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Do Dil.... Mil Rahe Hain. ..A new ff(updte pg 62) (Page 35)

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
owe !! pls pls pls continue !!22222222222 eager 2 no wat happns !!!
awesome update !
thanx for d pm!

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Take a bow Maris Clap 
Such romance, so sweet! He kissed her on her lips....Day Dreaming
You're perfect in this!
I am speechless, just want to say thanks for the pm and this wonderful, most sweetest update. Can't wait to read how this romance will grow Wink
Saachi and Shravan's romance: great and forever!

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ash91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 9:33am | IP Logged
omg!!!! awesome update maris!!! loving SaaVan all over again...cant wait to see their romance grow...pls continue soon...

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shobrakapooor IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged
wow maris great update. now the title is really suiting the story - do dil bmil rahe hein but instead the title can be - 'do dil baat kar rahe hain'. oh just kiddin yaar. anwy  u r juz givin a relief frm sad real serial stry goin on. i really feel sad on shravan.

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anasuya43 IF-Sizzlerz

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Beautifully updated Thanks

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Nice update! Heart

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awesome update...thx for the pm

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Guys Do Dil all chapters updated here
               DHO  DIL Heart Heart....  MIL  RAHE  HAIN 
                        A  FAN FICTION  BY   MARIS          
Saachi  was looking at the  Bouquet of Red roses and the greeting card tucked within it..It caught her attention as the first thing this morning.. She was late waking up as she was busy the previous night giving finishing touches to her Ballet. It was to be enacted out at her school's Annual day..Her tired and weary eyes were hurting  and stiffling an yawn she got up from the bed.. and Lo these beautiful roses caught her eye...she saw the card ;nothing was written in it except a big heart shaped balloon figure.. wondering who had sent it she went in search of her mammi...
Good morning mammi ji, g mornin mama ji; she wised them both and joined them for tea.. Maami aap ko path hai kya , khon mereliye roses bejeha aur woh card?
Kya rose or card beta  mujhe toh patha nahin.. shaayad Shreya se pooch..Jaldhi thyaar ho ja beta late hora hai school ke liye..
Saachi was on the way out when Shreya on the way in from her tuitions greeted her..gmornin didhi... wow dekha woh bouquet. kithni sundar hai.. mein subh ootne se hi dekha.. kisne bejha hai didhi? saachi was at a loss for words.. toh thume bhi patha nahin who gave these flowers... Ajeeb lagtha  hai.. does naanu and naani know anything shreya?..
Arre didhi woh dono aaj hi aane walena haridwar se.. yeh kaisa  ho saktha hai? jo bhi ho someone is really fond of you.. wah kya baat hai didhi.. kya kuch chakkar hai kya? Shreya thum bhi na.. kya kya bolthi hai.. chalo mein baad mein dekungi, ab school  jana hai, bahut late hogya.. bye bye..
Saachi's mind were on the flowers and mystery card.. who wld have the audacity to place them on her bedside when both shreya and herself were sleeping...
the very thought gave her goose bumps and an uneasy feeling...with these thoughts she entered the Doon School....
Chapter 1
The Doon school's imposing edifice was welcoming all its wards;teachers and students alike.. The school established inthe pre independance days still commanded respect among the educational fraternities world over.. An oppurtunity to study here is still considered the highest honour..
Into this welcoming corridors saachi walked ; her steps light, her smile bright, her head acknowledging the greetings of the students..She was the music and dance teacher imparting not only just music but the songs of life.. she was always friendly and gave a sympathetic ears to the students problems; their adolescent worries and apprehensions.. no wonder she was most popular among the students aswell as the staff, as she always moved well even with them
