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Reminiscence of Love: A Maaneet Tale :) (Page 34)

Tishuu Goldie

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 10:17am | IP Logged
GEEEETTTT!!!<<<khadoss MSK ki tarhaa LOL Hahahaha take your tym jaani. Hw was the fest? Did ppl finally do wat was to be done?

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SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=Tishuu]GEEEETTTT!!!<<<khadoss MSK ki tarhaa LOL Hahahaha take your tym jaani. Hw was the fest? Did ppl finally do wat was to be done?[/QUOTE

Kaha yaar Tishu! kisi ne kuch nai kiya. We(I and a few other friends) organised the whole thing. Everybody else is just so GAY! :| LOL

But I'm proud to say that we managed everything Super WELL! Everybody Taareefed us. Big smile
Thank you thank you! EmbarrassedLOL

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princess163 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 12:53am | IP Logged

Hey Geet!

first of all, I simply LOVE your name....its sooooo awesome....
but, that leaves me wondering what to call you if i don't want to create a confusion as to whom i am addressing when i write-u ya ff ki Geet!LOL
So, please suggest a nickname for yourselves.
Now, the ff....Oh my Gosh...its so freaking awesome.
i just read it from the beginning and loved it.
One striking feature that i love about your ff is the chapter titles-they are great!
this is one thing that i love in another writer's ffs too-by hasini(I don't know if you have read hers or not!)
Well, the story is good!
no dev problems here....Geet is married to MSK.....hmmm...good!
I was pleased by Naintara's absence, but, to my utter dismay, natasha is there to spoil the party!
Vicky is seriously a darling!
I wonder, why our the vamps intelligent sorts???
actually, i don't know whether to call natasha a vamp....she is in love with she loves Mohit, and is doing her best to keep him to herself......
actually, its not even fair to say that she loves him, it miht just be her obsession, looking at the way she has lived her life, a typical spoilt brat...
well, too much of my bak-bak!
in short, well doneClapClap
looking forward to read further..
so, please add me to your pm list and continue soonBig smile

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SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 7:16am | IP Logged
O Swati! thanks a lot babe! u inspired me alot! and see, here i am with an update. LOL
guys u should really thank her. And yes i have read Hasini's FF's. and i love them all. Smile
BTW, thanks a TON for such appreciation. And you are right about the part where u guess that Natasha is PLAIN obsessed with Mohit. the story will unfold as it proceeds. for now, here is the next update. Smile

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SapphireFlames Senior Member

Joined: 04 October 2010
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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 7:55am | IP Logged
 Heylooo people! First of all, HEARTY APOLOGIES FOR THE DELAY! 
And now, to compensate the delay! i got a SUPER DUPER LONG update for you guys! I really appreciate all of you for being so patient!

Also, some of you have been complaining about the lack of Maaneet scenes in my story. But kya karu yaar, the storyline does not permit the moments yet. Unhappy
BUT BUT BUT! to compensate that also, i have got a surprise for you. A full on romantic OS on Maaneet. Below is the link. You can read it after the update, or before it, as you wish to. Baaki, thanks a lot for all your wonderful comments. They really do keep me going. Smile

Link to the OSA Maan Geet One Shot

And here is the update now! Enjoy and happy reading all. Smile

Chapter 7: Persuasion and Arrival

Feb 20, 2011; 9:00 PM

Geet and Arohi sat there dumbfounded. It was almost impossible to believe what Vicky had just told and suggested them.

The man in question wasn't Maan.?

How could there be two people bearing such striking resemblance not just in face, but also voice, gestures and mannerisms?!

Though she was very disturbed by the turn of events, Geet had still been able to maintain a calm faade just for the sake of Daadi. But when Vicky told them what he did- which was that he had invited Natasha and Mohit to stay at the mansion, instead of the hotel, for EIGHT months- she had practically lost it!

"How could you Vicky? You know how hard it is for me! Just how selfish can you get?!", she bawled.

"Geet please! Listen! Calm down please", he tried to say something when she shrieked again,

"Calm down? CALM DOWN VICKY???? What exactly were you thinking when you actually asked her to come along and stay over? That too for eight months? EIGHT MONTHS? Are you even in your senses? How is Daadi going to react? The others? Have you even thought of it?", she added.

