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Reminiscence of Love: A Maaneet Tale :) (Page 5)

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nice update

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Very interesting.................................update soon
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hello there.! so i finally decided to update. OK, and something that i have to tell you. i know this is a Maaneet FF but right now, in the beginning of my story, there are absolutely no Maaneet scenes; the reason being that i want to establish the base and the characters properly, and then i would begin with the couple. If u find the parts too boring, please dont hesitate to let me know. Not that i can do anything about it, but its still better if i know, right? For now, a long update for all of my lovely readers.
Thanks for your continuous support and love. Smile

Chapter 1: And the Journey Begins

At the Khurana Mansion:

Before the early morning sun peeked in through the blinds, she was up already. It was five in the morning. Putting on her robe, she quietly made her way to the terrace of the mansion. It had been almost a routine now. It was something, he always used to accompany her for. It was like reliving his memories. As she reached, she un-bolted the entrance to the terrace, and walked towards the rails. She felt the warm humid air surround her. She stood there, with her palms resting on the rails. She glanced up, her head tilted; she arched herself backwards, and closed her eyes. Suddenly, she felt those strong pair of arms encircling her waist from the back, that stubble, brushing against her left cheek; how well she recognized the touch. Ah! How she had missed the feeling. As soon as she opened her eyes, it was gone, the arms, the stubble; just the feeling lingered. Sorrow hit her. But she chose to smile, for him. He had always wanted her to be happy, with or without him. But today, he wasn't with here to remind her of all this. She had to manage herself, for the only one thing she knew was, that if it was her smile that made him rest in peace, she would do it; for him.

How was he to know, that even living without him was like treading on burnt coal, leave alone smiling and being happy!                                                                                                                                                           

While she was lost in her thoughts, the soft rays of the early morning sun stroked her face, and she felt alleviated. Her sunshine was back. 

"Yet another morning, a new day, without him", she thought with a forlorn look on her face. 

"GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET", she heard a voice scream.

She snapped out of her reverie and let out a sigh. Her day had begun. She smiled.

She turned around, and with quickened steps, made her way back downstairs. 

"Geet Bhaaabi!", the voice screamed again.

"Where are you!?!" 

She followed the voice into the kitchen. 

"Here here! I'm here. What happened? Where is the fire?", she enquired from the young girl in front of her, to who the voice apparently belonged. 

"Where is my coffee?", the girl pouted and asked. 

"Did Gopal Kaka not prepare it for you? Let me ask him. You sit down here, at the table. Get down from the shelf now!", she commanded firmly yet her tone was soft as ever. 

She went to the service quarters to examine. What had gone wrong? Why were the servants not ready yet? 

"Gopal Kaka!! Gopal Kaka!!", she called. 

"Jee Geet bitiya. Kahiye, kya hua?", a man in 50 somethings hushed out of the quarters, and asked her, concerned. 

"Kaka, aapne ab tak Arohi ki coffee nahi banaayi?! Usne saara ghar sar per utha ke rakha hua hai subah subah hi.", she informed him.



Arohi Singh Khurana, the youngest Khurana in the family.

"Ji who Geet bitiya. Who kya hai na ki, meri beti ki tabiyat thodi kharab thi. Tho mai uske hi saath tha. Ab uski ma toh hai nahi na. toh mujhe hi saara khayal rakhna padta hai uska. Maaf kar dijiye mujhe, mai abhi jaake hi Arohi bitiya ki coffee bana deta hoon.", he replied, almost terrified. 

Knowing this, Geet softened more. 

"Koi baat nahi Gopal kaka. Aap jayie apni beti ka khayal rakhiye. Aj Arohi ki coffee mai bana dungi.", she assured him sympathetically. 

"Jee Geet bitiya. Aap dono kitne alag hain, Arohi or aap. Aap kitni suljhi huin or shaant hain. Or ek Arohi beti hai, jo har wat bas shor. Fir bhi dadima aapse ek barabar pyar karti hain. Aakhir aap bhi is ghar ki beti si hi toh hain na.", he spoke thoughtfully. 

She chuckled. 

"Haan kaka. Ab aap jayie.", she ordered him gently and went back to the kitchen to find her dear sister in law sulking over her coffee.

