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BelieveInLove | OS Gallery #1 | Update Pg3 | 12/06 (Page 3)

MrsSobtiGrover Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
@Everyone -- Thank you all for your amazing comments!! I really appreciate the support :D Updates will be infrequent due to my finals exams starting from monday till 22nd june, wish me luck and pray for me <3

MrsSobtiGrover Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 4:35pm | IP Logged
Don't leave me :(
''Riddhima, I miss you.'' Armaan whispered feeling the wind blow on his face. ''Papa, papa.'' He heard someone call him while shaking him. He opened his eyes to see his daughter, sneha gripping him. ''Papa, Di aa gayi.'' Sneha spoke up excitedly. Armaan smiled, finally his daughter was coming back after 3 years. ''Papa.'' He looked at the door to see his eldest daughter, Nupur. ''Nupur.'' He smiled seeing her, it had been a long time. He put sneha down and hugged Nupur. ''I missed you papa.'' Armaan smiled hearing this. ''Meine bhi tumhe bohot miss kiya.'' He replied pulling away from the hug. ''Papa, i want you to meet someone.'' She spoke hesitantly. ''Sure.'' Armaan said not knowing who he was about to meet. ''Aap, beto mein abhi aati hoon.'' He looked at her confused as she went out of the house. He sat down with sneha on his lap and waited for Nupur to return. A few minutes later, Nupur came back but this time with someone entering from behind. ''Namaste uncle.'' He put his hand together, Armaan replied the greeting. He looked at Nupur, to introduce eachother. ''Mayank, yeh mera papa.'' Mayank smiled at Armaan and Armaan smiled back. ''Papa, yeh Mayank...Mera..boyfriend.'' She quickly said and looked at her dad waiting for a reply. Armaan was shocked. He wasn't sure of what to say. He didn't want to say he forbides her fom having a relationship, because that would be wrong, but she was his daughter, so he would have to check up on him. ''Papa, hum ek dosre si pyaar karti hoon.'' Nupur spoke again. Armaan felt a knife go through his heart, he didn't want to let Nupur go. ''Papa, kuch to bhul ye.'' Nupur said worried. ''Congrats beti.'' Armaan replied holding his tears back in and hugging Nupur. Nupur felt overjoyed. ''Papa, saach?'' She pulled back from the hug with tears in her eyes. ''Ha saach!'' Armaan replied again, holding his tears back. ''I love you papa! Your the best!'' Nupur said hugging her dad again. Armaan pulled back from the hug. ''To, tum dhono shaadi karna chahti ho?'' Armaan asked to see a blushing Nupur and a red Mayank. ''J-ji sir.'' Mayank replied feeling shy. ''Vaah Nupur, kaisa larka mila, yeh karka sharmati hai?'' Armaan teased his son-in-law, while Nupur laughed and Mayank turned redder.

Finally after putting Sneha to sleep, and checking on Nupur, Armaan walked downstairs towards the porch in the garden. ''I miss our Riddhima.'' Armaan whispered to himself. He closed his eyes remembering what happened 8 years ago...

Riddhima Malik, wife of Armaan Malik we're happily married and blessed with 2 beautiful girls, one Nupur who was 14, and Sneha who was a baby. Everything was going beautiful and life seemed perfect for the family until...
Riddhima started losing weight, sore throats, felt tired most of the time -- Armaan tried his best to take care of her but she was too stubborn, finally he decided to take her to the doctors. What did they know, that this meeting would bring a huge shock to their lives? Armaan and Riddhima left Sneha and Nupur at their Dadaji's&Dadi's house/Shashank&Padma's house - Riddhima's parents.
After meeting the doctor, they sat in the car -- Armaan remained silent as Riddhima was finding it hard to swallow what the doctor just mentioned. ''I have cancer..'' Riddhima whispered to herself trying to swallow the information. Armaan remained still in his position. ''Armaan...Please look at me.'' Riddhima begged finding it hard to even breathe seeing his condition. Tears started flowing like a river of tears from Armaan's eyes. Riddhima felt her self getting weak seeing him like that. ''A-armaan -please don't cry jaan..'' She whispered trying to get his attention but all of a sudden Armaan fainted which got Riddhima scared.

