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Reminiscence of Love: A Maaneet Tale :) (Page 11)

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plzzzzzzzzzz update yaar

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Originally posted by iqbals4ever

awesome story!!! I love how you portrayed Maan differently in this story can't wait too read more continue soon please!!!!!Clap

thank u. and update coming soon. Smile
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Originally posted by hinalshah

plzzzzzzzzzz update yaar

update coming in 10 more minutes. Big smile
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Originally posted by aditiwalia56

loved it..........

am glad. thanks. Smile
..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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yaaaaaaaaaa fast yaar
and ur ten minutes r up plzzzzzzzz maaneet should see each other or meet plz yaar

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hello there to all my lovely readers.Smile
here is the update. before the chapter there is something that i had wanted to clarify. i think that a few readers might find the starting parts of this FF boring, as there is no Maaneet. but i promise the moments are coming real soon. i have to write such parts the establish the base, and introduce new characters. like in this chapter, i had to portray the eternal bond between Maan and Geet. Hence, the "connection" or "feeling". and i had to introduce a new character. therefore, please be patient guys. i know u haven't complained(u being such sweet and nice and patient readersSmileClap). but still, i needed to let u guys know, so i did. no offence to anybody. i love u all. Smile

Chapter 2: A Strange Feeling

"Airport! Yaaaay!Big smile", Arohi Exclaimed.

Geet, who was lost in her own world and thoughts, snapped out and turned around to face her sister in law.

"Geet! Have u been crying?Shocked", asked Arohi with a worried expression on her face.

""Err. No Arohi! Something must have gotten onti my eye. Some particle maybe. I'm fine. I'll just go to the restroom and splash some water in my eyes. And I'll be fine.", she lied, trying to assure Arohi.

"Are you sure Geet?", Arohi asked again.

"Yes baby! I'm sure. Now c'mon, lets get off the car. I'm sure Vicky's flight must have landed. We don't want to be late now, do we?", she asked, faking a smile.

"Yeah! Absolutely! I just cant wait to see bhai. Plus, he'd kill me if we're late.", Arohi replied.

Geet chuckled. These twins! LOL

They reached the terminal and entered the waiting arena and sat on a bench.

"Half an hour to go! We're early!", Arohi sighed.

 "Yes we are. Hey, you stay here. I've to use the restroom. And I'll also inquire about the status of his flight. Till then, here, read this book. You may like itWink.", Geet winked at Arohi, who frowned.

Geet knew Arohi hated books. But there was no way to keep her busy. Lest she would get bored. So she handed her the book, and proceeded towards the washroom.

"Flight A-180-7145, from Mumbai to Delhi, has landed"

Geet heard the announcement. She felt a tug in her heart.

As she was wandering around, she noticed the inquiry counter and made her way towards it.

"Excuse me Mam! Flight IC- 814 from London to Delhi. What is the status?", she inquired.

"yes mam! Please wait a minute. I'll just check and let you know.", the lady at the counter replied politely.

3 minutes. Geet tapped on the counter.

"Umm. Mam. The flight is delayed by fifteen minutes due to some technical issues. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.", the lady apologized.

"Oh. Its ok! And thank you.", Geet smiled and walked away.

A bit tired now, from the day's work, she decided to walk back to the arena, very conveniently forgetting that she was supposed to use the restroom. ROFL

At the Waiting Arena:

"Arohi, the flight is fifteen minutes late", Geet informed her, as she reached.

"Oh God! Fifteen Minutes!Shocked", Arohi gasped.

"Hello? Its just 15 minutes! Not 15 hours. Relax!", Geet said.

"Yea! I guess. By the way, I actually liked the book. Can I keep it? Ppppllllleeeeaaasseee?Embarrassed", she asked, making a baby face.

Geet noticed her face, her expressions.

Her mind went back to him- his memories. Such resemblance, she thought.

Of course Geet! He was her brother! Of course they would resemble each other. What is the big deal?!, she mentally scolded herself. Pinch

"Geet! Can I? pwweeezzzz!!", Arohi nudged her, and asked her again, the same question, pouting.

"Ok! Yes, you can!", Geet gave in to her request. How she loved her. She was the sister Geet never had.