 "God this girl!"

Arohi Khurana, a.k.a, AK, as she was called by everyone except her family, was a sister Geet never had. She was impish; infact, that would be an understatement for Arohi. She left no stone unturned in playing pranks on people around her. Her eyes gleamed with mischief. Geet still loved her, no matter what. Though the same age as Arohi, Geet was far too mature to be thought of as a woman of twenty five, and Arohi, well, she sometimes behaved like a 5 year old. But inside, she was the sweetest and the nicest person you could have ever met or seen or heard of. She loved Geet like a sister and tried every bit possible to keep her smiling all the time. Her mischief, her naughtiness, was all to make Geet smile, that's it. And Geet adored her for this. Also, she had looks to die for. She was no doubt ravishing, and wholly aware of it, she used it to her full benefit to woo a guy named Arjun, the guy she loved. Yes! She wooed him, and proposed him, kneeling down on her knees, in front of a huge gathering on her 24th birthday, and they had been engaged to be married. That was Arohi for you. 

But sadly, her marriage had been delayed due to the tragic course of events that had occurred with the Khurana family, snatching away all their happiness. 

"Arohi, aaj tumhari coffee mai banaaungi!", Geet said, trying to pacify her. 

At this, Arohi was much more than pacified. She jumped with joy. Arohi loved Geet's coffee, and according to her, Geet prepared the BEST coffee in the world. 

"Really Geet?! Tum banaogi coffee? My my! Itne saal ho gaye tumhaari coffee ko piye ko taste kiye hue. Pehle tum banaati thi roz sabke liye coffee. Par jab se bhaai gaye hain tab se toh'.", her voice trailed off, as she realized what she was about to say. 

She looked up only to find a pained expression on Geet's face.

"I'm sorry Geet!", she said teary eyed.

"Mai apne room me jaa rahi hu. Please coffee kisi ke haath upar bhijwa dena."

Arohi knew it was better to leave. If she had stayed even a single moment more, she wouldn't have been able to control her tears more, and she did not want to get weak in front of Geet. It would hurt her more. 

Tears threatened to fall from her eyes anytime, but Geet held them back and poured the coffee in the mugs. She called for a servant and requested him to take the coffee to Arohi. No! she would not cry. As she was about to leave the kitchen, an elderly feminine voice stopped her.

"Good Morning Geet", the old lady greeted her. 

"Good Morning Dadima", she went up to her and enveloped her in a hug.



Savitri "Dadima" Khurana, the eldest member of the Khurana family.


If there was a human teddy bear on earth, you would find it in the form of Dadima Khurana. She was the sweetest of all, yet graceful and poised as ever, even in this old age. She was too elegant, yet simple, plain and straightforward to be called a member of the family as THE KHURANA'S! But that was her, and no one would ever object to what she were; not because they feared her, but because they loved her just too much. And she loved them too, her grandbabies(Geet included). She loved them like her own children, after what they had seen altogether, they were, as a matter of fact, her own babies. Especially, after she had lost her son and daughter in law to a car accident, her grandbabies became her world. Her reason of living, her strength, and her weakness. She raised the four young ones, without anybody's support, as her husband had left them long ago. It was she who had held the Khurana name intact. She truly was, a woman of courage. And that, was our dear Dadima Khurana for you.

"Kaise hain aap aj?", she asked Geet.

"Mai bilkul thik hu dadima. Or aap? Kuch lenge aap? Chaai, ya coffee?", she replied, trying to sound cheerful. 

"Nahi bete. Hum kuch nahi lenge. Aap aayie humaare paas baithiye hume aapse baat karni hai kuch.", she requested her. 

"Jee daadima", with that, she immediately went  and sat by her. 

"Humne suna abhi. Jo Arohi ne kaha. Hum bahar hi the. Geet, ap unki baato ko dil se na lagayiega. Arohi bacchi hain abhi, kuch bhi keh deti hai, samajhti nahi hai. Baad me use realize hota hai ki usne kya kaha, par tab tak der ho jaati hai. Aap please usko maaf kar dijiye. Hum jaante hain aapka dil bhi dukha hai.", she tried explaining her, feeling sorry. 