"Geet please! At least listen to me! Please?", he spoke, raising his voice a bit to make her listen what he had to say.

"FINE! Out with your story!", she replied.

"OK! Geet, Arohi. Please first of all, calm down. And listen. Look. I did talk with Natasha, and she seemed to have all logics to justify that he was Mohit. I know it is difficult. It is as much for me too. But Geet, understand.! If she is lying, trying to fool us, we will figure it out. And if she is not, if what she is saying, it is the truth, I would ask you to do the most complicated thing possible. Just forget that this phase ever came. I might sound mean, but I'm hopeful Geet. I miss bhai too. You know it. And also, if he was Maan bhai, why did he not recognize us? Why did he not recognize YOU? Think! And as far as daadi is concerned, we can explan things to her first. I'm sure she would agree. Geet, are you understanding?", he finished off.

He was unsure of what he was doing, but he so wanted to do it. This opportunity was too precious for him to let go.

"Yes Vicky. I do understand. You basically mean to say that I'll have to live with a man who bears resemblance to Maan in EVERY aspect, and still behave as if nothing is wrong, and pretend to be OK about it- all this under one roof. Right?", she spoke emotionlessly.

Vicky could hear the pain in her voice. Yet he somehow felt, that he had to do it, that it was worth the hurt, the pain. He still had that TINY ray of hope.

"Geet! Yes! This is exactly what I want you to do", he replied with a sigh.

"OK Vicky. If that is what you want, I'll do it for you. If that is what makes you happy.", she said with a sad smile.

"Thanks Geet! This means a lot. OK now, Arohi and I are going to go talk with Daadi. We would explain her everything tomorrow morning g. Natasha told me that she'd be here with Mo'.Her fiance by tomorrow evening. You must sleep now. Its late. Good night Geet. Take care. I hope you forgive me for whatever wrong I'm doing.", he apologized.

"Ok Vicky! Arohi. Bye. Goodnight.", she bid them robotically and left.

Vicky also went to his room.

*they were in Arohi's room*

"Tomorrow is a big day", he thought to himself.

Once in his room, he mulled over his decision. He sincerely hoped that things would work out. He was being selfish, he knew. But that hope had refused to exit.

The conversation with Natasha played back in his mind.


"OK Natasha! So, I'm really happy for you. You're finally with the one you love. Not everyone is lucky enough you know!", he said, thinking about Geet.

"Yes Vicky! I'm the lucky one", she spoke with so much happiness that it almost made Vicky jealous.

"Hmm! Yeah Natasha. Actually, I wanted to say something. I have a request.", he said with little plea in his voice.

"Yeah Vicky? Say?"

"Actually, I was just wondering. Since you're my business partner for the project, and technically, this makes you my guest here. And you're my pretty close friend too. So, I was thinking, why not you and your fiance shift with us at the mansion? You know, like as our guests? See, it'd be more comfortable for you as well, since the site is nearer from the mansion, than your hotel, right?", he asked.

Natasha stiffened at the thought. Sensing her discomfort, Vicky assured her that what had occurred the previous night, he'd make sure that it wont happen again.

She could not object. She and Vicky had been decently close at the university. He had been her only friend there in fact. He had always stood by her side, and once, he had even saved her life. So, she kind of, owed all to him. Remembering the past, she had agreed. Agreed to move in with Mohit, the evening next day.


Vicky was satisfied, though the guilt for causing much pain to Geet ate him, he chose to ignore it.

A knock at the door brought him back to the present. He looked at the door.

"Arohi", he whispered, confused as to why his twin was here.

"Bhai! I just cant sleep in my room. Can I stay the night here? With you? Please? I don't know why, but I'm kinda scared", she stated, teary eyed.

"Of course Aro! Why are you even asking? Come! Lie down on the bed baby! I'll sleep on the couch"

"Thanks bhai", said Arohi with gratitude, and a gloomy smile.

She went and lay down on vicky's bed. Clearly, she had been disturbed by the sudden twist of events in their lives. But just for Geet's sake, she had pretended to be strong. Obviously, she was affected a good deal but she chose not to let it show. And today, when all of it had taken its toll, she could not bear it. She broke down lying in the bed.

Vicky heard her sniffles and the next instant, he was at her side on the bed. He sat down and positioned her head in his lap, and caressed her to sleep. No words needed to express what they were going through. Such was their affinity.


