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FF-MGt~2~*My Dark Lover*part 35 pg 104 note pg117 (Page 51)

FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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***My Dark Lover***

part 29

He still didn't break up with me. I laughed at his luck. He created a fire here. How stupidly he thought that his love will change me. I laughed at him. I slept with many guy... In that year. I hated his family. My father have told them all the truth but in return they called my sister a prostitute. That hurt me allot. More then anything. They insulted my dead sister.
He had 3 sister and one brother.

Maan knew who exactly she was taking about. He didn't free her at all. No matter what he will support her. Before it was just a story now it's his geets past.

His parents forcefully made distance between us. I laughed at there helpless son. He went insane for me... He wanted kill me. He couldn't bare anyone to touch me. I broke two of his sisters marriage on there SR. One of his sister committee suicide because the guy was her childhood sweetheart....

I did tell her if he can cheat you with me he can cheat you with anyone. She couldn't take the fact. She was too week.
He was helpless watching me breaking his family. But... Yet... He still didn't realize he was the main reason for this girl.
He tried to rape me again after his sister death. Failed. I was 16 then. He started to loose his mental stability slowly. I was happy. I was getting what I wanted the most. His both sister was in depression due to the breakup with there would be husband or BF. By the time I was 17 he completely lost him self but the last blow he had when I spend one night with his brother in his bedroom... It took me month to convince his brother....
Maan closed his eyes knew exactly who he was.
Geet- he feel in love with me... Same night he tried to commute suicide because he couldn't bare anyone touching me. He couldn't. He had a fight with his brother. Telling him the truth. He tried to rape me in front of his own brother... I laughed... Because prem was so madly in love with me that he was willing to forget anything... How stupid was he and his family and most importantly Prem...
Geet gets up from maans lap...
Maan- Geet...
Geet- love is stupid. Blind. After that night when I was finally satisfied as raj was finally lost his mental stability... They forcefully send him to the mental asylum. Prem was looking for me madly... He couldn't move on. His sister had the dirty Mark somehow...
My safety and security was always provided by my dad but was absent of this fact what I have done to the junaija family. I have ruined them. Just because of there one mistake... After that spending night with guys was my hobby... I chose them.... Geet told maan with a blunt look. It wasn't something dangerous... I just love playing with there hurt...
Maan stands up... Slowly walks towards her....
Maan- and me geet?
Geet stair at the place where her dead sister and son laid... She went thoughtless for a minute... She had no clue why but suddenly Prem appearing in her life didn't sound a coincident. She decide to ask maan.
Geet- you knew my story.... Right!
Maan- yes... But not fully. I only hard few lines. Prem never mentioned your name.
Geet- how is raj?
Maan- he is on his last stage.
Geet smirks- my sister will be waiting for him.
Maan- Geet... You didn't answer... What about me.
Geet- you were his best friend. How could you never know the truth...
Maan- Geet... Trust me... I ne'er knew anything in detail...
Geet- don't lie maan... You purposely came to my life.
Maan- no Geet. That's not true.

Geet started to move backwards. While maan slowly walked towards her... The small trust that was building up in them it seems like it was about to break...

Maan- I never knew the whole fact. All I knew from his side how dreadfully a girl broke his heart...

Geet- I don't trust you.
Maan- please Geet... Listen to me...
Geet runs out of the house. Maan flows...
Maan holds her tight... He was petrified now of loosing Geet. His life with out her is impossible. It's like she have cast a spell on him...
Maan- I love you... Maan cups her face...
Geet- don't lie. She gave him a confusing look.
Maan- trust me Geet... I do... Because I can't stay a second without you. My life is nothing without you. You trusted me with your dark past then why can't you trust me with our love....
Geet- your love. Not my. I don't love you. I only know how to play with your heart.
Maan was confused...
Geet- go and tell your family the truth. If they accept me with every fact then I will come with you.
Maan- if they don't... You promise you will move your life with me.
Geet- I never promised anyone. Or I will. You have to win me. I don't trust you. You have to win my heart. To teach me how to love. I can't trust you. I find you a another game. You have to over come that game. I don't trust you. You are Prems friend. His families friend. Your family is there friends. I don't trust you....
Maan stood there silent. Not exactly sure how to answer her.... But he is willing to go at any level for her.
Maan- you will be my. And only my if that's what makes you trust me... Then I am willing to do that as well...

