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Reminiscence of Love: A Maaneet Tale :) (Page 38)

SaJan-SaJan Goldie

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 5:36am | IP Logged
came across ur ff....
its superb yaar...
u r just amazing...
read all d updates... they r mindblowing....
u just left me speechless... u portrayed all d emotions so well...
plz plz add me in ur pm list...

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 5:22pm | IP Logged
loved it n now it is confirmed that mohit is only maan but the signs u r giving

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SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged

ok! its tiring to sit and write such a long update. Ouch
I'm still typing, but i'm not sure if i could complete it right now. my eyes are droopy and its like past two here. i think i would type the rest tomorrow and post it very soon. sorry for giving the readers false hopes. i actually thought that i would be able to finish. Ouch
i still love u all, though some f u might feel like hating/killing me. thanks for ur ever lasting patience guys. Smile

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 2:41am | IP Logged
hi waiting for the update................r u updating
mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 3:08am | IP Logged
hey wen u gonna update ??
SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged

SmileSmileHello dearies! So here i am to finally give u an update. *phew*

Its really tiring u know to type such updates. I hope i get the desired results, i.e, lovely comments and likes from my readers.

Also, i wanted to say that, i have decided to change a small detail. As many of u might have noticed, the reason of Natasha and Mohit's coming to Delhi was the Commonwealth games project. Since i could not actually relate all this to the event, i decided that the story would go in the present tense, as in it would base itself in 2011 instead of 2010, which explains the date in the Chapter 7. So now, there is some construction thing-maybe a mall or whatever. I leave that piece to ur imagination. 

For now, thank you all for the generous comments. and apologies for once again not being able to reply to each comment personally. I just dont seem to have enough time. College assignments and all.

I also wanted to inform you guys that henceforth, i might update twice a week, but i cannot promise anything. I hope u understand. Thank you guys! I love all of you for supporting me so much. Embarrassed

Chapter 8: Proximity and Aftermath

The morning after:

When dawn kissed her eyelids, she opened her eyes dizzily, with an unusual smile on her face that died instantly as she took in the reason why it had appeared in the first place.

It was a Sunday morning and a ate office day- but Geet was an early riser; so she was up at five yet again, to perform her daily morn sacrament- the patio routine.

As she stepped up the stairs and reached the terrace, she noticed the door slightly ajar.

"I don't remember forgetting to lock the door yesterday", was the first notion that crossed her mind.

Dismissing the thought, she unhurriedly pushed the door open and what she saw made her gasp- her mouth formed a huge O and her eyes widening- in utter shock.

She saw him there, but soon, reality struck her.

"Mohit", she sighed.

She was hesitant to wander at the terrace with Mohit around so she just started looking here and there to take off her mind of the sight she had just envisioned.

He was in his black ganji vest and white night PJs. She had observed stuff; his upper clothing perfectly accentuated his well chiseled torso;  his bare traps and shoulders so well built; the muscular biceps ad triceps and his not so masculine attractive hands and then his eyes beaming with a heart whipping smile.

She gulped at the memory of a few seconds ago, and before her senses took leave, she turned around and fled the spot.

This time, it was his turn to breath in surprise.

Without having second thoughts, he made his way towards the kitchen for his daily morning coffee. When he reached there, he saw Geet preparing something at the stove; so he decided to wait. He opened the fridge and started rummaging for a water bottle.

Acutely aware of his presence, Geet finally spoke,

"You looking for something?"

He looked up astonished.

She stood a few feet away from him in her blue colored mickey print night suit with a coffe mu in one hand and a spoon in the other- a frown on her face-.

She sure made a cute sight, he thought.

"Maa..Uh, Mohit, you want something?", she repeated, correcting herself.

Snapping back from his thoughts he said,

"Uh yeah actually! I need water"

"Oh! Umm. Sorry but nobody in the house is used to drinking cold water, so we don't keep any in the fridge.", she said.

"Oh. Its okay then. Don't bother, I'll help myself"

"Hmm!", she said, sipping her coffee.

Till now, she had done a great job of pretending calm, she thought.

"Coffee", she asked.

"No I guess I'll prepare it myself", he said.

"Err! Actually this might sound rude but I prepared it for myself and by chance I added extra ingredients so.."

He interrupted.

"Oh great then! Our effort and time would be saved no? Let me pour it in the mug. By the way I like my coffee'",

"black with one cube of sugar-not less, not more, right?", she completed his sentence nonchalantly.

"Yes but, how do you know it?", he asked.

And that is when she became conscious of what exactly she had blurted out. It was the type of coffee Maan like. And Mohit too.