Entering the class she greeted  the eager faces of tommorows india.bacchon ab mein woh ballet likh liya.. aaj mein parts keliye audition karungi aur kal se rehearsals.. tikk hai..  she opened her draws after unlocking it... and lo and behold there was a box of chocolates with a heart shaped ribbon tied around it..
In the midst of the cacophony of excited , bubbling voices Saachi cldnt help wondering who her silent admirer was unnerving her and giving her a creepy feeling that was hard to shake off...
gathering  all her resourses she started her auditions immersing in the happy sounds of the children... for after all this was a fairy tale Ballet.. that of Rapunzel and Prince charming...
The morning quickly gave way to the evening.. the Joy and cheerfulness of the children at the beginning of the Day slowely had changed to one of tiredness ; just like the bright sun setting and settling for the day stretching his aching and tired rays...
Saachi wishing her wards gevein packed her things and rode her scooter home... she longed for a cup of hot chai and kahkkras..which her maami makes deliciously...
Aavo saachi.. kaisa laga aaj ka din all greeted her at home... Naana Nanni aap aagayen.. kaisa tha aap ka theerth yathra?.. with chai in her hand she settled down to her  abt their news...
Beta woh sab tikk tha.. pehele mujhe ek baat batan hai thum se.. mannonge na.. asked naana..
Arre jaan jaye par lachan na jaye.. interjected naani.. uske kyon pooch na hai.. hum jho karrahenge uski balai ke lye na .. woh thodi mana karengi... Saachi was looking askance and her gace swept from maami to bhaiya to bhabi to shreya and lastly rested on her naana..what it is naanu.. why all this ghambhir words ..
 Meanwhile her mama  Inder enterd the house from office.. kya hora ha bhai.. kya kuch khaas baat hai kya.?. he enquired..
Hum Saachi ki saadhi ki baat karrahen gen.. Dhamad ji shyaad aab bhool gya saachi ab baccha nahin hai.. kithne din ab is ghar mein rahenge. isiliye hum ek upay socha aur ek vaar bhi doonnke laya?  bahut accha khaandhan hai.....Bus aap chup hajayiye.. shouted mama cutting her off..
 saachi ko kab kaise shaadhi karna hai ye aap sab mujh par choddiye.. woh meri jimmedari hai.. usha ji eh baat aapko bhi hai..saying this he walked into his room in huff..
Saachi was feeling bad and saw everyone leaving her to her own... she went to her room, took her parents photo and hugged it.. If and only my parents had survived that accident ,then I neednt be a burden on my Mama...i neednt have been paraded like a doll before the prospective grooms... Oh what a life to live like an orphan among your loved ones...wiping her tears with a new resolve in her mind she freshned herself and went to help mammi in her dinner preparations...
Chapter 2
The dinner was eaten silently with only the cutlery and glass making tinkling sounds... Ahem saachi said.. mama ji bura math maniye , ise pehele jo hua woh aap bhool jayiye...ladki dekne mein eh sab hotha rahtha hai.. muje koi parva nahi hai( while saying this she swallowed her disappoinments and put up a brave face) lets hear what naanu and naani has to say.. if the boy and khandhan is nice then there must be no problem na ? Inder somewhat pacified got up and hugged Saachi.. how grown up and responsible you have become.. started earning youself and smilingly accepting all your suitors rejections.. iam sorry beta.. agar is baar  bhi wahi hoga toh hum kya karen. Dont worry Inder beta , said nannu yeh rishta bahut accha hai, yeh family hamare saath haridwar aaya tha.. unke baaren mein mujhe sab kuch patha.. is bar jaroo baat pakki hoga.. viswas karo..
saachi settled for the nite and started thinking and rewinding her life. since her 5th year she had lived with her mamma and maammi. koi kammi nahi tha unke pyar mein.. phir bhi agar maa bhaap hothen.. thinking all this she heard shreya's snores and smilingly tucked her blanket... she got up to close the windows to prevent a cold draught when something caught her eye..
A heart shaped lighted decoration on the gulmohar branch near her window..
An uneasy shivering crept into her.. for the first time she was afraid
chapter 3
Shravan  was getting late to the office... he was dressing and his dadhi was feeding him breakfast... arre bittu ithni jaaldhi kya hai.. har kaam eisa hi kartha hai .. thoda sambal ke aur soch samaj kar karo.. you will succeed.. Dadhi plz vaise bhi muje bahut late hogaya .. aur aap bhi mujhe lecture math kijiye... Hitler ki baat sun sun kar mera kaan behra hogaya .. aap bhi na...
