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Reminiscence of Love: A Maaneet Tale :) (Page 20)

surbhijn106 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 5:02am | IP Logged
Loved ur ff wanna read more for more lov n compassion n victory if love maneets love plzzzzz update soon n do pm me plzzzzzzzzz

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bobbydoll Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 6:58am | IP Logged
waiting for next partDay Dreaming

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samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 2:08am | IP Logged
super awesome, loved it to the core.........seriously it was gr8 reading thru ur FFHug

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged
loved your FF....
cant wait to
plz add me to your PM list...

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chubzy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 3:27pm | IP Logged

hey dear !!!!!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update soooooooooooonEmbarrassed

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SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
thanks guys for all the lovely comments and likes. sorry for not being able to reply to each comment personally. but they do matter a lot.

PS: update coming in a few minutes. Smile

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
yaaaaaaaa update soon yaar will be waitingggggggggg

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SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
heyloo my lovelies. love u all. LOL
i actually just got a bit over-senti. LOL
so without wasting time, here is the update. Smile

Chapter 5: Afterthoughts


The next morning, Geet woke up, feeling droopy, and unwell, with a dizzy head and a wobbly stomach. She checked her temperature- 101. She closed her eyes and sighed.

She decided to take an off from work. She had called in sick. She was indeed. Puzzled, ill, frustrated and helpless.!

The yesterday night- was it real? Had she actually seen him?

Such identical face, the exact features, the same touch. How could he not be him?!

But Natasha had called him "Mohit".

Maan. Mohit.

No. This couldn't be. How could someone be so strikingly similar looking? This did mean something. Was he alive? Was Mohit Maan?

She could not ask Natasha. She did not know her number, address or anything.

Vicky was in the office. So was Arohi.

Dadi had no clue.

So, she could not talk with anybody.

If I'd be thinking at this pace, I'd sure lose my sanity, she thought to herself.

She needed a break, she decided. She would go catch up with her old friends and probably indulge in shopping- her not so favorite past time; but at least it would take her mind off all this.

And Vicky would certainly look into the matter. He would be as impatient as I am, she thought.

She called for Nakul- the driver. She informed Dadi that she was going shopping with Meera- one of her closest friends- Meera Rajvansh. She smiled to herself.


While in the car, she punched her number in her phone, and waited as the bell rang.

Tring tring. Tring tring. Tring tring.

With the third ring, the phone was picked up.

"Oh My God! Is that really you after all theses decades? Am I really talking to Geet Singhania?", the female voice blabbered.

Meera was shocked. Geet was calling her. She hadn't been in touch with her from the past four years, well almost. If they would bump into each other sometime, they would talk casually and have a cup of coffee together; or they had met at various business parties where Meera had accompanied her elder brother, Dev Rajvansh- a famous business tycoon.

Instantly, Geet had felt guilty; and selfish. She hadn't bothered to talk with her friend for the past years at her own will. When Meera had got to know about the incident, she was there beside her friend. And afterwards, she had called up often, to check how Geet was doing. But Geet had ignored her altogether. In fact, she had shut herself off from everyone. So, even Meera had stopped calling. Unknowingly, Geet had hurt her friends and family a lot. A fresh stab of guilt went through her, and she just hung up. She could not face Meera then, especially after all what had happened.

Meera wasn't confused. Geet had called, and then she had hung up. She knew her friend too well. She knew that Geet must have felt guilty, and bad about how she had treated Meera. She just smiled to herself, thinking how innocent her friend was.

Geet had actually thought that I would be upset with her still.!, Meera thought and sighed.

True, she was upset in the beginning. But gradually, she had understood, that Geet needed time. How much, she couldn't say. Maybe, a few months, years, or forever. It was about Maan after all. Meera knew all too well. She had observed Geet and Maan's relationship too closely. And it had come as a surprise to her as to how Geet was even living without him. They were the kind of couple, who would die without each other. But Geet was strong. She had held on. She hadn't let go. With these thoughts, Meera dialed back Geet's number, as she had decided to relieve her friend of the guilt.

The call was connected.


"Geet?", Meera spoke softly.

She could hears sniffles, and sobs.

"Geet! See me at my place in fifteen minutes. I want you right here.", Meera ordered.

She hung up.

She was unsure if Geet would make it or not. But deep inside, she had hoped. She trusted the bonds of her friendship, and her friend.

Fifteen minutes later, Geet found herself inside Meera's apartment, hugging her, as if she had regained her long lost treasure. It felt so nice, to have her back. Meera- her childhood friend, more like her sister.

After a crying session of half an hour, with puffy eyes and red noses, both the friends sat down on the couch, with coffee mugs and waited for the other one to bring something up. Meera knew Geet was unwell, so she had forced her to take medicines. And then they started talking, recounting old memories.

"So, how has everything been going with you? How is Dev?", Geet initiated the conversation.

"Yea! Everything is great. My Post graduation is over and I'm working as a trainee under Mr. Jethmalani, Delhi's most famous lawyer.", Meera stated proudly.

"Have heard a lot about you though, and seen you on TV and magazines. Must say you have achieved laurels!", she added.

