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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..

Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing. 
2. No derogatory terms to be used. 
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum. 
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.

Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

Res for my take. Happy Discussing!Hug


Ekta Maiyya, I swear I'll do your 'Jai-Jai-kar' everyday just please, please, kill Gauri!! This woman disgusts me in its most superlative form! I mean, seriously, what the hell, Gauri! Who do you think you are?Angry Angry
I loved the Shefu-Gauri argument and Arohi stuck in between! Except that Gauri is superdupernegative, it reminded me of my school days! We were three friends and whenever the two of us argued, the third one would always be stuck in the middleROFL ROFL Gosh, those were the days! I miss schoolCry  Cry Cry
And Chiku, that Khargosh, that Kabootar, did he have faith in God or Russian dancers to cure his 'tummy upset'??Ermm
And gosh I was dancing with joy when everyone came to know about Chiku but Arjun!! Arrgghh! I was literally like, 'No,Arjun, No!! Please!!" But Arjun didn't listen to meCry Cry I don't get it! He claims to love Arohi! How can he let her go to a man like Chiku?? But oh well, though I'm wondering how he'll win Arohi back but he said he will so ya, I'm sure he won't let them get marriedEmbarrassed Embarrassed
And Kartar Sir, how come he didn't do anything even after knowing that Chiku was the one to throw the party?? Couldn't he see how much Arjun loves Arohi??Shocked Shocked And Chiku is a cheapo! Arjun is taking blame for his tactics and he's letting him! Ek toh neki kar, upar se dariya mein daal!Angry Angry Angry When Arohi threw the wine on Arjun's face, I swear my heart broke into ten zillion piecesBroken Heart Broken Heart Broken Heart Broken Heart Broken Heart
Shefu is my rockstar! I love the way she snapped at Arjun for taking the blame on himself. Seriously man, why did Arjun do that? Why does he have to be so nice? Why?? And you feel even sadder for him because he's so saintly yet people feel he's characterlessCry Cry Cry
But the intersection of Arohi thoughts with the Arjun-Shefu conversation and the contradictions were amazing! How Shefu said that Arohi won't even think about him while all Arohi could think about was Arjun! And how Arjun said that their love wasn't so weak, it wasn't dependent on mere wordsEmbarrassed
But isn't it strange how Arohi never believed Arjun when he was telling the truth, and today, when Arjun was lying, she so readily believed him? Life is, indeed, ironical!

Memorable quotes:

Arohi: Jab main pehle baar Arjun se mili thi, maine uspe aankh band karke bharosa kar liya tha, lekin usne mere vishwaas ko todh diya. Mujhe aisa laga jaise main andar se toot gayi hoon. Maine socha ki kahaani ke end mein sab theek ho jaata hai. Mujhe nahi laga tha ki main apni zindagi se dobara kabhi pyaar kar paungi. Lekin jab ghar aayi, toh sabki aankhon mein aansoon dekhe. Unke chehre par smile laane ke liye main kuch bhi kar sakti hoon. Isiliye maine waapis jeena shuru kiya. Ab main Chiku par bharosa karte hoon. Woh ek ideal ya perfect aadmi nahi hai par woh ek achha aadmi hai. Ab agar Chiku ne mera bharosa toda toh mera dill mujhe ijazzat nahi dega dobara kisi par bharosa karne ki. Main phir bikharna chahti.

Arjun: Maine yeh jhoot aapki poti ke liye bola. Ek baar pehle bhi dhokha kha chuki hai, toot chuki hai. Ek aur baad dhoka khaati toh bikhar jaati.

Arjun: Main ek achha insaan nahi hoon. Lekin achhayi ki kya keemat hoti hai, main achhi tarah samaj gaya hoon. Uski innocence, uski masoomiyat ko bachane ke liye maine yeh jhoot bola.

Arjun: Main aapki poti ki aankhon mein aansoon nahi dekh saktaEmbarrassed

Arohi: Uske saare jhoot sunne ke baad bhi mujhe aisa kyun lagta hai ki uska pyaar sachcha hai?