Saying this he dashed of downstairs greeting all others at the breakfast table with goodmornin and rushed  out .. all this like a whirlwind leaving behind a vaccumn. that was the silence felt at the table.. everyone gaping at the front door...
Pratap... yeh ladka kabhi nahi sudrega.. dekho  hamesha fast  aur bahut impulsive hai... agar inka energy hamare business mein channelise hota toh hum kahan se kahan hoga...
Madura... deko ji aap hamesha yisa kyon bholraha hai.. ab Shravan bahut jimedhar aur layak insaan bann gaya ..toh aap ko garv hona chahiye...
Shravan  raced his bike onthe circutous streets of Mussorie ignorant of the beautiful scenery , the sun kissed mountains, the gentle hugging breeze , the lush green carpet of this small hilltown.. Afteral  this was an everyday picture for him.... He stopped in front of his office.. a big neon signed nameboard said  LIGHTS,CAMERA ,ACTION... with a caption underneath your events we manage...
he strode in briskly and joined his 2 friends Bunty and viren. together they had pooled their  money and started this event management co.the Three Idiots as they were fondly referred inboth their business and friends circle  have come a long way since their first school days...
Today Shravan was hard pressed for time.. Chalo Bunty..mera saath.. hum ko Doon school mein presentation karna hai.. agar unko pasad laga toh us 1 lakh ka Annual day fest hamara pocket mein hai...saying this both rode to the Doon school....
Little did Shravan know that his life was going to change in a matter of a fortnight......
Chapter 4
Shravan and Bunty were waiting in front of Mr.Ranjan  Shastri's,(the Dean and principal of Doon school) office... they were fidgeting their thumbs and hoping the presentation goes well.. for afteral this was a major showcase event for their co..The secretary called them in and they entered the oak panelled office..It was like a shrine encased with books on huge shelf oneside, the walls lined with photograps depicting the history and the laurels the school was bestowed with... It was intimidating for them both..
Shravan liking his lips and swallowing his saliva greeted the Dean shastri...After exchanging pleasentaries he immersed himself in presenting how the Annual day can be conducted, how to rope in sponsors, how to organise the stalls selling tidbits and snacks etc etc..all within the budget of 1 lakh...Mr. shastri was very impressed and seeing Shravan he cldnt help himself comparing how much this young man resembled him in his heydays.. such a raw energy, enthusiasm and eagerness to face any new challenges thrown at him..He so so taken in that he said..Mr. Jaiswal do this the way you want, make it the best day ever for this school   manage the whole event successfully and I'll give you a bonus of 50,000Rs .. Shravan was so happy, no estactic he wished he cld jump with joy there, but said with a serios expression(suppresing a smile) sir you will never regret choosing us for managing your annual day.. Its a promise from our Three idiots..
Mr. Shastri smiled beningly and ringed for his sec'ty to see Miss.Sharma in his office..Turning to Shravan he said.. Mr. Jaiswal of all the programmes on that day our highlight will be a  fairy tale ballet.. i want it to be presented at the highest level.. its to be the Piece de resistance... and the talk of this town.. leave no stone unturned , use all your lights and sounds, for the ballet is written beautifully and will be choreographed by our own Miss .Sharma... you will now meet her... Meanwhile a phone came requiring Mr. shastri's attention... He excused himself and said Shravan my sec'ty will introduce you both.. plz feel free to discuss all the finer details..
hearing this Shravan and Bunty came out to meet Miss. Sharma.. 
Saachi being summoned by the dean walked slowly to his office. her mind was already thinking abt how to present this ballet and make it the best one ever...
Like a child savouring the taste of a deliciously melting chocolate in its mouth, she walked with dreams in her heart, but eyes focussed on her way..she swa some figures infront of the office and hurried her steps, turning towrds the long corridors..
Shravan's  cellphone rang... Viren was frantic on shouting on the line... His voice was garbled and the line was cracking.... Shravan cldnt hear clearly.. turning to Bunty he said. arre yaar lagtha hai kuch gadbad hai office mein.. thum is sharma se milo.. explain karo aur wapas aajavo.. mujhe abhi jana hai.. teek hai.. sambal lo sab yahan...saying this he ran towards his bike..