"Arre dadima. Aaj yeh aap kaisi baatein kar rhai hain! Mujhe bilkul bhi Arohi ki baat ka bura nahi laga.", Geet tried to reassure her.

"Hum jaante hain bete, ki aap unhe kitna miss karte hain. Yaad toh hume bhi bohot aati hai unki. Kya karein ab, pyaar jo itna karte the hum unse, or aap bhi. Par ab wo nahi hain Geet. Issi baat ko accept karke aapko aage badna chahiye. Kab tak aap unki yaado ke sahare jeeyenge? Kabhi toh aapko'", she was speaking when Geet cut her off in between only.

"Dadima, bura nahi maaniyega please, par mai iss bare me na hi sochti hoon, or na hi baat karni chahti hoon. Mai jaanti hoon ki aap mere ache ke liye keh rahi hain, par please. Abhi nahi. Mai abhi sirf Khurana Constructions pe concentrate karna chahti hoon, apne kaam pe. Or jaha taka age badne ki baaat hai daadima, aap yeh baat jaanti hain, ki mere zindagi me bas wohi the, hain or rahenge. Unke bina mai wahi hoon jaha chaar saal pehle uss haadse ke din thi. Bas. Ab or kuch nahi kehna chahti mai", Geet told her, not wanting to discuss the topic any further, as she was going weak all over again, losing herself, and she did not want dadima to know how it affected her still. She had carried this charade of being strong for a while now. And it had been quite well. She did not want to change the scenario.

"Thik hai beta. Hum samajhte hain. Jaise aap chaahein.", Daadima assured Geet. 

She understood, she always did. She had just wanted happiness for Geet. Of course, if Geet would go away, settle her life, it would hurt her too, as she would miss her only daughter in law, but she had truly wanted Geet to move on in life. But she also knew that it was Geet's life, and thus, her decisions, and she respected them. So, she never persisted. 

Geet headed back to her room to freshen up. It was 7 AM. She had to reach the office by 9. She was on half day today, as she had to go along with Arohi to receive Vicky. Oh! How she had missed him all this time. Their bickering, their bonding, and turning against, teasing her, dadima joining them, he always taking Arohi's side, and then getting even. She smiled thinking about the lost old days, when she felt water on her palm. Tears! How he had hated them, especially when she shed them. And here she was, at it again. She wiped it off with her towel, and went inside the bathroom for a shower. She stood under the shower for long, warm water tickled and cooled down her senses. She had been an emotional wreck since morning. She had to control herself, she thought. And she let an exasperated sigh.

Once out, she got ready for office. She then went back downstairs for breakfast. Everyone was already present there.

"Good Morning veerji, Good Morning bhabhi.", she greeted the couple sweetly.

"Good Morning Geet", they replied in unison, and smiled at each other. Both blushed.



Pratham Singh Khurana, the eldest sibling in the Khurana family;

Naina Singh Khurana, the eldest bahu of the Khurana family.


"Arrey waah bhaai, bhaabhi. Aaj bhi ek doosre ko dekh dekh ke blush. Aaj bhi kitna pyaar hai aap dono me", Arohi teased them, and winked at Geet.

Geet smiled.

"OMG! GEET! Aabhi abhi mujhe yaad aaya hai. Aaaj toh Vicky bhaai ko lene jana hai na! and I had totally forgotten! God!", she exclaimed.

"Yes baby! Mujhe yaad hai! His flight lands at two. Isliye I've taken a half day leave from the office. You and I are going to the airport to receive him. Veerji aaj aap office e sambhal lenge na? Maine toh apna schedule check kar liya hai. I have no important meetings as such. So, could you please manage for me?", she requested her brother in law.

"Haan haan Geet! Tum jaao. Mai dekh lunga. Or waise bhi, No Fear When Your Pratham Veerji is Here", he said, grinning.

She replied smilingly, "OK veerji. I'm of to office then. Arohi, we'll leave together at one ok? Please be ready on time. Finish all your work, and we'll leave directly office se hi.", she informed Arohi.

"OK Geet. See you in office then. J", Arohi said.

