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Lateral thinking -OS- updated part-2 (Page 3)

jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
"What she was on the verge of loosing while she was unconscious."

omg...that line really got to was so powerful...and its so true...while she lay unconscious...Geet had no idea that she could have lost the baby she fought the world for...

wonderful...cant wait for part 2


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mysticangel Goldie

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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wowww..tht was very powerful..i shall be eagerly waiting for part 2 :)

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shivangi783 Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
Hey SoniaSmile

Maan's turmoil explained very nicely.
Waiting for Part 2Embarrassed

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dips_chim Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
nice OS...
plz PM me one updated...
waiting for geet's reaction...

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
do continue soon

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euphoric IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 6:45am | IP Logged

Sorry for the delay buddies and thanks for the sweet comments... Here goes Part 2. Hope you like it.


Part 2


Geet looked up at him accusingly, "bolne ke liye, aapne baaki kya rehne diya Maan"

Maan immediately let go off her shoulder as if electrocuted. She was about to say something when Annie and Pinky barged in through the door and without giving him a chance to disrupt took Geet away. Maan stood rooted. Lost and hurt.

Next day, he looked on as people ran around the house making last moment arrangements as the most awaited hour approached closer. He tried to speak to Geet but just couldn't. No one allowed him any where near Geet. He was half-expecting Geet to back away from the wedding. He hoped and prayed that nothing of this sort happened. Well, luck was smiling upon him and soon the groom and the bride were sitting beside each other as the sacred fire bound them in a relationship that was to last. All through the ceremony, he watched Geet with bated breath. She looked heavenly. She looked happy except for the glint of sorrow that only he could see in his eyes. He tried to speak to her in hushed voices but she avoided him. She didn't look up at him once. It seemed that her smile was for everyone present at the grandeur but for him. He knew why and he knew he would have to win her trust and faith in him once again. It hurt him nonetheless, but he was ready for the next challenge that lay in front of him.

Later that night, finally when the newly weds were left on their own, Maan prepared himself to make a final attempt for the day to speak to her. Geet was standing by the window, lost in thoughts when he approached her. The moment she felt him near her, she started to move away. But today he didn't let her. Getting hold of her arm he pulled her back towards himself. This time, he needed a chance to be heard and he would ensure he got one.

Geet could clearly see the pain in his eyes as he held her by her shoulders preventing her from going away. She knew taking that decision wouldn't have been easy for him. His pain was hurting her too but she didn't approve of the decision he had taken. How could he choose her over the baby? "Chodiye mujhe" she flinched as he pinned her to the wall trapping her. "Nahi jane de sakta Geet... kabhi nahi... tumne ilzaam lagane se pehle ek baar mujhe meri baat kehne ka mauka bhi nahi diya... bas yahi tha tumhara vishwas mujh pe"

Geet shot a disapproving and angry glare at him as she said, "maine aaj tak jo kiya apne bache ke liye... aur aapne ek baar nahi socha yeh faisla lete hue?"

Maan was equally agitated and frustrated, "Tumhe kya lagta hai ki main is bache se pyar nahi karta? Maine ise dil se nahi apnaya? Tumhe kya lagta hai Geet, ki maine yeh faisla is liye liya ki yeh tumhare ateet ka hissa hai?"

Astonished, Geet looked at Maan as shock seeped through. Maan's face was contorted with pain and fury as he left her and strode out of the room...  His confession had hurt her but it was now that she understood the turmoil that he faced ever since... The moment he had told her about the choice he had had to make... she had realized the enormous gust of pain that he must have faced... But as she now sat and thought over the whole issue, she realized what he was thinking all this while and what he was afraid of coupled up with torment that he endured in the grave situation while she and the baby were in danger. When he told her about his decision that he had taken couple of weeks ago, the only thing she thought about was the safety of her child and nothing else crept into her mind. Her thoughts had not even slightly inclined towards what Maan's words had implied. And if that was the case, she would have never agreed to get married to him.

He spoke about being mature and this is what he resort to when he had his doubts! He could have discussed this with her but no... he let his brain cook up stories for itself! Mr. Maan Singh Khurana needed to learn a few lessons too... She was expecting that he would try to pacify her and assure her by putting her fears at rest... she was still reeling with the shock and gravity of all of it... All through the wedding she had put up a brave front for everyone as always... Not that she was not happy... she was.. but this happiness was clouded and she expected him to clear off this mist for them... A fresh wave of fury hit her when she realized how irrelevantly he had been fighting a twin battle... And when they needed to sort out this mess, he strode out... Well it was too late for him to walk away anyways... with a determination on her face she decided on the due course of action...

