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CV's ultimate stroke of grace for our beloved LTL? (Page 2)

mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tintiny

Yes Anu, 
My family is surprised that at 8.30 I am in front of the pc and not TV...campaigning to end the show with good memories alongwith MR's departure.  Yes the show will NEVER be the same with MR as Dutta...period....
lol i agree..i havnt wachd ltl sinc las 2 wikz..i cudn wach las weekz cz i wz busy n woz planin 2 catch up wiv it dis week but sinc i heard bout MR leavin n D posibly dead or replaced by sum idiot hu cn nva perform as gud as MR...he is our only official gadha afta al LOL yeah i quit wiv MRCry x

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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Beautiful Analysis Kavita.....Big smile
It's mostly the creative differences because of which MR is leaving How I wish they could be solvedUnhappy
Dear Divya,
Thank you. It is obvious that there must be issues behind MR's decision to quit and should it be creative differences, I, objectivelym think that he may be right. Even us, viewers who may not know dime about the parameters regulating a successful show have been crying out loud since so long for a number of elements introduced without apparent structure that have kind of marred our total enjoyment of the show. It must be more difficult for actors like Mishal who gets in the skin of the character to compromise with deviations which at the end may be hampering his creativity and input. And yes, there should be a statement from all parties concerned now as the whole saga may just blow up in their face.

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sinak IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Beautiful Analysis Kavita. Once Mishal exits, LTL will be loosing lots of its viewers. Loves story between Naku and the cop no way. 

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 10:02am | IP Logged
i don't know what to say...will try to articulate my emotions....don't know if i'll suceed...but will try..

Trying my best to say somethings that have always bothered me about LTL..

1. Why can't they find better extra actors? The extra actors for BV even if they come as miscellaneous Villagers are very good. they remain in the skin of their character and do not look ridiculous.
Today, from the villagers at the gate to the comissioner and inspectors were all ridiculous. The dialogues BAD.....BAD...BAD....Anil ji...what was that?

2. Fine, if nakkusha walks into police station with bajirao to report attempt to murder. But it was handled so badly without the class it demanded....She is Dutta patil's wife, the same dutta patil who stood infront of ppl like a masiha....Police had always stood there like extra security force....Remember Dutta's first speech outside the hospital last 29th jan....Police was controlling the crowd....Even during the chopper crash..police and baaji both were searching for fine till then it looked like Dutta owned the police why did they have to change the dynamics today...ppl like Dutta do behave liker they own law n order in this country....its shameful but true..

3. last night i saw the episode were dutta threw out kala...6-10th sept to be precise....there Dutta said that u have always pretended to want my happiness..then even if he brought her home how can he not doubt her...this had been bugging me since kala's return...all other half plots you have already again they started showing positivity in roops....
Are the CVs themseleves confused..

4. introduce the cop by all means love story between nakku and him pls....that will defeat the story line of the show...

Ok..i know this much about Television industry...that will explain the change of directors and scripts.

The thing is the creatives employ almost 5-6 set of writers and they tell them to write 5-6 totally different plots from the present storyline. Like for example nakku's FR to Bajji during Sept.

I am sure the creatives asked 3-5 different budding writers to write their script...
1. Nakku goes back home and tell Dutta about her face after meeting chulbul
2. Nakku walks around and Dutta goes out looking for her and FR in rain
3. Nakku walks around and Baaji goes out looking for her and FR in rain
4. nakku meets with accident and Dutta all come rushing to hospital.
5. Nakku comes back home and no ones wiser of her truth...

They probably wanted the 2nd option but panicked for TRP and choose the 3rd as they wanted the FR to be post wedding...

Similarly if everytime they pick out 1 wrong script out of the 5 then todays LTL is what we land with....Mind you while choosing these scripts they never discuss it with the actors or dialogue writer...they are secondary ppl to know of even if they protest they can't do anything.

LTL..could have been a good show...but it had plummeted only interest had always been Dutta(MR)..without only interest with this forum where i have made friends....i won't care abt the show anymore...

sorry for the negativity and haphazard post...can't link my thoughts straight...anymore..


