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BelieveInLove | OS Gallery #1 | Update Pg3 | 12/06 (Page 2)

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Sad, but great OS Smile

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Saviour ' AR OS:

I stared through the opaque, misty and vague window. There he lay unconscious with sapphire blue wiring attached to his strong, muscular body. Misty dew drops showed at the corners of my 'emerald orbs' as he liked to call it. I smiled through the raindrops which we're pouring down from my eyes. I could remember what he told me before we left for Goa airport.

I sat down on my comfortable, roseate and coral bed. Gazing down on my sunlit dark black carpet thinking about my Shona. What did I ever do to deserve him? He had been there for me like a saviour, he was my knight in shining armour and I was being an obnoxious selfish b****. 'Basket,' he called out to me from the bathroom. I looked up and realized he had forgotten his towel again. 'He will never change,' I muttered underneath my breath while picking up his soft, yellow SpongeBob towel and walking towards the bathroom. 'Armaan, tum kabhi nahi sudrogi, how many times do you forget your towel and on top of that why do you always buy SpongeBob towels?' I complained to him from outside the light purple bathroom door. Armaan always listened to me; he always did what I wanted apart from one thing. Whenever I pleaded him to leave me, he ignored my comment and changed the subject as if we never even talked about it. He peaked out from the door, and looked at me with a smirk and a spark in his sapphire blue eyes. 'I'll always forget my towel, but you'll always remember it, and don't dare complain about my SpongeBob, after you he is my favourite um'person.' I giggled at his clumsiness. 'Basket yaar, hasso mat, anyways tum tayaar ho, hume wapaas Mumbai Jana hai.' He reminded me. It wasn't like I forgot because I knew the reason for us returning to Mumbai. I looked into his eyes, pleading him not to go back but all I could see was his firm decision of leaving Goa. 'I will get ready once you get out of the bathroom.' I replied with a smirk on my face and passing his stupid SpongeBob towel. He grabbed the towel and pulled me inside. 'W-what?! Armaan! Chordo mujhe!' He chuckled. 'What? Why are you laughing?' I asked him looking as clueless as ever. 'Soap. It's all over your face!' He laughed at me. I smiled because Armaan's laugh, smile, his everything and specially him meant the world to me. 'Armaan, why do we have to leave? Please, can't we stay?' He sighed and took my hands. 'Riddhima, look at me.' I looked at him into his eyes. Even now after 3 years of being married to this man, every time I looked into his eyes, I would get lost in them just like the day I met him. I remember when we met; it was at my best friend Muskaan's birthday party. I was walking downstairs, until I tripped and almost fell but he caught me in his arms. I know typical right? But the thing is after we both got lost in each other's eyes; we jumped up and started an argument. Ever since then we used to meet coincidently and got used to meeting each other that we always hoped we'd see each other again. And gradually we fell in love. But like normal people we had our ups and downs.  I could still remember our first fight. When he had to leave Mumbai for a job his mother (now my mother) wanted him to take. He fought like cats and dogs. We eventually broke up but after a week I saw him on the bus and I knew he gave up his dream of going to America for me. 'Basket!' I heard Armaan screaming at me to get my attention, I completely forgot we we're in the bathroom and he was talking to me. Damn his beautiful eyes. 'Sorry ab bolo, what did you want to say?' he looked into my eyes and said those few words, which will stay engraved in my heart forever.

''Basket, no matter what happens to me or anyone I will never let anything happen to you. Even if the world ends, I will still protect you from anything. The first time I saw you, I knew it was true, that I'd love you forever, and that's what I'll do. You don't know what you do to me, you don't have a clue, you don't know what it's like to be, me looking at you. I promise you basket, today and forever, I'll always be there for you. And if you talk about me leaving you, just remember death can't separate us neither can God.''