Maan and Geet drove home... She met Prem on her way in. Maan gave an angry glare at him. He have already told him to stay way....
Prem- Geet...
Maan- don't you dare talk to her...
Geet stood there....
Prem- What is my fault in this... Why are you hurting me.
Maan- this is not a game any more. This is the reality. And in this reality Geet is only my. I don't want any problem in my life because of you and your family.
Prem- stay way... You don't know anything about my family.
Maan- I know exactly What your brother have done to Anjali.
Prem looks at him in a shock then Geet.

Geet slowly comes towards him... In between maan and Prem. Holding maans hand. She knows exactly how to make him jealous.
Geet- don't try to come in my life again. Otherwise same thing will happen to you as your brother and sister. He is in his last stage right. Shall I see him again and rewake the pain... Maybe help him to live a bit longer to endure those pain.
Prem- GEET...
Geet- tut tut... Remember who you are talking to. Wasn't your parents trying to ruin my reputation in the family... Oops.... I am perfectly safe.... Geet laughed loudly... Oops... Seems like your own parents ruined there daughter life... Geet laughed louder. I really fancy seeing them... Fancy seeing your helpless mother just like my sister and her child.... Geet became serious with last few words... Geet looked at his painful eyes. She was loving it. Even maan felt a bit sorry for him...
Geet walks of...
Maan- I don't want to see you in my house ever again.
Prem stood there frozen. What was his fault.

next- Embarrassed maans promise'.

hay you all' thank you so much for the lovely long comments. really loved them. thanks for all the support and love' :D here is one more'. pls pls pls do leave me some comments' some of guessed if it was prem or not' nop it was his younger brother'.

love u all.. and the LIKE BUTTON pls'.

love keyama & sana...

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I really feel sorry for all of them. Poor Geet had to suffer a dreadfull past. Her while life have changed because of raj. It took just one day to make her life upside down. Oh god. I wonder hat Geet will do now. I think there are more past BCs when she was about to continue, Geet becam lost in maans trust. That Prem coming back to her life wasn't confident. There are difinatly something more. You really know how to keep us in suspence. I really love the way maan tries to convince Geet that how much he loves her.
And the way you expressed geets feeling. She staired at the floor where her dead sister lay, she went thoughtless. OMG I cried. I could feel what really went through her in that point. You are a great typer. It really touch my heart. I feel sorry for all of them. There while life changed because of one persons mistake. I also think Prems family shouldn't have called geets sister that low. That may have caused her to hurt every other member in the family. I was surprised that raj is still alive. I really felt sorry for Prem. Poor lad. Dosn't even know what's his mistake. He is paying a heavy price just because he is rajs brother.
Overall amazing mind-blowing update.
I want to read more.

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wow what story omg she took the revenge for her sister & her infant poor Prem he have to stay away from Geet or else i'll answer to Maan maganificent update pls cont soonnnnnnnn

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pushpi IF-Dazzler

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My heart aches for all of them

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Ilovemsk IF-Dazzler

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Awesome x

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maanmishti Goldie

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hmmm at last truth is out.....but keya i dont know but first time i felt bad for prem......i mean its not his mistake.......its raj but poor family has to suffer.....loved maan the way he supported her...but common yaar he lost his fd......poor prem i feel sorry for want to maan to prove his love.......but i want geet to also start falling in love with maan......plzzzzz update soonSmile

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Tishuu Goldie

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hai oh no i knew that was coming. I knew there wud b sumfin that triggers her off on a 'hw can i trust u?' plea. Bet its all still to protect him 4rm greater pain. Oh dear, prems brother? Ok i gt wat prem is sayin bt wat geet went thru wasnt jus her sis, and her child. It messed her whole lyf, she cant think the mahaan stuff we myt. Bt yh i see whres she coming from, they need to undergo her pain. Wow. I'l b bak to write more later x

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Semarnk Senior Member

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loved the updates geet's past was sooo sad luckly she has maan

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