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Reminiscence of Love: A Maaneet Tale :) (Page 43)

basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
is it too soon to ask for another update. plz do's such a nice ff.Heart

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BluntlySpeaking Goldie

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 1:27am | IP Logged
pls add me to your PM list...loved ur ff

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SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 5:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by basicquestion1

is it too soon to ask for another update. plz do's such a nice ff.Heart

My my! Such patience.! LOL
Yea yea! Dont u worry dear! will update Very very soon. Smile

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SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 6:18am | IP Logged
Heelloo loves! Smile
I'm glad that i could keep my promise of two updates in a week at least in the first week. LOL
So this is the second update for the week, and perhaps an interesting one. Embarrassed
I personally liked this one very much, for of course, reasons unknown. Big smile
Also, Since i told you earlier that i've shifted my FF a year ahead, so the past also now revolves around the year 2007 instead of 2006. As of now, I'm too lazy to change the previous dates. LOL
Ok, update time. Embarrassed

Pages of my Heart 4; by Maan Singh Khurana

Dated: 1st May, 2007


I shushed her for the nth time today! And now as she sleeps in my room, on my bed, I'm finally in harmony, and so is she! She has been such an emotional wreck since a few days! PMS; I suppose! Confused

As I write tonight, I recollect all the events that have brought us to the present moment. Embarrassed

The proposal ah! And our first ever kiss.Blushing And when we disclosed about our relationship to our family! They were the least bit surprised! They just shrugged us off saying that they already KNEW?Shocked And just that they were too overwhelmed that we had decided to tie ourselves in the sacred bond of matrimony. For everyone in the Khurana family, ours is like a match made by all the Gods and Demi-Gods together! I wonder which God exactly had the time to make my match with Geet? Could it be Vishnu? Or Shiv? Or Jesus?LOL Really now! People amuse me. Geet and I are as different as chalk and cheese. I'm the somber one, and she, the tantrum thrower. I'm the elder one, and she, like a baby. Moreover, I'm the non-romantic one, and she could drool over John Abraham her whole life. I wonder how ours could be a match made in paradise. Tongue

OK! Let me tell you diary, why Ms. PMS has been shedding tears since the day before.

A news was disclosed to her. Well, nobody really expected her to bawl her lungs out and weep her eyes out. But that's exactly what she did. I obviously thought that she'd be sad, but this- not in my dreams!Shocked

Uncle- her dad had told her that he would be moving to London now. It was majorly for the business purposes, but the stay would be long there- a few years probably. She was shocked, and so was I. I was not going to live without her for so many years.Ouch! She probably heard me telepathically and flatly refused to go.Big smile It was then that uncle told her that he was as it is planning to not take her along. She would be better of staying here, with us than going there and starting a new life altogether. And of course, uncle did love me. So he understood my emotions.LOL

She was more depressed than happy. Depressed over the fact that her dad would no longer be there; and the happy part- that was tiny as an atom, was because we wouldn't be apart.

(Not that I'm complaining, but she could have been a tad bit more excited that she wouldn't have to suffer without me, and more so because she would move in with us- Khurana's. Which meant that we would be living under the same roof, and I could see her probably 24X7. But no, she found her tears from God knows where, and the precious pearls shed on their own. *that's what she told me later*Confused)

Poor her dad though, a million questions were bombarded at him. Questions like,

"How am I going to live without you? How could you decide to move just like that? I don't know why you're doing this to me! You don't love me anymore right?"

And more, with a lot of sobbing and sniffling in between.

Drama Queen. LOL

After a lot of pacifying, she finally believed her dad that he loved her more than anything else in the world, but the trip was necessary, because business was important too. She did understand then, and stopped wailing like a kid. No doubt she looked cute with her puffy eyes, and her nose red as a reindeer.Approve

Yes yes! OK! I know my heart constricted with every tear that fell from her eyes, but still, she was heights.

Anyway somehow, we all consoled her that it was a matter of a few years only. And that she'd always have us. We told her that we loved her like our own family. But her sadness did not disappear.

So then it was decided that we- Geet and I would be engaged in a small ceremony with only family, and close friends accompanying us. And the marriage would happen later on as the situations would permit. One more reason being that I was on a holiday, which was supposed to last for a month more, and then even I had to go back to my base- at Ambala. The country needed me too.