I smiled remembering what he told me, he HAS to fight for his life, to stay in this world, to protect his Riddhima, his basket, his everything.  'No Armaan, you can't leave me. You promised that even death can't separate us and God. Even if those gang members are after me, you can't let them come close to me. We'll fight our way through. For each other. For our love.' I spoke with the sincerity in my voice just like the day we confessed. 'Mrs Malik?' I looked up at the doctor standing in front of me, she had long black straight hair which fell perfectly in place, her brown eyes had a strange spark, and her face was fair. She reminded me of my mother, who passed away when I was young. 'Y-yes.' I did my best to speak at least for my Armaan, my Shona. 'Good news sweetheart, your husband is out of danger. He still has a few injuries but he will survive.' I smiled as tears started to pour down but this time because of happiness, because my Shona was perfectly fine. Well'almost. He fought; he fought for me, for his life, to protect his Basket. 'T-thank you so much doctor! You saved MY life. My Shona, my Armaan!' I nearly screamed and hugged her. She was in shock, but hugged back. I quickly pulled back, desperate to meet Armaan and I guess she could see my anxiety. 'You can see him.' She smiled and led me the way. I walked inside as quickly as I could. 'Armaan.' I cried. He smiled. Even though he was badly injured and went through a huge trauma, he smiled and that to for'.me. 'Basket, I promised you remember? Not God, neither death can separate us. And now look I completed my promise.' I smiled, he was everything to me. I never loved anyone like him in my entire life and I mean it. He wasn't only my husband, or lover. He was my saviour. 'Basket, you always call me Shona Na? I will call you Shonimoni.' I smiled and hugged him as he hugged back. I got my life back, I got Armaan back and that's all I want. It's all I need. Everyone tells you, that you need good grades, good jobs and a good salary but if I be honest without having someone by your side those things mean nothing.

Author's note:

Please leave comments! && thank you all for you feedback from my other OS <3 Shona means 'sweet' in Punjabi for a 'man' and Shonimoni is the opposite , it means sweet but it's for a girl. I am not Punjabi but my friend is and she told me && it's also from the book I read 'I too had a love story' by Ravinder Singh. I recommend this book, it's heart-breaking and it will leave you speechless. Please read my FF and leave a comment:

Love conquers all; Damon&Riddhima/Stelena FF ' about the vampire diaries but I changed the story. And it includes Jennifer Winget of DMG/KZK as Riddhima Gupta :)

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Nice ff but I hate sad endings...
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Mayank&Nupur: From Friendship To Love <3