when saachi reached the Dean's office she saw only one person... Bunty introduced himself and with the Sec'tys help they sat down ti discuss the nitty grittys of the show...
Chapter 5
He  was watching  her riding the schooter back home from doon.. the ride between her home inthe outskirts of musoorie to the Doon school was hardly halfan hour.. but he always tailed her and watched her ride ,with her hair flowing in the wind and her face flused with the joy of riding....
He had placed the Bouquet and the card within it silently the other night.. he had entered her room thro' the open window.. seeing her sleep he wanted to caress her cheeks but turned away at the last min..
he had placed the lighted decoration on the branch, an easy task for him as he was adept at climbing trees.. he was smiling to see her shocked face  but when she came back with a sleepy Shreya  he had switched off the lights.. making her wonder whether it was a dream..   the box of chocolates in her draw was so easy to place after he had picked up the locks...afteral  he cld do anything with adept and ease... this was only a childs play.....
He   liked it this way , teasing her , building her anxiety and suspense  and when the time was rt he wld strike.. she will not regret it... he will savour the moment... Licking his lips and smiling crookedly he rode back to his place after seein saachi reach her home....
he needed to plan his next move.....
Chapter 6
Shravan  returned home late in the evening....feeling very tired he thought over the events of the day... What started as beautiful morning with full of cheers ended up with problems to be faced the next day..Virens frantic phone call was the starting point... rushing back to the office from  Shravan saw that Viren was arguing with the police, gesturing the courier guys over some consignments,speaking over the cell..All the same time... as soon as he saw Shravan he just dropped everthing and took himaside and vented his grouse..
Look Shravan this consigment of  expensive focus and neon lights is broken, the police are threatening to file a case on us for not getting a prior permission to organise that show for vintage car rally, there is the dicrepancy in the check ammt Batia&co gave us and the bank realising it...
" mujhe bahut tension ho raha hai .. thum hi ise sab sambal lo.. After all Iam only good in numbers and figures.. thats why I look after the finance aspect of this Co. Bunty is good at executing the projects and handling our Manpower.. But you.. You are the guiness in marketing, organising executing the whole show.You are the fulcrum around which we rally.. Let me settle the Batia&co case.. you handle the police and the courier"..  Hearing viren say all this Shravan said "arre yaar tension mat le ..sab teek ho gayega.. mein hoon na"
the rest of the Day went in correcting these problems and by the time mornin gave way to eve Shravan was tired to the core..
Thinkin abt all this now Shravan wondered whether he had made the rt decision to branch away from family business, but still the challenges this fledging LIGHTS,CAMREA,ACTION posed always invigourated him.. Rt now he needed to eat as he had missed his lunch.. tommorow he will see the higher police authorities and sort  out his probs..
Wondering abt the who might be the Miss. Shrama, on whom the Dean had lavished so much praise, Shravan reminded himself to check with Bunty how it went at the school..
With a skip in his strides, feeling refresehed after a change Shravan jumped down the stairs 2 at atime.. he joined all others at the dinner table..
Nidhi was feeding her 6 month old son Apurva on ahigh chair,Savrav was trying to hold him from reaching over his plate.. Neetha and rajat seated on the opp side were discussing something abt their  business trip..madhura was guiding the bawarchi to place food on the table...with dadhi and Pratap on the opp side at the head of the table, shravan joinedin their midst..
" kaisa laga aaj ka din. barqudhar" asked Pratap.. "teek hai papa, thoda problems hai par mein sambhal lunga" Madhura was happy to hear this confident reply.. har ma keliye apna baccha,shaayad kaisa bhi ho bahut pyara aur pasnad hai..she dosent see the follies or shortcomings in her children. she accepts them and lives with it.