Armana woke up to find himself in hospital. He rubbed his eyes slowly started to sit up. ''Jaan, your awake!'' Riddhima sighed a sigh of releif. She had gotten frightened seeing him like that. ''You scared me!'' She complained and hearing no response from him, she carried on,''Armaan i'm going to tell you something and don't interuppt.'' He did not reply so she carried on,''I love you Armaan and i always will, I know i am on the last stage on cancer, and nothing can be done but i guess that's God's choice. I want you to promise to lead a happy life and keep our children happy. I know they will miss me, but they will have to understand. If possible try forgive me and try...m-move o-on-'' Riddhima explained but was cut off by Armaan. ''Don't you dare say that!'' He snapped. ''I love you Riddhima and i always will, you are my everything, even if you leave me, you will always be with me.'' Armaan cried. Riddhima cried along with him as they hugged eachother, crying their hearts out.

Armaan opened his eyes as he felt a tap on his shoulder,''Nupur? Tum yaha, i thought you we're asleep.'' Armaan mumbled sitting up straight. ''Papa, i couldn't sleep because i wanted to tell you something.'' Nupur replied making herself comfortable on the floor near her father's coach in the garden. ''Kya hua?'' Armaan asked worried. ''Don't worry papa, it's nothing to worry about. I just wanted to tell you i love you and i am not leaving you cos i will always be with you wherever i go.'' Nupur replied with tears in her eyes remembering her mother. Armaan shed a few tears and embraced his daughter. Nupur hugged him back, crying as she felt her father's tears on her back.

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I love you & i hate you/MN:
''Khuda ko dekh raha hoga..'' Nupur sang humming to the tune. ''Nupur, chup karo, I'm trying to concentrate on my driving.'' Mayank replied irritated, although he did love hearing her sing, but would he show it? No. ''Tum kitna boring ho Mayank.'' Nupur replied frowning. All year she dropped hints on how much she loved him, but this idiot never understood, maybe he didn't like her or maybe he did. ''Mein aur boring? Please Miss Bhushan, don't act to smart.'' He replied stealing a couple of looks from her from the corner of his eye. He loved Nupur and always will, but the problem was did she love him back? He hid his love for her, to try and save their friendship. This friendship meant the world to Mayank, she was his only friend, his only family. ''Mayank i told you na? I'm not acting smart, i am smart.'' She smirked, she loved arguing with Mayank, she could do it till the end of the world, as long as he was with her. Mayank was her best friend, and love -- She had everything but yet she didn't have everything. She was rich -- well her parents we're, she had a gazillion friends, she had everything but what she didn't have was what she wanted -- the love from her parents, her friends doing what she wants sometimes, understanding her, -- no one could do any of that besides him, Mayank Sharma. ''Hmph.'' Mayank replied. They we're both sitting in Mayank's car, on their way to their secret hiding place from the world...the beach. ''Mayank!'' Nupur screamed. ''Kya hai?'' Mayank replied. ''Why did you turn of the music?!'' Nupur shouted louder. ''Shut up Nupur, your voice is annoying me!'' Mayank muttered trying to irritate her on purpose. Nupur frowned,''You don't like my voice like others..'' Nupur replied in a low voice looking out of the window. Mayank felt guilty, he didn't mean it like that, he was just joking. He parked the car as they arrived on the beach. He got out of the car first and went to open Nupur's door. She got out and walked on ignoring him. He smiled, ''Typical Nupur.'' He whispered to himself. He quickly locked the car and ran towards Nupur. ''Nupur, I'm sorry i didn't mean it like that i swear, i was just joking.'' Mayank explained. Nupur carried on walking while Mayank ran after her again. ''Sorry Nupur, please mujhe maaf kardo, dil se sorry.'' Mayank put his hands on his ears. Nupur smiled but carried on walking, she wasn't going to forgive him this time, not yet...she waitied a whole year for him to confess, and now this was the limit. She wasn't upset about what he said, she was upset he hadn't confessed yet. ''Nupur, i said sorry na?'' He grabbed her wrist and turned her around. ''Mayank, leave me your hurting me.'' Nupur tried to get away but his grip was too strong. ''Not until your forgive me.'' Mayank replied. ''Forgive you for what? What you said? I did that along time ago, but i'm not going to forgive you for what you have done!'' Nupur screamed, luckily no one was around, it was just a empty beach with just them two. ''What? What else did i do?'' Mayank asked confused. ''How long do you take to confess!'' Nupur screamed leaving Mayank shocked. ''C-confess w-what?'' Mayank asked hesitantly. ''That you love me!'' Nupur screamed louder not realizing what she was saying. Mayank looked suprised, he didn't realize she knew this fact. ''Yes Nupur i love you and i always have, always will.'' Mayank replied losening his grip. Nupur looked up into his eyes with tears,''But i hate you, i waited a whole year for you to say this.'' Nupur replied. Mayank smiled realizing she felt the same way. Their heartbeats increased, as they we're standing so close. ''I love you Nupur Bhushan.'' He spoke again. ''I hate you Mayank sharma.'' She replied. Mayank smiled,''But i love you.'' ''I hate you.'' Nupur replied. Mayank grinned,''I love you.'' ''I love you too.'' Nupur finally confessed. Mayank smiled and leaned in and kissed her passionately as she responded back. Finally the let go, for air smiling at eachother.

