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01/06/2011: PAYBACK time for DK

Poll Question: Will Sandhya or Manik discover the goods in her room?

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.Vrish. Viewbie

Joined: 25 October 2008
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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 12:49pm | IP Logged

Precap: Yuvraj & Prabhavati ordering Vrinda to tend to DK's room

DK has Sandhya remove his shoes

DK is singing (gawd, is his singing annoying!!! Dead) as he sadistically savors his revenge.  He takes his pitcher of water, and deliberately pours some of it on the floor, and then signals to Sandhya to come & clean it.  Sandhya is fuming, but DK orders her to clean it fast, saying there is a lot of other work as well.  He then rubs his shoes on the spot that Sandhya is cleaning, just like Sandhya did for him & Sarla.

He then laughs, sits down on the sofa, puts his legs on the coffee table and then tells Sandhya that thanks to her, his hands are injured, and so he can't remove his shoes w/ one hand.  Sandhya glares @ him, but he orders her to quietly come over and remove his shoes & socks.  He orders her to put her socks w/ the laundry, and put the shoes in the shoe rack.  (Surprised he didn't ask her to polish it)   DK tells her to suppress her anger just like he did when she was making him slave away, and work like a good servant.  He threatens to throw the shoes in her face and let Yuvraj hear his recording if she doesn't do as she orders.  Sandhya comes there, and DK tries playing w/ her by withdrawing his feet, but finally Sandhya grabs it and removes his shoes & socks.

Sarla is watching this from outside, and relishing the sight. delighted that Sandhya is being paid back in her own coin.  She then goes in, feigning horror, and asks DK what he's doing: even though Prabhavati has punished her, DK could have been more generous!  DK tells her that she may have forgiven this girl, but he won't.  Sarla tells DK that they've troubled this girl enough, and now's the time for it to end.  She orders Vrinda to return to her room. 

DK then pretends to stage a fight w/ Sarla, and tells her loudly that if she takes the side of this girl, forget talking, he'll destroy all ties w/ her.  He also orders Vrinda that for the next morning, @ 8:00 o clock, she should serve him fried eggs w/ toast and ginger tea.  Sarla rebukes him, but DK tells her not to interfare b/w them.  Sandhya fumes and storms out of the room.

DK & Sarla keep up their act, but after they's sure that Sandhya is gone, they high-five each other.  She tells him that she'd not have spared him had he spared her, and DK reminds her how they used to be terrified of her @ one time, and now the tables have turned.  She had come to avenge her dad, but he'd torture her so much that her dad's spirit will tremble, wherever it is.

Sakshi resolves to fight on

Savita & Jayesh are w/ Sakshi, and they try to explain to her that in a way, Adi was right.  Savita reminds Sakshi that she's a married woman and after marriage, a woman belongs in her in-laws. 

Sakshi asks whether she should either forget Sandhya, or what all happened to her?  Jayesh tells her that they too are there, and they'll do it.  Sakshi refuses, and tells them that she's not a woman who after marriage considers her parents & sisters secondary - they're as important to her as her hubby & kids.  While Vrinda is impersonating Sandhya in the Jagirdar home, how can she just enjoy in her hubby's home?  Despite evidence to that effect, just sit back & relax?  She'll neither let Vrinda stay in that house, nor let Yuvraj stay out of jail.

Adi joins them @ that point - he's overheard Sakshi, and seems somewhat disappointed.

Shreya asks Sandhya about her chores in DK's room

Sandhya is in her room, brooding about how everything went wrong? (You were too careless and let the wrong people in on your secret.  None of your sisters know, which is why they are plotting against Vrinda, but almost all the Jagirdars know.)  She resolves to find the recordings.

Sandhya then turns around and sees Shreya @ the door.  She thinks to herself that when she was blind, she could make out from the steps who was coming, but now, people can just sneak up on her.  Shreya goes up to her and tells her that it's her, and asks her about the chores she was now doing for DK?  She asks where are the servants?

Sandhya tells her that the servants are there, but DK doesn't allow anyone else to work in his room, and usually, it's Suni chachi who does that, but now, since she's @ her maayka, and DK's hand is injured, she volunteered to help.

