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Reminiscence of Love: A Maaneet Tale :) (Page 90)

basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 8:11pm | IP Logged

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ixiaa Senior Member

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
It looks like we will have 2 give up hope of this ff ever getting updatedCry. feel so sorry 4 thatOuch as this ff was vry,vry nice n different n d way she used 2 write it touched ur heartSmile. So with a heavy heart will have 2 say goodbye Dead
t3ej Senior Member

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Pls update soon, know ur busy but eagerly waiting for nxt part. Day Dreaming
SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 1:12am | IP Logged
DeadOKAY! I am pissed off at India Forums. I wrote so much before the update and the page snapped! Eff You IF! Angry

I am not writing it all again. It was just a lot of apology for updating late and delaying for like centuries. And there were a few dedications for Aarzoo aka basicquestion1 because she has been constantly stalking my thread for an update. She has been so patient, and an adorable reader. Thank you for making me feel so loved Aarzoo. I'm so glad that I could hook you to my FF even after being a nasty slow updater. LOL

The second one was for egrat94 who literally wrote an obituary for my ff,
 "It looks like we will have 2 give up hope of this ff ever getting updatedCry. feel so sorry 4 thatOuchas this ff was vry,vry nice n different n d way she used 2 write it touched ur heartSmile. So with a heavy heart will have 2 say goodbye Dead"

This was friggin hilarious ROFL

And now i dont know how the update has come out, as i'm just not able to put my thoughts together. So however it has come out, I still want the likes and the comment, because i'm shamelessly demanding. LOL

Chapter 13: Reminiscence of Love

"Vicky! Should I call him? I've been missing him so much since we flew here. We haven't talked once. He's been so busy and all this. Everything. I don't understand bhaai. He has no time for me these days. He totally ignores me. He doesn't love me anymore bhai.", complained Arohi, whining.

Vicky sighed. The drama queen had started off her charade again. He knew this was his baby sister that he was dealing with.

"Arohi. He is busy with work princess. C'mon! You know it too, he loves you. He would never not love you. Don't call him now. When he'll get free, he'll definitely call you kiddo. Now! Cheer up! See what I got for you.!", Vicky pacified her.

"Bhai! OH MY GOD! THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!", and her lips took the shape of an 'O'.

"BHAI BHAI BHAI I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!", she jumped up and down like a kid.

She gazed the dress she had always wanted, ever so lovingly, and Vicky was just shuffling through the images in his phone, when he came across a picture that made his thumb movement stop, making him drown in the whirlpool of memories that he had bound, long back with her.


"Oh My God Vicky! I cant believe that you got THIS for me! I mean, I had wanted it so badly. God Vicky! You're such a darling.", she spoke with enthusiasm, as she moved forward to hug him.

This was a dress that she had forever wanted, but had never been able to purchase for herself.

Meera Rajvansh had been a 2nd year grad student then, pursuing law from National Law University, Delhi, and Vikrant Singh Khurana was a 3rd year B.Arch student from Stanford, and he was home for a vacation. They had met through a common friend, and had gelled up so well, that the common friend had long been forgotten. They had grown to be close friends, and then best friends.

Snapping back from the thoughts of how they'd met, Vicky came back to reality, when Meera hugged him. And it was then, that he had known, she was the one.

While they hugged, Vicky could feel her breath fanning the hollow of his neck, and he felt all the self control, that he had kept till now, go down the drain.

They broke apart, but Vicky did not loosen his hold on her. He leaned in, and placed a light kiss on her cheek. He then moved away to see her reaction, and she was clearly shell shocked.

Seeing her reaction, Vicky instantly felt guilty for his actions.

"Meer! I'm so sorry!  I did not mean to you know. It just. Happened. I'm really sorry. I don't know it just.."

He was cut short when he felt her lips on his, and his eyes widened in horror. Meera was kissing him!


And his joy knew no bounds, when he heard those magical words. In his happiness, he intensified the kiss, letting her know his own feelings. And when they broke the kiss, he lifted her up, and whirled her around.

"Oh Meer! You took so long to say it. I've loved you since the first day I saw you. I love you so much."

And like this, they had come to know of their love for each other, when nobody else even had a hint about it.


It was a beautiful time, but then, why, he thought.

Why had they grown apart in so many years, and so much so that she did not want to talk with him now. But then, it had been him. How could he blame her?! For he had been the one to have broken all the promises, and all the ties. He knew all the answers, yet he had been unable to accept the reality.