Driving listlessly, Maan wondered what he would do now... She was visibly upset but was it so difficult for her to look at it from his perspective? Reaching near a secluded area, he parked his car and stepped out to breathe in the fresh air. This was supposed to be the most beautiful night of his life... the night he would have loved to cherish and here he was alone and miserable once again.

Like him, she also had expectations from this night. And his lateral thinking had ruined it all. She was so not letting him off the hook for this one.

Hours later, when Maan came back to his room, she was not to be seen. However, he noticed that the bed had been left untouched and she had slept on the couch. He looked towards the washroom as he heard the door open. Wearing abeautiful red saree she stepped out of the washroom, trying to dry her wet hair. Catching a sight of him, she stopped in tracks, but then without another word moved on to the dressing table. Not able to take the tension in the room, Maan too hurriedly walked into the washroom.

Half an hour later Maan joined the three ladies of the house on the dining table and stole a glance at Geet. She was laughing over some joke that Annie had cracked. He was still not sure what he had seen in her eyes when she looked up at him as she went over to get ready. This needs to stop, he thought to himself. He wasn't sure but he thought he saw a small smile playing at the corner of her lips as she served him his breakfast not looking into his eyes. Despite Dadima's protest she had made the breakfast herself and the omelet that she made especially for him, was so spicy that it almost burned his mouth. That is probably the only help he got from the coffee flavoured sugar syrup that she served him. He was puzzled by her reactions but there was no way he could talk about it in Dadima's and Annie's presence.

Dadima asked them to visit the temple to seek Diving blessings for their happy married life and he saw an opportunity to be alone with her and make the much needed conversation. But he was disappointed as she had insisted Annie to join them. Sitting in the front on the passenger seat he sulked while Geet and Annie chatted away to glory.

It was already evening and he had made no progress. She was hell bent on avoiding him. Sitting in the same room she refused to acknowledge his presence. Forget about talking, she didn't even look up at him once. After they came back from the temple, she always had someone or other by her side. He saw her as she made small talks with everyone as she stood by his side amidst hundreds of people who had arrived Khurana Mansion this evening to congratulate the newly weds. He squinted his eyes at Adi as he managed to catch the last part of the conversation that he was making with Geet. "Office picnic, wow Geet, sach main bohut acha idea hai, hai na Maan Sir?" he said but stuttered and excused himself the minute he saw the look on his boss's face. Picnic! She was planning an office picnic... shouldn't they be instead planning for their honeymoon! She had tested his patience enough today! This was beyond Maan Singh Khurana's level of tolerence. As the last dance was announced he caught hold of her wrist and stole the first and the last dance of the evening with his wife.

As all the guests left, Geet smiled contentedly. She had intended to bring Maan back to his original self and she knew had been successful. Tired, Dadima and Annie resigned to their rooms and she headed to hers.

No sooner than she reached her room, Maan pulled her inside, locked the door and turned to face her with scorched intensity. "Kya sabit karne ki koshish kar rahi ho Geet?"  Geet knew this was coming and was prepared. Innocently, still feigning indifference she asked, "Main samjhi nahi. Kya kehna chahte hai aap?" Holding her in place, "subah se tum mujhe avoid kar rahi ho... baat karna toh dur, tumne ek baar meri taraf mud kar dekha tak nahi... What am I suppose to make out of it Geet?"

First time during the day, Geet looked into his eyes as she said, "Jo aapko soch na hai, sochiye?"  This wasn't going anywhere. Her apathetic behavior was making his anger flare by every moment and he tightened his grip further on her shoulder, "Geet". Geet flinched but she knew she couldn't back down today. So she shrugged his hands, "Kyun? Jab aap sab kuch khud hi soch lete hai... toh ab mujhse kyun pooch rahe hai?" Maan frowned as she continued, "Maine galat toh nahi kaha. Aapne ek faisla liya, mere liye aur humare bachche ke liye. Main yeh nahi kehti ki main aapke is faisle se sehmat hu... lekin main yeh maanti hu ki yeh faisla lene ka aapko haq tha. Lekin phir... (gulping down the lump in her throat)  jo kuch bhi aapne socha, kya woh sahi tha Maan?