Pratap.." shravan agar thum mera saath hotha tho yeisa kabhi nahin hotha.. mein aur thumhara dhono bhai hamesha thumhe guide karthen hein..Par thumne alag  rasta chunna.. aur is baat par mujhe kush  hai..phir bhi mein ...." 
"Arre thum kyon use hamesha eisa thang karthen ho"interjected Dhadi  " woh zindhagi ki har mushkilon aur challenges ko kaisa face karna hai,woh karenge..seekenge aur use kaamiyaab bhi honge.. mujhe pura viswas hai Shravan par haan"
Every father sees his childhood in his son..he wants to mirror his suceess with his son's. he wants him to grow up and follow his way.. Its how a father is proud of his Son.. Pratap was happy that shravan had chosen a diff line, facing all the challenges, stumbling and balancing his foot in this venture.. He was a litte bit Pround that His son had succeded thus far.. but still like all fathers he didnt want Shravan to grow out of his shadow, he wanted be his mentor and guide... a conflicting emotion every father has  when his child moves away to chart its own destiny..
Chapter 8
Saachi  who had come back from school, that evening was relaxing with her friend and neighbour Rajsri, who was doing her IAS training... the 2 old friends were catching up with the latest gupshup, when shreya  and her Bhabi joined them..two ladies are enough to keep the gossip mills going, but when four of them are together Wink; The Lord help othersLOL
"so tell me Saachi; whos this silent admirer of yours; bouquet, card, cholocates,festoon what lenghts he goes to impress you, I wish my friend too surprise me like this." said Rajshri.. Saachi with a hurt and slightly alarmed feeling said in a small voice " Rajshri yeh sab masak nahi hai. how can anyone access my personal draw and come to my room.. mujhe koi boyfriend ya admirer bhi nahi hai.. mein aur mera kaam, aur is parivaar ke bina mujhe koi chintha bhi nahi hai.. khon hai yeh aadhmi.. jo mujhe bahut parishaan karraha hai.. ghar pe aap log ke bina kisi kho bhi is vishay mein kuch nahi jantha hai.. mein kya karun?.. mujhe bahut darr lagraha hai.."   with her eyes in tears she expressed her uneasiness and unhappiness to them..
"Saachi fikr math karo.. mein help karungi.. hum ek upay sochenge aur come what may hum police mein bhi ek FIR file karenge.. teek hai.. aab aansoon pooch aur chalo hum bahar goomen ge..."
 Somewhat mollified by Rajshri's words Saachi and others went out to enjoy themselves...
Shravan and his brother Savrav had come out shopping that evening. Normally Shravan hated shopping, but today his brother wanted a much earned break from his office and taking care of an infant..
A baby in a house is not only a bundle of Joy,But for every married couple, the very meaning of existence in life changes with its arrival...It fills a big void for those whose life is shallow.. It brings colour to life that was previously  black and white.. it brings out smiles on ones face, which is the rainbow of ones emotions; it brings tears to ones eyes, which are the raindrops of ones soul..
Savrav though enjoying this feeling of fatherhood wanted to get away from changing diapers, feeding and  non stop crying of his son for once.. so he tagged Shravan along with him..After buying some things they came across an icecream parlour... "Chalo lets eat ice cream" said savrav.. ..."No Bhaiya  you go ahead and eat, I'll wait here for you" saying this Shravan watched his bro enter the shop... He then glanced casually inside the Parlour and saw a few people enjoying themselves there...
Then a vision in Pink hit him... his eyes stared at the sight before him... A girl of abt 22 23 yrs eating icecream like a child.. With dribbling,melting wonder on her small mouth, licking its trail and careful not to spill any on her dress or hand she was picture to be clicked,a child to be smiled at,portrait to be desired...Shravan cldnt help himself gazing at her... wow can someone eat icecream like this and evoke such a response...
Savrav coming out of the shop broke into his reverie.." kya hua yeisa kya dekh rahahai.. chalo ghar chalen.. mein ek family pack kareedha, sab enjoy karenge.. chalo.."Haaan haaan Bhaiyaa... ice... creammmmm"shravan mumbled and cldnt help himself to tear away from the place... 'Arre chalo na dher horaha hai" his bro's voice sounded distant and strange... finally with repeated glance at the parlour Shravan headed back home like a puppy on leash following its master

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