Destiny, he sighed.

"Bhai!? Are you okay? You seem sad! What happened bhai?", asked Arohi, concerned.

"Nothing. Its nothing. Just been missing Geet lately", he lied.

"Yeah! I miss her too bhai.", she spoke sadly, and hugged him, both of them lost in their own world of memories, missing the people they loved.



"Are you sure you want me to read this? This is Maan's. And its his personal diary.", he asked her.

"Yes Mohit. I'm ready for this now. I have to do this. You please open it."


"Mohiiit! Mohiit!", a voice was heard from a distance.

Both of them snapped their heads up, and looked at each other.


He excused himself instantly as he went outside towards the hall. There, he saw her, dressed in a purple dress, grinning ear to ear. It was so her, he thought. He went downstairs to greet her and welcome her back. She literally ran to him, and jumped on him, hugging him with full force. While Geet saw all this, a part of her broke, and so did her hopes, and her expectations.

Why Geet?! Why is it hurting now? Is it not bound to happen? Did you not know this is how it is supposed to be?, she asked herself.

And she found no answers, not anything worthwhile at least.

On the other hand, Mohit, who was still uncomfortable in the embrace, especially when Geet was present there, and more so by the "invasion" of their time, and the talk that they were about to have, tried to free himself from the hug.

"So Natasha, how's uncle? And you're back early. I thought you'd stay a little more. No?", he asked, hopeful.

"Mohit! Darling! Are you not happy to see me back? Or is somebody else not? I doubt so honey. And I'm here, forever now. Plus, I got a news for you.", she gleamed with excitement while adding sarcasm to her voice.


"And the news is that my dear-hubby-to-be is no longer going to remain my hubby-to-be. We're going to get married, NEXT MONTH!", with that, she took him into a sudden kiss, so sudden that he froze.

Geet turned around immediately. It killed her, reason she knew not. She felt suffocated, and from the other side of the staircase, swiftly walked towards the door. Tears stung her beautiful eyes, but dare she let them spill, for she was too vulnerable to let her emotions show. As she walked outside, the desire to look back over her shoulder was almost overwhelming, and it took an effort of will for Geet to cling to her feigned air of indifference.


She got into her car, and drove off, to some distant land, somewhere she could be all alone. Somewhere, she could just let it all go. Somewhere, she could wail and howl and sob her eyes out. Somewhere, she could just scream to her God for doing all this to her.

Mohit was equally hurt, and perturbed, whilst Natasha still maintained her cold attitude towards Geet.

"Why did she run off like that? Anyway, I'm hungry. Is there anything to eat?", saying so, she walked off towards the kitchen.

But those eyes and the un spilled tears hadn't been missed by him, neither had the pained look that she tried to mask with indifference.

As she reached the farmhouse and stood at the front porch, a slight, salty breeze riffled through her sun-streaked, chestnut hair, sending a few of the long, layered strands feathering across her slender throat. She paused to brush them back, tunneling her hand under the rest of the curly mass and flipping it free from the textured cotton neckline of her night dress, welcoming the fan of air against the self-conscious burning at the nape of her neck. Her eyes narrowed against the splinters of late-afternoon sunlight as she tried to gulp in some much-needed oxygen and ease the tightness in her chest.

At any other time Geet might have been inclined to linger and drink in the tranquility of the scene around her, but at the moment all she could think about was making it back to the sanctuary of her best friend's arms. She missed Vicky, so much so that she was tempted to call him up and spill everything over the phone. But she couldn't do so. She wouldn't do so, lest he would come to her in the span of a second, if that was possible for him.

Geet stumbled as she made the short jump down onto the grass and discovered that her knees were seriously wobbly. Her hands and feet felt cold and heavy at the end of her limbs and her ears had started to ring. So, she went back inside to make herself coffee, something that would always remind her of him. She put the cup down on the kitchen table and flexed her angry fingers. Realistically speaking, what else had she expected? That Mohit Kapoor would shrug his fianc off and go running into her arms muttering some typical Romeo Juliet verses? If so, she had sadly been erroneous, hugely!


She raised the steaming cup to her lips for her first sip when a sudden, intangible sizzle of tension in the air made her stiffen. She jerked around, her heart leaping up into her throat as she realised she was no longer alone. Standing silently in the arched opening between the kitchen and the living room, looking no more ecstatic than he had a few minutes earlier, was Mohit Kapoor.