"Actually err.. wo.. umm.. Just.. If you could just excuse me!", saying this, she hurriedly collected herself and walked outside.

As she walked past him, their arms grazed against each other and the very moment Mohit felt like he'd known the touch forever.

On the other hand, Geet had goosebumps by then. But she did not turn around or wait for him to reply. Instead, she quickened her pace and left.

He could simply gaze at her retreating form in a trance.

When she disappeared from the view, he turned back to pour his coffee but noticed that she had left hers on the shelf. Following his instincts, he picked up her mug and took a sip from the same. After the sip, unable to comprehend his actions and shamefully realizing what he had done, he kept the mug back and proceeded to his room.

Unaware to both Mohit and Geet, Natasha had witnessed the whole exchange and fumed with rage.

At the breakfast table, everyone chatted casually until they noticed Geet, Natasha and Mohit coming downstairs. Upon reaching the table, Natasha literally sprung on the chair that was in the centre of the three chairs kept adjacent to each other and very quickly sat on it.

Vicky and Geet noticed this action of hers. Vicky shot Geet a questioning loom to which she just rolled her eyes in an "I-DON'T-GIVE-A-DAMN" expression.

She then sat to Natasha's left and Mohit took the seat to his fiance's right.

Subsequently they got over with the breakfast and all of them, except for Vicky left for the office. Before leaving though, Geet, out of habit gave a quick hug to Vicky which made Mohit frown and go green. He could not fathom a reason behind these feelings and hence decided to avert his thoughts someplace else.

Apparently, Vicky stayed because he was supposed to be the tour guide for the day. Mohit and Natasha had planned a typical Dilli Darshan wherein they were to visit around the whole city. And since the city wasn't tiny enough that someone could visit the whole of it in a day, they had chalked out a plan which involved three days. So, day one was to be spent making a trip to all the historical places in Delhi.

Vicky called for the driver and after taking daadi's blessings, all three of them left for the day.

Throughout the day, while Natasha was excited to see everything in detail, Mohit just got bored. He felt that he had already visited those places about a lot of times.

Dj vu, he thought .

Surprisingly, whenever Natasha used to ask some question, about some site, he was able to answer them flawlessly. When asked as to how he knew about that, he never had an answer, so he simply used to say that he had read it in his school text books or somewhere else and had remembered.

As dusk drew near, they left for the mansion.

As they reached the mansion, Vicky was in for a surprise.

"Vickyyyyyyy!!!!", he heard a squeal ad a smile played on his lips.


Before he knew, Geet was in his arms. She hugged him with such force that he lost balance and stumbled backwards.

Mohit immediately moved to help Vicky and steadied him by the shoulders.

From over Vicky's shoulder, Geet opened her eyes when she felt someone's breathe fanning her face. When her vision cleared, she saw Mohit- his face mere inches away from hers, and the tip of their noses brushing against each other. She struggled for breath.

It had so happened that in the process of steadying Vicky, Mohit had leaned a little too forward, resulting in the positioning of his face dangerously close to Geet's.

They were encaptured in an intense eye lock that broke when Vicky interrupted.

"Geet?! What?!"

Snapping out of the stupor, Mohit moved back and Geet pulled out of the hug, her face all scarlet.

"Uh! Actually Vicky! KC signed a deal of 400 Crores! And it is supposedly the biggest deal in the history of Khurana Constructions. Our baby Vicky! Its growing up.", she said with enthusiasm, forgetting the little awkward incidence that had happened a short while ago.

"What really?! Oh Dear God!", he exclaimed with joy and pulled her back into the hug.

This time, Mohit watched both of hem with fire in his eyes. Once again, an unknown pang hit her, and he looked away from them.

By that time, Pratham, Arohi and Naina had joined in the hug and it was a sot of a group hug.

Mohit gawked at them with a feeling that he should have been a part of the embrace; he felt disappointed; terrible. Just when he was about to leave, Vicky called out to him and said,

"Hey Mohit! Wont you congratulate us all?", Vicky winked at him.

This was all he had needed- an invite maybe. Without any hesitance, and with a happy smile spread across her face, he went and joined in the hug. The moment his fingers grazed Geet's nape, however inadvertently, it did not fail to make Geet shudder about the contact. Very abruptly, she broke the hug and ran across to her room.

She closed her door and leaned with her back against the door-feverishly clutching her heart. The touch of his fingers still lingered. What disturbed her even more was, that she had felt as if she knew the touch. It was almost like she had recognized Maan's touch, in Mohit's.

"There you go again Geet! Get a grip!", she whispered to herself in a shaky voice.

