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Do Dil.... Mil Rahe Hain. ..A new ff(updte pg 62) (Page 57)

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oh Maris!!!!, very nicely written.i hope shravan comes fast and beat that amit to death.Angry

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Chapter 45  

Two pairs of eyes were watching Saachi riding on the scooter towards the mussoorie- Tehri bye pass road...The eyes of an alert private dedective...He swiftly called the police and informed the situation...Next he called the Jaiswal's house and found a patient Rajat listening and noting down the details...
In a blink of an eye, things started to happen quickly...

Fearing of the worst for Saachi, the brothers, quietly left the house to the police station...Except Pratap, who was in the office, none were briefed about the development, for the fear of bringing another round of emotional turmoil...Shravan was nowhere to be seen or contacted; his cell phone switched off...Upon reaching the station, the brothers spoke to the Chief Commissioner and started the ball rolling for organizing a search patrol to be dispatched in that direction....

In the meantime, Rajshri's mother came to the police station, to file a complaint regarding the missing of her daughter since the day before...After thorough enquiry, it came to a faint suspicion, that there could be a link between her disappearance and Apurva's kidnapping and Saachi's rushing to somewhere...For once the police was able to build on this threads, tying them together...
As further questionings and enquiries were being made both at Rajshri' place and her hostel, many things started to fall in place....The odd behavior of Amit Vohra , the searching of his room at hostel, led them to knock at his house...
A thankfully lucid mother of his, was able to provide further information regarding his personality...Listening to her answering the police Rajat and Savrav were amazed at strange and crooked method and ways of achieving this status...The police were equally shocked that his mother without any qualms said in a matter of fact voice, her sons dubious ways of attaining things...All this indicated that he was more sick and twisted and needed immediate medical attention...A case of an excellent study of behavioural science...
With the address of the old mansion and armed fully with enough reinforcements,they wasted no time in leaving for that place...Savrav parted ways to inform his father and  then both went to Shravan's office...Not finding anyone except the office boy, they had no choice to head back home...Calling Viren and Bunty proved to be futile, as they didn't see Shravan at all that day...
Entering the home they immediately sensed an uneasy calm and a pall of gloom filling the house....The women folk had gathered around Shravan and were consoling and comforting him...For a minute Pratap didn't understand anything, then being very observant and ever practical, realized that they were crying over Saachi's disappearance...He then patiently briefed them about all the developments and instilled some confidence in all...
"Arre bequddar thum cell phone kyon rakka hai...Ek, toh thum  mera calls nahi attend kartha hai; doorsra thum usko switch off kartha hai...Why is that when its most important to contact you, you seem to disappear?" he asked in a concerned manner...
"I didn't mean to do so Papa, its just that I was so busy going to Saachi's school to get more information and then went on some urgent office work to Deradun...I realized in the meantime my phone ran out of charge, so couldn't do anything about it....When I came back home tired I found Saachi missing and then all hell broke loose"... saying so he pluged his phone on the charger and found a message from Saachi...
" Arre yeh toh saachi ki message hai... Koi address sms ki hai'... showing that to all and with a renewed hope of finding her soon he rushed to his bike, and zoomed towards that place with prayers on her lips...


By the time he reached there, the police had  had busted in and were shepherding out Rajshri(with Rajat's coat around her) and Saachi, with Apurva in her arms...It was very shocking and  surprising to see Amit Vohra being handcuffed and led by the police towards the waiting Jeep...On his way out Amit gave a killing look to Sharavan and tried to plunge forward, but was immediately subdued with a nasty hit by the police's lattti...

Seeing Shravan Saachi almost ran to him, still holding the baby close to her... Hugging her tightly and wiping her tears away Shravan, gently led her to the shade under a huge Gulmohar tree...Soothing her and calming her he was able to gather all the information about what happened these few hours... When called by the police to inspect the house Shravan went with in with mixed feelings... With a contemptuous, revolting feeling he eyed the room the monster had held hostage his beloved and baby and the innocent Rajshri...
The police chief was briefing him "Har criminal aadhmi sochthen hain ki woh bahut intelligent hai  aur hoshiyar hai... Par kayi na kayi, ek chotisi galthi se pakkad jathen hai... Dekhiye,is Amit ko...He planned everything very well, but slipped on one point, Rajshri...If she did had not made that detour while going home, if her mother had not come to us to file her missing person, then this case couldnt have been solved so easily"...


