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Reminiscence of Love: A Maaneet Tale :) (Page 51)

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Originally posted by simi91

awesome update
love it but yu left us
cliff hanger
pls cont soonnnnnnn
thanks pm

Thank you. and i'm updating soon. Tongue

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Originally posted by myedward12

wonderful update.......

Thanks. Smile
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SmileHeylooo loves! I'm here. Earlier than you expected, and earlier than i planned to. LOL
So, here is the part two of the chapter 9. Also, a part of it is Geet's POV. And the rest is the third party narration. Also, I have put the Geet's POV in present sense to make it appear more impactful. Hope you all like it. 
PS: This update is for all of them who complained that i had given them false hopes through the title. LOL
Happy reading. Enjoy! Big smile

Chapter 9: I Kissed Him (Geet's POV): Part 2

He shushes me by patting my back gently, and then pulls back from the hug. He lifts my face up, cupping his hands around my cheeks. He looks at me with an intensity that I cannot translate, a passion that has long been missing inside me, a warmth that seeps into my cold soul and such love, I wish to savor all my life.

Very seductively then, his hands travel along my waistline. I've lost all sense. I close my eyes and he very gently moves forward and captures my lips into an enchanting kiss. I feel the long mislaid desires awaken inside, as he traces his fingers along my spine. I feel immense pleasure in his touch. For a few seconds, or minutes, he has been holding me by the waist, and I've snaked my arms around his dcolletage, my hands tousling his hair ever so slowly, and we intensify the kiss. My senses are heightening with ardor.

I then break the kiss ever so tenderly and I move to his chest, planting a wet kiss there. I somewhere hear someone shouting,

"No Geet! No! Don't do this! Please No!"

 Its like somebody very far off, is screaming at me. I pay no heed to the voice, and I keep on placing soft kisses on his chest, around his collarbone. I move up, and I trace his jaw line with my lips. His eyes are closed, as I once again place a kiss, this time on both his cheeks. I move back to his lips, his hands are still on my waist, perhaps holding me to not let me fall one more time. I close my eyes again, as a tear makes its way to the hollow of my neck. I kiss him once more, this time, parting open our mouths. I let out a moan as he explores the taste of my mouth. He then half opens his eyes, probably sensing the wetness on my face. He looks at me once again, breaking apart from the kiss, resting his forehead on mine. He then kisses away my tear and moves further down to the concave of my throat, leaving a trail of kisses as he brushes his lips against my skin. Unable to stand upright any longer, I hug him ever so tightly, as is holding on to my dear life. I hear the voices again. This time, louder than before but I still cant let go. It feels so complete like this, in his embrace. It's a feeling- like I've found my misplaced treasure; my Maan.

"I love you Maan"

And then something snaps within, as the voice booms


I open my eyes with a jerk, and shove him away with a force I did not know I possessed. He looks at me, clearly taken aback. My push has left him disoriented. Unable to find my voice, I cover my mouth with my hands and I'm in shock.

What have I done!?

Locating motion somehow, I turn around and dart as fast as my legs can carry me. I dash across the hall, my dishelved appearance alarming Vicky and I enter my room, slamming the door behind me. I struggle for breathe as I recollect and rewind what just happened. Tears wont come, but the pain is just unbearable. It feels like a hole, a supermassive one in my heart, that is gradually dissolving me within itself.. I've lost my voice, and senses. I feel myself going insane with the hurt. I cant speak. And then, my mind goes vacant, and I see black.



As Vicky entered the room behind her, he watched Geet collapse on the floor with a thud.

"Geeet!", he shrieked, and ran to her side.

He took her head in his lap and started rubbing her palms vigorously. He removed her slippers and rubbed her feet.

"Geet!", he heard a male voice roar from behind him. As he turned around to look, he saw Mohit standing at the door, something about him told Vicky that it was He and Geet.

Without any second thoughts, Mohit sat across her on the floor, and literally snatched her from Vicky, and started speaking in an urgent tone,

"Geet! I'm so sorry! Geet please wake up! Please Geet! Open your eyes Geet.", as he patted her cheeks lightly.

Vicky sat non the floor, confused and dumbfounded.

"Mohit", he called.

No response.

"Mohit?", a bit louder.

No response. He was busy cajoling Geet to wake up.

"MOHIT!", he literally yelled this time.