P.S. I know it's really short, but writing things helps me with...stuff LOL :) Enjoyyy!! PLEASE COMMENTTT <3

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Tangled hearts/AR/SR/AS/SS OS

Part 1:

This is a simple story of 4 tangled hearts in a web of lies Armaan, Riddhima, Shilpa and Siddhant. One dreadful lie ruined 4 souls, crushed all relationships and all that was left was bitterness between them, and tears which stained their hearts. They fought a battle between friendship and love, truth and lies and all they we're left with was nothing but pain and agony. They watched each other suffer thorough their grief and felt the tears flowing prick their broken heart. What lie tore 4 friends apart? 4 lovers apart? Will they reconcile?

Riddhima's POV:

Tears descended down my face as I clasped the picture to my soulless, weak body. I have no power within me to open my eyes. I looked paler than an ill person. They we're lucky; it was only physical pain that wore them apart. But me? Both pains increased ripping me apart. I couldn't understand how something so drastic could change all relationships. These same relationships took years to form, but only seconds to demolish them. Human power is very strange; it acts as a catalyst - very powerful and active but also acts as an ant - very weak and fragile.

It's been 3 years, we all lived in one house yet, the huge differences which had broken us apart also broke the house apart. It was no longer a home. ''Riddhima.'' Someone called out to me, when I listened carefully I realized it was a familiar female voice. Holding myself together I slowly got out of the awkward position I sat in and grasped the door handle to open it. ''Hi Riddhima, I came to call you for dinner.'' Shilpa spoke awkwardly not looking at me. ''I'm coming in a few minutes.'' I whispered hoping she heard. My voice was quieter than a library. She nodded walking away. I sighed heavily. Shilpa was my younger sister, who used to call me Di and now' well, I guess since time changes, circumstances change, people change and so do relationships. We we're no longer sisters, friends and we worst of all, we weren't even sister-in-law's. Oh, how much I longed to hear 'Di' from her mouth.

I slowly walked downstairs grasping onto the sides balancing myself. I gazed over at the table where Shilpa placed dinner. I knew she had already eaten and left from there. Armaan had probably eaten before here. Sid would be arriving soon and'now we would have to face each other again after that disturbing argument in the morning.  

''Shilpa! Where is my file?'' Armaan screamed from his room frightening Shilpa out of her wits. She ran towards their room as I heard Armaan throwing tantrums and scolding her. This was not done. This habit of his (shouting at Shilpa) needing to go away. I got up from the table about to walk to their room when Sid said,''If you enter that room, I will divorce you.'' I turned around preventing my tears from falling. ''But Sid, Shilpa is my sister. I need to help her.'' I winced feeling the pain wrap itself around my body as poison. ''Where was this, when she needed you 3 years back?'' He gritted through his teeth. ''Where was this so-called love and affection then?'' He clenched his fists and walked out of the house. I cried hysterically. My sister was hearing tantrums crying her eyes out, and I could do nothing. Armaan was hiding his pain from the world, yet ruining Shilpa's life. Sid can't stand my presence. And I? What am I? Who am I? I'm a human right? And Humans make mistakes, don't they? They why do i have to face this angushing pain?

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i really loved the both mn os...!!

pls write more na..!!

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Both Mayur SO were beautiful
do write more thnx

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