She hoped he put her little choke of dismay down to the hot coffee that had spilled onto her fingers. "What are you doing in here?" she demanded, switching hands to shake off the burning droplets, disgusted to hear that her voice was high and breathless rather than cool and clipped.

"The door was open", he said, jerking his head in the direction of the verandah. "I took it to mean that you were expecting me to follow you'"

"It's open because the house is hot and stuffy", she snapped. She knew she should play it cool, but the desperate words came spilling from her lips before she could stop them

"What do you want?", she spoke in a tone that made him want to reach out to her, hold her tightly and say, 'I'm going to be here Geet, forever.'


But his dark eyes glinted, for he could sense the passion in the air.


Avoiding the uneasiness, he started off,


"Thought we might finish our little talk that was left."


She hugged the mug defensively to her chest.


"Wont your fianc be concerned about your whereabouts?"


He gave her an I-Cant-Care-Less look.


"Told her I had some work. Honestly, I'm not here to discuss her. Just too curious to know about the man who adorns your room and your heart and you're soul. I mean the photographs and all. Tell me?"


She sighed. He was talking so differently, authoritative, just like Maan did, when he just HAD to know something. With a sharp intake of breathe, she motioned him to sit down, and settled herself on a bean bag, and with another deep breathe, placing the coffee mug aside, she started off,


"That man in the question, is..was Maan Singh Khurana, my fianc, and my husband to be, well only officially. In soul, I was married to him. I don't think you'd be interested in the minute details so. We met at a family gathering, more like a party. He was in the air force. And I was a budding writer back then. We befriended each other, and got closer, and one day, I confessed my love to him, in the most unromantic of the circumstances'", she laughed with tears as she remembered her confession and as she spoke out to him. He smiled with her as he thought of it as a dj vu kind of feeling.


"And..", she continued, "we told our families, and surprise surprise! They already knew. So, we got engaged in a small ceremony that included only family and close friends. After a while, he left again, as he usually did, for his training. But only, never to return..", and she sobbed as she told him how they got the news of him getting killed in an crash.


And then, she told him all about herself, the family, and Vicky, Arohi, and how everybody, including she had earlier thought that Mohit was Maan, and that made it both easier, and difficult to accept him and behave normally with him.


When she ended her side of the conversation, he did the most unexpected thing. He got up from where he sat, sat down on the floor beside her seat, and took her in his arms. After a while, he just released her, and lay his head in her lap, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.


"I'm so tired", he said.


She spoke nothing, and moved her hands gently within his hair, so that she could soothe him to sleep. She did not know why but she felt that he should just sleep.


With no words spoken, and the silence they shared, both of them fell into their respective worlds of thoughts and dreams. Both thinking about the same thing, yet on a different level. Both drowned in the Reminiscence of Love, the only difference being, that she knew how it was and what it was, but he just felt it, and envisioned it, in his dreams, while he slept ever so peacefully in her arms.



After typing all of it, this is exactly how i feel. Dead

Phew! I hope you guys like it, though i know it is still short, but this is all i could manage in between my schedule. And just for notice, from now on, the updates would be lesser in frequency, due to my schedule only. Ouch

You can throw all the tomatoes, and the andes and the chappals, cuz i truly deserve them, and i'm ready with my umbrella, but please try and understand too. Thanks you.

Love, Geet. Embarrassed

PS2: PM's later buddies! Embarrassed

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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loved the update...
glad to c u back updating...
yeh natasha ko bhi abhi aana tha...
and that too with the marriage news...
oh god koi toh ek loose link mile to prove that natasha has done something wrong...
pl cont soon

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esha143 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 1:30am | IP Logged
Nice update Geet...but oh why did u bring that witch back...that too with the news of marriage ShockedAngry??
I just hope Mohit remembers he is Maan soon...n where is Meera now...n what happened btw her n Vicky??Oh i so want to see that Witch suffer now for her cold attitude towards Geet...Angry...don't worry abt the less frequent updates...we understand...u take ur time buddy...Big smile

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Thanks God u atlast updated...such a long time u took...anyways thanks 4 updating.
havent read d update ...will comment after reading it
(now after reading it ... will say only one word...brilliant...d update was awesome... d way geets feelings r described when she sees natasha back  was just superb...felt her pain...but d best was d atitude of mohit his " I-Cant-Care-Less look" mohit is not able 2 break d bond which has formed between  them.
Curious...vry curious 2 know what happens next...
so plz update as soon as it is possible 4 u (ASAP))

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ok so finally he knwg evrytg abt maan...

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