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Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 - Dancing with the Stars

isnt sushant a dancer (Page 6)

lunza IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 7:56am | IP Logged
^^^ and the worst part was the boys lost in the end Dead .. sushant and karan were bummed .. siddhesh started crying ..

Nisha_90 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 8:02am | IP Logged
i think its the production and JDJ people's thing to consider all dese things not us..
and as far as sushant's trained dancer thing comes he not only dances well but involves well in the concept wise and helps shampa in every aspect..all his performances proved dat he not only keeps his body but brain also..
and a performance is not only based on Dance but concept,direction,presentation and dis makes a act the best..thats it..
i dun want to be rude just wrote my POV..
i like even Yana,Ankita,Daya,chang also..

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Starktastic IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 8:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lunza

^^^ and the worst part was the boys lost in the end Dead .. sushant and karan were bummed .. siddhesh started crying ..

i knowwwwwwwwwww LOL i ws like ooooooohh man y did da boys lose?!?!
oh i dont like siddesh and never did bt felt bad for sushiiiiiiii 

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CuteCherry Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 8:16am | IP Logged
ya it wasn't fair that the girls won. boys were so much better in every aspect. 

@nadzgirl i totally agree with u y r people in the forums creating problems???when the channel doesn't have any problem*touchwood* with it so just let be na.Smile

just enjoy the show and support your favorites. don't bash others na cuz i haven't seen any Sushant fans bashing any other contestants. but one thing i have to agree is as @nikitagmc stated love him or hate him but u just can't ignore SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUTWink

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by EatPrayLove

Thankyou for putting your points across with reasoning. I too enjoy healthy discussions as long as they are put across with justification, and not without reading other people's post or replying back to their point of view, and only claiming 'its unfair'. If we do not agree, we can always 'agree to disagree' peacefully.Smile

I'd like to repeat myself and clarify THAT NO ONE IS BASHING SUSHANT. He's a wonderful person, extremely modest, one hell of a good dancer, and undeniably gorgeous.- I agree.Embarrassed I'm not saying ki he does not deserve to be on JDJ. I'm just saying ki his being on JDJ definitely acts as a major disadvantage to the others and thus, ONLY BECAUSE OF THE ORGANISERS, it is UNFAIR. Period. That is what I wanted to say by the ZNKD example, that his training is NOT ALWAYS an advantage to Sushant. I think you did not get my point there. There was a high probability that his Jazz training would have turned out to be a disadvantage to his 'locking and popping' this week- cos as Vaibhavi had pointed out- his Jazz style tends to interfere when he is doing OTHER dance styles. IF that had happened with locking and popping, then that jazz training would have become his disadvantage, wouldn't it? Luckily it did not happen this week and he managed to get a respectable 27, maybe bcos sushant-shampa worked hard on it and kept in mind that previous comment by Vaibhavi- unlearnt Jazz and worked on LnP

And then again, its the case that he is trained in JUST ONE dance form. I agree that has some advantages- he is confident about dancing, his lifts are pretty clear and all- but it comes with his fair share of disadvantages too, like I pointed above.

Plus the judges are judging the contestants on their individual levels right? Didn't they give Ragini a 30 for that folk dance and Sushant a 30 for his Mrityunjay act? The levels of both the dances were not equal, were they? But what they did was perfect where that particular theme, genre was considered and considering their past performances. If Sushant does an easy dance, will he get 30? NO. The bar has been raised but only for him- till now no judge has compared other contestants with his dancing, Remo has written in his blog too that he will compare the performances individually. So why is there a problem?

If Sushant has a previous background as an advantage, then why do not the choreos try to find such advantages in their own contestants? Daya's rough appeal is his strong point- in his first as well as Munna bhai dance I liked it. His strength is another strong point- the lifts are good.  Vrushali should use that. Shekhar's lifts are bad- so his choreo should avoid putting too many lifts. If the choreos identify the strong points of their contestants and capitalise on them- it will help them more. Nishant used Ankita's previous Rajasthani dance knowledge to his advantage. Savio made Mahi do Bhangra in first performance.

Am I sounding too optimistic here? Maybe. But I really believe that one needs to look at the half-fill part of the glass, than the half empty one. THAT is the route to success. Baichung was no dancer. His choreo Sonia capitalised his agility and lean-ness on the football field and gave him moves that would make him look good. That is what others need to do too. If he can defeat people like HArd Kaur, Gauhar and Sudha Chandran, then why not others?

And I really wonder exactly why are Sushant fans considering this as a case of sour grapes. :S.
I mean seriously, NOBODY denies Sushant's abilities, talents, hard work. We love our favorites, but what is unfair is so, and why is making an ordinary point, WITHOUT any bashing whatsoever, being taken in such a negative sense?!I do not take healthy discussion in a negative sense. In fact most people here are from Pavitra rishta Forum, and debates there are common. But here, the problem is most do not discuss when the debate is going on (we had one in the past too) and then bring up this topic, without any reasons as to why they think so, just in one line, and then do not reply back again. Plus this issue is brought out again and again in some way or the other in almost every thread. (You presented your points with proper reasons, reverting to mine, many didn't)That is why I said, that if the same point is brought out again and again, without adequate explanation, it LOOKS like a case of sour grapes, unfortunately.Cry

I also agree there is nothing wrong in having favourites, even I have been rooting for Sushant ever since I got the news that he would be in JDJ.Big smileBut why does everyone constantly need to pull him down by saying 'he is trained' and doesn't deserve it, and all, is my simple question.