Arjun: Pyaar sirf words ka ghulam nahi hotaClap

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 7:18am | IP Logged
Hi guys,I am reserving to see chikoo ki deewaniROFL
I was listening to a song from the movie Khushbhoo (2008) and as I am a bit bored if Arohi is really stubborn, Well I agree with Kavya explanation, but still I want to dedicate this song to our sweet Arohi, time to change atmosphere:
Song: Dil Yeh Kahe
Link: I did not get it in youtube, check this one
I listen the club mix
Lyrics:Dil Yeh Kahe, Kehtha Rahe,
Dil Yeh Kahe, Yahin Kehtha Rahe,

Ab Jo Chi Hotha Hai Ho Jaane Do,
Jo Hosh Khotha Hai Kho Jaane Do

Dil Jo Kahe, Yahin Kehtha Rahe,
Ab Job Hi Hotha Hai Ho Jaane Do,
Jo Josh Khotha Hai Kho Jaane Do

Koi Aisa Hai Dewaana,
Kahdega Jo Phasaana
Sun Humse Tu Basaale,
Nazar Se Nazar Milake

Ooo. Yeh Pyar Doondtha Hai,
Yeh Ikraar Doondtha Hai
Jo Dil Pyar Maangtha Hai,
To Phir Kyun Yeh Phaasla Hai

Dil Jo Kahe, Yahin Kehtha Rahe,
Ab Job Hi Hotha Hai Ho Jaane Do,
Jo Josh Khotha Hai Kho Jaane Do

Pasand Usko Jo Bhi Aaya,
Use Sab The Kyun Paraaya
Wahin Aaj Se Hai Apna,
Jise Humne Aankh Churaya

Ooo'.Nasha Jaise Chaa Raha Hai,
Sama Jaise Jaa Raha Hai
Yeh Rangeeniya Hai Chaayi,
To Dil Behke Jaa Raha Hai

Dil Jo Kahe, Kehtha Rahe,
Ab Job Hi Hotha Hai Ho Jaane Do,
Jo Josh Khotha Hai Kho Jaane Do
See Yaarons,there are so many beautiful songs in the market then why are they sticking to the violin theme,if no 'mahiya',this track is awesomeYet to see rocking in rocking mood for our sweetoo Arohi and for mera bhaiya Arjun,yaar,party with this song too,itna bhola bhala mat bano. ROFL
Let me edit my part 1:
I almost got kicked out from room as I took my bed as gymnastic mat ROFLROFL
I really like first part on the lovely 'gal mithi bol,' that is indeed a jovial rocking song, the Ahluwalias had a 'papu can't dance' wala dance ROFLROFLROFL The only one that was good was Shefali Tongue 
How can I forget, Gauri neh Chikoo ko ankh mari ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Oye Gauri, leaving Rajveer to Chikoo ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
It was too good the Chiku's reaction ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL and I was having the same cracks like Shefali.
It was not difficult for Shefali to convince the Ahluwalias on having the party in club!
The moment of this part  was when Shefali and Gauri convincing Arohi,as like my old post,I portrayed Arohi in between Angel and Evil,today was the perfect demonstration and well I like the bit where Arohi accepts the fact it is not a problem in hiding but the problem is in lying! Well I would have felt weird if it was in hiding, and for a minute,I was thinking Arohi really believed Chikoo. It is good that Shefali said it right away for the reason she wants to bring her out! Now even if Arohi does not go, the decision of the wedding came from the Family and it will be them who need to break this relationship because now Chikoo character has like what I described in my old post - he is playing with Arohi's emotion and whether his mother is covering his lie or did he really lie to his mother is enough for the stigma to raise that this family does not worth innocent Aarohi. Added to his chikoo,kabootar and kharghosh qualities ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL, this is a valid point for the wedding to stop from the family. I think for the other part I definitely need to wear protective gear in case if I hear, to forgive him once, he is still respected and bla bla bla ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Ok Now to Part 2 on my next replied post on page 1 itself