Mohit shot his head up and looked at him. Vicky saw such concern in his eyes that he failed to comprehend.

He asked Mohit to place Geet on the bed whilst he would go and call the doctor. Mohit immediately obliged by lifting Geet in her arms and placing her in the bed, covering her with a comforter. He continued rubbing her palms and feet, shaking her, requesting her unconscious form to wake up.

After a while, Daadi, Vicky, Arohi and Natasha stood in Geet's room. All of them shocked out of their wits upon seeing the concern in Mohit's eyes for Geet. The doctor had a hard time moving Mohit away from Geet, and when he did, Natasha immediately pulled him out of the room, and dragged him to her room.

"What exactly were you doing there?", she yelled at Mohit.

No response.

"Nohit! Answer me! I'm talking with you. Pray tell me what the hell was going on there?", she asked him again.

"Natasha? Geet had fainted, and I was just trying to help her out."

"HELP HER OUT? LIKE THIS? You were damn so concerned about her! As if your life lies in her! What is wrong with you ha? Why does she matter to you so much? Whatever happens, why are you so concerned? Let her die if she wants to'.", she howled at him.

"Natasha! Behave yourself!", he roared, interrupting her.

"You know why I did what I did! She is a human, and she is a family. You, of all people talk like this? She is apparently Vicky's best friend, a part of this family. This house, in which we are living belongs to her. And you say like this? What is wrong with YOU? I ask. Stop behaving like some neurotically possessive girlfriend.! I am wholly aware of the fact that I'm engaged with you, and if I help Geet, doesn't mean that I'm in love with her or something. Do you damn get this woman?", he finished off with an irritated look in his face.

He knew he was guilty, and for no fault of Natasha, he was yelling at her. But he couldn't help it. He couldn't bear to listen anything against Geet.! Not like he was in love with her. But there was something. Something which neither of them understood. Sensing her tears, he came near her and hugged her to pacify her.

"Natasha! Dear! You know how it is for me. Please trust me. Its not like what you think. I swear I helped her out just for the sake of it. I.. Trust me I wont ever hurt you. I know you love me Natasha. But don't be like this. I don't like it when you're hurt.", he said, cajoling her.

Breaking out of the hug, she nodded at him, and told him that she trusted him. Just that she could not afford to lose him, to which he assured her that she wouldn't, no matter how unsure he himself was of the fact.


On the other hand, Arohi lay besides Geet, in her bed. She was supposed to take care of her, while Natasha and Mohit(however reluctantly), along with Vicky, went out for their second day outing as per the plan. The days plan was visiting lots of famous markets, and malls, and shopping. In the evening, all three of them came home, dead tired with thousands of shopping bags. As they entered the mansion, All of them just dumped the bags on the sofa, and sat down with a thud. After about 3 minutes, they started giggling and laughing discussing their day. Hearing the commotion, Geet came out of her room.

 She was back from the office and had changed into her night dress. Hearing Vicky, Mohit and Natasha, she came outside and watched them in amusement.

"Vicky?", she said.

All heads turned around.

Natasha sighed and gave a despicable look to Geet.

Vicky smiled at her, and so did Mohit. Both of them were relieved to see her well.

"Geet! Come sit. How are you now?", Vicky inquired.

"I'm well. The doc said it was stress. That's it. I also went to the office today. Meera there, was asking about you. What's going on?", she asked Vicky with a mischievous smile on her face.

With her question, all of them started to tease Vicky about Meera, and Geet went and sat down on the sofa beside Vicky.

After a few minutes, Natasha excused herself as she had got a call.

"By the way Mohit", Geet began.

"The day after tomorrow is a very important meeting with our clientele, and we cant afford to miss it. I hope you'd be there."

"Of course Geet. I'd be there.", he assured her.

"Yes Mohit. You better be there. We're going to discus the blueprints of the project. Preferably, the project should commence in a week, only then would we be able to complete in within the given time frame.", Vicky added.

"Hmm. I understand.", replied Mohit.

They discussed the project and chatted for a while, when suddenly Natasha came and hugged Mohit, crying.

Geet felt envy seeping in. She shoved the feeling away, and concerned, asked Natasha,

"Natasha? What happened? Why do you cry? Everything OK?"

"Mohit! Baby! Dad suffered a heart attack. We've to urgently return to Mumbai. I'm so scared for him. Now what?", she said between her sobs.