She was in the process of preparing herself for the worse.

"Everything would change tomorrow", a thought crossed her mind.

She'd have to live with him, well not exactly with him. But under the same roof. A man whose name was Mohit, but everything else belonged to Maan- her Maan the man she had vowed to be with till eternity.

"Eternity is just a year I guess", she scoffed at her providence.

With that, she held the frame-which had their photograph-in her hand and wept- something that was a habit by now. but today, it was different.

Today, the unhealed wounds had been reopened. An already broken heart had been ripped apart to shreds once again, and the heavens cried heavily, with her. Hearing the loud rain, she opened the window, and let the nature's wrath fall upon her. She stood there, dripping wet, as she recited in her mind, a verse from her heart.

Rain falls...quiet, gentle rain,
that taps against my window pane,
and calls me back from troubled sleep,
to soothe a heart too numb to weep.

My loneliness is too deep and real,
and like a wound that would not heal,
it throbs within me, and I know
my arms are empty without you.

But as I listen to the sound
of soft rain falling on the ground,
I hear your voice, tender and clear,
Call my name, and oh my dear,

I throw my window open wide,
to let the sweet rain rush inside.
It kisses my lips, my eyes, my hair,
and love, I know that you are here.

Tears that my heart cannot release
Fall down from Heaven, bringing peace.
Tonight while gray clouds softly weep,
I held you in my arms and sleep.

And she cried, her loud sobs and wails silenced by the clattering of the window pane. As the rain grew, it brought around fresh tears to her, and his memories, along with strong winds that soothed her aching soul, as sleep found its path into her eyes. Sitting near her window, drenched in the fury of nature, she experienced yet another disturbed night.


The morning next, everyone followed their usual routines. They woke up, got ready and left for the office.

Everyone, except Vicky.

"Daadi?", he went to his grandmother and said

"Daadi, are you free right now? There's something important that I need to talk with you about"

"Haan Vicky bte? Kahiye? Why are you so tensed?", she asked.

"Actually daadi wo baat yeh hai ki'", he started off and explained everything in one go, without letting her interrupt.

Savitri Khurana was aghast. Her face went pale, and she almost started trembling with astonishment.

"Vicky beta? Ap sach keh rahe hain?", she asked in disbelief.

"Haan daadi. Mai sach keh rha hoon. Par I want that all of us should keep our emotions at bay. We should not react, or else, everything would go awry. Kahiye dadi. Kya aap dengi mera saath?", he asked with anticipation in his tone.

"Bete! Hume aap par poora bharosa hai. Agar aap keh rahe hain toh kuch socha hi hoga aapne. Aap samajhdaar hain, bade hain. Bas ek baat ka khayal rakhiyega beta. Kuch aisa na ho jaye jo nahi hona chahiye ya jiske baa tap soch kar regret Karen. Baaki hum aapke saath hi hain humesha", she assured him.

"Thank you Daadi. Thank you very much.", he said and gave Savitri Khurana a peck on her cheek.

With that, he left for office, eagerly waiting for the evening to arrive.


After the day's work, Geet, Vicky, Arohi and Pratham left the office at around five PM. The workload wasn't much and they had left early. Also, since Arohi and Vicky were hungry, they had decided to stop by "Maxim's" and have some snacks there. Once there, they ordered two chicken patties and two non veg salads. The order was ready in five minutes. They had their tummies filled and decided to walk to the mansion in the M Block.

Once home, they had their regular family session in which each one of them would collect together in the living room, and narrate the day's events. And if the time permitted, they often played family games like ludo/snakes and ladders, Uno, Dumb Charades, Antakshari and so on.

But today was something unusual. None of them had anything to say. Silence prevailed in the mansion. All of them were waiting for the inevitable truth of their lives. After a while, Geet got restless and resigned to her room, and all the others resumed their chores.


Natasha had told Mohit about they shifting to the Khurana Mansion. He had been reluctant at first, but after her repeated requests and banter, he gave in.

So then, they were finished with their packing and were ready to leave. Once downstairs, Natasha checked out of the hotel and Mohit hired a cab.

