Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Meera - A Blast from Dev's Past lost in

That dark dweller in Braj

Is my only refuge.

O my companion, worldly comfort is an illusion,

As soon you get it, it goes.

I have chosen the indestructible for my refuge,

Him whom the snake of death will not devour.

My beloved dwells in my heart all day,

I have actually seen that abode of joy.

Meera's lord is Hari, the indestructible.

My lord, I have taken refuge with you, your maidservant

                                                                                   -       Translation of Mirbai's song
Before talking about Dev's diwani ' Meera, let's go back in history and talk a little
about another Mira, a true Lord Krishna devotee because the basic characteristics
of Meera are inspired from this 15th century Rajput princess. While Mirabai's love
was divine and spiritual; Meera's love for Dev is temporal yet shrouded in mysticism
because she supported him every step of the way ignoring Dev's heinous crime.
Mirabai - The Mystic, a follower of Lord Krishna
MiraBai lived in the north Indian state of Rajasthan. She was a devout follower of Lord Krishna. MiraBai was an exponent of tPrema Bhakti (Divine Love) and also a poetess. She sang in praise of Giridhara Gopala (Shri Krishna), her lord for whom she developed in her heart the most intense love and devotion. MiraBai grew up amidst an atmosphere of total Krishna consciousness, which was responsible in molding her life in the path of total devotion towards Lord Krishna. Despite facing criticism and hostility from her own family, she lived an exemplary saintly life and composed many devotional bhajans.
Mira manifested her deep devotion to Krishna at the tender age of four. MiraBai watched a marriage procession in front of her residence and asked her mother innocently about her groom. MiraBai's mother half in jest and half in earnest, pointed towards the image of Sri Krishna and told her Lord Krishna would be her bridegroom. As MiraBai grew up, her desire to be with her Krishna grew intensely and she believed that Lord Krishna would come to marry her. In due course, she became firmly convinced that Krishna was to be her husband.
MiraBai was soft-spoken, mild-mannered, gifted, sweet with a melodious voice. Meera's devotion to Krishna was at first a private thing but at some moment it overflowed into an ecstasy that led her to dance in the streets of the city. Whilst singing devotional bhajans, she frequently lost awareness of the world, entering into states of ecstasy and trance.

Go to that impenetrable realm
That death himself trembles to look upon.
There plays the fountain of love
With swans sporting on its waters.

Mira was married at the age of 13. Her new family did not approve of her piety and devotion to Krishna. She was persecuted in many ways but Mira never gave up. It is believed that after the death of her husband her family continued to torture her. Yet in the face of all these trials and tribulation she remained detached from her physical suffering. Her love for Lord Krishna remained steadfast and there was nothing that could disturb her inner connection to him. Her only satisfaction came from her single minded devotion  to Sri Krishna. She was born a princess but gave up everything for love and devotion.

My Beloved dwells in my heart,
I have actually seen that Abode of Joy.
Mira's Lord is Hari, the Indestructible.
My Lord, I have taken refuge with Thee,
Thy slave.

Meera - Dev's "Friend" and "Confidante"

Meera was Dev's college friend madly in love with him but before she could propose to him Naintara entered his life. Like a true lover, Meera moved away from Dev's life quietly without causing any problems. Meera is a sweet, bubbly and positive character who comes back to Dev's life after a few years. At that time Dev is going through a guilt trip about what he had done to Geet. He was also going through a crisis in his relationship with his wife Naintara. Like Mirabai, Meera was totally besotted by Dev and blinded by her love for him. When she comes to know what Dev did with Geet, she was obviously hurt, angry, shocked and dismayed. She could not believe he could commit such a heinous crime to get out of a financial crisis created due to his own mistakes. Meera broke off her friendship with Dev but her love and devotion made her weak and she did not offer much resistance when Dev tried to get her back in his life.
Dev used and manipulated her for his own selfish reasons and Meera let him use him. Her love made her submissive and give up on her resolution to break all ties with Dev. She truly believed Dev was  repentant of his crime. As a genuine person, she supported him emotionally, showed him the right path and persuaded him to admit everything and face imprisonment.Thumbs Up  She tried to save him from Maan's wrath when it became known that Maan and Geet are going to get engaged. Eventually  Meera became the catalyst to the confrontation between Dev and Geet. Evil Smile

