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dulhan hum le jayenge (kyph) (Page 5)

Pooja922 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2005 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
great job!!..plz cont!!

PaRoOoOoOo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2005 at 5:52pm | IP Logged
sorri for the dela but heres a long part for u all please reply and support thnx all for reading.

Hi people I thought I'd rite a new-fan-fic for u all so u can enjoy I'm gonna rite parts these fan fics I rite r gonna b short wiv like bout 10 parts or summit so I can rite different 1nsfor u 2 enjoy based on different films wiv a-k init!!!! Heres the 1'stt story. ENJOY!
                   DULHAN HUM LE JAYENGE

It was really l8 nite wen we see a figure coming down the stairs with a suitcase and when the camera looks closer its none other then kripa wearing a pink chooridaar with her hair down and nice light make up. As shes comin down she stops when she sees shabbir stood there.

Shabbir-(shocked) KRIPA! Wot r u doing???

Kripa-(nervous) bhaiya please don't shout I'm not running away foreva. Mein sirf kuch dinon ke liye apni marzi se apni zoindagi guzarna chati hoon.

Shabbir- lekin kripa tum akeli aur kahan.

Kripa- bhaiya meine 4 weeks ke liye ek tour mein tiket book karayi hai apne paisoon se jo maine collect kiye the.

Shabbir- magar 4 weeks.

Kripa- haan bhaiya who tour hai pehle hum Australia jayen ge ek week ke liye phir do weeks ke liye Canada aur phir last week hum usa jayen ge phir wahan se wapis please bhaiya.

Shabbir-(thinks for a bit) acha kripa tumne humare liye bohut ser ji liya ab tum kuch der apni marzi se ji ke aoo.

Kripa-(has tears and happy) thanks bhaiya I luv u sooo much.

Shabbir- acha to mein tumhein chor k e aaon.

Kripa- nahin bhaiya warna sujal bhaiya aur prithvi bhaiya ko shak ho jae ga. Mein bahir se taxi pakar ke chali jaaon gi.

Shabbir- ok kripa. Take care. And remember I luv u. aur han yeh tumhare liya paise hain meri taraf se.

Kripa- I luv u too bhaiya. Thankyou.

He kisses her forehead and and she goes outside. Puts her suitcase in the taxi and sits and goes. While shes going shes exited and shes a bit l8 already. Her group have to catch a train first then they catch the train from delhi.(lol dunno but lets say theu r living in Mumbai please I dunno botu all the airports lol sorri). They r driving when suddenly the taxi stops then goes then stops then goes then stops.

Kripa- are bhaiya kya hua.

Taxi d(driver)- lagta hai taxi kharab ho gayi hai madam.

Kripa- are yeh kaise ho sakta hai meri train oh god. Waise yahan se train station kitna door hai.

Taxi d- madam agra gari se jayengi to 20 mins lekin gagr pedal to bohut der ho jaye gi.

Kripa- acha… shukriya.

She takes her luggage out and is worried. And she is crossing the road thinking bout wot if she has to go bak home and neva get the chance agen wen suddenly she hears a car beeping and soo close to her and it stops. Kripa drops her suitcase and has her hands at front of her face. The man comes out and up to her but can't see her face. And the man is none other then apna angad.

Angad- oye madam. Marna hai kya.

Kripa slowly takjes her hands off her face and opens her eyes. Angad sees its kripa and stares at her innocent face. He is looking at her live for the first time and thinks she is really sweet by her face.

Kripa-( she has tears in her eyes) I..i'm sorri. Who mein..

Angad sees the innocence in her voice but decides to annoy her and cuts her.

Angad- mein kya tumhein road cross bhi nahin karna aata kya.

Kripa- dekhiye mein who sirf..

Angad- mein who sirf kya.

Kripa- who mein actually..

Angad- tum kya.

Kripa gets really annoyed coz he keeps cutting her conversation.

Kripa- are bolne do ge to boloon gin na(angrily)

Angad- are pehle meir gari ke samne aati ho aur phir rob jita ti ho.

Kripa- are sorri bola na par tum to bolne hi nahin dete.

Angad- acha phir next time kisi aur ki gari ke samne aa ke marna not mine. Tum jaisi bewakoof ladki ki wajha se mein kyon phasoon.

Kripa- oh god. Tum kitne zidi ho. Tumhare jaisa zidi laska maine duniya mein nahin dekha.

Angad- dekho gi bhi nahin.

He looks at his watch and sees that theres onli 15 mins till the train goes. And if onli he drives super fast he'll get there.

Kripa-(thinks bout the train angad is bout 2 go when kripa calls him) oye suno time kya hai.

Angad- 9.10

Kripa- WOT? Omg sh**.

Angad looks at her and laufs and then gets into his car and drives off and kripa gets a lift.

Angad gets there and so does kripa but they don't see each other. There are 2 screens across angad is looking at one and kripa is looking at the other they have there backs to each other. Then they start walking backwards and just turn around at the same time so none of them saw each other and went in opposite direction. Then we see kripa tyurn around realising shes goin in the rong direction and goes in the same direction as angad. Then the train starts angad gets on all the doors get locked exept one which is gonna in bout 10 secs and we see kripa running after the train angad sees her and brings his arm out kripa doesn't see his face and just sees the hand and grabs it. 2 secs to go and she just gets on and the door closes and her dupata gets stuck in door and she slips and falls on angad. She has all her hair at front of her face so she culdn't see but angad looks at her and sees her with her eyes closed/ he moves her hair from at front of her face and she without looking sez sorri and wen opens her eyes realises hu it woz.
Kripa- TUM!!!