As they settled inside, Natasha gently held onto Mohit's arm and rested her head on his shoulder. An uncomfortable Mohit could do nothing except to just wait for their destination to arrive. He had always been uncomfortable with her, especially the proximity which she had encased him into. He had felt that he did not belong with her, and the feeling had been triggered all the more after he had felt Geet in his arms.

He mentally admonished himself for having such thoughts about someone else, more than ever now, when he was affianced to Natasha. He diverted his attention outside, the passing buildings, the bright evening life of Delhi, and the view of the admirable city.

"Home! It felt so pleasant!", he thought, which he immediately shoved away, and engaged himself in a conversation with the driver, inquiring about various places in Delhi that could be visited.

They reached the mansion in about thirty minutes. They got out of the cab, paid the driver ad walked inside. The security asked of their identity to which Natasha had started getting agitated. Mohit calmed her down and informed the guards that they were Vicky's guests. The guards in turn dialed the intercom to the mansion, and confirmed with Vicky. After about two minutes, the security let them in.

Geet was in her room when she felt something strange.


A warmth spread inside her.

He rang the bell.

She felt the air shift. A cool breeze hit her face.

Gopal Kaka opened the door and welcomed them inside.

She whipped around, got up from her bed, and literally ran outside.

He stepped in.

Hope sprung in her heart, and she ran across the corridor, towards the stairs. She halted when she reached the edge. She leaned across the railing and witnessed a sight that shattered her heart in a million pieces.

Maan- her Maan was there, his hand intertwined with that of some other girl.

"Get a hold on yourself Geet! He isn't Maan. He is Mohit", she angrily muttered to herself.

Back downstairs, Mohit felt like home. As he saw Savitri Khurana, his first instinct was to bent down and touch her feet to take blessings. It felt oddly familiar. He then gave Vicky a cool bro hug, and shook hands with Pratham and Arohi.

Geet composed herself and went downstairs, plastering a fake smile.

Vicky introduced her to Natasha and Mohit. Natasha gave a bitter smile to Geet which did not go unnoticed by Vicky. Mohit mumbled a small hello to which she replied with an agonized smile.

Vicky then showed Mohit and Natasha their rooms which were adjacent to Geet's. To her left was Mohit's room, and to her right was Natasha's. He then left them to freshen up and informed them that they should come for the dinner in around an hour and a half.

At the dinner table, coincidently, once again, Mohit sat to Geet's left, and Natasha, left with no other option, took the seat to the right of Geet, shooting a glare at her, as if accusing her of something. Geet flinched at the look. And once again, Vicky noticed this exchange. He just sighed.

There was an awkward silence at the table, which was broken by Vicky, when he started discussing business with Natasha.

Accidentally, Geet and Mohit reached for the same dish- shahi paneer, and held the spoon, with Mohit's hand on top of Geet's. at this inadvertent touch, their heads shot up and Geet saw something in his eyes. Yes! She knew these eyes, the expression, and the air around them.

Breaking the trance, she politely offered Mohit to have the dish first.

After a while, all of them finished their dinner and resigned to their respective rooms.

In her room, for Geet, it was the first night after he left, that she did not cry. She felt content, she felt at ease. She picked up the frame, moved her hand over the glass, and hugging it, she drifted off to a peaceful slumber, first time in four years.



I WANT COMMENTS! And i hope you are satisfied with the update. Also, henceforth, i would try to update more frequently since i love all of you so much and dont like my readers to keep waiting. Smile

Also, there is a poem that i have added. I wrote it myself, since more than a writer, I'm a poet. Please temme how is it. Smile

Waiting for all the comments and all.

Link to the next part: Chapter 8: Proximity and Aftermath

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puth IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:16am | IP Logged
awesome update dear....
i like this vicky very much...he didn't believe natasha and finally got them home......
omg i know its so difficult for everyone to control their emotions seeing mohit/maan infront of them everyday..........
geet is leading a non lively life from past 4 years and hope she gets her happiness back soon............

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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged
amazing update
Yayy Maaneet r living under 1 roof---in the story it's mohit but we all know it's really our Munda Maan
Loved Ur poem--totally displayed the emotions & feelings dat Geet had
Cont soon Xx..
Thx 4 the PM

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alfiya7 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged
lovely update dear....rele love this story...thanx alot for d update n pls dnt b sorry....:)...<3

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