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 7:20am | IP Logged
hoping for the hopeful explosive exposure of chiku but also expecting the expected , that is boomrang for arjun.  will catch up after the epi.
that what I wrote before watching the epi and after watching I am surprised both happened, chiku exposed but again arjun directing the boomrang at himself.  Ouch
Another good episode.  mature arjun , sweet and scared arohi,  sharp Karatar.  Clap.
Garui trying to stop chiku  ,  but he is already dreaming about dance with russian girls  so garui's
ankh maarna din have any effect LOL, boo gauri Thumbs Down. chiku said  one smart thing  though  'gauri tum bhi bimaar ho'.    Loved shefali's relentless trial to go to club Clap and also for spilling the beans abt chiku Clap  and arohi's decision to find out if he was telling a lie.   Wish shefali puts more  thought into her own question abt gauri  'tu  ise ghar mein kyun rakhna chahti hai'  and get
suspicious of her, then teji and she can team up.   When they showed chiku's mom  telling how chiku is a patnivrata teetotaller Dead  and  then showed chiku in club  (he was dancing well though) ,  I immediately remembered  a similar ad and thot its gonna happen that way,  that  chiku's karnama will be broadcasted in the livingroom's  tv.  glad that din happen.

Arjun  who  wanted to open the door for arohi was in for  a shockOuch.  she had said 'tum jante nai ho tumne ne mere sath kya kiya hai'  he got an answer,  she has lost her  heart and it is broken to bits Broken Heart.  she might be ready  to lead life with chiku, but with a broken heart,  just to see her family think she is safe and sound .   But his heart broke too Cry on finding out she really thinks  chiku is a better person and that atleast he wont cheat her.   He did the right thing again , gaurding her heart so  whatever effort she put in to bring a smile to her  family dont go waste.  He didnot have any intention  of exposing chiku or making him look low before too  it was shefali who made him agree.  ClapThumbs Up
Arohiiii - if she found out it was really chiku's  idea may be she wouldnot have reacted that way, but  since it was arjun and since he holds that one and  only special place in her heart she got furious,  so furious that  her action stunned us, her family and may be even arjun.    It was as if she said 'in your face'   that whatever  he said abt   'chiku not being right for her'  proved to be   wrong.   I really feel for her here Cry.   Kritika fab acting Clap.   Arjun took the blame  and also wiped off the stinging insult along with the drink only because he knows she is scared and is trying hard to look ok. Broken Heart karan excellent expressions Clap
highlight : another kartar arjun scene - alone -  and it was  again the best.Thumbs Up   I am amazed again at how arjun  directly stated the fact to Kartar that he cant ruin arohi's  innocense or see tears in her eyes Clap and kartar was speechless Embarrassed.   It was  exact opposite of their  earlier scene where arjun  said   'he can do anything to her and wont think  twice to hurt her' .   Kartar again proved to be  person who will give arjun the second chance. Thumbs Up.   Like teji and arohi he might also see what arjun's eyes reflect. Embarrassed.  KSA and Karan  fab again Clap
last scene another highlight  - arohi thinking in the beginning of  the scene that she wont think of him at all but  by the end she is left wondering if she still  loves him Clap (ask us, yes u do otherwise u wouldnt  hurt him that way and come and cry alone thinking  why she is feeling sad) as much as I loved this  I also super loved the scene where arjun talks  to shefali  about love. The way he calmly sat and made her understand ClapThumbs Up.   I am glad they choose shefali here coz she  too is innocent  and sweet like arohi and arjun looked like a gaurdian making her understand what love and life is.  Dialouges awesomeClap. KMH signature tune throughout Thumbs Up
overall a very good episode.  dialouges, bg score and acting by karan kritika shefali kartar and puneet  great Clap.  dance what can I say I dont dance much so cant judge them but I would have preferred them showing arohi's mehendi design and mehendi being applied and more of her sad expressions during the dance , I wanted to see all that instead of all of them jumping around.

