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Reminiscence of Love: A Maaneet Tale :) (Page 69)

ixiaa Senior Member

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SapphireFlames

 I'm thinking that i include a trip scene in the update too, since it'd be fresh from the oven. What say peeps? Smile
Plz add as many scenes of d trip as possible but make it as romantic as possible.
(though i neednot say this ) u r a vry good writer anyway.

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SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Hey peeeplies! Remember me? LOL
I know i know i deserve a lot of chappals, and tomatoes and andes to be thrown at me because i'm updating after this HUGE delay. But I know all of you are kind enough to forgive me as you'd understand that I've been busy. OK, so i had a blast throughout my trip. And then a close friends birthday came up, which took another day. So, in short, no time you see. Embarrassed
But i'm amazed to see the eagerness to read more, and get more from the FF. Thank you people. Thank you so much.. All your requests and comments encourage me to keep me going. I Love You all.
This part is specially dedicated to Basicquestion1(If i could have your name please?Smile), for her constant reminders regarding the update. Not like i'd have forgotten, but then again, there was this thing in my mind, that i should not disappoint such a loyal reader. Thank you dear. 
And now for the update, I swear i had an entirely different thing in mind, but then i wrote i dont know what. I just hope it has come out well, and that you all like it and enjoy. 
Happy Reading. Big smile

Chapter 11: Till Death Do Us Part

10th April, 2011

When Geet entered, she saw darkness engulfing the mansion. Agreed it was late at night, but the mansion was never THIS dark. Shrugging the wavering thoughts away, she went inside, and switched on the lights. After about fifteen minutes of rummaging around the house, she finally found a note from Vicky, saying that the family had to urgently fly to Canada, for Savitri Khurana's sister had been taken ill, and she had very less time. So, Vicky, Arohi, and Naina-Pratham had flown by a chartered plane, in the morning itself, when Geet had gone to see Meera because her mother had expired. Since they had no option but to just fly immediately, they had left Geet a note. And all the servants were also on leave due to various reasons! Thus, Geet thought that she was supposedly left alone. A feeling of abandonment took over. She most definitely did not like this gut churning sensation inside her stomach!

Hunger, she thought, for her tummy growled.

She went to the kitchen to check for some food. Finding none, she just sighed, and sat on the kitchen table, reminiscing the old times with Maan, her Maan.


6th June, 2007

"Shimlaaaa!!", squealed Geet.


Maan chuckled at how she had this habit of getting excited about small things. Agreed that this was a vacation, not such a small issue. But still, it wasn't huge, like BIG!

While Maan was just smiling over her excitement, she started happy dancing, and moving in circles around him. And suddenly, he felt a weight on his back, heavy weight- a human weight. He felt legs being wrapped around his waist, and then a shrill voice said,

"Piggy Back Ride!"

He was amused. She never failed to astonish him. Each time he felt that he now knew her, and there was probably nothing left to know, she would reveal another completely different side of herself. This was another one of her 'avatars' now. The piggy back ride! He balanced himself with the support of the kitchen shelf, and started walking around mumbling pig sounds. Geet laughed whole heartedly at his antics, and at her own. She could never believe herself though, how every inhibition was let loose in front of Maan, how no reluctance remained. She could totally be herself. This was the love she had always wanted. The type of love, that she probably wrote about in her novels, the books she wrote, one of them being- Beyond Boundaries, a romance novel- in which she had depicted her fantasies of love, and life, and her own expectations, though never in her wildest dreams had she thought that she'd experience all this herself, and it would seem so surreally beautiful.

(This title has been created by myself. I do not wish to break any copyright rule/law regarding any title. Any resemblance to any existing book title is purely co-incidental)

She snapped back from her thoughts when she felt herself thrown in the bed, with a thud.

"Ouch Maan! My bums! That hurt!", she made a face and spoke.

Maan roared with laughter. And Geet sat there in a daze. She had never seen him laugh so freely. He was enchanting, capturing. The way his lips curved into the nicest smiles ever, and the way his pearlies shone through his maw, was a sight for her. The way, he arched back his head while laughing, it made her just want to reach up to him, to hold him, and kiss him mad. Ashamed at her thoughts, she blushed profusely, lowering her eyes.