Geet's heart scrunched with her words. They would return? So untimely? Why was it bothering her so much?

Just then Vicky interrupted, "Natasha! I'm really sorry to hear about your dad. But one of you has to stay here for the meeting the day after tomorrow. It is very important. If you don't attend it, the deal might be in danger, and both Khurana Constructions and Imperial Constructions would suffer a huge loss."

Natasha tensed up hearing this. She could not leave Mohit alone. And she could not not go. But she had no choice. And before she could think, Vicky spoke again,

"Natasha, I guess it'd be better f you tended to your father, and Mohit stays here and manages the project. This way, both the things can be done. This is the most logical thing that we can do, since we have an emergency."

Geet and Mohit agreed and nodded.

Very reluctantly, Natasha went to her room to pack her bags, and requested Vicky to book her ticket. The ticket would be one way since she wasn't sure as to when would she return. It would depend on the condition of her dad.

They got a seat booked for the Indian Airlines flight which was to leave at 1.30 AM. Quickly, Mohit helped her pack the bags, and the four of them left to drop Natasha at the airport. On their way, Vicky called up dadi, and explained her everything.

After all the security checks and all, Natasha was ready to board the flight. With tears in her eyes, and insecurity in her heart, she hugged Mohit very tightly. Geet just looked away, unable to watch them in this position. After the final announcement, Natasha unwillingly let go of Mohit, and boarded the flight.

Sighing, Mohit, Vicky and Geet returned to their car, and drove off to the mansion. While in the car, Vicky sat in the front, and Geet and Mohit sat in the rear seat. Since she was very tired, the moment she found the comfort of the cushions of the seats, she dozed off instantly, her head swinging in mid air. Mohit saw this, and moved closer to her, gently holding her head, and putting it on his shoulder. He held her hand to avoid any fall or jerks on the bumpy road. After about five minutes, in the silence, he snoozed too, his head resting on hers, his heart filled with content.

From the rear view mirror, Vicky saw this, and smiled.

"Bhai, bhabhi", he mumbled, and then resumed to his low volume talks with the driver, careful as to not wake the perfect couple, who sat behind him, their hearts so complete with each other, and their faces portraying eternal bliss of togethernessEmbarrassed.



OK OK! So, how many of you are VERY HAPPY that i "kicked" Natasha, the evil witch out? LOL

I bet all the readers are. LOL

If you feel that the romantic part, i.e., the much awaited kiss sucked, feel free to comment. cuz i still feel that i could have done better. + i feel that i'm bad at writing romance. Here is sharing something personal. To write the kiss scene, I just closed my eyes, and imagined Maan Singh Khurana kissing me.ROFL

Thats how it was doneBlushing. So please please please comment guys so as to let me know if the part was upto your expectations. This part is specially dedicated to Esha and Basicquestion1- for their open hearted complaints in my complaint box. LOL 

Love you people! Enjoy! Big smile

Link to the next part: Chapter 10: Matrimony

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great part. n d kiss was also nice with d right emotions. But the best part was natasha going out.

Somehow i like the way u have described vicky's character. u have made it very strong as well as tender, emotional as wel as calm,suportive as well as understanding. Maan's character is still not clearly understandable maybe he is fighting with himself regarding geet and his feelings.
great update. plz next part soon

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yeyyyyyyyyyyy m to very very Happy ..........u kicked" Natasha ...Hug.
hope she come back when Maan recollect his past ...even if she wont came back aftr dt ..
to bhi ki farak painda hai LOL
lovelyyyy update as usual ...
cont soooon..

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lovely part.....yes ofcrse v r vrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy tht u kicked natasha out of their lives....n hope maan gts his memory bak....:(

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spvd IF-Addictz

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part 9 (2)
wow very nice so happy that u kicked Natasha out...............and the kiss happened so very touchingly...................OMG u thought of Maan kissing u to write that part???????????? unbelievable.................anyways twas so good.................hope Mohit/Maan remembers something soon....................cont soon dear.................

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lovely update dear.....
when i first read about the kiss i don't know why i thought it was from the past.........when i read the name MOHIT i went back and reread the scene again to feel geet and MOHIT in the kissLOLLOLLOLLOL

Natasha is gone for few days...that's a relief to meDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing

What you imagined Maan Singh Khurana kissing you to write the kiss partROFLROFLROFLROFL

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