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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^How do you come up with such perfect songs every time, Nisha?ROFL

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Du_Nish Goldie

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@ Neethi, you like it too? Thats a small budget movie that I really like. I just listened to this one, I usually listen to Kyun Mujhe lagta hain of the same movie, in order not to get so many electric waves, I modified my sound system to rock style and tune to concert hall, now listening to this one, I say this is the dose Arohi needs to listen, not to Gauri, not to DJ,ok Arjun, we leave him asideROFL
Don''t you think its time to change atmosphere? You know when I read Karan's wall status in fb, I am thinking whether is there not a new kkidnap coming on the way, stubborn Arohi to the wedding, then Arjun comes in front. Something like this;)
 Edit Part 2:(Continuation from my first post - above)
 I can't believe I heard what I  said I ill crack if Arohi said these words on yesterday's analysis
: Arohi trust Chikoo and she will not bear if her trust break again  and worst now our Arjun has got the ultrasounds ears of Gauri who listened to itROFLROFL  because this is making me not watching part 3 and 4!
A big round of applause of Shefali's plan Clap well we can't blame anyone but Arjun if the plan fails in Part 3 and Part 4. She did it but if in part 3 and part 4 it ruins this is because Arjun does not want Arohi to break again how he breaks her trust.
Actually I am on mixed note on this behaviour of Arjun:
FIrst one, I am pouring the bad one,
That will Shefali reaction to Arjun:
And it is mine too: Well, Arohi thinks her trust will be broken, Arjun but actually if you let reality as it is, as Shefali showed to them, Arohi's mirrage that is giving her constant 'ikraar' would have been flown away! Like we say nah, the heal of a 'zor ka jhadka' is by getting another 'zor ka jhadka.' That was the real point and even if Ahluwalias would left in disbelief on Chikoo's character, Arohi would have cried a little, tears that would have awashed all the misunderstanding that cropped in her mind, tears of letting go and come to ask you forgiveness of making you sacrifice everything for her.
My next explanation on Arjun's behaviour in Part 3 and Part 4 will be:
''Teri saason se hi meri saasein chale,tuhi dekhejabhi ankhein khule.  (*2)
Dekha falak dekhe zameen,koi nahin tumsa kahin. Aa tujhe khud mein mein iss tarah loon chupa ke Khuda kar na paye  juda. Kaise Kahein tumhein Kitni mahobbat hein,kitni mohabbat hein.. Kaise kaheiiinnnnn kitni mohabbat hein,kitni mohabbat heiinnnnn.''
Wah Arjun, aaj ek baar phir tune dikhaya, kitani mohabbat hein Arohi se, ke ek aour aansoon ouski aakhein mein nahin dekh payenge. Ek baar phir tumne wo tut nahin karongi.
You can bear all the insults that the whole Earth inject to you but you kow in her eyes, she loves you. You have always been a winner after struggle and in this struggle, you are strong enough to let her go because like Nisha says: 'Letting go is a way of holding you,baby.' especially when you have self confidence and style. Being and knowing you are different Arjun, it leaves in whatever path you take to be the winner. The other half might be left in tears when realise how much you love her but you know the right way to bring the smile in her face back!
As I watched the only 2 parts because I really did not want to watch the other half, so I will rate it part wised:
Part 1: a 4 out of 5, where one point is entirely for the moves of Chikoo, who will like not to dance with him,huh,ROFL and Part 2: A 3.5 out of 5, the -0.5 for the breaking of my dream on dancing with chikoo when he left the item girl on the floorROFLROFLROFLROFL
Still I guess this has to happen for now it will be the takraar of the daadis who will make the potis to meet! I guess like Kavya,last time KSA rejected all effort of RPS from lovedeep and this time he will not let this mistake to happen again where RPS in a way though happy lives a shattered to robotised life and lovedeep never get married. I believe the reunion of the elders in the family will definitely give a new avenue to the arjuhi track. What else?
I am expecting to see Arohi to hear all truth fro Biji who might stop the wedding when she will see the tears in Arjun's eyes and this is when all the past will be out, Arohi will realise she was wrong and run to patao Arjun;-)
An importat episode that served another miniclimax and will shed some mini turning points:
(1) Gauri's character -  Permanent evil or will change back realising the love and sacrifice Arjun made and will comfrss everything.
(2) Peak atmosphere on giving shots on RPS (I still goes with lovedeep bua) ki kahani
(3) Shefali - I hope her character continues.
(4) Billu and Makhand and Arjun - I hope to see all three back in actions
(5) Arjun - back to the Singhanias but live the wind of change from Biji
(6) Arohi - time for redemption
 (7) More on Kharghosh character ROFLROFL  - Is he the cool easy going dude that will back off by himself or the self engross selfish man who will just continue for the way he wants?