Maan stopped laughing, and watched her blush.

She sat down with her, and cupped her face with his palms.

"Maan.  You look so beautiful, when you laugh. You should do that more often. Being with the Air Force for so long, has made you khadoos.", she chortled as she spoke.

"Geet. I prefer keeping to myself but since you came, everything has changed. You taught me how to love, and live, and laugh. I'm thankful to you for turning this khadoos into a hopeless romantic"

"Hahah. Maan", she said in a serious tone, which made him look into her eyes.

The intensity of love that he saw in them, was beyond his comprehension.

"You wont ever leave me right?", she asked.

"Geet? Is everything OK?"

"Yes everything is fine. I just. I don't know why, I have this feeling, a weird one, that we're going to be separated. You know like, I don't know, its not nice. Just promise me please?", she requested earnestly.

"Of course Geet. I Love You. And I could never leave you. We're going to be together, till death do us part."

Instantly, she put her hand on his mouth, covering it.

"Shush Maan. Never say such things agan. Don't talk about dying. It does not sound good"

He kissed the palm of her hand, to which she just smiled coyly. And then he leaned forward to kiss her forehead.

"Now Geet. Goodnight. And please pack your bags carefully.  Don't want you forgetting things, all right?", he said, infact, ordered her.

"Yes Sir", she said, mocking a salute.

Smiling, he left for his room, and she started packing for their first ever leisure trip.

7th June, 2007

As the morning sun shone at her face, she got up all jovial. She got ready, freshened up, and was ready before time. Just as she was about to go down, she received a call. Finding her phone, the name of the caller flashing on the small screen, brought a gigantic smile on her face, as her eyes lit up.

"Heyyyyy!", she shrieked connecting the call.

And over the next half an hour, she narrated so many incidents from her life, including the family trip.

Maan came searching for her, and found her yakking around, walking swiftly back and forth in her room.

"Geet? We're getting late. C'mon!"

She motioned him to wait for five minutes, with her hand, and the very moment, Maan realized the significance of the caller over the other line.

He let out a groan.

This was the only reason he envied Vicky. When Geet was with him, physically, over the phone, or however, she would forget everything, even Maan. It was like, her life at those moments revolved around just Vicky. He never understood the bond that his younger brother shared with his fianc, but nonetheless, he coveted him. How he wished he could understand them both!

With the thoughts in his mind, he was about to leave the room when he felt a tug at his wrist.

Sitting on the bed, she asked him in gestures as to where he was going.

He told her that he was leaving since she was "very busy".

She immediately sensed the sarcasm, and muttering a quick bye to Vicky over the phone, she disconnected the call. And when she saw his face, she knew, it was the apology time.

And then, over the next 7 hours of the trip, all she did was trying to get back his attention, and end the silent treatment, that bored her to death.

Finally, when they reached their hotel, was when he broke the silence and started talking normally and all, to her relief.

The next 3 days were sheer joy for Geet. She enjoyed the outing to the fullest, visiting the mall road in Shimla(the biggest mall road), playing with the snowballs in Kufri(hill station near Shimla), riding horses their, go karting, and rifle shooting, all with Maan, Arohi and Pratham-Naina. The rest of the tie was spent in the hotel room, teasing and taunting each other, silly fights and make ups, and the sweet nothings, and the romance. All in between, Arohi sometimes felt alone, as she did not have Arjun then.

To gain attention, she pouted like children, made baby faces, and faked a lot of bruises and pain in front of Maan, and then happily cheered up, when she got the desired attention.

And that was how they had spent the lovely outing to Shimla to beat the heat in summer months about 4 years ago.


Hearing the glass break, Geet snapped out of the memories of the past, and looked around to sense the source of the sound. Unable to decipher anything from her surroundings, she started walking around the direction from where the noise came. As she felt herself nearing, she heard blows, and kicks and a lot of 'hooos' and 'haas'. Scared as she was, she picked up a vase from the corner table, and started walking again. As she reached the back side hall, following the sound, what she saw made her blink twice to avoid the thought that she was hallucinating.