Meera was crestfallen when she found out Geet was pregnant with Dev's child. She hated him for spoiling Geet's life but even this hatred did not last long. Again her deep love for him came in the way. She was clearly enamored by the wrong man but it didn't seem to matter. She had set her heart into correcting the wrongdoings of Dev by helping him redeem himself in the eyes of Geet, Maan and dadi. Dev, who had fallen out with his wife Naintara, was scared of Maan, used her as an outlet to pour out his feelings. Dev always depended on one woman or the other and this time he used Meera. In many ways Meera knew what was happening but she was never ready to really admit her foolishness. Her feelings for Dev always came in the way.

Dev always sucked in Meera with his sob stories and won her back. AngryAngry When she finds him sitting outside Khurana Mansion on a rainy night she admonished him for shirking his responsibilities, blaming Naintara for all his problems and not showing enough courage to repent for his crime. But a sick Dev once again managed to melt Meera's heart and she took him to her house. She nursed him selflessly risking her growing friendship with Geet by allowing him to stay in her house. However Dev never realized Meera's feelings.

When Naintara questions Meera's character, she is truly heartbroken and realizes the dangerous water she is treading on. Dev decides to leave Meera's house and also divorce Naintara. She realized her platonic live 'in relationship with a married man is unacceptable in the eyes of the world. However, we are yet to know if Naintara signed the divorce papers. Considering NT's nature, divorce is going to be a long drawn battle.
And, if divorce happens, will Dev realize Meera's feelings? Will he marry Meera when Naintara goes out of his life? Will Dev continue to use/abuse Meera's feelings for him to gain brownie points?? Will this love story ever nurture? CVs have left this track hanging at this point and the audience is waiting to hear what happened to this triangle!!
To get all the answers'dekhte rahiye Geet ' HSP Monday-Saturday 9.30 P.M. on Star one'. If ever the CVs wake up from deep slumber''LOLLOLLOLROFL


Meera - Geet's FriendBig smileBig smileBig smile

Meera and Geet developed a good relationship and warm feelings for each other. Both are genuine persons truthful, sincere, giving and ingenuous. So it was given they will gel well. Meera advised Geet when she needed, provided shelter and empathized with injustice done to Geet.
But once again this relationship was never developed completely. What could have been a great girl to girl bond was left hanging somewhere in the middle. AngryAngry Meera and Geet have a lot in common. Geet could have found a true friend in Meera but CVs never treaded that path and failed to explore this facet of human relationship.  


Where do we go from here????

  • CVs gave us a character who was accepted by the audience whole heartedly. Audience hated her for supporting Dev yet loved her for her genuineness, honesty and forthrightness. Why was her track left in a limbo? Why did she disappear from the show? Audience needs an answer.
  • We need to know what happened on that fateful day/night when Dev tried to walk out of Meera's house and she apparently tried to make him stay back! Care to answer CVs??????
  • Perneet Chauhan did a good job as Meera. She kept the audience engaged with her demeanor, style and acting. She had her own fan following from her previous show and yet like many other characters, she suddenly disappeared. Can we have her back? Why not bring back an actor and character that the audience wants to see in the show?

Possible Future Scenarios

Positive Dev ' Dev and Meera eventually get together and start life afresh but Naintara tries to create havoc in their life. She wants Dev back and leaves no stone unturned to create a rift between the two. So we get a Dev-Meera-NT Triangle!!!!
Negative Dev ' Dev knows Meera has feelings for him. The shrewd villian in him understands he is Meera's weakness and takes advantage to the fullest. He uses her for his own selfish reasons with an aim to gain Geet's trust since Meera and she are good friends. His aim is to eventually gain Maan's trust and get back at him.
Is there any other way Meera can be brought back? Any more ideas or track possibilities you can think of???????
Can Meera return even if Dev doesn't??Feel free to add your thoughts and views about this intriguing charatcer....
This is my first time opening a den and doing character analysis, so pardon my mistakes............Bhool chuk maaf........OKAY?????ConfusedEmbarrassedErmm
The stage is set for all of you!!!