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Allwaysindian Senior Member

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 Shocked Shocked m i gonna be reserving on the first page Embarrassed ..yaar i like to write last ..when u all done writing so good .ok
reserved .still have to watch

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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res..Cry...arjun ne mujhe rula diya....reminded me of arjun punj....hats off to karan..fab acting...and dadduji tussi great ho...

well its just a short view from my side...

the friday's episode was a perfect episode and saw a perfect ending or say a proper ending to the week's all the episodes without leaving any cliffhanger.for monday.Last episode was rather a small way of showing that arjun ko arohi se Kitani mohabbat hai......we all know the title of the show is kmh but last epi justified the coming up part when i saw that daddu and DJ caugfht cheeku dancing i was super excited ..but when the actual scene was shown..where arjun overhears the convo btw arohi and shefali i knew that arjun wud do something which will turn the table against it..the convo btw shefu and aro was so meaningful and so deep that arjun really felt that arohi's innocence must be saved..coz he loved her....well yes he mite have given her the false happiness..coz he knew that he is already a trustbreaker in the eys of arohi so he knew that even if he takes the blame it would remain the same..but if cheeku was exposed then arohi wud be helpless that on one hand she cant accept arjun coz she still disbelieves him and on the other she wud be shattered coz she wud be left with no choice..coz cheeku had betrayed her..infact its arohi who is living with this much hope that her family is happy atleast..she cant bear to see her family sad again.....and wat arjun did was fully justified..he knew that he is again giving a chance to arohi to hate him but still he is not a loser he wont let cheeku go away with arohi.....he knows that he will win arohi a momentary false happiness is nothing bad..and yes if u tell lie for someones happiness its not a lie....dunno why some ppl dun understand wat love never had any logic ..arjun did wat his heart tol him..and he did the rite thing...Clap and one more thing this one lie will not separate them but will bring arohi more closer when she will find out the truth..coz she will come to know that arjun ko usse [[kitani mohabbat hai''....well i completely loved the concept of the was really unexpected shibz said..

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UnhappyArjun y do u do thisCrytum rulate bahut ho yaar but this is the reason which made me a fan of Arjun Punj
CryCryevery girl would like to have a life partner like ArjunHug
Angrychiku n chiku ki jawanii Evil Smile i didn't expect this would be the resultShockedArjun y do u do this again n again it reminded me of kitani mohabbat hai 1 "ek pal ke liye zindagi dedi aur ek dil ke liye duniya"
now "ek dil ke liye duniya dedi" this line has been justifiedClap
shefali i love u sweety u always try to bring Arohi Arjun togetherThumbs Upcontinue this
Arohi threw the whole glass of watsoever on Arjun's face so mean hamesha Arohi Arjun ko galat samajhti hi hai isme kaunsi nayi baat hai aadat pad gayiBroken Heart
KSA understood that Arjun was telling lies in front of everyone that he threw the party thanks KSA for this Smile
but i am loving this track i want this 2 happen really that feelings which i used to get watching kmh1 they are back now Tongue
from the bottom of my heart i want to say once again no show can be as heart touching as kitani mohabbat hai best show on idiot box everEmbarrassedClapWink

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