"Thanks Meer. And congratulations to you. I' actually I just.. I'm sorry Meer!", Geet spoke sadly.

Meera got up from her side of the couch, and came near Geet. She held her by the shoulders, and pulled her into a hug.

"Dare you apologise again! C'mon Geet. Whats gone is gone. It was a bad phase. And its over. Please stop being so miserable now. I know how it is, but you cannot live like this. You have to live properly Geet. For your family, for Maan's family- which is technically yours, and for your friends, for me, and for him. Enough of your tears now. I need a favor from you.", Meera demanded.

"Yes?", Geet asked.

"Could you just smile for me? Once?", she asked sweetly, like a kid asking for a candy.

Geet did not have it in her to refuse. She simply smiled. She was feeling better now. A lot, particularly now, when the guilt was reduced to almost zilch.

For a few hours, Geet forgot all about herself, and became the old Geet- chirpy, bubbly, clumsy.

I guess that's the kind of effect friends have on you.

After a while, Geet remembered the incident of the previous night. She shared it with Meera. Meera was as surprised as she was. Though she was more patient. She knew Vicky would definitely inquire. So for the time being, she asked Geet to just trust Vicky and leave everything up to him. He would surely let her know.

With that, they resumed their chatting. Though Geet's mind, her attention, and concentration was diverted as it had been the whole day since morning. She could not stop thinking about the occurrence. She was edgy over the fact that she had actually seen him, or someone like him?!


Meanwhile, during the day, Vicky had a few meetings scheduled. But he was restive. He had to know.

He could not concentrate on even a single meeting, and asked Pratham to postpone the meetings for the day. He stated that the reasons were personal. Pratham knew Vicky, Arohi and Geet were upto something. He had noticed their strange behavior at breakfast. And Geet, she had been unusually quite and lost. She did not even go to the office. That was very odd. She had turned into a complete workaholic since Maan had left, and she did not even take sick leaves. She took leave only when there was an emergency which could not be averted. But he, being the understanding brother he was, left them on their own. He trusted them enough, for they would sooner or later reveal what was on their mind.


Vicky exited Khurana Constructions. And within a jiffy, he was driving off to ITC.

Natasha and Mohit were supposed to be staying there.

He sighed as he recalled the events of the preceding night. Maan- his very own elder brother, his comerade, his best buddy, his idol. Vicky had been shattered when he had lost Maan.

And now probably he was back? This was the most insane thing, Vicky thought to himself.

But again, how could he appear so similar?

He was driving hastily. Way beyond the permitted speed limit. He was on a conquest. And the mystery had to be solved. A million questions in his mind, and Arohi's and Geet's, needed to be answered.

Who was he? Was he Maan? Why did Natasha call him Mohit? What the hell was going on?!

With all these thoughts, Vicky reached his destination. He braked the car with a jerk. He was nervous. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. The spring of April, and the edginess made him warm.

He scrolled through the phonebook, found Natasha's number, and pressed the call button.

After about thirty seconds which seemed like eternity to him, he finally heard her on the phone. He breathed.

"Natasha", he said.

"Vicky?", she confirmed.

"I'm so sorry Vicky I had to leave yesterday. The situation was such, it was almost out of control. I'm really sorry. I couldn't even inform you. my battery had died down.", she explained.

He heard panic in her voice.

"Its OK Natasha. Listen, there are a few things that I need to talk with you. Can you see me right now? In probably fifteen?", he asked, hoping for a positive response.

Natasha was reluctant. She had not wanted this to come. Neither had she prepared for something like this. She could not even ignore now.

"OK Vicky, I'll see you. Where?", she asked apprehensively.

"I'm outside your hotel, and I'm waiting for you. Please rush.", he requested.

"OK. I'll be right there.", she said.

She hung up. He stared at the screen. And he began the countdown in his mind.


"Mohit.!", she called out to him.

He was having a shower. Quite disturbed by the happenings of the night before, he needed to calm his senses. A cold shower would help him, he thought. But in vain. Her face kept cropping up in front of him whenever he closed his eyes and tried to soothe his mind. Apparently, instead of calming him down, everything was just reeking more havoc in his mind.

Natasha's voice brought him back to reality. He heard her mumble something about leaving and meeting her friend. He had no issues.

In fact, it was good, he thought.

He had not wanted Natasha to know that things had been troubling him too much since last night. She would make an unnecessary issue out of it. He had till now, succeeded in maintaining a cool faade in front of her, and he had intended to maintain it.

Once out of the shower, he changed into his looser PJ's and a loose black tee.  He had stressed a lot, and decided that he would need some sleep now, in order to calm down. So, after he dried himself properly, he switched off his phone, and lay on the bed with a duvet over him, his eyes closed, trying to find peace, tranquility and sleep.


Short update i know. but i'm a bit unwell. sorry all. and i know it kinda sucks too. so please hit the like button and comment even if u dont like it. for me! Embarrassed

PS: Silent Readers, please voice ur opinions as they matter a lot! Smile

Link to the next part: Chapter 6: Revelations

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