Perplexed, "Kehna kya chahti ho Geet?" Geet took his hand in her now as she made him sit on the couch and sat beside him before she continued, "Maan, main nahi chahti thi ki meri zindagi ki mushkilen aap ki zindagi ko uljha de. Lekin phir aapne mujhe yakeen dilaya ki meri soch galat hai. Yaad hai, jis din maine galati se is bachche ko sirf mera bachcha kaha tha toh aap kitna naraz ho gaye the? Maine toh ussi waqt (placing her hand on her tummy) isse humara keh ke apni galati sudhar li lekin shayad aap mujhe samajh nahi paye. Maine us din, sirf kehne ke liye isse humara nahi kaha tha, isiliye kaha tha kyunki maine is baat ko maan liya tha. Is bachche ke liye main utna nahi kar payi jitna aapne kiya hai. Isse dekh kar aapki aankhon se jo khushi jhalki thi woh maine mehsoos ki thi. Aapko aapse zyada maine jaana hai aur yeh baat maine nahi, aapne khud kahi thi. Toh aapne yeh kaise soch liya ki main aapke baare main aisa soch bhi sakti hu."

Maan's eyes were moist as he looked at Geet in awe as she walked over to the window and continued, "Maan, main jaanti hu ke yeh bachcha mere ateet ka hissa hai. Lekin mujhe yeh bhi achchi tarah se pata hai ki agar yeh mere ateet ka hissa na hota tab bhi aap wohi decision lete jo aapne tab liya tha. Main aapse poochti hu Maan agar aaj bhi aapke mann mein yeh khayal aayenge toh kya baaki reh jayega humare rishte mein? Ateet ki jin yaadon ko aapke kehne par maine bhula diya, aap kyun unhe humare beech lana chahte hain?

Walking over to her, Maan placed a hand on her shoulder and she turned to face him. She was crying but then she looked at him in the eye and didn't allow him to speak further, she wasn't yet finished. "Maine aaj aapki coffee main sugar zyada dali, aapke khane main zyada mirch dali, poora din aapko ignore kiya, jaante hai kyun?" she asked him and he slightly shook his head and cupped her jaw, "kyun?". Smiling slightly, "kyunki mujhe yaad hai, pichli baar jab bhi mujhse yeh sab galatiyan hui toh aapne kaise react kiya tha. Aap ne tab bhi kabhi mujhse apne dil ki baat nahi chupai. Toh phir kyun Maan, kyun is baar aap apne dil ki baat kehne se itna jhijhakte rahe? Khud ko itni takleef dete rahe?"

Maan now fully comprehended the real purpose of her actions. With this, not only has she sorted out everything between them for now but had left no space for any misunderstandings to creep in between them in the future.

She took his hand in hers and kissed it, "Maine aapko sachche dil se apna mana hai Maan. Mujhe aap par khud se bhi zyada yakeen hai. Main achchi tarah se jaanti hu ki mera ateet aap ke liye koi mayine nahi rakhta. Mujhe pata hai ki aap bhi is bachche se utna hi pyar karte hai jitna main karti hu. (then thinking something she chortled) In fact mujhe yakeen hai ki jab yeh bachcha is duniya main aayega, toh woh aap hi honge jo iski har zidd poori karenge... isse  sabse zyada bigadenge. Aur mera yakeen maniye Maan agar mujhe in baton par yakeen nahi hota toh main yeh shaadi kabhi nahi karti."

Unable to hold anymore, she went into his arms and cried her heart out while he held her in his embrace as a silent tear escaped his eyes. There were no words to describe what exactly he felt at that precise moment. He could never have remotely thought her silly actions were imbibed with such deep meaning. He felt miserable for the being the cause of her tears today. Finding his voice, he could only mouth, "I'm sorry" as he buried his face in her hair and felt her tightening her grip around him.

"Lekin iska matlab yeh nahi hai keh aapne jo decision liya usse main khush hu" he heard her say in between her sobs. "I promise Geet, dobara zindagi main kabhi aisa mod nahi aane dunga jahan mujhe is sawal ka saamna phir se karna pade"

She broke his embrace and stepped back, wiping her tears with her hand she pouted as she further complained, "Aur na hi main aapko kabhi yeh baat bhul ne dungi ki humari shaadi ki pehli raat aap mujhe akela chod ke chale gaye the" He could not help but marvel at this woman who changed his entire being and still managed to startle him at any given opportunity. Maan chuckled as he said, "Hmm... ab iske liye toh main compensate kar sakta hoon."

And then without another word, he carried her to their bed and she didn't object. That night in every sense they became one as all the barriers and all walls of inhibitions crumbled. They became one in all true sense and this was the beginning of forever! 

The End

Luv, Sonia


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Fantastic Sonia..... Loved it to bits!

A really beautifully written OS!!!!



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