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Ruya Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Lovely post Kavitha
I agree wid every word u said
There's nothing I can say basically ur post says it all
If MR is leaving cuz of d way d show is going hopefully d cv's will give him storylines worthy of him if that is if d PH pays any attention 2 d fans of LTL (I.e d petition)
Hoping 4 d best

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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 10:29am | IP Logged
Me :) will read and come back....
Dear Kavita,
First things first...your writing is just wonderful..lets appreciate that first.ClapClap  Now for the post....
When I got to see LTL, it was sometime in October when DP was dying, Dutta going to meet his father....and Kala killing DP before his time (injecting poison)  what I liked about it was the still eyes of the actor, he was emoting so much more without any words...since I was travelling I did not get to see all the episodes but then I remember one instence I think he was sitting in his room subsequently and there was an envelope with his name on it...Dutta Sriram Patil...a drop of tear fell ...I think the only drop in the memory of his father....
Anyway after returning home I did catch up with some episodes randomly but then at times the show dragged so much you lose interest and then of course you get busy with your day to day life, you don't get the chance nevertheless from whatever I have seen I liked the first marriage track, the jungle track and the anna track, DP track could be much more better swinging between his hate for his father and his anger that he choose to come back but frankly speaking the FR track could have been much much better as for one it was the most important track of the show.....and secondly suddenly I felt the creatives did not know what to do with people like Madhu, Kishore, Leela and Roops....even Baji became obsolete to certain extent...yes Dutta was upset but things would have been more interesting to watch that the other family members creating situations where Dutta and Naku's path often cross and they are stranded together something something...Madhu's role could have got highlighted....after giving two beautiful scenes like the thali dropping and Madhu coming in instead of Nkau, the creatives suddenly did not know what to do so they turned to very Ektaish kind of track, the Kalavati track, the weakest and the most horrible of all the tracks....yes I am sorry to say Kalavati's character is very very dumb...we would have sympathised with her if she felt what we call sibling jealousy for she lost her father young and her Ayi Sahib loves her cousin brother more.  Regarding Badi Hasti, undefined characters have no meaning and I will hate if they turn Ayi Sahib into Badi hasti for me she is a mother with difference because she loved the son of the killer of her husband like her own child for she did not blame him for his father's crime.
Now regarding MR - As already written in several of my posts I watch the show for MR, period.  Yes I am unhappy he is leaving but I will be very happy if the show comes to a logical end with his departure.  I do write stories and for me every story must have a logical end and tell a story as long as people are interested in hearing it.  Dutta's character is a rarely well defined and sketched role in Hindi Tellydom for male leads.  MR has done full justice to it but then to give high profile performance and watch your character butchered is not easy for any actor.  I remember in KS, Ram Kapoor did full justice to Jai Walia's role when the show started...later he became a puppet in the hands of the women around him, I remember watching him we used to feel bad, kya se kya ban gaya bechara....
MR for all his good work deserves better....and for him not opening his mouth Kavita, this in India, and I heard bollywood is very camp oriented with full of bitching and back is best he keeps quiet and let his work speak for himself.....thanks again for the lovely post Tin
Thank you Jayati for reading it. SmileThe length makes me baulk but unlike the CVs, I dont believe in dilution or adulteration or butchering of any sort. LOL 
I am always amazed to read the stories of those who, randomly, came across LTL one day, were intrigued either by their first impressions of the story unfolding with Dutta Sriram Patil conveying a myriad of emotions without uttering a word. For me, it was the first Bar scene at PN with Nakusha telling him that she cannot possibly be afraid of her saviour. I was enthralled, almost enslaved and I still marvel at the ability of this fabulous performer to render the most mundane of scenes completely electrifying. It has never, really, been Nakusha for me....LTL belongs to Dutta/MR.
Yes, up to the jungle track, the story still had a linear structure which inspite of the drag fest was still easy on the eyes but the DP track was probably the start of the downwards spiral as CVs seemingly lost their marbles with the whole track culminating in his murder which is yet to elicit soem form of curiosity in Dutta and Damodar's surroundings. As to the FR, again, one could not discount the feeling of urgency in the way they rushed through it, actually rushed through the whole second wedding in contrast to the first lavish preparations for Dutta/Supriya's wedding fiasco. As to the peripheral characters, as I choose to call them, it is a pity as it is such a waste of resources and possibilities in terms of a more balanced equations in Patil Niiwas. Creative blocks, sense of disconnect, or irresponsibility, it could be any of these reasons to explain the missed opportunities and it may very well be too late now.
Kala, the sociopath turning into a cold-blooded murderer did not altogether shock me but I feel disturbed whenever I see her plotting with apparently no regards for the human life, even her own son and mother. But she is a sociopath who has veered to the psychopath now beyond any redemption. The Ektaish take hurts however as it is so demoralising .
About MR, it is a pity if he feels constrained to keep mum because of the prevalent system in India. I guess, it could be the same over here, except for the fact that there are efforts for some form of transparency in the way the TV works. Whatever be the reasons, he should make a statement, that can only be positive in the long run as working or moving in a environment riddled by rumours can be counter-productive. I wish him well though for a career in Bollywood. It is high time that we do get some fresh faces with the talent worthy enough to give a number of "star kids", relatives a run for their money. And Mishal could just do that when he gets the right opportunity. And yes, he deserves better. Tongue