At that moment, Geet felt a funny feeling in her stomach. And then she recalled. She had forgotten to use the washroom. Tongue

"Idiot Geet! Who forgets such things?Confused!", she muttered under her breath.

Too embarrassed to admit this in front of Arohi, she excused herself under the pretence of checking out a bookstore.

Rushing for the washroom, she accidently bumped into somebody and


The hot coffee spilled all over her clothes!

"Great! Yehi baaki reh gaya tha iss din mePinch.", she spoke to herself annoyingly.

"I'm sorry! I was in a hurry. I'm really'Unhappy", she had begun her apology when

"Hey! You foolish girl! Cant you watch where you go?Angry!", a shrill feminine voice yelled at her.

"Excuse me? Did I not just apologise? Then why are you making an issue out of it?", Geet retorted back.

"Apologise? What are you blind? You just spoiled my dress and all you do is apologise? Just who do you think'Angry", she was screaming when Geet cut her off.

"Shut up womanAngry!", Geet yelled. She had lost her patience. Here she was apologizing to the crazy woman who couldn't care to look where she walked, and the same female had been hurling at her. She was highly pissed now.

And she continued, "did I not say SORRY? And as for the spilling of the coffee, I assume that you are able enough to notice, that it is not just your dress which is spoilt. Plus, its not entirely MY fault. Its not my hobby to go around bumping into people. It was an ACCIDENT! For which I have apologized. Do you get it now?Angry"

Saying this, she stomped off, fuming in anger, leaving the woman stupefied.Shocked

And after a few awkward moments, the crowd that had gathered there, dispersed off.

"What happened? Why do you look like, as if you've seen a ghost?", a man came up to her and asked in a concerned tone.

Staring blankly at the space in front of her, all she could do was to point her finger towards HER.

The man followed the direction of her pointer, and in the crowd, spotted a petite feminine form.

A strange feeling took over, a familiar feeling. Noticing her curves, her walk, her shape, he instantly felt his heart beat quicken.Embarrassed

Geet in the other hand, had the sudden urge to turn around and steal a glance- of something, someone. She had felt a presence behind- a presence of the past- HIS presence. As she was about to turn around, she heard somebody calling out to her.

"Geeeeeeet!", the cheerful male voice screamed.

Half of the crowd there followed the direction of the voice, while the other half, including THAT MAN, looked around for the girl named Geet, amongst the crowd.

Geet was flustered. An embarrassed blush crept up to her cheeks. She had recognized the voice. How could she not! Forgetting all about her sudden urge, a wide smile appeared on her face, as, from the crowd, she picked out the face to which the voice had belonged.

She did not even have to move, because before she could budge, he had reached her and engulfed her in a bear sized hug.

She was over whelmed. Happy tears crowded her face.Cry

"Oh Geet! I'm so happy to be back! I've missed you just too much to say", he spoke, his voice clearly laden with emotions.

Meanwhile, the man was noticing all this. Everything happened in a jiffy- too quick for him, or anyone else, to register. And unknown to him, a feeling pricked his heart.

"JealousShocked?", he thought to himself.

"What?! Shut up Mohit! You don't even know her. Besides, she is not NatashaPinch!", he mentally scolded himself.

"Mohit! Mohit! That crazy woman! Uff! Lets leaveConfused.", the girl by him exclaimed.

Apparently, even she had been too confused, by the sudden turn of events. So she just let it be. And when she had noticed Mohit's gaze on that woman, she had felt something wrong. Very wrong. It was then she knew that she immediately had to get him away from all this.

"Mohit! Lets leave!", saying this, she dragged him towards the car, out of he terminal.

Once outside, they located their driver, settled themselves in the car, along with the luggage and drove off.


Back at the Terminal:


"Cant. Breathe!", was all she could manage to squeal.

Instantly, he let go off Geet, embarrassed.

"Oh my Geet! I'm really sorry. I just'I have'.Oh Cut the Crap! I missed u just too much!", he exclaimed and pulled her back in a hug.

"Erm Vicky! Its okay. And I missed u too, very much.", she spoke in a sad tone.