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I wonder till this day what importance she had in the story and if we will ever find out.  CV's have now begun showing us disappearing acts of characters to take the story to a worse place. Congrats!


Preneet Chauhan, who did a wonderful job, essayed Meera's role. She gave the right expressions and played her role convincingly. Meera  came in as Dev's best friend and the one to show Dev the right path. When NT's influence had corrupted him, she began to turn him in to a saint and teach him morals. Dev being the spineless man he is, leaned on Meera for support. She loved him despite his obvious and heinous flaws. She tried to make him the man that she that she would be able to love.


  •  Comparing Meera to Meerabai: Meerabai was a princess of Rajput. She was extremely devoted to the idol of Krishna and believed him to be her true love. She deemed that she was his wife. It was a blind faith in something that did not return any love for her. Meera can be viewed in the same way. She loves Dev the same way. There was no reciprocation of that love, but she accepted it and continued to love him. It is more like infatuation than love. Something that does not have an explanation or reason.
  • Why does Meera love Dev? Is there a foundation to that love? Dev is a criminal; he has done something that Meera herself believes to be odious. Yet, she has the faith that he can make amends and change. It is her blind faith and love that makes her somewhat delusional about him. One never wishes to see the person they love in a negative light. So Meera does what she can to fix the problem. How can she love a man that has committed a horrible crime? Is there a reason for her love? Dev hasn't done anything to prove himself to her. He has been a coward and Meera had always egged him on to do the right thing. Even in college Dev choose the malicious women over Meera. Dev and Meera both knew NT's nature, but Meera never stopped to think what kind of man does that make Dev to choose someone like NT.
  1.  Dev's relationship with NT had a foundation. Though it was for the wrong reasons. She married him for money and maybe there was some "love" or possessiveness there. NT liked to keep her things for herself, may it be man or material items. NT knew Dev's nature and married him. She controlled him and they had a level of understanding. He knew her and she knew him. There was an acceptance for each other. That is where Meera differs, Meera did not know Dev for who he truly was. You cannot love someone if you do not know him or her completely. When she did find out what he was, she tried to change him, even if it was for the better (which btw did a lot damage to the story, so should we be thanking Meera?).
  2.  Maan and Geet's relationship has the most solid foundation in the show. They have faith in each other. There is unyielding reason for that faith. We have seen their relationship grow from the moment they met. Why do Maan and Geet love each other? There are countless reasons. Geet was the only person able to have an effect on the man who swore that no women could ever change him. She did it unknowingly. She completed him for everything he lacked, for example his anti-social attitude that she made up with her bubbly manner. Why does she love him? He is the man that taught her to fight her self. He gave her and her child life many times over. Maan made Geet the strong woman that she is. She sees through his cold exterior the soft man inside. In simple words, he was what she needed and she was what he needed. Most importantly, they know each other better then anyone else. And shall I get cheesy and say that it is also their destiny to be together? If Meera can come close with any of the reasons for Maan and Geet's faith for each other and her faith in Dev, then one can say there is a foundation. But there is none. Period. 
  3. Now we have the non-existent siblings Arjun and Annie. Do they have a foundation? Yes even they do. Their relationship is in the process of creating a foundation for love. Annie tells Arjun to be with her he must be a better man for her and he agrees. Meera does not ask Dev to change for her love, but tries to transform a man that was afraid to change and not even worth her love.
  • Meera's was an intelligent character. She gave Geet smart advice to talk things out with Maan during their misunderstanding. Even when Yash would flirt with her she maintained her cool and gave him apt replies to his stupid (but cute) pick up lines. She helped  out Maan during the media fiasco. However she faltered with Dev. She fell weak when she saw him. She told him she was disgusted by his mischief and their friendship was over. Yet, the moment she saw him in vulnerable state she jumped to his aid, gave him many chances, and finally let him in her home. She let her heart rule over her brain with Dev.