Shreya tells that's just like her Sandhya, but she's still annoyed that the family let her do it despite her being blind.  (Exactly!!!) She tells Sandhya that sometimes, she can't understand these people. 

Prabhavati, Yuvraj ponder events

Prabhavati is discussing these events w/ Yuvraj.  She tells him that it was Vrinda who instigated them all against DK, planted evidence against him & so on.  She asks him why he still has any corners for Vrinda?  Yuvraj tells her that they did punish her for that, but that she may have done it out of duress.  Prabha asks him what could that have been?

Yuvraj reminds her that whatever the provocation, that day DK did expose him to that other woman.  Regardless of why he did it, he did it and that's undeniable.  So it's wrong of them to blame just Vrinda.  He tells her that he thought about all this a lot that night - even the rape attempt @ the party: that day, they all saw how DK was stalking her.  Prabhavati asks him how is it that it's only after the entry of this girl that these events are happening: all these years, and neither DK nor Sarla ever behaved this way!  Yuvraj argues that they're seeing their true colors after Vrinda's entry.

Yuvraj also thinks that there is more to it than meets the eye - how did Vrinda redact all her previous allegations against DK by just seeing a photo?  She accepted it all so easily as though she did everything knowingly?  He thinks it's just not adding up.  There is something else playing, and until he finds out, he won't rest.

As Yuvraj leaves, Prabhavati thinks that he's right that there is something fishy going on, and that she needs to find out who Vrinda really is, and why is she here - just for money, or something else?

DK bosses over Vrinda some more

DK's hand is now cured, and he goes up to Vrinda, who is cleaning, and tells her to rub it thoroughly so that he can see his own thobra LOL (Methinks carpeting throughout the haveli will solve this problem for both DK & Vrinda)

He then resumes his singing Dead and leaves the room.  Vrinda locks it from inside.

Sandhya searches DK's room for the evidence

Sandhya then starts ransacking DK's room, searching every nook & corner for anything - laptops, CDs, et al.  Apparently, she spends hours searching everywhere, but comes up blank.

In the meantime, DK & Sarla are in Sandhya's room, where DK climbs a stool and puts the evidence on top of a very tall wardrobe while Sarla hands it to him.  She asks him why he's hiding it in Sandhya's room?

DK tells her that he doesn't expect someone like Sandhya to be left alone in his room and not try searching for it.  He tells Sarla that this is going to be the one place Sandhya doesn't look - in her own room.  She wouldn't have dreamt that the stuff that she was ransacking his room for is actually hidden in her room. (Only that DK didn't hide it - if one looked @ the top of that cupboard, it would be clearly visible)  He tells her that in this chess game, he's a knight and she a pawn, and he's 1.5 steps ahead of her.

Sarla tells him that when he got a 2nd chance to win back everybody's confidence and get back @ Sandhya, why is he trying to use that as the goose that will lay the golden eggs.  He is out of his mind - she urges him to expose her so that she's kicked out and they can live in peace.  DK tells her that she should give him another day - as it is, the Queen has surrounded her, and she's poised to be check-mated.  They leave the room.

Sandhya back in her room, wondering

Next morning, @ 6:00am, Sandhya returns to her room after a futile search, and says to herself that she didn't find anything anywhere.  She wonders where he could have hidden them, as the things lie just across that room on top of her cupboard. (Even if she sees it, I guess she can't reach it)


What an idiot!!!  Yeah, it was a stroke of genius on DK's part to put the 'goods' on top of Sandhya's wardrobe, but the ridiculous part about it was putting it all in one place.  He could at least have scattered it all about her room.  Now, if Sandhya sees it, she can just destroy it, and it'll be back to square one.

Yesterday, I agreed w/ Adi, but today, I found myself disagreeing w/ Savita.  In my opinion, Adi was right in that they couldn't chase the Jagirdars forever.  But the way Savita put it was downright idiotic - that Sakshi should stop doing it just b'cos Adi wanted her to, rather than any rationale it made.  First of all, Savita & Jayesh came in late in the conversation and missed the salient points of what Adi had to say, and now, they're saying that Sakshi should stop doing whatever just b'cos of Adi's wish.  Adi didn't 'wish' anything - he just wanted there to be an end in sight and a return to normalcy.  Sakshi may have given Adi the wrong answer, but she gave Savita the right answer.  Really, I wish Savita wasn't so idiotic, like it's her job alone to look after the sisters.  Speaking of which, why doesn't she do something about Shradhya?