"Bye Arohi. Bye veerji. See you guys in the office. Bye dadi, bhabhi."

 She got up and hugged the two elder ladies and then left.

They just smiled at her retreating form. J


Meanwhile in Mumbai:

"Wake up MK!", she pleaded for the hundredth time now!

"We have a flight to catch, and before that, you have two meetings scheduled. Please wake up", she requested again, fed up.

"Eh! Ummm'Err'", he yawned.

"Good Morning Natasha. ", he said groggily, trying to sit up on his bed.



Natasha Kapoor, daughter of Mr. Rajveer Kapoor, Mohit Khanna's fianc;

Rajveer Kapoor, owner of the famour construction firm "Imperial Constructions",

Mohit Khanna, Natasha's beau, had had a tragic accident in which he had lost his memory(he is amnesic).


"Up so early?"

"Yes! Up so early! And if you do not leave the bed in the next five minutes and reach the dining table in the next 30 minutes, the consequences are going to be very very bad! UP NOW!', she ordered him.

"OK OK! I'm getting up. But I'm so scared of you baby please don't kill me!", he replied, faking a terrified look.

"MK!", she yelled, throwing a pillow at him.

"I caught it! Wohooooo!!", he teased her.

"Urgh! I'm leaving!", with that, she stomped off, slamming the door shut.

She had become his best friend now. Ever since that fateful day, when he could not remember anything regarding his life, she had still accepted him back in her life, made him remind of their past moments together, gave him a new life, a fresh start, reminded him of his identity, Mohit Khanna, a name not too familiar, he had thought. But she had made him live again. She was all he had now. She was his fianc. Though he did not love her like she told him, he used to before the accident, he thought that it was the effect of amnesia, and love would develop later, with time. But he did care truly for her. And he could not see her hurt. She mattered to him above everything and everyone in his life. Or did she? Only time would tell.

He got up, had a shower, go ready and reached the dining table in thirty minutes as she had ordered him.

He descended down the stairs in his formals, a black business suit. A tie accesorised his look. He was just too handsome and dashing to be human; a perfectly crafted creature of God. And she admired him, loved him like crazy, was obsessed with him.

"Good Morning uncle", he greeted the old man seated at the dining table.

"Good Morning Mohit bte. How are you today?", Rajveer Kapoor greeted and asked him.

Rajveer Kapoor, the owner of the Imperial Constructions, was the father of Natasha Kapoor. His wife had passed away when Natasha was very little and he had played the role of both her mother and her father. He never let his daughter feel the absence of his wife. He was a strong man; a man of principles. But he was so blinded by grief over his wife's death, and his daughter's love, that he had spoilt her to an extent where she had got everything and anything that she had wanted- from things, to people. He was aware of her daughter's obsession with this young man named Mohit, but he overlooked it, thinking that they both truly loved each other. He had appointed Mohit as his employee on his daughter's request, raised him to the position of the MD and then the CEO, as he thought that Mohit would be the one who would take control of Imperial Constructions after him.

Little did he know, that a few days ahead in time, and everything would change for his family.

"Good Morning Natasha", he winked at her.

"Good Morning Mohit", she sweetly said, still drooling over him.

He settled himself at the table and they began their first meal of the day. A happy family.

"So beta, all set? This Commonwealth Games Project is very important for our company's reputation, more so, when we have entered into a collaboration with the Khurana Constructions, the largest construction firm in India.", he carefully explained.

"Yes uncle! Everything is going very smoothly. I'll detail you further once I reach Delhi, inspect the site and other specifications", he informed him.

The mention of the name of the construction company rang bells in his mind. The name did sound familiar. Had he heard it somewhere?

"C'mon Mohit, lets leave! We don't want to miss our flight now, do we?", Natasha inquired.

"OK! Chalo", he agreed.

"Bye dad! Love you", Natasha got up and gave Mr. Kapoor a side hug.

"Bye beta. Bye Mohit. And I assume that you'll leave straight from the office only?", he asked, confirming.

"Yeah dad! Bye now!"

"Bye uncle", Mohit said courteously.

And they left for the office.

After the day's work, they reached the air terminal, checked in, boarded their flight and the journey began- a journey that would bring a new tomorrow and a new dimension to their life.