Angad-(just staring at her and then comes back to reality) are pecha kar rahji ho kabhi meri gari ke samne aati ho to kabhi meri hi train mein.

Kripa-(aroongently) ha mein aur tumahra peecha are jao jao tum jaise ajeeb logon se mein door hi rehti hoon. Aur waise bhi TUMHARI TRAIN.

Angad- woteva.

Kripa- woteva. Acha ab hato na mujhe uthna hai.

Angad- agar mein kahoon nahin to.

Kripa- WOT?

Angad- han agar mein kahoon na to.

Kripa- to mein chiloon gi.

Angad- go a head. Waise bhi humein kon sune ga yahan. Par

Her gets off her and stands up singing.

Angad- hum tum ik dibe mein band hoon(by the way they r in 1 of those lil diba thing in trains lol) aur darwaza band ho jaye.(then he starts whistling)

Kripa-( looks at him in a look which makes angad look wiered) wot a freak.

Angad- kuch kaha apne.

Kripa- nahin kuch nahin.

She tries to open the door but it doesn't open so she gives uo and sits down. Angad is about to come and sit next to her wen she tells him to stop.

Kripa- STOP!

Angad- kya hua tumhein.

She takes a marker pen out of her bag( she has 1 incase she needs to write nething) and makes a line in the middle of the cabin thing they r in.

Kripa- yeh meri side who tumhari.

Angad- wot?

Kripa- han who tumhari side yeh meri.

Angad- kya ajeeb ladki hai. Well muhe kya mein to jahan pe jaoon kush hoon.

Kripa- yah good.

Angad sits down in his part of the cabin and takes out a pad. And he rips a paper out and throws it at kripa while shes reading a bopok and gets disturbed.

Kripa- Yeh kya batamizi hai.

Angad- kyon kya hua.

Kripa- u r so annoying.

Angad- acha. Gd par tum kitni khoobsurat ho.

Kripa- WOT?( and gets up and walks to the line and is rite mext to a window.)

Angad(gets up also and goes stands at front of her next to the window) kyon tumhein tumahiri tareef pasand nahin.

Kripa- pasan hai par tum jaise logon ke mun se nahin. (she pushes him back)

Anagd- oh ya. ( and pushes her lightly)

Kripa-(gets annoyed) ya (and pushes him)

Then angad pushes to the opposite side of the window and is stood rite at front of the window.

Kripa- uuuuuuuuuuu.

She takes her shoes off and throws it at him annoyingly and angad bends down and the window breaks and her shoe goes out of the window. She is shocked and annoyed. Angad gets up slowly and looks behind him first and sees the window broken then looks at kripa and her shocked face and bursts into laughter. Kripa looks at him angrily but goes and sits on her side and so does angad. Anagd also gets cold even after wearing his jaket. Krpa hasen't got ne jakets or jumpers( lol shes stupid lol no I made her not lol) because she was going to buy them when she goes abroad. Angad looks at her shivering and sees that her dupata is still stuck ni the dorr and she can't wrap that around her even though it wouldn't make ne difference coz it was thin and then sees kripa getting annoyed becoz of the hair cumin in her face. He thinks about her innocence and realizes that he realli loves her. He gets out a bottle of brandy out of the bag and opens it. Kripa sees this.

Kripa- (shivering) sh.. sharam nahin aaati ladki ke samne sharab pp..pite hue.

Angad- well ladki ke samne marne se to acha hai ke thodi si pi loo.

Kripa- no way.

Anagd- jaise tumheri marzi emin to chala. Yeh lo jaket agar bach gayi to bad mein milte hein.

Kripa- tum…

Anagd- I know I'm sexy. Grrrr.

Kripa just folds her arms and looks away and angad closes his eyes and goes to sleep. When anagd gets up he sees kripa rite next to him sleeping in his arms and has drank all of the bottle. He gets shoked and moves so this wakes kripa up shes soo drunk.

Kripa- morning honey!!

Angad- HONEY??

Kripa- tum sirf mere ho samjhe aur kisi ke nahin.(and she gives him a smile)

Angad- ( looking at her childish behaviour) acha mein sirf tumhara hoon. Ab tum so jao.

Kripa- tum ahri side pe( like a child)

And angad nods so she takes his arm and puts it around her and goes to sleep and so does angad leaning his head on her head.

That's it for now hope u liked it people thnx luv u all!
PaRoOoOoOo IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 November 2005
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Posted: 23 December 2005 at 6:01pm | IP Logged
does ne1 like it????? Confused
aisha1 Goldie

Joined: 13 October 2005
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Posted: 23 December 2005 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
cont soon love it

dilxale dhulanyen or dulham hum le jahenge mixt kya baat hai
PaRoOoOoOo IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 November 2005
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Posted: 23 December 2005 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
no1 like it thnx people!!!!! Cry
kashish805 Senior Member

Joined: 27 September 2005
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Posted: 23 December 2005 at 6:37pm | IP Logged
it was awsome please cont. I can't wait
Kashish Smile
PaRoOoOoOo IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 November 2005
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Posted: 23 December 2005 at 6:38pm | IP Logged
lol thnx i'll continue 2moz lub u all for the nice comments and for reding the fanfic thnx !xxx! Smile
PaRoOoOoOo IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 November 2005
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Posted: 23 December 2005 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
hardly ne1 replies i fell like i'm just boring u people if i am then tell me and i'll stop honest sorri if i am! Cry

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