"When we came here, there was absolutely no sign of life...But we have a very enterprising force...Two men simply climed on to the roof and then jumped into the terrace...There we found a room full of all the latest gadgets, electronic suvillance equipments, computers, jamming devices...From there they climbed down, found the all rooms empty except for one...This man was laughing at and threatening your wife"...

"Can you imagine with just brute force my men were able to pounce on him and pin him down...Sukkar hai who aadhmi was not armed, least the consequences would have been disastrous"...he said and patting him on the shoulder walked away..
Shravan wondered how, simple and easy it was to nab the culprit, no cinematic villain chase or fight was needed...Just a stroke of luck and good application of intelligent minds can even outwit and hoodwink the most inveterate criminal...Along with Saachi and a totally broken Rajsri, he headed to the hospital and then towards their respective homes...


Thinking about Rajshri, both felt sad for her calamity...She trusted a wrong, twisted creep of a man and gave her heart to him, little suspecting he would even claim her body by force...Now only her soul and mind was intact...With much help and support, Psychologically, Medically, she would definitely bounce back , put her past behind and look forward to the future...It would be a long drawn process, but Saavan will always be there to help her all the way...

All of them went home after the necessary completion of police formalities...A jubilant Jaiswal and Sharma kaandhan had gathered at the Jaiswal hose...Tears of joy overflowed, Prayers and Poojas offered by each and every member...The Maker thanked again and again from stopping things from turning into utter disaster...
A happy reunion of sorts, with lots of hugging and motherly kisses took place; the sight left to all of your best imaginations...


A week later Saavan flew to the Andaman Nicobar islands for their honeymoon...Being born and raised in the hill station they wanted a seaside romantic jaunt... A veritable garden of Eden and a naturalist's paradise, a secluded and an almost utpoic heaven, it was fitting they spent their honeymoon there... They explored the island, with its cellular jails, museums, beaches and tropical jungles...


The nights they explored each other further, with passions ranging from sedate to fierce; from manly to animal...  Coming very close to losing her, Shravan's love only increased hundred fold; Saachi realizing this, loved him a thousand times more...As Saavan they understood the meaning of the term Rab ne bana di Jodi, the feeling of oneness and eternally belonging to each other birth after birth, eons after eons, till the end of this kaliyug...



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simply wonderful!!!!!
will surely read it and thx for the pm Wink

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Originally posted by maris08

Chapter 44

Saachi slowly pushed open the door, calling out her friend's name...There was no response...The silence was deafening...She felt a tingling sensation on her spine... her arms and legs were filled with goose bumps...With  strong sense of foreboding, a  premonition of some disaster to happen, she gingerly entered the house...


The drawing room was empty... The hallway leading to the kitchen and beyond it was also free from human presence...She opened two doors on the other side of the hallway away from the kitchen and found them empty...Only bare walls was there in all room so far, devoid of any indication to whom this place belonged to...

Getting an eerie feeling about this place, she heard a faint sound of the front door closing with a click....A noise that was loud enough to make her shiver and suddenly feel chill...With arms around her and searching for something in that hall to attack, in case it was the stalker, she heard loud footsteps nearing her....She turned around and saw HIM...


"You".... she said.... "You are here ... you are, you are..."she stammered and hesitated, stepping slightly back....She then saw that animal look in his face, a look of lascivious and leering in nature...Then the realization hit her strongly, making her reel back, because of the intense shock..." YOU ARE THE STALKER AND THE KIDNAPPER" she cried closing her mouth with her hands, eyes wide filled with fear and bewilder...

"Yes" said an inhuman AMIT VOHRA..."Why you thought it was someone else; how much you underestimate me, My dear lovely beautiful Saachi... You insult my intelligence"...he said laughing and smirking at his own joke....


Stepping forward closer to her he said in a tender voice "Saachi ever since you came living to Mussoorie, I have watched you grow and become a surpassing beauty...Do you remember the boy who was living, just down the street, in a one room house of a crowded rented, dilapidated apartment complex...Yes that was me...Studying in a Municipal school, I always had to fight my way for studies and attention from all the Neighborhood kids....I used to be so skinny and bones and whenever the others picked up fight with me you used to come to my rescue"...he said dreamily...