Khurana Constructions:

"Arohi, are you ready? Time to leave baby!", Geet spoke as she entered Arohi's cabin.

"Yeah Geet! Just one minute. Let mepack my bag and all.", she asked for a minute and started stuffing things in.

Geet waited. Two minutes.

"Now! Am ready! Lets leave", Arohi spoke in affirmative.

They reached the parking lot, called for the driver and left for the IGI Air Terminal.

In the car:

"Geet, how long is the flight from London to Delhi?", Arohi enquired from Geet.

"Its around 9 hours. Actually, 8 hours twenty, to be precise, which means that if Vicky's flight is supposed to land at two, it must have taken off late night-ish!", she explained.

"Hmm! You know, I'm so excited! I'll meet bhai finally. After 3 long years! Gosh! I never thought I'd miss him so much!", she exclaimed, and let out a chuckle.

"Yes! Even I'm excited. I have missed him. Though with you around 24X7, I barely got a chance, but I still managed.", Geet joked.

"Haha Geet! Of course! We ar so alike! Akhir hum twins hain. Vicky and I!", she winked at Geet, and turned the music on.

Naina lageeyan baarishan
Te sukke sukke sapne vi pijj gaye
Naina lageeyan baarishan
Rove palkan de kone vich neendh meri
Naina laggeyan baarishan
Hanju digde ne chot lage dil te
Naina laggeyan baarishan
Rut birha de badlan di chaa gayi

Kaali kaali khaali raaton se
Hone lagi hai dosti
Khoya khoya inn raahon mein
Ab mera kuch bhi nahi
Har pal har lamha
Main kaise sehta hoon
Har pal har lamha
Main khudh se yeh kehta rehta hoon
Tujhe bhula diya oh
Tujhe bhula diya oh
Tujhe bhula diya oh
Phir kyun teri yaadon ne
Mujhe rula diya oh
Mujhe rula diya

Teri yaadon mein likhe jo lafz dete hai sunayi
Beetay lamhe poochte hai kyun hue aise judaa
Khuda, khuda mila jo yeh faasla hai
Khuda tera hi yeh faisla hai
Khuda hona tha woh ho gaya
Jo tune tha likha

Kaali kaali khaali raaton se
Hone lagi hai dosti
Khoya khoya inn raahon mein
Ab mera kuch bhi nahi
Har pal har lamha
Main kaise sehta hoon
Har pal har lamha
Main khudh se yeh kehta rehta hoon
Tujhe bhula diya oh
Tujhe bhula diya oh
Tujhe bhula diya oh
Phir kyun teri yaadon ne
Mujhe rula diya oh
Mujhe rula diya

Naina lageeyan baarishan
Te sukke sukke sapne vi pijj gaye
Naina lageeyan baarishan
Rut birha de badlan di cha gayi

Do pal tujhse juda tha
Aise phir rasta muda tha
Tujhse mein khone laga
Juda jaise hone laga
Mujhse kuch mera

Tu hi meri liye ab kar dua
Tu hi iss dard se kar de juda
Tera hoke tera jo main na raha
Main yeh khud se kehta hoon

Tujhe bhula diya oh
Tujhe bhula diya oh
Tujhe bhula diya oh
Phir kyun teri yaadon ne
Mujhe rula diya oh
Mujhe rula diya

Suddenly, Arohi's cell beeped, and she engrossed herself in texting, while Geet, who was trying hard, not to think about him, the song reminded her of the pain, and she lost herself in it.


Link to the next Part: Pages of my Heart I ; by Maan Singh Khurana


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MK, mohit khanna, n Maan khurana
i just loved the whole thing
thanks for the pm


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bono_jostna Senior Member

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thanks for the long update! Nice one but i guess still hv many things to be reveiled..
Continue soon.

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Wonderful update---hoping Maan gets his memory bak soon--plz continue Xx... [:D/] Thumbs Up Clap Clap

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love it...
cant wait for the nxt update..
do contiue soon.
thank u.Smile

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interesting FF
i think i know who MK is;)
hope maaneet meet soon (if its maan) lol
con't soon!

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