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FF-MGt~2~*My Dark Lover*part 35 pg 104 note pg117 (Page 39)

FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
bc with update geets dark past… OO

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smj1977.shruti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FIRESafiReFIRE

bc with update geets dark past' OO

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FIRESafiReFIRE

bc with update geets dark past' OO
OMG i am waiting 4 it 4 long

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged

Part 27

prem sat there thoughtless. Was maan taking the right step. he was right... was i only defending him because I am still madly in love with geet or i wanted to protect my friend. life have been very cruel to me and bow i am seeing love of my life with my best friend. what els do you expect from me god. i cant tolerate this. after 2 years ii am seeing her and yet in another mans arm. does she really love him or its just another of her silly game. the thing she have done to me, no one could ever forgive her , but i have. because i love her. She have plaid with my heart yet here i can't take revenge against her. i love her too much. no one ever touched my heart like the way she have. why did you do this to me geet? why? was our relationship all the memory was that week that it was simple for you to move on. i watched her from the corner. she was dancing with maan again. happy. Was she playing with his family as well. Maan have told me she have told him all the truth. How far I wonder. Maan is a fool. She will play with his heart as well.

Geet was dancing with maan happily. She wanted to tell everyone the truth but maan have stopped her. Something maan really appreciate. Maan had his won selfish reason for it. He didn't want any of his family member to criticize her. Maan knew well that this lie will kill her but sometime its good to lie. Life is not always perfect and our life is defiantly not the perfect one. 

Maan holds her close sliding his hand on her bare waist.

Geet- wasn't few minute ago enough...

Maan nodes for a no...

Geet smirks...

Maan- I have spoken to prem...

Geet- what did he say?

Maan- nothing... Same thing as you.

Geet- I think you should listen to us for once...

Maan- us... There is only me and you as us... No one els.

Geet- possessive maan... I like that.

Maan- hmm... Maybe thats why you are in my arm still...

Geet- of course... But seriously you have to think about this. I can't really face prem now. I left him. 

Maan- I like that at least you feeling guilty for someone...

Geet went in deep thought with maans word... I am feeling guilty? What... God no... Why would I feel guilty.

Maan could read geet face that what exactly she was thinking. Guilty or no guilty.... You won't be able to leave maan sing khurana at all. I will make sure you will be Mrs maan sing khurana.

Geet looks at him... Bit surprised with her own thought. Was maan really taking over my mind. I can't let that happen. I don't want to feel the pain. Its ridicules. I could never possibly fell for someone. We have strong physical attraction. Thats it. Nothing more or nothing less. 

Maan- stop think rubbish stuff.

Geet- how am I thinking rubbish stuff?

Maan- its pointless.... Just enjoy the party with me...

Geet- I am... Thats why I am in your arm.

Maan- is it really....

Geet- of course...

Maan gives her few kiss on her ear... And cheek. Prem looks way. He couldn't bare to see the sight. That was true he was jealousy. This was beyond jealousy. How could geet move on so easily. She have told me most she spend with any guy was a day. But I was special. A month. Of course she is in love with maan. It is clearly visible in her face. In someway I am happy but in someway I wanted to kill both. I couldn't bare to see the sight. My blood was boiling. I wanted talk to geet. Its been two long years since I have spoken  to her. Since our first night and the last. Perm closed his eyes. It was one of the best moment of his life.

As the party ended maan sneaks in geets room. There room was right next door to one another. It didn't make a huge difference as everyone knew they are husband and wife. This wedding again for the formality.

Maan strokes his cheek against her neck tickling geet.

Geet- I am making you addict to this.

Maan- hmm... I am not complaining,

Geet- do you really love me this much... Its hard to belive.

Maan looks at her with his dark brown eyes.... He could never explain what she is to him. How much he loves her. How much he cares for her. Somewhere he knew the same that geet can tolerate anything but not hurting maan. Thats why she is still here. Just couldn't leave me.

Maan remove her cloths all over again to make love. Both were out of control. Geet thought if this happens now... What will happen after wedding... It's been just over 6 month since they first met. And since then Both cane so close that it's impossible for them to stay way from one another.
Maan was resting on his back while geet just observing him on top of him. Stroking his cheek and lips.
Maan- ka hua...
Geet- there is something different about you...
Maan- MSK jo Hu....
Geet kisses his cheek...
Maan- I want to know about your past...
Geet snaps out of her thought...
Geet- no point! It's not nesessary.... Geet moves way and faces way from Maan. Maan hugs her from the back and makes her cuddled up under his body...
Maan- you trust me na jane...
Geet wanted to nodes... She spines her self round under him...
Geet- maan... You don't want to know anything about me. I will only make you feel more disgust.
Maan- I need you. I want you. I love you. Nothing will ever change this facts.
Geet- I can't merry you.
Maan- you will. Nothing will change the fact.
Maan gently starts kissing her lips. Then nibbling her jaw.... He starts to tickle Geet with his wet kiss...
Geet smirks... She was loosing her self all over Again to this man. Both started to make love'

next- geets dark past...

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged
wowwwwwww hope geet does tell her past 2 maan

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
waiting for her past
update soon

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wajiha-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 9:01am | IP Logged
ary yeh prem kahan sy aa gaya bech mein hehehe
well awesome
continue soon

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged

***My Dark LOver***
Part 28

I AM pm ing u all now' if you didn't recived any PM thats mean u r not on my list. do say i will add u  lot to my PM'


It's 5am when Geet woke up again finding her self in maans arm. She gets up covers her self with the spread... And sits nest to maan... Just staring at him... Then she lais down. Just stating at him.
Maan slowly opens his eyes... Finding Geet looking at him. He brings her back to his embrace...
Maan- good morning... He smiles in a half sleepy voice.
Geet- good morning...
Maan looks at her eyes. She have been wake for while.
Maan- when did you get up? He quickly gives her a peck.
Geet- 3 hours ago.
Maan- why?
Geet- you wanted to know more about my past right...
Maan nodes.
Geet- let's go.
Maan- where?
Geet- to see my past.