That night, she did not feel like facing him once again. She just wanted to stay away. She did not want to harbor any feelings for the man. He was engaged for heaven's sake! So she decided that she would stay in her room. She called Vicky and informed him that he should send the dinner in her room as she did not feel like joining them fot dinner today.

After sometime, Vicky himself brought dinner for Geet to her room- Maan's room to be precise; which was to become theirs-Geet and Maan's, after their marriage, that never actualized.

He sighed sadly and entered the room without knocking, he had the right. But what he saw pained him to gut.

Geet was lying down on the floor, in a sitting position, her eyes closed; the edge of the bed supporting her lax form. Her tear strained face and her fingers tightly clutching the frame, presented a clear picture to Vicky of her state.

He put aside the plate in his hand and bent down to pick her up. He lifted her in his arms, and put her in the bed, covering her with the comforter. He patted her head a little, making sure that the little movement hadn't woken her up. Once sure that she was in deep sleep, he left the room- concern filling his mind.

Was his decision wrong? Is all the pain worth it? Was he not being too selfish?

Questions like these and a thousand more swarmed in his mind as he went back to have the night meal with his family.

At the dining table, Arohi and Dadi noted his absent mindedness.

"Bhai? Everything OK!? What happened? Why did you bring the plate back? Where is Geet? Is she OK?", his sister bombarded him with queries.

"Yes actually Geet is a little unwell she says. So she does not feel like having dinner. And before you start worrying too much, let me inform you, that I have given her medicine and she is fast asleep now.", he lied partially, not wanting to disclose anything.

At the mention of Geet being unwell, anxiety plugged in Mohit's mind and he worriedly asked,

"Is she Okay Vicky? I hope she is not too unwell. Should I go check? We can call the doctor you know? So..", he stopped when he realized that he was blabbering.

Everyone looked at him flabbergasted.

And Natasha gritted her teeth in anger. Faking a sweet tone, and squeezing his hand she said,

"BABY! You don't worry too much about that woman, I mean, Geet. Vicky told you that she is Okay! So she is okay! Don't think too much! Her family is there for her."

Mohit felt odd at the last statement- her family. Of course, he wasn't a part of her family, then why did it hurt so much?

Under Natasha's uncomfortable gaze, he finished off with her food, and both of them excused themselves and went back to their respective rooms.

When Mohit was to lock his door, Natasha barged in without permission. She looked at him endearingly, came closer and kissed him. Very very uncomfortably, he kissed her back, not wanting to arise suspicion in her mind. He broke off the kiss in a few seconds, and almost pushed her back very gently. He bid her goodnight and smashed in his bed, before any questions came his way. Tired, Natasha too went back to her room and slept.

At around midnight, making sure that everyone else was asleep, he got up and went to check the room adjacent to his. Noticing the door slightly open, he went inside and found her sleeping in her bed.

Since it was dark, with a stream of moonlight illuminating the object of his attention, he could not focus on anything else apart from her glowing flawless skin. She looked so serene to him. Succumbing to the inner desired, he moved towards her sleeping form, and bending over, planted a short kiss on her forehead. The supple skin against his masculine lips, felt so tranquil. He felt harmony in his otherwise unstable emotions. And then as the realization of what he'd done hit him, he hastily walked out. He went back to his room and slammed his door shut. With a plunge, he hit his bed, gasping at his actions; he was tired- mentally ad physically of these unfamiliar yet familiar feelings in him. He felt that he was missing something- like he could not remember things. There was something terribly amiss. With all these thoughts, he lay on his bed- waiting for some magical lullaby to lull him to sleep so that he could find peace and drift off to a world of dreams where he congregated with HER each night- the woman-his delusion.


Comment guys! and hit the like button. I have given a few "moments" in this update. Now dont complain.LOL

Also, if u have any confusions regarding anything, queries welcome. Embarrassed

Link to the next part: Pages of My Heart IV ; by Maan Singh Khurana; 

                                    Chapter 9: I Kissed Him (Geet's POV)

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-jia- IF-Dazzler

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OH My God!! I loved loved loved the update... The morning coffee scene was so apt... the way she said how he liked his coffee...bang!!! LOLLOL I had goosebumps reading the update...
The way they are tuned to eachother and know there is something but don't have the right to...Thumbs Up
Maan worried about her and goes to see her to give peace to his mind... I am loving this...
That Natasha... Angry urgghh..."That woman" is the one your so called finacee loves... you just wait and watch missy....
Don't you DARE bring back his memory soon...I am loving this limbo...LOLLOL I am mean..I know!!!
All in all a wonderful update Babe... Can't wait to read more Big smile

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lovely as heaven dear.....a very serene update...thanks a lot......update soon dear

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