Meera could have played the role of Geet's friend. She could have been the reason for NT to seek revenge on Dev for betraying her. But her character was left in limbo. Will she return is the question. If she returns she shouldn't continue to turn Devaaa in to a saint but rather be a voice of reason for all when needed.

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Previous DENS with THEMES


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Brij and Yash









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Geekgod's first ever take

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I enjoyed today's episode....good execution, great acting and complete flow!!!

Geet with Tasha and NE and Maan with the guys who r trying to convince him to dance. Pandeyji's rant was damn hilarious LOLand so was Manisha hitting out at MaanROFL. CVs these actors being life to the scenes they r part of. Too bad they r not really part of the main story coz I love the scenes they are part of. Maan's guilt is written all over his face...he is not able to enjoy his own wedding coz it is weighing down on his conscience...Ouch I understand where he is coming from becoz he knows the importance of Baby in Geet's life. She gave up her so much for this baby. GC was good in this avataar...finally saw him back in the show..Thumbs Up maybe coz the situation itself was logical and convincing enough...
Geet waiting for Maan's message. Her message showed her feelings and in normal circumstance Maan would have been ecstatic but alasDead DD looks beautiful. Finally Geet decides to meet her man and see what he is upto....her anxiety about meeting him was palpable..
Maaneet AWESOME scene. So Geet is finally learning to read MAan's eyes and knows something's amiss. There conversation was beautiful. Geet wants maan to enjoy the wedding just the way she is...fair enough...but she needs to know what's bothering Maan and assuage his fear. Maan not enjoying his own wedding is sad so am hoping tomorrow Geet understand and puts all his fears to rest!!! Geet telling him to feel her and not think of the past is Day Dreaming
So we r gonna watch the love story of Maaneet in the form of a skit....hmmmmm I like it. Romeo as the writer angered by Arjun's dialogues was so real. Every actor in that scene was good...Manisha wanting to be Tasha..LOLLOL This dude or dudette surely cracks me big time!!!ROFL All of them are good actors....the expression on everyone's face was apt...angry tasha, confused Pinky, angry romeo for spoiling his dialogues, even more confused Pandeyji and to top it all my favorite ManishaBlushing. Piyush was good in that scene. I must add here there is a marked improvement in his acting and he looks good with his hair pulled back....sadhana cut looks AngryDeadCensored on his face. So Arjun keep the new hairstyle! NE was a disappoinment as always. There r some areas where Nikunj really needs to work hard. She was good in her scene wit hGeet and Tasha and again fell flat here. There was no passion while looking at Arjun. Arjun-NE chemistry will work only if NE improves her acting. Arjun's dialogues gave an insight into his mind and the conflict he is going through.....NT's plans are failing again coz her bro is falling for her dushman's sister...Let's see where this story goes....Nikunj Please work more if u wanna stay in the show.
So Ne wants Arjun to be her dance partner...great. I enjoyed watching Arjun dance in the SBS segment....if only Geet editors maintain the same standard. We wanna enjoy the wedding....
Special Message for the Editors.....This is THE most important track of this show. DO not goof up. We wanna enjoy eevery dance sequence, song, action and reaction. Please spare us and do not do shoddy work. Audience won't spare u this time. Lately we have enjoyed SBB and SBS segments more than Geet episodes.
CVs....the decoration is really good. ClapClapClapI can see lot of effort has gone into it and I loved it. Thanks!!!! But the color combination spells dangerConfusedConfusedConfused DeadWe know danger is lurking/hiding somewhere in the Kitchen in the guise of a cook but we donot want to see Geet fighting with Maan coz that's what usually happens when we see green around. When Geet knows Maan's dilemma she has to show the same understanding that Maan has shown on various occasions. She needs to know where Maan was coming from when he chose her over the baby. It has nothing to do with the baby not being biological child. He loves the baby as his ownEmbarrassedEmbarrassedApprove
PRECAP - Looks and white...Day Dreaming Maan looks handsome and Geet beautiful but why is she in Bell bottomsConfusedConfusedConfused????. . Makes me wanna watch the coming episodes. Audience has lots of expectations and execution is of utmost importance. Do not falter there. We know u work hard to entertain us and we appreciate ur efforts.
Looking forward to all the sangeet, nachna, gaana and dhoom dhamaka and off course to see what Brij does next and how Maan finds out about him....I know Maan will find out for sure...