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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 10:58am | IP Logged

Hi Kavi

I am amazed by how well you can write and that too logically.. I don't think I can reply to a post like this even in a million years as it is too indepth and questioning so many things!

But as u have quoted that love is endurance and love is patience is what LTL has taught you and me too, let's just give the show a bit more of that now.. I completely agree that the DP track was a complete waste of time and we as viewers don't care if PH/Channel was responsible for this as ultimately it is LTL and its viewers who have suffered.. of course, actors also suffer esp someone as talented and hardworking as MR as he seems like the one who wants a challenge every day.. To be honest, I was wondering a while ago, that would MR get tired of the track now as it is fairly similar to the track we had after first marriage..ok, there are differences as this time around he is angry that she hid the truth, but trust her and her love.. whereas after first marriage, he hated her as could not believe someone to whom he had opened his heart out could back stab him and he passed the verdict of guilty without even letting her speak..but in terms of creative satisfaction I have wondered whether he felt the two tracks to be fairly similar..

But all said and done, I still think we should give it a bit more time..MR not commenting about all this in the media is definitely telling me that some things are not set in stone yet.. maybe there is still scope for him to return and which is why we need to keep pushing our appeals/petitions so that the channel/PH wake up.. so, I am not going to write off the show just yet..

My dear Vandu,
Thank you for the kind words, I guess that I can shift between different dimensions but more than anything, it is my obsession for LTL that keeps me going in the hope that the PH/Channel, even MR do realise what they are letting go down, creative oblivion. It is a pity but as you say the fact that there has been no official statement 4 days into the blow-up now, it could very well be that there may be scope, though it does seem flimsy now. That is the reason, I have and will carry on with the efforts started on the Forum in the hope that it finds positive resonance with all parties concerned.
 LTL has been inspirational, and, I have learnt to look at emotions and trivia with a different perspective altogether and we do need to give back a bit of that love we have imbibed to the show at least tor a logical and beautiful culmination if nothing else. MR being bothered by the two wedding tracks being similar is possible but somehow, i feel that the dynamics between Tasha was way different. I guess, that it was the protracted FR and the subsequent rush for the 2nd wedding that may have caused some creative differences....Who knows. We cannot compel anyone to throw light on the ongoing unpleasantness.
Take care

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-Carrie- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KavitaDR

LTL crossed another milestone today. But unlike former occasions when we have rejoiced because CVs would have marvelled us with a resurgence bordering on vindication in terms of treatment and compelling many on the verge of giving up on the show to do a u-turn, today, they embarked on the ultimate and sacrilegious dismantling of a love story full of flaws, but infinitely beautiful nonetheless, as it allowed us on a journey into the minds of the protagonists and made us experience the events in their screen lives. This had, rarely, been attempted with such intensity on Indian TV almost creating a benchmark for Indian soaps. Unfortunately, the CVs have never been consistent and it seems that they can no longer halt the downwards slope with the sudden introduction of a parallel track which will spell the death of the initial storyline. Indeed, since when did members of a Don's family ever call upon the police authorities for help to find the Don himself and the perpetrators of crime against him? All this murky business is supposed to be sorted using a highly organised and internal justice/tracking system which has never failed in the underworld. Yet, Nakusha decides to take things in her hands breaking rules that have been the backbone of Dutta's criminal empire. It is painful but I feel that the time has come for a pre-emptive post-mortem, if and when, MR quits in February and, more importantly, with the sudden introduction of convoluted tracks adding to a number of others that have been sidelined or simply forgotten altogether by the CVs.