So, yesterday, we exchanged rings ceremoniously. And I'm happy. Infact more than that. Big smile

But tonight, more like evening, she again turned into a tear shedding machine. I really really don't understand where do all the tears come from. I made a mental note to Google if there exists a natural spring of water in a woman's body.LOL

Jokes apart, tonight was uncle's farewell party and Geet had planned it all. And it was indeed magnificent. Sometimes, I think, instead of being a writer, she would have been an event manager. Her aesthetic sense was amazing. But then my thoughts reversed when I heard the verse that she had supposedly written for her dad, and she delivered it in front of that huge gathering. She was better off a writer.

*the poem which Geet recited*

When I was little, he took me in his lap,

Held me, Cuddled me, patted me to a nap'


When I ran across the road, he ran behind me

Yelling my name in fear, he caught me just in time,

Holding on to my palm ever so tightly

He used to teach me words and rhymes'


When I grew up a little, he taught me to be good

He made me know values, to love people and share my food'


I remember the day, I stood first in my grade

It was a huge party he threw, got my favorite cake made,

Bought me my darling teddy, the pink one

And pacified me, later when it was stolen'


When I showed him my first poem, he read it out aloud

In the gathering of four hundred, he felt so proud...


And when I was younger, I recall

Those late night moral talks,

And the long, never ending walks'


I can never forget, his constant support

That never ending motivation, and the strength

That he has been to me without distort...


And now when I'm in a fix, all I've to do is approach him

Pour my heart out, and he quickly skims

Through my problems and helps me look beyond

My comprehensions and makes me understand,

That its never good if from my problems I abscond

And he promises that he'd never leave my hand'.


Tomorrow when I stand at the altar,

clutching his finger ever so tightly,

I'll be the same six year old

Afraid to let go, scared to falter'

But I know he'll be there even then to hold'

Hold me when I weaken, or lose my grip,

When I stumble, fall or trip'


He'll stand beside me each day

Whether it is happiness or sorrow that comes my way'

He'll  smile with me when I smile

And console me when I'm distressed or sad

He'll still walk with me afar miles,

He is mine to say- my dear sturdy DAD.!!!

Well, I must say, the poem did get everybody sentimental, including I. for a few moments, my heart went out to her. I did understand the pain of separation. Justified. I had been through it too. I missed my dad at that point. For a flash, our eyes met, and she saw the raw pain in my eyes. She came over to me, took me by a corner and hugged me tight. I was on the brink of tearsCry when we heard someone approach us. Daadi.

We straightened ourselves, and with a glint of mischief in her eyes, she walked away. And before I could realize, she turned around and planted a peck on my cheek Wink. She never failed to amuse me by her antics. Smile

So, as much as I make fun of her being over-emotional and extra sentimental, I'm not some insensitive jerk who doesn't understand her. I love her to bits and I cannot see her in agony. But in situations like these, I feel so helpless.Ouch

We then dropped uncle off to the airport, and after bidding him a safe journey, we returned about an hour ago. And since then she's in my room, because everyone in my house thinks that only I can console her.Tongue

So yes, when we returned, and as soon as we entered my room, she once again cried her heart out telling me how much would she miss her father. I assured her that she wouldn't feel lonely as I would be there with her, by her always. She gave a small smile and leaned forward to kiss me. Whoa! There she goes again, I thought. Astounding me evermore. One second, she's all teary eyed, and the other, her hormones shift and she kisses me like THIS Shocked! My eyes sure widened in shock as she took control. Seeing my reaction, she let out a chuckle, and deepened the kiss further, exploring my maw. 

Ahem ahem!, I broke apart before my quiescent desires could arise, and faked a cough to tease her. She definitely turned crimson and I loved the blush on her face.Blushing

She then snuggled closer, and dosed off to slep as I patted her head.Sleepy

I'm still sitting in the same position as I write. And oh! She just stirred.