And why should this topic be closed, really? Just coz it encourages a healthy discussion and doesn't have people swooning over one celeb or the other?! So far, I really don't think there has been any bashing that his topic should be closed!Nope, I didn't request for the topic to be closed bcos of any celeb bashing at all. I asked for the topic to be closed bcos this issue has been discussed before, mods usually close down topics and articles which have been posted or discussed before- to the best of my knowledge. Others were saying that is the way it is, so I requested the mods to close it. Sorry if that was wrong.Embarrassed

@nikita : Thanks for an interesting and intelligent reply. I'm enjoying this discussion. And you do seem to be SERIOUSLY in love with Sushant :)

Do I sound like someone in love??? Oh dear..Embarrassed

Seriously speaking, its nothing like that. As I said before, I'm appreciative of the efforts of all the contestants- even those who don't dance well, simply cos I'm a bad dancer and know that dancing is difficult. But I don't like it when someone pulls Sushant down saying he doesn't deserve to be here, simply bcos he is trained. I didn't like it even when Shweta Salve was criticised for this in season one.

That brings me to your debut actor/best actor philosophy. NOW THAT IS AN INTERESTING POINT.Big smile But that is difficult to apply here. Okay maybe we can have a competition only for non-dancers. but then where is poor Sushant to go? He won't be allowed in competitions like DID cos he's a celebrity and that would be unfair to other commoners who are participating. Even if we start a competition for 'trained dancers' then again it would be a problem- cos there are so many styles, and it is difficult to find contestants all trained in only one style- JAZZ- so that none would have an advantage over the other, especially if one is trained in classical dancing, which would put him/her in a very big advantage. Again- Sushant is not really trained- he's SEMI TRAINED- he knows jazz and that too he left cos Shiamak told him to go for acting. So where does poor Sushant go in such circumstances?Embarrassed

and thank you for reverting back in such a nice manner. Can I know your name please? Its difficult to call you EatPrayLove. LOL

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*Woh Ajnabee* IF-Sizzlerz
*Woh Ajnabee*
*Woh Ajnabee*

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 10:07am | IP Logged
I'm not sure why all these Sushant fan girls think that a topic discussing Sushant that does not praise him to no end needs to be closed because its somehow considered "bashing". Its a normal discussion and the OP is raising a valid point. If you have personally discussed this on the forum, feel free to ignore this topic and let others who may not have participated in the last discussion state their opinion. No harm in that, right?

Whether or not JDJ is supposed to have non-dancers or not, they specifically emphasize the point that these are all "non-dancer" celebs and they keep reiterating that again and again on the show. I don't know about others, but I watched Zara Nachke Dikha where Sushant participated and himself stated that he is a trained jazz dancer. That automatically steers him away from the label "non-dancer". So I do think that the channel is misrepresenting him and obviously someone like Akhil and Daya are not going to be able to compete with him.

There's a difference between having danced in the past and actually being trained. Yana Gupta is an item girl - most of her songs involved wearing tiny clothes and posing than actually dancing. And even if there is dance involved, its a very different style of dancing than what is required on JDJ. If you are trained (in ANY form of dance), you already have the posture, the grace, and the poise needed to dance professionally.

At the end of the day, I would also rather watch Sushant perform over Akhil, but the point here is not that Sushant should be kicked off the show, but rather that these channels always try to fool people into misrepresenting these celebs. Obviously they need some trained/semi-experienced dancers on the show, otherwise they'll be giving everyone scores of 6s at the beginning.

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..Sonii.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 10:28am | IP Logged
Everyone has danced at some point of time, every celebrity belongs to particular profession or industry, Sushant belongs to showbiz industry, so he is aquainted to dance from begining of his career.....
And havent all other contestants didnt dance ever in their life???
The show isnt abt the nondancers, its abt the ppl of different fields, i repeat, and how they perform with the unknown choreographer, and dance all the way to win........
If non dancers vs dancers was the case Sushant would be definitely disqualified for the contestant..

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by *Woh Ajnabee*

I'm not sure why all these Sushant fan girls think that a topic discussing Sushant that does not praise him to no end needs to be closed because its somehow considered "bashing". Its a normal discussion and the OP is raising a valid point. If you have personally discussed this on the forum, feel free to ignore this topic and let others who may not have participated in the last discussion state their opinion. No harm in that, right?

I will give my views only on this part bcos I have expressed the rest of my opinions in the whole thread.

We did not ask for the thread to be closed bcos it bashes Sushant. In fact a peaceful member who has no problem with sushant suggested it first, bcos it has been discussed again and again, and explaining the same point of view again and again is a difficult thing. I have written the same arguments in about five threads. Everyone told that topics which are repeated are supposed to be closed and that is why I had requested this thread to be closed. If I was wrong here, then I APOLOGISE again. I have already apologised once to EatPrayLove, cos I apparently misunderstood the rules of the mods.

 I have no problem with anyone expressing their opinion. By all means do so. I will be only too happy to read and participate. Most of the members here are from Pavitra Rishta forum, me too, where healthy debates are very common. Members are not biased and we don't hesitate in criticizing our favourites.

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