After seeing MR shooting for LTL in the telly news, I regained the lost light of my eyes & promptly was in front of my TV at 8.30 pm to catch a glimpse of my beloved in the ending or atleast in the precap after staying away for two days.But to my horror I'm seeing Nakusha turning to of all people the Police for help in finding her missing husband & the criminals who caused him harm.What happened to the army raised by D on whose might he was ruling Patilwadi? Has she any respect for Baji or his position with D or is he her mere driver?Is this her way of waging a war with an enemy who resides under the same roof as her? By filing a report with the police? I always had my reservations about this particular character & today again she didn't fail to prove me right.

Could it be that LTL finally bowed down to the dreaded "Ektaish edicts" for Indian soaps? What went wrong and how did it all start and how does MR "quitting" the show add up to the general sensation of malaise and the insidious feeling that there is much more behind the scenes? Also, how do we explain the protracted silence from all those concerned, the PH, the CVs, the Channel and more, importantly, Mishal Raheja himself, who we have no doubt, is a complete professional. He has, however, made a mistake by failing to give a statement regarding the uproar the TB article has produced among fans in general. Having been closely associated with the media world for some years, I can, safely, vouch for the fact that any self-respecting PH or creative team working within the strict precincts of commercial TV, would have come forward, to at least clear the air, as all the speculations will, eventually, prove to be very damaging for the show, and yet, they chose to stay quiet since the story blew up. Could it be that there has always been a sense of disconnect between the way the audience think and the CVs/PH/Channel's orientation for the show. Something does not exactly seem right somewhere....As regards, Mishal Raheja, enough has been said on the Forum these last few day as to the powerhouse of talent that he represents among the current crop of actors on screen or the respect we have for any decisions he takes to pursue his career. Hence the positive encouragement he has garnered among fans, should he really be quitting LTL in February. However, he owes it to the same adoring fans to come clear in the interest of the image of integrity he has always projected for his craft.

Continued silence on all fronts points to one thing only.That they themselves are not sure of what is going to happen next.Its an indication of the total pandemonium that must have broken out during the past few weeks. With the star of the show throwing in the towel, the lead actress frequent leave of absence due to her other commitment, frequent handing over of director's reins to random people.One can't imagine how that beautiful dream called LTL can be woven under such chaotic atmosphere.
The story so far and when did it start going pear-shaped?

I will not re-hash the whole story as we all agree that despite all the drag fests, (especially Supriya's protracted wedding preparations or the Ganesh Utsav track) LTL evolved and managed to hold and sway the majority audience. A moving tale of metamorphosis, LTL conquered because of its subtle and unadulterated romanticism between two souls aspiring for love, boundless, infinite, characterised by detachment, mystery, and freedom from the material. LTL was a first as it had the guts to tell us a story of dualities, between the pure abstract sensation and the literal, between the crowd and the alienated individual, between man and nature, between the rational and the irrational, the dream, real and fantasy. In short, this was a tale of stasis and change between two diametrically opposed individuals born to complete each other, yet emphasising personal feelings through fierce individualism and emotional expression. We, often, raged at the pace the story evolved but we relished every moment, every expression, and every exchange and applauded the CVs for the many instances when they showed love as a perception almost akin to the third dimension.

Convoluted and incomplete tracks

It was, unfortunately, too good to be true and the slope downwards once they introduced the many convoluted tracks as from September seemed inevitable.  Indeed, post the introduction of DP's character, LTL's storyline took a plunge with the CVs starting to play yoyo with the characters.  The centrality which defined Dutta and Nakusha's characters, even Baaji's to a certain extent up to that time seemed to shift. Many on the forum may disagree but it would seem that there has been an unconscious attempt at "dumbing down" Dutta's character. Had it not been for MR's ability to play on the subtle nuances with a unique depiction of emotions, any other actor would have fallen in a heap.