And I'm back. Nothing could be more perfect than this moment. With her in my arms, I never want the night to end. And I wish for the time to cease, and the moment to freeze, for you my love, is my breathe, the beat of my heart and the tid bits of my scattered life. I love you Geet! I love you till death do us part, and beyond that.Heart



Chapter 9: I Kissed Him (Geet's POV)

As I strolled in the neat lanes of my past, the chirps of the birds brought me back to the bumpy roads in my present. Today, I've risen an hour prior to my usual time. It's been a month since Mohit and Natasha have arrived at the mansion; and since I've made the decision to avoid him at all costs. I flee the place whenever I realize that its just the two of us; I've kept the conversation lever minimal, restricted our talks to a mere "hello" and "How are you? I'm fine" types. Vicky obviously knows it all and kind of supports me. I wonder if he regrets his decision.Disapprove

Its no easy of course. It hurts, to avoid him. It takes every ounce of self control to not look at him when he flickers his authentic smile at me. But I pretend not to see him. What hurts the most is to see that look of disappointment; I so wish to go and fall into his arms the very instant and stay there for eternity.Ouch

But he is Mohit. And I'm Geet. He is engaged and his fianc is Natasha.Broken Heart

My heart breaks at the thought, but there is still something that has managed to cheer me up. Arohi's wedding. It has been finalized, and everybody is overjoyed.Smile

A week ago, it had been settled on that seven months from then, which comes to September 9th, would the marriage happen. I am relieved. He wouldn't be there, and so, I will not have to bear the torture of my inner turmoil. I'm trying to smile, but my heart still doesn't substantiate it.Confused

"He is here for just seven more months"

"So what! He had to as it is go someday! Big deal?"

"I could miss him"

"Why? He isn't Maan. And since you've lived without him for quite sometime now, Moving on again shouldn't be much of a task"

"But he.."

"Shut up!", she screamed at myself.

My mind was a mess, and so was my heart.

"Babajee! I was supposed to be your favorite child, wasn't I? Then why do you pour such tribulations in my view? Why such pain is being enforced upon me? What wrongs have I done? Did I not accept it when you took my mom away? Did I complain? And then when you snatched Maan away, did I complain even then? Then why all this now? Is this my destiny? Never to find happiness? Is my share of smiles over?"Ouch

Just when I say all this with tears in my eyes and anguish in my heart, I feel a hand on my shoulder. Recognising the touch, I immediately turn around and hug the person, letting go of all my inhibitions. I yell,

"Why me huh? Why me Maan? What did I do for you to go so far away? Was my love not enough to bring you back? Why why why?.............."CryCryCry

To Be Continued'




It was tough to write. Cant decipher why. Coming to the poem, I WROTE IT. So you better comment and like it warna.... Angry

Yes i'm threatening you. Darr jaao readers. LOL

And i purposely left you at the cliffhanger. Keep guessing who the person is. Though i just let the bag out of the cat. Uh oh. Correction, I let the Cat out of the Bag. LOL

OK OK! Like my dearies, and comment even more, warna no update for the next one week as a punishment. I'm kinda disappointed as it is highly disproportionate- the number of PM's i send, and the likes and comments that i get. It hurts people. Understand my feelings, respect them and please let me know how am i proceeding. Ouch

Your comments and all motivate me a lot. Keep commenting, and keep enjoying the updates, if you do that is. LOL 

Stop Geet, Stop pakaaofying your readers with you bakwaas, i say to myself. LOL

OK OK! tadaz. i leave you to like and comment. Smile

Link to the next part: Chapter 9(cont.): I Kissed Him(Geet's POV) 2

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alfiya7 Senior Member

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yiiiiiiipppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee i m the first one to comment....i loved it....

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-Veritaserum- IF-Rockerz

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Awesome part... loved it

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ninavi IF-Dazzler

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lovveellyyy update as usual 
bt u really  left us at the cliffhangerAngry'
cont sooon
thnx for d pm Hug
esha143 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 7:04am | IP Logged
I liked the pages of Maan's was hilarious how Maan described Geet's antics and cries.....and the Poem Geet...its just wonderful and so heart-touchingClap.....I salute u for that poem...all the moments of a child's life with its dad are there in that one poem u wrote....and the present track is so pain filled for Geet....she has to avoid Mohit in order to not hurt herself more....but where is the Kiss that the title so promised.ha?LOL...will be looking out for it in the next better be are doing a great job with ur updates dear.....just bring us some more of Maaneet scenes in the present'll be a relief.....Big smile

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