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MishAnchhi Vs. Kabir : War of the Love Gurus

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged

MishAnchhi Vs. Kabir : War of the Love Gurus


Hi there!


Ohh, nothing much to talk about Abhay-Piya today except Abhay smiled and chuckled today ' He gave those intense eyes to Piya ' Piya oscillated between giving Abhay- goo-goo eyes dipped in caramel syrup and playing Sherlock Holmes. But yeah, Kabir, Misha, Pancchi , TrAngad did a lot of stuff today. So, yeah, here we go, ppz :


Misha and Pancchi


The two Dobriyaals have their mind and heart set on uniting Abhay-Piya. It's like they are seeing their 'dream couple' in the two of them besides their obvious affection for the lion and the lamb. Pancchi , of course got the job that she never gave an interview for. Her guts, her spark and her fearlessness got her the job and the colourful tycoon in question Siddharth is super impressed with her. We, of course , get to see him only On Monday as per the articles. And whoa! Misha surely is a girl full of heart. She went out of her way and invited Abhay to Dobriyaal Mansion for Pancchi's success party. And surprise, surprise, Abhay came. No, I don't think he did it for Piya or Pancchi. He has a soft spot for Misha and I do think he showed up only for Misha. Ya, that he was giving Piya those 'hot eyes' is a different matter altogether. Looking at Misha and Pancchi ' the new writers of the Abhay-Piya love story , you wonder what this party is really about? Pancchi's new job or Abhay-Piya Unification Project. Both the sisters were looking at Abhay-Piya with such affection and love that you could totally expect them to put a gun on their heads and force them to hug each-other. Misha and Pancchi ' taking up the roles of love gurus are ready to do anything to get vampie and the cutie together. Pancchi acknowledges all that the two of them have done for her and it shows that she adores both of them ' yeah even, porcupine Abhay. So, tomorrow you see the two love gurus try and get Abhay-Piya closer starting with a paper dance. All the best , girlies. I do hope that Mishkoo and Pancchi's affection for the two of them never changes.




OMG! Ise kya hua? Bitter Meanie Jealous Lover to Mischievous Trouble Maker Lover? Well, to be honest , it was a refreshing change to see Kabir behave like a  cute teenage lover boy who is cribbing like an adorable baby about Abhay-Piya going goo-goo over each-other. It was rather cute and hilarious seeing Kabir vent out at Angad that how can Abhay take over his position  of the college hero just like that? What does Piya see in Abhay that she doesn't see in him? Kabir was not being venomous or bitter ' just venting out like a tamarind and throwing sulky kid tantrums. But man! Kabir can be a total biatch as we saw today. He actually went ahead and called up T to get her to the party and pile her on Abhay? The tales of a Longing-For-T-Abhay that Kabir cooked on the spot actually filled T's heart with marshmallows. All plotting vamps of Balaji Telefilms failed in front of Kabir today. T still thinks Abhay is her property and I think we can expect her tomorrow to keep Piya's pink nails off Abhay's fair skin. You never know, Kabir. MishAncchi might just beat you at Pyaar-Ki-Plotting, dude.




Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I LURVE THEM! Tracker is so super cute , man! I loved the come-hither moony-shoony eyes to Angad who was perhaps busy playing some stupid game on his cellphone like most boys do. Tracker did so much to attract Angad's attention ' dropped her perfumed scarf that Angad used to wipe his shoes'. OUCCH!.....dropped her fuchsia pink pen that Angad stamped upon. Bechari Tracker ka toota dil. She is dekhoing shaadi ke sapne with Angad . And Angad? Humph! He gave Abhay an inferiority complex in being Bekhabar, Bekadar , Bedard Heartbreaker. Everybody hug Tracker!


P.S- I do hope T comes and hangs in Abhay's neck and Piya aunty's silver wine glass goes for a toss without Abhay having to touch it . HUMPH! Give the vampie a break, Piya!....and WE WANT AN EDWARD-ALICE BETWEEN ABHAY-MISHA. Embarrassed


Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Res! Don't expect a sensible reply from me. Abhay smiled in the first scene! I'm still getting over that!Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming


Someone please stop this jealousy from creeping into me! Its a sin but I can't help it! I mean, seriously! Abhay, Pia, T and now, Kabir! These people have it in them to lie in a way that would put even the truth to shame! 
First scene, just look at how Abhay laughed off Pia's suspicions on the existence of vampires! Its a different story all together that Pia didn't fall for it but still, he was literally like "You should go and read fairy tales! Next thing you know, you'll be asking me to help you search for Rapunzel with her ultra long hair"ROFL ROFL ROFL But what really left me awestruck is the contradiction between what Abhay showed and what he actually felt. He appeared to be amused at Pia's 'stupid' and 'silly' research topic on 'creatures that don't even exist' but as soon as he was out of her sight we could so clearly see the change in his expression! He was actually helpless and frustrated at the fact that come what may, Pia was not responding to his silent pleas of stopping herself from further drowning in his dark worldOuch Ouch Ouch
Misha, I always expected her to support AbhIya but Panchi was a pleasant surprise. I'm happy that she got a job. She's really smart and has a bright futureEmbarrassed Embarrassed So, will we get a superclose AbhIya scene dancing on the same paper?Dancing Dancing  You know, I don't care if the rest of the world thinks Abhay is a jerk, I'm just glad that Misha and Panchi approve of him for Pia!Big smile 
Kabir, I won't justify what he was doing but he was adorable! Vishal's expressions were too cute! And oh, Welcome Back T!Hug
TraNgad are like awww!! They're superduperawwwieeelicious! Angad's obliviousness to Tracker's efforts of drawing his attention left me giggling. And seeing Tracker's face and her puppy dog eyes, I really wanted to go hug her!!