Maan & Geet gets ready. Geet never have came this close to anyone her inter life to tell her brutal fact. She have never.

Geet tells maan to drive to her old house. Old Handa mansion. It was a big mansion. No different then there new one. It looked like a hunted house.
Maan- your old house?
Geet nodes...
Geet walks in opening the door with a key she took out from her purse.
There was picture of her. Young Geet.
Geet- I had a sister name Anjali.
Maan looks at her in shock and surprised.
Maan- Anjali Handa?
Geet nodes- she was 2 years below you. She went to the same school and collage as you.
Everything started to add up to maan now...
Geet- that's my mum and dad. Se points at the picture.
Maan started to shake a bit. The truth she was about to say... He knew somewhere it's not a nice one.

I was 11 when my sister was brutally raped. No other then her own BF. He was older then her. Just a year. She was only 14.
Maan closed his eyes. He knew this story. But not fully. He even knew the guy.
Geet- she became pregnant. She was only 14. Do you realize how young she was.
Maan sat on the staircase... And geet hugged him tight.
Geet- it was too dangerous for her. The guy left her soon as he found out she was pregnant. He was 16 then. Di was scared. Petrified to tell anyone. Rape thing was something els but she was pregnant. She didn't tell me anything. I was too young. I wouldn't even have understood anything. My mum found out. She was a drugy. She didn't give a dam care about his child. I used to see my sister in fear most of the time. I still was unknown about everything... She stopped going to school. She stopped going out completely. She stopped talking to all her friend. Only person she used to talk was me. When she was 6 month old I started to notice her tummy was big. I bluntly asked di... Why are you getting fat?
She cried... And whispered she is pregnant. I wasn't sure what she meant. I was super exited. There was a small child will be joining us.

Maan sat there listening. He could feel his shirt was getting wet of geets tears but he let her cry... That was the first time she cried.

Geet- my mother cheated on my dad. They have been apart for more then 5 years then. My dad wanted to take us with him but she fired a case against him. My mother wanted to keep us only because my dad used to give her money to look after us and she used to buy her drugs with them...

After 9 month when my sisters due date was soon she started to fall Ill. She knew somewhere that she will die. She was too young to give a birth to a child. My mother was carless in this. She didn't take her for abortion. She couldn't tell dad because she will kill her alive. On the day when... When...
Geet couldn't talk any more.... Maan holds her tight to comfort her... But she wasn't stopping. The memory starts to come alive. The thing she have supersede for years started to kill her again. She started to get panic attack...
Maan cups her face...
Maan- look at me geet... Just look at me. I am here for your. My love will erase all your bad memory. Everything. I promise....
Geet rests her self on his chest... Holds him tight. She cried for hours before she spoke up again.
Geet- the day of her due date... My sister fainted. On the floor. I was only 11. Had no clue what was going on. Her water broke. The baby came out. I felt sick. She laid there in a pool of blood. Half dead senseless. I was screaming... Screaming my life out. I called dad instantly. I wondered why he wasn't here with us. But he lied to us. He lied that he was still with my mum.
My sister holds the baby. Unconscious I quickly grabbed a towel to cover the baby. My sister wasn't properly developed yet to breast feed her... I told my dad to come soon as possible. My sister was still on the floor. She died.

Maan sat there frozen. He was shaking with her dark experience.

Geet- I called my mum. Over and over again. Do you know what she was doing on that moment of time.... She was with another men in bed.

Maan couldn't take it anymore. But he needs to know the truth. A violent fact about geets life. He was the only person she have opened and truly expressed her self. He wanted to share her pain and grief.

Geet- I rushed in. I found them in a most disgusting position you can ever Imagine. They both were in front of me on the bed naked.
I screamed and closed my eyes. I felt sick. Disgust. I ran out leaving there door open. By the time I came back the child was dead to. After 30 minute my mum and the disgusting man came down. I was covered in blood. Surrounded by my sister dead body and and her child.
I was shaking. My sister was naked. I covered her with a towl. Not to let that disgusting man see my sister. My dad also appeared. He had a heart attack instantly. Luckily my cousin and my uncle was there. My mental ability was badly effected after that day.
My dad was fine and took me way.
My mental ability slowly improved. But my mother still used to come and see me. And her present always reminded me of that day. I never told my dad the whole truth. Not what I have seen. My mother always used to come and gave me disgusting thought. Mentally abused me. I started to become week again. When I was 15 she died. I wanted to forget everything. Everything. Shive was my closest friend. Even he never knew the wole violent truth. I wanted to experience everything. My mental stability wasn't that good. I wasn't in sense. I researched everything about s**. everything. And me and Shive spend our first night. I was mentally sick. We were old enough to get safety proaction. Because I wasn't ready to die like my sister. I had long plan for everything. I started to date the guy who killed my sister. I was more mature and physically well build up at the age of 15. I looked like a 17. I was Beautiful. Pretty like my sister. Any guy would fall for me. I played with his heart. I tempted him so much that he was dying for my touch. He also tried to rape me... But didn't work. After the he went insane just for my touch. I cheated on him with his best mate right in front of him... He went mental. I simply played with his heart. He couldn't bare anyone touching me... And I was enjoying his pain... One night he found me with another boy... And it was his sisters love. He was in pain enough to see me with someone els but seeing me with his sister love... That was the best bit.

next- More dark past'

hay guys' i hope u lot don't feel sick. please do analyise her past as it plaies a vitle role' please leave me some long comments'

xxxx and the LIKE BUTTON xxx

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