Practicing Tai Chi, Mohit looked unerringly like Maan. She gasped. Everything around her suddenly vanished. It was just he, and her, and his moved on the ice block. Just when she was about to step forward, he jumped to his feet, and crashed a huge ice block with a single blow. That was it. Her head spun, as memories filled her mind. Unable to take the sudden impact from the past, she felt her knees go shaky, and all she wanted to do right now was run into the arms of the man who stood in front of her, now facing her, confused.

He watched her every movement and every step. He observed her expressions, changing from shock, to surprise, to pain and agony, and then blank. He noticed her swaying in the air and felt something snap within her. Like a swoosh of air, he instantly reached her side and held her by the waist, trying to steady her.

In a semi-conscious state, she felt arms supporting her, preventing the fall that she had braced herself for, and she felt the muscular torso against her head. She gently rested her head on the chest, as she leaned on him for support. He gently cradled her mumbling something, that she could not make out.

"Geet? Are you ok?", he asked her, worry etched in his tone.

"Geet? Answer me.!"

Receiving no response from her, he just lifted her in his arms, and carried her to the bed in his room.

While walking, all he could hear her murmur was, "You promised me that you'd never leave me. You broke your promise. You left me alone. I Love You. Come back."

And with each word, he felt his heart shatter. He had to know. What caused her such pain?! With her every muffle, and the agonized breathe, his heart twinged in dull pain. There was something, that was amiss, and he was definite about that by now. He had to figure out the missing pieces of the puzzle, and he would do that, he thought with a determined self. He did not care anymore about Natasha,  or her family, or the Khuranas. Right now, he felt that he owed this to her, like it was the most natural thing, to take away her pain. If being selfish is what it would take to reduce her sorrow, then be it, he thought.

"I promise you Geet, that whatever is hurting you, I'd take it away soon. Very soon. And that is y promise. I'd be with you, at each step. I don't know what is it that we have, but you'll find me beside you forever, till death do us part.", he mumbled incoherently.

And with that, he laid her down on the bed, and planted a kiss on her forehead, that sealed the promise he'd made to her. As she lay on the bed, and he by her side, on the floor, their hands entwined, what they did not know was what destiny had in store for them. Fate played games, and this one was going to be one big play.

With a zillion thoughts in his mind, he drifted off to a land of dreams and fantasies laying beside her with a pledge of togetherness.



OK so, I hope you notice that i've laid emphasis on something, and I expect you guys to notice it. I know its pretty obvious, but still, let me know if any one of you does not understand what is my motive behind the update. Also, as i said, i planned to elaborate on the trip part, but then i decided against it. I dont know how good/bad it is, so please comment to let me know if you wanted/want something else. Till then, press the LIKE button, and COMMENT. I love reading them. LOL

Muah muah. Big smile

Love you all. Embarrassed


Link to the next part: Chapter 12: Rude Awakening

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thx for update....

very nice update.... 
so maan n geet r alone....
now maan is on d right track to find something.....

why he is not relating his dream to his present situation....

waiting for nxt pl update soon

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alfiya7 Senior Member

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lovely update....n yes i m a tubelight so i did nt undrstnd ur motive behind this update....

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been waiting foor you for ages... loved it LOL

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awesome after the rituals now the vow is also taken......
this is ultimate....just looking forward how mohit will unravel the mystery of him being maan.....

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Geetiye Hug Welcome back.. I hope you had loads of fun...
Ok before I comment, let me tell u, if you have any devil plans in your mind, nikaal ke baahar phaink de...u do any harm to my Maneet and I swear, eshu ki bandook se tujhe uda doongi...AngryAngryAngry Big smile
I loved the update Big smile very sweet and heart touching.. I loved the past too..beautiful maneet moments..... I wonder if it was all Vicky's doing to leave the two of them alone. Haaye Maan doing tai-chi... Geet kab tak rokti apne aap ko...I am so loving this.....can't wait to read what happens many possibilties!!!
Will they talk or will they kiss??? Embarrassed maybe both Day Dreaming u have me dreaming abt the next update soon kudiye....LOL
Wonderful hun..Heart

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wow awsome one yaar .....u had updated after a long time !!!! do update the next part sooner waiting 

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