Vikrant Singh Khurana, the youngest Khurana II; (Arohi's Twin)


Vikrant Singh Khurana, was her best friend, handsome, decent, with a cute face, and boy-ish features. He was casual, fun loving, and a kid at heart. He laughed, till he would cry. He smiled even when he was sad. He could never see anyone sad, especially Geet- his best friend and bhabi. He respected and loved the family, and he was focused, like the rest of the Khurana kids, towards his career. He had done his graduation and post graduation in Architecture from Oxford University, London. And he was back now, to have taken up his job as the head architect at Khurana Constructions.

She loved and adored him dearly- just like she did Arohi. But Apparently, Vicky was much more fond of Geet. He could have loved her even more than he loved Arohi. After that fateful day, when th destiny had played a cruel game with them, both Geet and Vicky were totally shattered, and found solace in each other. Since then, they had grown only closer. Geet was somebody Vicky could talk his heart out to, and vice versa. To an onlooker, it might have appeared that they were in love, or something similar. But only they both had known, what they had meant to each other. Probably even more than they would have, if they would have been in love. After HIM, Vicky was everything to Geet. He was HIS brother after all. She saw too much of HIM in Vicky. Though Geet was younger to Vicky, he still called her Bhabhi sometimes, especially when they talked about HIM. And she was everything to him, his best friend, his bhabhi, his world. But he had never thought of Geet in a way a man would think about a beautiful woman. He never lusted on her. He loved her, yes. But as a best friend. He cared for her, respected her, admired her.Smile

Though in the beginning, the Khurana's actually did assume that Vicky and Geet might have fallen in love. Confused They thought that Geet had decided to move on. But when they confronted them both, the reaction that the family had received were, disgusted looks by Vicky, and a sobbing Geet, with just one question,

"How could u think that I could ever forget HIM!?Cry"

The Khurana's had been explained, that Vicky was the pillar of strength Geet needed. This was how it was, their bonding, their relationship, and their love- Vicky and Geet.

"Geet, where is my other halfWink?", he joked, when he finally let go of the hug.

She chuckled.LOL

"Here! I'm here! You seem to have really forgotten me amidst your hug- session! HmphhPinch!", Arohi complained, making a baby face.

"Oh sister! My sweet baby!", he cooed and hugged his sister.

Arohi forgot all about her complaints when she felt the arms of her brother around her. She was so overcame by emotions, that she cried like a kid, and hugged him tightly as ever!

"Bhaai! I've missed u so much. U don't know. I'm so happy to see you. It was like, I was so lonely without you. I'"

"Arohi. Cant. Breathe.", he managed to speak in between her blabbering.

(Yes, it is a Khurana tradition to knock the breathes out of people while hugging them. lolLOL)

"Oh! Hehe. Sorry bhaai. But its you who made me behave like this. Why were you away for so long?Unhappy", she pouted and asked.

"Aww my dear little sweet baby sister. I've missed you too. I'm sorry I was away for so long. But now I'm here, and I wont ever leave you alone. Promise.", he assured and pinched her cheeks and pecked her on the left cheek.

"Achha ok! Group hug!", Arohi grinned, and pulled both of them into a hug.

"Ab saara Milan yahi karna hai, ya ghar ke liye bhi kuch rehne denge? Or log bhi hain ghar me.", Geet said, and the trio laughed. LOL

With that, all of them walked to their car joyously, and headed back home, each with their own thoughts. Vicky, too happy to have met Geet and Arohi, too excited and eager to be back at homeBig smile; Arohi, overwhelmed by happiness to have seen her brother after 5 long yearsBig smile; and Geet, to have had her best friend back with herSmile, and HIS memories, crowding her heart, once again, as they had been in each moment of the past four yearsBroken Heart.

PS: hit the like button. and COMMENT.Embarrassed

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PS: guys! note. Arohi and Vicky are not identical twins. they are fraternal twins. so they DO NOT LOOK ALIKE. also, Vicky is 8 minutes elder to Arohi.Smile

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yaaaaaaaaaa first one to commentPartyPartyParty
just loved it and loved whn mohit got jealous bcoz of his own brother vickyLOLLOLLOL and loved whn geet shouted on natashaWinkWinkWink and thanks for updating soon

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