Bang on! "Yes! Three months ago I was frantically trying to find a word for what was happening to the man I love most in this world.He was being "dumbed down". He had become a bimbo.There in the show for aesthetic value only.How painful it was to see him in those colourful kurtas standing in the crowd cluelessly as a glorified extra.While a woman with a quater of his brain & even more colourful sarees & face paints had wrapped the most powerful man in Ratnagiri around her overbejewelled  finger.It was so pathetic to watch I stayed away for almost a month and a half & only started watching it again on the 1 hr special wedding episode.I was wary of saying this before but Bollywood is not the reason for MR leaving. I'm sure like me he too must hate to watch himself act out such a precarious & hollow character day in day out.No wonder then he wants out.
Nakusha's persona, also suffered, with the many aspects of her single-minded passion and the wonderful wisdom/philosophy she imparted to D about everyday life's hardships that was shown from January onwards to the end of the DP track sidelined. I could argue the same for Baaji's character, so full of life from January up to the beginning of DP's track that, somehow, got lost in translation.  I move on to the dynamics between Babi and Naku which may have jarred because of overkill on Babi's part but her departure seems to have left a void with a sensation of a missing link along with Sethji's playfulness.  And what do I say about Kishore, Leela, Roops and Madhu, relegated to being peripheral characters who we could very well do without if we are to judge by the screen space they have had. The story was always about Nakusha and Dutta, one may counteract, but even they seem to have become secondary to the plot with the footage given to the Kala track and the sudden parachuting of Sudarshan as an appendage to move the story forward.  We are disappointed that for reasons best known to the CVs, LTL which did balance the negative aspect of the storyline with Kala (No major contentions) because of the need to show the conflict between Good and Evil. But why give the impression that it is Kala who is now calling the shots in the whole plot and its dynamics in relation to Dutta, Nakusha, Baaji or AS.  
I was going thru some of the comments at the TB article page where one commentator says," If there is one person who ought to go out of LTL for the show to regain its lost glory, Its Kalawati." I agree 100%. From an eternal love story of a Don & his pristine maid the story has moved to the awful & ridiculous track of the unjustified,baseless & bewildering scheming & plotting of a housewife with supernatural powers.Planting bombs,conjuring poisons from thin air,having a huge team of henchmen to do her bidding against the ruler of their town, conducting elaborate & loud hatching of plans/meetings/drink parties in rooms which are near the rooms of her cousin & mother  without them having an inkling of what's going on.Do the CVs think we don't notice such things? Why is this woman suddenly being portrayed as the only one having a brain in the household? While the rest are simply sleepwalking their way thru the day including D.
Selective amnesia/Stagnation

Could it be that the main actors, especially, MR may feel neglected with these clear indicators pointing towards the dilution of his character, and the, subsequent plot assassination we have witnessed?

 Yes!The one & only reason for the current auditions rounds going on at Playhouse Creations.
 And, how do we react to the inclusion with fanfare of so many insignificant tracks which fell apart from the word go and never made any significant contribution to the storyline? I would cite the theories of the Badi Hasti (confined to history), the mystery surrounding AS magnanimousness, DP's letter to Dutta, Madhu's entry, a tentative transformation of Roops etc. There was so much material left untapped that would have given life to a show that has been sadly stagnating for the six months out of the 12 it has been on air now. Boredom, a feeling of helplessness is bound to creep in on the sets and affect the morale of the actors, especially, those like MR who has clearly invested a large part of his own persona to give credibility and a larger than life perspective to Dutta's character. I, for one, do not blame him, if he, confirms, that he is leaving the show. Judging by what we have seen as the deconstruction of LTL as a love story with dark shades is concerned, it would not be presumptuous of us to argue that CVs can only beat a dead horse up to a certain point and it would be in the interest of the story to see the happy culmination of Dutta and Nakusha's love, and stop the destruction of a beautiful, deeply moving, and incredibly inspiring TV show without thoughts for all the hard work everyone on the sets would have put in this venture. I have learnt from LTL that love is patience, love is endurance, love is not just after one's own benefits and that love shines. And this is the memory that we want to cherish and will refrain from even speculating on a laughable parallel track with an undercover cop.
That will be the height of injustice towards the character of Dutta & the loyal audience who have stayed with the show during both the high & low points.That some cop comes & accomplishes all that couldn't be accomplished by an excetionally intelligent,sensitive,kind & honourable man.Anything but that,CVs.
As always beautifully written Kavita.ClapAll my concerns & disappointments of the past few months are addressed here.Thank u for coming out with such a post at this time.Thumbs Up

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