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Finally a decent episode this week. It had smooth flow and somewhat good direction and execution.

1. Convincing the bride and groom to dance - I liked the comic element here. If you ask me the best part was Maanisha and him blowing kisses at Maan. I am still waiting for us to get a proper scene with him hitting on Maan. CV's should seriously consider it. It would make for awesome comedy.

2. Doing a eskit - Out of all people they choose Anwesha to play Geet? I am afraid to see how she will ruin Maan and Geet's story with her poor enactment.

3. Geet's SMS - She so adoringly repeats "I love you" and gives him some sweet words to ponder on. Maan cannot enjoy it and nor does he reply to that message. Why? Spend a day in his shoes. He is a man who upholds high morals. His heart and mind is clouded with guilt for the choice he made about the baby. You and I may not think he did something wrong, but to him it will always be deceitful. He promised to be the father of that child and protect them. We saw his dilemma when the doctor told him to make the choice. He thought of the fight Geet went through for that baby, she gave up literally everything.

That baby is all she has and losing it would truly shatter her. In his eyes he has wronged her because that baby is apart of her. Geet lives for that baby. Maan would never want to take that happiness from her. For him to take that away is snatching the one thing that made her who she is. However, Maan does not know that he is also apart of her. Her baby is alive because of him. She would not give him the right to be its father if she did not believe he was worthy. There is a fear in him that she will not accept him if she knows the choice he had made. I do not think that Geet will misunderstand him. She sees that there is something making him unhappy, that it is eating him away. When she finds out she will sympathize and console him. The thing about "love" is that you do not let go because of a weak moment, the true test is to stick with each other through thick and thin. That is when you know that it is "true love".

5. Maan and Geet scene today was good. Geet's "apke ise ada ne mere jaan le li" line was ummm...a nice slip of tongue. GC finally seemed to be in tune with his character. Tough I am still not sure why he seems distracted. DD is just too good and adorable.

4. Arjun and Anwesha - We saw some of Arjun's thought come out today. He came with a mission but now is falling in love with Anwesha. Even he is turning in to some Romeo. This will be his weak point.

6. I don't know if it will make any difference in saying this, but Nikunj is really bad at acting. Why she stares at Arjun like with a dumb smile on her face is beyond me. She needs to get her expressions right. She seems to try to hard.

7. Bring Dev and Naintara back.

8. Why are we revisiting the retro theme for the sangeet? Be original, why recycle the same ideas? Why is Geet dressed like any other person during her sangeet? DD looks adorable but she does not look like the bride. Her attire should have been more appropriate. Also the decoration was a typical desi wedding types but the theme is retro? They don't go hand in hand. Decoration was nice though.

9. I liked the scene with the office staff at the end. They are hilarious and bring a light hearted feeling to the scenes. I guess I am just one of those who would take comedy over tears any day. Romeo's expression and line about uncooperative actors was funny. The supporting cast should be used more often. I am very sure that everyone would love watching them over Anwesha.

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before the words stop to flow
and my net stoops to a low...

Meera! once blind in love... is always!

The lady who lost her brains to her heart
and herself to one with neither..
ages before we even knew either!
she took failure at the witches wish..
and flew away with tears to cherish!
The lady who lost her brains to her heart
and herself to one with neither...
ages before we even knew either!

In a random red, not Ferrari
She cruised into our sight,
and into our hearts too, we held tight
she hugged the confused soul
with love, her gesture would howl
In a random red ,not Ferrari
She cruised into our sight,
and into our hearts too, still held tight

Love, without expectations she sowed
listening as he would tel another lie
tears flowing down when he would cry!
she had returned for the love she sought,
except to give, was her only thought 
Love, without expectations she sowed
listening as he would tel another lie
tears still flowed down when he would cry!