P.S. I have a strong feeling that Abhay won't touch that glass. Either T or Kabir will come or Misha and Panchi will drag them for paperdanceWink

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leeseunggilove IF-Rockerz

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res! i wanna be second
LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL today was a super fun epi..i missed abhay chuckling tho.bcz i tuned in 5 mins late..bcz yesh i was busy giving my rsa and pw pravachan hereOuch so i missed d scene of d day!ConfusedSleepy
bt i cn picture abhay chuckling..omgg who tickled his razed hard thick funny bones?????????????????????????
bt man..pia is sooo obv..never fails to try her luck does she?..shes giving those goo goo eyes to him..smiling in an angelic fashion..trying to trap him..shucks ya i noe he wont touch it..bcz T will cum and play spoil sport for pia..n expect some ignore and mock pia actions tmrw..bcz A will  only to glad to ditch P and catch fr mish n panccchiiiii d sisterly bond..they make my sis seem like a monster..bcz pancchi is sis is dominatingOuch..
as fr d kabir i loved him today ya..he was sooooooo much fun..he n angad made me laugh fr like 10 mins...bcz they were both acting like such boys..jerky boys..esp was acting llike a biatch...calling and makhan maroing T to disrupt abhiya's heady and steady connectionLOLLOL bt am glad he left his bitter biatch image n tok a u turn to d fun station!
oh i loved d chipmunk version of pee loon for trangadLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
as fr dat stupid office scene n panch getting d job!..hw cliched EK cn be!
oh n i hope siddant karnic n pancchi becum an item!
ya im doneTongue

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pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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nyc post. .havn't saw d epi. .well abhay realy smiled kya Embarrassed

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Ritzie IF-Rockerz

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Lovely post as usual. I don't think I can ever stop saying that. Just after finishing the episodes I keep on pressing the refresh button to see if you have posted.

hmmm...  Love gurus Vs Love Gurus - nice title. I like it.

Abhay's smile was killing. I don't know how Pia handles that.

Kabir showed upto his image of love guru today rather than being a jealous karela. I loved the way he thought about the solution to his problem. Go Kabir Go - fight for your love (though I can't wish that Pia comes to you for the obvious reasons - sorry for being a meanie). I wish Kabir gets a very cute girl for him. 

Misha and Panchii are so adorable and the affection they show for Abhiya is soooooooooooo good. I wish they become the gaurdian angels for these love birds and help them not find any reasons to not fall in love. I hope too that their affection bond with Abhiya doesn't change later.

Panchi was always so clear-headed and mature. The way she handled initially Abhay (the rude guy) and now Danish's episode shows that. 

Tracker and Angad were superb. Poor Angad doesn't even realises that he just did what he didn't want to do it even in his dreams. I am sure they will pick up.

I do see Misha and Abhay sharing the Alice-Edward relation. Misha is mischievious as Alice and Abhay has a soft corner for her. I hope the writers share that view too.

P.S. Oh yeah, they showed in SBS, Abhay removing an artificial skin layer from his hands. I think that's the trick he will play to touch the glass.

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Befikre IF-Stunnerz

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yes today's epi was gud......

i just luv d Dobriyal sisters.....dey r amazing!!!!
nd trangad jst set d screen on fire with deir innocence nd cuteness......i really adore dem!!!!
nd truly said...kabir was not bitter today nd i quite liked watching him like a mishchivious teenager after a vry long tymLOLLOL
nd i think dat so called mr bossie is abhay's evil bro sid....

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monsoonlove Goldie

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lovely post poca..
O.M.G. was i dreaming or abhay really smiled???
i had expected some cool/rude attitude from smile??? surprise...made my day today..Embarrassed he always leaves piya speechless
i love misha and panchi for this one...misha ka shatir dimaag..i am sure kuch karke dono ko partner bana degi for paper dance...i am glad to know panchi has lots of appreciation for abhay as well for the danish case..i am totally looking forward to abhay-misha equation..tht would be fun to watch..
finally i was glad to see the kabir getting close to his least rude toh nahin tha...looks like kabir's plan just might backfire and end up getting abhay piya closer..though there is nothing tht can keep them apart really..kuch bhi ho..they end up coming closer..
and abhay-piya.. no wonder sab ko dikhta hai something is cooking between them...panchi was cutting cake and everyone was cheering..and these two are just too much into each other..isolated from others. piya really sees nothing beyond abhay, does she?? i mean she knows na he is allergic to silver..still giving him the glass..and did she forget there are other ppl in room as well?? may be she is super confident tht he won't touch the glass..i have a feeling tht she might take the glass back if she realized tht abhay will really touch it..let's see...piya does come very predictable to abhay...everytime he knows wat she is upto...
trangad scene was very cute...they are like made for eachother

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Ritzie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Chill_Out

Res! Don't expect a sensible reply from me. Abhay smiled in the first scene! I'm still getting over that!Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Join the gang.Day DreamingDay Dreaming 

Abhay is a dazzler. Isn't he?Day Dreaming

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