu sollura..Meenu after hearing all of it..tells the kural..adakkam amararul .. n tells if she jumps too much she needs to face consequence of it ClapClapnu sollura n adds please go ahead with whatever she wish to do..sollitu both departClap..Alagu sets some little boy n comes to meet to archu , archu is impressedWink ,archu goes in to bring something to drinkWink, by then she overhears that its all planned things to meet archuEmbarrassed..she ask him to get out , but likes his naughtiness..ClapClap(adutha trackBig smile sucessfully started)
Ayya meeting DR n discuss on M2 marriage but DR ask ayya to give murugan transport to him to get this marriage happens ayya disagreeDisapprove with that DR says if you loose ur hold then everyone in your family will split n go nu siolluraru.. Ayya again disagreesDisapprove with that..angry DR refuse for marriage n leaves the place.Ouch
Precap : DA Checks with meenu whether she can get strong thanga thali, meenu is upset to hear itCry..M2 meets murugan tells that it cannot happen mallika checks whether its transferring murugan transport to DR Ouchbut murugan tells that its thier marriageOuch


EPM _11thJan 2011 - WU - Murugan & Mallika Good Bye DayOuchOuch

Ayya,Murugan & Shakti meets in backyard of thier house.Ayya tells them that he wanted to discuss on something before somu comes home nu solli, tells abt discussion happened between DR n him n tells that both are not willing to agree for M2 marriage as it purely meant like business transaction for DRConfused. n Adds he is willing to give his property to his kids volunterly but not on ask murugan to forget mallika n get married to some other girl as somu will stop his marriage if he comes to know on M2 marriage issue nu solluraru(sareyana lock Wink neenga tappa ninachuteenga ayya somu high speed la poikittu irrukaru noone can stop him)..muruganCryConfusedOuch..Shakti is speechless..Murugan agrees asusual to his dad's words with heavy heartCryOuch.
Meenu meets somu , n tries to explain him to stop the marriage without giving reason.. but somu calls DAAngry who is sitting in car(romba putisalli somu neeLOLLOL) n ask her opnion on it.Asusual DA warns Meenu , n nags her whether she can gold thalli chain for meenu n leaves the place.
In Archu home , she n her mom discussing on Alagu.Mom finally concludes that if archu likes alagu its good for her nu solluranga, as she also found him to be good boy nu solluranga.. archu lost n thoughtsWink 
M2 meets , murugan tells her that this marriage will not happen , its becoz of DRConfused , as he didnt wish it to happen nu solluraru..Mallika Confuseddefends for brother as he is demanding transport business only for the sake to bring it back to profit mode nu.. but all goes in air.. murugan tells lets depart(indirectly) n moves from herOuch.

EPM  - 12th Jan 2011 - WU - S-DA & M2 Feelings DayWink LOL
DA crying alone in some paddy field,there comes her new hero checks why she is crying n looks worried , n starts his question bank LOLLOLlike whether she likes him for real or on sympathy(aiyo sympathy illapa revenge) she accepted for this marriage , whether she was not able to forget her lover(no way athukuthan she is marrying uLOL), she always been acharyamana person in all her act nu solluraru.. DA cleverly says she likes whatever he likes its not becoz of anything else.. will he be with her till her death in her good & bad nu kekura..(Velaki sonnalae namma somu tubelight ku puriyathu ithulla puzzle veraLOL)somu agreed her words n gift her a saree.. she goes n get weared n comes back to him n they both takes a snap in somu's Mobile.
Mallika waiting somewhere n finally reaches temple n tells murugan that she waited for long ..Murugan replies her that he forgetten , but she checks back whether it abt thier meeting or mallika..Mu replies if he could able forget her that would be nice but he cannot thats all these struggles nu solluraru..Ma replies DR n Ayya meet is not the last attempt lets give some more try may be at one point both families will not think abt money but only M2 marrige to be done stage..n ask him to speak with DR n get it sorted .after which they have some happy naughty chit chat n gets depart.
Murugan lost in thoughts ,there comes our tubelight(Somu) n boost murugan to speak with DR without ayya's knowledge as it never be sin n ask him to meet DR.Mu meets DR n ask him to agree for marriage n tells he will not break his bond with his family to get married Ma so ask DR to come down n gives kind of warning to DR,DR is suprised to hear from Mu adamant speech.After some more word war they both depart looking angrily at each other.
Precap : Meenu Warns DAClap ,"am talking  to you as like to little adamant child , try to understand n stops ur marriage with somu".For which DA replies "Did shakti sents you here to do this begging nu"Meenu in full angry modeAngry 

EPM - 13th Jan 2011 - WU - Pamily Peelings DayTongueWinkLOL

Meenu prays in temple , there comes DA nags meenu for fight , meenus warns her to stop DA 's marriage with Somu ,but DA checks whther shakti sends her to DA to beg n stop the marriage..
Somu meets Ayya n express his wish to postponed his marriage as murugan means a lot to the family n bros, now he got a chance to do thyagam for murugan..till they get conclusion on murugan marriage he will not marry.Ayya tells him that he is happy to know about thier pasam, but he warns that it should not affect individuals life so he ask not to stop marriage.. but after some more arguments he understand n tells everytime i decided u all acknowledged..but now i wish to acknowledge my kids wish on murugan's marriage , so do whatever is good nu sollitu poguraru.
Mu is getting call from Ma, but he isnot picking it intially but after long hestitation he picks call but no sound of hello.Ma starts her peelings..MU is not even giving sound jus keeping phone n hearing her without any reply ..both are crying silently..n ends up the call.
Meenu comes to Mu to check gnayam for Ma, he asusal says that this will not happen i need to forget her n she too needs to do same nu solluraru..Meenu gives him left n right n tells that he is doing big sin by neglecting pure love of mallika nu sollura..