White wings and a warm heart, a fairy
lend her shoulders to the damsel in distress
together they rhymed, lik any other poetess!
little did they know, one man one evil
is reason for their past burried in peril
White wings and a warm heart, a fairy she is
lend her shoulders to the damsel in distress
together they rhymed, lik any other poetess!

Truth unveiled in layers, ripping his image off
her faith was tarnished in the dark of the demon
but would she survive to not love and move on?
its said love is blind, and so was she
entangled dream weaved deeper into thee'
Truth unveiled in layers, ripping his image off
her faith was tarnished in the dark of the demon
but she would not survive to not love and move on!

And then One fine day, she screamed out loud
 in the ache of loving a soul least deserving
shutting her door to him! disappearing...
and here we wait in dismay for the return
of the friend, the walker to anyone at the turn
And then One fine day, she screamed out loud
 in the ache of loving a soul least deserving
shutting her door to him and us! disappearing....

Epi analysis naaaaaaaaaaaAH!LOL

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Short take

Firstly let me tell this to Jyo - Marriage is Happening and that too between Maan and Geet...period...u dont want to believe, dont believe....continue ur i'm scared marriage wont happen chant..... LOLLOLLOLLOL
Episode ----------
Maan is still on his guilt trip....the guy wont come out of the guilt trip till he plays on his life to save Geet's baby and Geet sees him doing that or till he confesses to her what he chose and she forgives him n consoles him....even after she consoles him, he wont be totally out of his guilt till her saves the baby at the risk of his own life.... he is a man of morals and principles... so for him chosing Geet was like ditching her royally as her existence is just for the baby ...thats what he thinks..he doesnt know that like baby is a part of her, he too is a part of her....
Geet's ILU sms... Geet is a gal who is happy that he rmarriage is finally happening...the functions are starting.... it was a very nice SMS....
Maan - the guilty guy cud he have responded to the sms?? if he had she wud hv had to reciprocate happily lest geet wud know that he is upset bout something...n this wasnt the time he cud hv reciprocated ILU..... he is feeling like someone who had given the go ahead to someone else who was gonna execute the murder of the baby...he is feeling like the one who planned the killing... 
I loved the Maan-Geet scene..... Geet too has started reading his eyes...she knows something is disturbing him a lot and he is unhappy...but he wont share.... so she takes a promise that he will be happy...he will make her sangeet the best for her.... she knows that he is unhappy but she also knows that he will never be able to break a promise he makes to her...and hence asks for the promise that he will be happy.... he does make the promise but is thinking its gonna be very hard to fulfill the promise... i guess he will continue to be on his guilt trip...especially after she will dance to a romantic tune which might speak about faith, trust etc....with Maan at the sangeet.... n will finally break down...... n tell her he isnt worthy of that trust as he made a decision to save her...he chose her.... n she will then console him....will ease him of his guilt....
Office staff n their plans were looking interesting...... i liked this scne... where Arjun asked if he cud play maan....well if someone can give takkar to maan's attitude then it is definitely arjun...its the clash of the titans....
Arjun is finally realising that he is actually getting involved with Annie... well i must say Arjun -annie are a very very fast couple while Maan-Geet are a very very slow couple.... but to really compare...
Maan was very fast when it came to holding geet in his arms.... he was always busy cornering her.... almost kissing her.... but post the realisation of love n confesss, he has become very very slow.... lol....
I actually liked arjun-annie part today...
Overall - the episode was quite nice...i liked it.... i would rate it a 8/10....
some dialogues need improvement... Barry Dhillon please give some good lines to the gals as well..... Guys shouldnt always take the cake... also Arjun too deserves some good lines.... ofcourse Maan's lines have to be the best....Big smile
I totally totally loved Maan-Geet scene..... Drashti and Gurmeet both were brilliant.... u cud see that  the guilty look in Gurmeet's eyes very clearly...n u cud see that Geet was feeling terrible seeing maan like that....Drashti depicted Geet's feelings absolutely brilliantly....