I'm guessing that Sunita's alliance w/ Sandhya is a thing of the past - even if Sandhya discovers what Sarla was up to, she won't make the same mistake a 2nd time by taking Sunita into confidence any more.  Since Sunita is absent, Sandhya can destroy the evidence, and let DK be humiliated.  I think Manik might either simply delete the recordings, or substitute them w/ damaging recordings about DK and/or Sarla.  So when DK plays it to Prabhavati, it ends up blowing up in his face.

I also wish Sandhya could take Shreya into confidence one way or the other.  One good way would be Shreya asking them about this, and Vrinda offering Yuvraj to go out w/ Shreya to convince her that she  is Sandhya.  Demand total privacy, and use that opportunity to explain everything to Shreya.

Episode rating: Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up: Sakshi telling Savita that she's not the typical bahu

Thumbs Down: Vrinda not finding the evidence, having to do menial chores, not being able to confide in Shreya


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Subaru537 Groupbie

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 1:55pm | IP Logged

DK, Why  the hell would you even cinsider of concealing the evidence in Vrinda's room?!? I understand that its least likely for her to look there but there is still a possibility she might. At least you should have had multiple recordings of evidence kept somewhere else, for JUST INCASE if she manages to find out. Simply foolish. And Dk, if you have no more tricks up your sleeves, than I suggest you hurry along and finish off Sandhya for good. Hurry up and show the family the recordings. Angry 

Otherwise, Yuvraj will sooner or later may be mislead into believing something else. Since he said he won't rest until he finds the truth in all this debacle!!!!
As for the sisters, man they piss me off! They never go commit to anything but pointless debate. "oh no Adi, I really care about my sisters" And blah blah blah! Dead end ahead. Going nowhere.
Anyways, Thanks allot for the update _Vrish_

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p0lkad0t Groupbie

Joined: 04 January 2011
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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
I don't think anyone will spot the evidence in her room :( I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst!!

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tvdekha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 6:39pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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.Vrish. Viewbie

Joined: 25 October 2008
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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
^^^^ It's not necessarily the whole computer for the video, but since the laptop would have the master copy to be used to generate copies, DK would want to conceal that from Sandhya.

But the CDs and mobiles were ridiculous!!!  And like we observed in the EDT, just scatter this evidence online - either on websites or as e-mail attachments and you're done.  What's Manik then going to do - try and hack these?  Heck, law enforcement has a tough enough time doing this.

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-JaZ- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
i think sandhya will spot it & give it to manik ...he will destroy what is needed & dk might have on his laptop how he replaced his pic with vrinda's on photos which he showed everybody that he must have taken from the cd containing yuvi's raaz, sent to them ..... sandhya would show it to everybody ..dk has to fall flat on his face LOL ....still uv needs to find out why did vrinda accepted her uncommitted crime.... yuvraj is pondering too much with his litttle brain LOL ..the first thing stricken to him must be how did vrinda came to know his secret....unless any of his family member tells her she may not be knowing it.....

i just want dk to show the evidence to his family successfully...that would be more sensible Thumbs Up ..& wanna see sandhya's reaction on yuvraj & prabha knowing her true face...i dnt think it'll make much diff to sandhya Ermm

yuvraj still backs vrinda Embarrassed poor guy Disapprove ....if i'm writing this story i'll bring one real vrinda who loves uv truly (played by sriti ONLY *strictly* LOL)  create even more chaos ..make it more filmy..& unite her with yuvu at the end Tongue

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p0lkad0t Groupbie

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 8:07am | IP Logged
I really don't believe that they will find the CDs :( it's just going to make Sandhya feel even more stupid when she realises that they were in her room all along and she had no access to them. 

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SEPIDEHh Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged

Thanks Vrisha for the update,hope this cat and mouse play will end soon .

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