EPM-14th Jan 2011- WU - Murugan's Ponnu Parkum Padalam startsLOLOuch n Meenu Gets SlapsWink

Somu is informing DA that he dont want his marriage to happen now.. they needs to wait till murugan's marriage nu..DA argues n cries..Somu is trying to convince her.. But there comes Murugan notices these n gives word to DA that nothing will stop thier arranged marriage he will make it happen nu solluraru..DA happily with a winning smileAngry.Somu is all sad with tears in his eyes.Cry.Murugan goes n meets ayya n informs indirectly that he gave word to arrange some marriage.. ayya checks who it is ?? murugan says its for somu-DA marraige as somu is also age barred for marriage .. if we delays.. we might loose DA also so lets not stop thier marriage nu solluraru..n makes ayya to agrees.. ayya in deep thoughts.
Meenu in terrace at some work there comes DA after long dialogues reveals that muurgan gave her word that he will make this marriage happen nu.. Meenu is pissed off. DA Leaves.
Some broker is coming home ..Somu n Ayya welcomes him Ayya ask somu to bring Murugan n Shakti..both arrives.. Ayya introduce new comer as marriage broker n ask murugan to look at some photos for marriage.. poor murugan is speechlessCry..ayya ask shakti to get some coffee from meenu.. there comes meenu with coffee..notices all these.. n tells straight to ayya he is wrong.. murugan n everyone at home will hear him.. for which he cannot make murugan to dive in the fire nu sollura..Murugan face seems to be little releaved (abpa neeyavathu support pannureyae..TongueTongue)
ayya tries to stop her.. somu is suprised to see her anger..shakti tries to stop her..finally meenu informs broker that murugan will not choose anyone from this lot as his bride is in his heart which everyone is very much aware ..hence please dont come down here regarding murugan's marraige sollura.. ayya tries to stop her..She informs him that let this person leaves then we all shall discuss nu solli sends him out..ayya informs her that u need to respect elders nu solluraru.. meenu replies even u too needs to be.. shakti loose his control n slaps her.. Ayya screams shakti's name..

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lilyjasmine101 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
Thanks Lakshmi for your wonderful update. I really enjoyed Alagu and Archana (AA) scene. They make a cute couple. Please don't separate these two!
serials2010 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 5:41pm | IP Logged

Thanks Lakshmi for the update!  I am getting a bit tired of this Amudha and Meenu fight - Too much emphasis is being given for this track.  Come on Amudha - don't behave like a spoilt brat whose lolly has been taken away - get over it and spend your time doing something fruitful.  Can the serial makers please put an end to this track and move on.  I am waiting for the Murugan Mallika marraige.  They make a great couple and have terrific chemistry too.  Liking the Alagu-Archana track too...

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lilyjasmine101 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 6:44pm | IP Logged
you're right serials2010, I am also getting sick of Amudha and Meenu fight. This is boring, think of something different please!!!!!!!!!! on the other hand, I felt bad seeing Amudha cry, she is in so much pain. Is the director trying to make us feel sorry for Amudha? geez I wonderConfused
myzticalgurl Groupbie

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 10:19am | IP Logged
I don't think the fight between Amudha and Meenu will end any time soon.  It will only end at the end of the serial. It's like any other serial where two women fight.  The difference with this fight is that it could easily be over if Meenu or Shakti come clean and tell the truth to Ayya. where other fights evolve.

Amudha's hurt and she wants to hurt Shakti.  It's understandable.  The fact that she is yet to understand or care to understand that her entire family will be hurt by her actions is ridiculous. 

I agree with you that this storyline is going no where.  It's just reestablishing what we already know over and over again when there so many unfinished stories.  What happen to the murder case with Shakti...when will he (or anyone) going to prove that he isn't the murderer?  It be great that if Mallika is the person who finds out that her brothers are the reason for RR's murder and they are one who got the fake witnesses to try to imprison Shakti, and that be the reason she finally distrust her brother and leave to be with Murugan.
lilyjasmine101 Senior Member

Joined: 03 January 2011
Posts: 217

Posted: 13 January 2011 at 6:56pm | IP Logged
Oh my myzticalgurl, you've hit the jackpot, the fight between Meenu and Amudha will never be over until the end of the serial. If the story continues as such, it will most likely loose it's audience. It is ridiculous that both Meenu and Shakti did not come clean with Amudha's intentions. I think it should be Shakti that should do it because if Meenu say it no one would believe her given how the story is going.

Let's see where this is going. if it is continues to be like this, I might watch it irregularly or not watch at all.
serials2010 Senior Member

Joined: 09 March 2010
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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
Agree with you both, myzticalgurl and lilyjasmine101 - this serial is going nowhere - My gut feeling tells me that Meenu will not be able to stop this marriage between Amudha and Somu - Amudha will now come into their home and continue her demolition task!!  I am already a non-watcher am just reading the updates - slowly losing interest here - come on people do something!
VaniArun Newbie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Hi Lakshmikr, Thank you for your patience in updating the daily episodes.
Is it possibel to update Thursday's (13-Jan-11) episode .
Thank You.
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