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 October 2008
Posts: 29856

Posted: 07 January 2011 at 8:03am | IP Logged
@All Muder JyoEvil Smile
As I always say if Manisha is placed in the 1st 10 minutes of the episode its always a good oneBig smile
Why a Good One because I gave the Royal ignore to NES-NEB RomanceTongue 
I wuld have preferred Pinky as Geet&Adi as Romeoo..Why NES&NEB
Manisha as Tasha :P hahhahaaaaaaaaaROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLhe will do justice to the Silly MesROFLROFLROFL
Maaneet Love Story's Spoof:Ok Lets look at the Skit which is gonna be a disastrous joke..In short they are creating a spoof of Maaneet storyThumbs Down
Err-jun as Maan
NE as Geet
Manisha as Tasha(StarLOL)
tasha as NE(what did she do in their love storyConfusedErmm)
Romeo as Writer(Was he even there for half of the storyConfused)
MSK's Devdas Act: Oh Cmon MSK Spill it out..You knw na this hiding stuff and you think the silence will reveal everything created this big misunderstanding last time..You wanna do the same mistake againErmmYou look like a devdas before the wedding itself shaadi ke baad kya hoga..LOLKurri do ur way Lock him in a room and ask him to spill it out You know..Ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle toh tedhi kar loApprove
Eye Reading Contest: this is goin on in every show lol..aparrently in love u can talk wid eyes..No comments to tht but I liked the scene with her trying to say tht you are always attempting to make me happy but you are not happy..If I have the right to hapiness u shuld smile too..Big smile
when maan put his hand on her shoulder and turned her around and made her look at everythin I thot he was gonna say "Look Geet I've done so much for you, Do you know how expensive all these decorations were..You shuld appreciate me instead of reading my eyes"
MSK ki Insult:I honestly loved Err-jun he had all the scope was equally excited for his and MSK's face off..had hopes for a boxing match too..but all armaan gone in paaniSleepyHis character is Gone..he is falling for NE *gulps* *Scratches Err-jun off my hottie's list*LOLwait what was I saying yeah Script mein dum nahin hai..Dude coz ur lines r typical majnoo typess..our MSK has different & unique linessApprove
Precap: UH He is devdas there too..I thot he wuld do tht before going how r they gonna enjoy teh sangeet so everythin is gonna happen after sangeet..Hopefully it doesn't I want them to enjoy the Sangeet..
They will enjoy it but We won'tStern SmileAsk Why?Figure it out UrselfPinch
Will You be My Dance Partner:No commentsSO I have to see them dancee..Hey Bhaaaggguuu

oh wait I have the option of forwarding itLOL
@Cvz this is what you always do, You did it with Piyush &Perneet as well..Jay was a diff story he left for DID...You will do swagat of an Actor DHOOM DHAAM se with great promises he/she will do this do that and then they come in the show get everyone excited and thenn u forget the main motto the character was brought in for! What is Err-Jun doing to take Badla from Maan?ConfusedRomancing his sister..Oo0o0o0 Maan is really gonna get J of that and spoil his own weddingErmmAll Err-jun has done is Romancing NE till date..Sleepy
My Take on the Article
-"There will also be a Bachelor's Party wherein the item number used will be 'Sheila Ki Jawani'. Maan and Geet will be seen in modern and hot attires for the Bachelor's party."
manisha is gonna be dancing on SKJ..and maaneet will shake their legs too..Maan can imagine her dance to SKJ to fulfill DD's desire..LOL

-We hear that the shaadi will see some major drama, where one of the villains will pay a big price for coming in between the love life of Maan and Geet.

Obviously Brij or NT..
-And the biggest news is that Maan will overcome all obstacles and will wed Geet in a dramatic way!!
This is for you Jyots there is no 10% doubt either..These two will tie the knot and I will go take a dip into Gangaa...


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