"Then calamity struck, my father died due to heart attack and my mother became a wreck...We were thrown out of the house and moved to a lesser known, seedy place, where daily living was a constant struggle...I toiled and studied and worked part time and made it to IAS training...Then we moved back to a decent place...My mother never really recovered and still suffers and wavers between lucid and unstable phases...Rajshri befriended me in college, but I never gave an indication of knowing her before"...

"I have watched you, finishing school, college and earning as a teacher...I felt proud of you and was able to relate to you...In the meantime you Mama started looking out for suitable alliances for you...Then one day when I thought I was settled enough and could care for you ever, I called up on your mama and asked for your Hand...He rejected straight away saying that I was a nobody...I didn't feel hurt, I waited and asked again, this time after, landing this prestigious IAS seat; again he rejected me saying 'Saachi will marry whomever I choose' and sent me off"...
Then scores of prospective groom were lined up for you and none was chosen...Again I tried my Luck...You know what your mama said, 'I prefer Saachi to be a spinster rather than get married you'...He said that he had made enquiries about me and found that the method of my achievements did not measure up to his standards"...
"What is wrong with that, I ask you..I stole a few people's money, cheated  a few out of their homes and blackmailed the doctor  treating my mother...Am not ashamed of all these...All I wanted was to succeed at all cost and to marry you...Means of attaing my goal was my aim not the ways of achieveing them... But you mama didnt feel convinced and like me either....He shut the door completely on my face and even threatened me"..
"That is when I finally realized, I would never be able to attain you...what couldn't be achieved by straight way can be done in my own crooked way...So I planned all these moves very carefully and meticulously stalked you...But when I heard you are to marry that idiot, my rage knew no bounds... I was seething and felt cheated... None can steal you away from me... You are mine and always will that why I kidnapped the child as bait to capture you...Now that you are here, you can never go back, none knows about this place, nobody will rescue you"...he said...
The lengthy harangue was like a, twisted, warped man turned monster's monologue...It was unreasonable, unjustified and bizarre behavior of a compulsive obsessive addict of a man...A man turned animal needing desperate measures of correction...
A sobbing sound made both of them jump and realize that Rajshri was standing, near the door of the hallway, was listening to all this...Seeing her torn clothes, uncombed hair, smeared face, Saachi immediately guessed her ordeals and feared for her worst...Rushing to her comforting her, with her arms tightly around her, she was speechless...Amit seeing this was angry and forcefully led them back into his room...
The sight reeled Saachi, shocking her entire core...It was disgusting and loathsome to even set one's eyes inside...Fighting a strong and urgent sense of escaping from there she scanned the room for a sign of life...Overjoyed at seeing Apurva, she rushed to him and took him inher arms...Thankfully Rajshri's attentions and care had eased him in a better frame of mind...
Turning around Saachi asked Amit what he wanted..." You ofcourse, you stay with me, I will let both go free; If not you still get to stay with me but I won't guarantee their lives"...smiling crookedly he laid conditions for them..." But don't ever think of calling anyone from here...This place, my own, is jammed against any signals; so no cell will work...I had thought of everything else you know...This time Saachi nothing can stop this Amit from making you his...I will give you half an hour, think and come with positive answer'...closing the door he walked away, whistling to himself...His immediate job was to hide Saachi's scooter and wipe away her trace to this house...
"Oh Saachi, how could you get yourself trapped like this? Why did you answer the call? Why didn't you inform   Shravan and come with him here?"..... she  be moaned her friend... 
"I have texted a message to Shravan you know, he will surely come here...In my haste I cldn't think of anything else, just came rushing here...Surely God will guide Shravan here..." she said so confidently and wiped Rajshri' tears and cooed baby Apurva at the same time...It was a very cool and confident Saachi, strong and steadfast in her belief that her Maker will somehow release them from captivity without any harm or maim....


Awesome Maris!

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We miss your update very much.You are wonderful story writer.keep writing and inform us .We will enjoy reading your new story.

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Maris.....thrilling episode....SAVAN united again....innocent Apurva safely back in his mother's arms...poor Rajshri but hopefully she will be herself again with good counselling. SAVAN on FF did so much justice to SAVAN than the original show...what a waste of a final episode in BHPH!!! Will miss Do Dil....but i hope u will continue to entertain us more....thanx for everything

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Whoa! Awesome, Maris! :D

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