''Maa, I need to tell you something.'' Rati hesitantly asked her mother. ''Rati, come sit down here.'' Nupur replied looking at her 22 year old daugher standing outside the door. Rati walked into the room and sat down. ''Maa, aapko Arjun kaise lage?'' Rati asked her mother, hoping she wouldn't press the matter further and answer simply. ''Beta, tum aisa kyun pooch rahe ho?'' Nupur asked her daughter trying to prevent the smile about to form on her face. ''Kuch nahi maa, bas aisa hi.'' Rati replied impaitently waiting for answer. ''Arjun tumhara best friend hai and aur bohot acha larka hai and mujhe use bohot pasand hai.'' Nupur replied stating the obvious. She always waited for this day, to have this conversation with her daughter. She always knew about Rati and Arjun's secret relationship, but didn't want to force her daughter to speak up until she wanted to herself. ''Oh. Teekhe maa.'' Rati said thinking of what to say next and how. ''Wo maa, um mein-'' Rati hesitated to speak up, just then her mother spoke up. ''Bolo beta, agar pyaar karti ho to chupa kyun rahe ho?'' Nupur smiled at her daughter, who reminded her of herself when she was her age. ''Maa,'' Rati blushed. So her mother knew, afterall. ''Wo mein Arjun se pyaar karta hoon aur usne mujhe propose kiya, to mein use shaadi karna chahti hoon.'' Rati looked at her mother and looked into her eyes, and confessed her love for Arjun, her best friend aswell as lover. ''When did i refuse?'' Nupur replied smiling in happiness as she embraced her daughter. ''Maa, i love you,'' Rati embraced her mother tighter. ''I love you too beta.'' Finally, they let go and sat down. ''Maa, tell me yours and papa's lovestory.'' Nupur's smiled widen as she heard that. ''Kyun?'' Nupur smirked trying to pull her daughter's leg. ''Maa!' Rati exclaimed blushing. ''So that you can use it on Arjun.'' Nupur grinned seeing her daughter's crimson red face. ''Maa, oh my god, your like this i didn't know.'' Rati's face was competing was tomatoes. ''Acha, okay sit, it's a long story but i'll cut it short.
I met your father, many years back in Junior school and this is how our story began...
A tall slim girl, walked into class with her cute hello kitty bag and took a seat. ''Nupur!'' A boy yelled from the front of the class. ''Kya hai mayank?'' Nupur replied irritated. ''Let's sit at the front.'' Mayank replied. ''No Mayank, that's where the nerds sit.'' She replied as a matter of factly. ''Fine then, you think I am a nerd.'' Mayank's temper rose and sat far away from Nupur at the front. Nupur sighed, she didn't mean it like that. She got up and went and sat next to Mayank at the front. They have been best freinds since they we're born, their parents have always been best friends, so they used to meet eachother everyday. They always fought like cats and dogs, probably worser, but their undying friendship was always kept alive. ''Ab Khush?'' She asked Mayank who glared at her for sitting next to him. ''No.'' Mayank replied grumply. ''Fine then I'll sit next to Adhiraj.'' Nupur smirked knowing if she sat next to his brother, he would get angry and never allow her. ''No, I mean yes i am happy now.'' He smiled sweetly. Nupur giggled, Mayank was so cute. Everytime they we're together, they always felt something which they could never understand, it was some strange sort of attraction, which they found out about later on. As years, passed their friendship grew stronger, and Mayank finally started to realise his feelings for Nupur, this was when they we're in university. ''Nupur, you look so beautiful in this white salwar kameez.'' Mayank complimented her while continously gazing at her. ''What are you trying to say? I don't look beautiful all the time.'' Nupur joked, unaware of Mayank's continous gaze on her, although when she did realise it always made her blush but she didn't know why. ''No I-.'' Mayank tried to reiterate when Nupur cut him off. ''Relax Mayank, mein mazak kar rahe ti.'' Nupur giggled which made Mayank flash his 100watt dimple smile. Another year passed like that with Mayank gazing at Nupur, enjoying everything about her and not stop admiring her. Until One day...
Mayank saw Adhiraj and Nupur hugging which caused his temper to rise. ''Mayank, what's wrong?'' Nupur tried talking to Mayank again as he had been avoiding her all day. ''Nothing.'' He replied in a strict tone. ''Mayank please tell me, I know there's something wrong.'' Nupur begged, they we're both at his house in his room and he was trying to ignore her presence. ''Nothing!'' Mayank yelled at Nupur, who started fuming. ''What is your problem Mayank? It's like you don't even care about me or our friendship? I always try to manofy you but you always ignore me. Who do you think you are? How dare you treat me like crap?'' Nupur yelled back matching the tone of Mayank. For Mayank, his anger just boiled. ''Shut up! As if you don't know. You we're hugging Adhiraj today. Why? Do you have a relationship with him secretly behind my back? Are you guys-'' Mayank started screaming accusations at Nupur. ''Bas!'' Nupur screamed with tears flowing down. ''Is that what you think of me?'' Nupur cried. ''Why are you crying god damit! It's cos I f**king love you!'' Mayank screamed not realising what he just blurted out. Nupur looked at him stunned. ''Y-you love m-me?'' Nupur asked Mayank, It took a few seconds for him to realise where she got that idea from. He sighed and walked closer towards her. He placed his hands on her cheeks and confessed his love for her,''I love you Nupur and I always will till the end of time. Whether you love me or not I will wait for you.'' Nupur's tears flowed as he hugged Mayank. ''You idiot. Stupid. Kaminey. Why did it take you so long to confess?! I always loved you but i was always scared what if you didn't love me back. I didn't want to lose this friendship.'' Nupur confessed. Mayank pulled out from the hug. ''I guess we're both stupid.'' They both laughed as tears dropped from both of their eyes, of happiness. Mayank and Nupur finally confessed their love for eachother, they both still fought, and nothing had really changed. But their love was hidden from the world, because they both weren't ready to have an open relationship. After the secret meetings, secret romance, secret confessions, Mayank finally proposed to her besides a beautiful Waterfall. Nupur had happily said yes, but now they both had to tell their parents of their decision which they both we're dreading. Mayank was first, he took Nupur with him and told his Parents about his and Nupur's love and how they wished to get married. At first, like normal parents they we're hurt by the secret but they happily agreed. Finally it was Nupur's turn, she went with Mayank and told her parents which they happily obliged to, but they also felt a little hurt by the secret.
Eventually the wedding day came, Mayank became Nupur's and Nupur became Mayank's and on the their wedding night, Mayank said a something and Nupur still remembers now, she cherished it forever.
''I love you now Nupur, and I will always love you forever till the end of time and after that. I love you more than anyone now and after that as well.''
After 1 year, a baby girl was born. Again nothing changed but day by day their love increased.

''There you go beta, that's my story and your papa's.'' Nupur told her daughter proudly. ''Wow, Its so different from mine and Arjun's but yet so delicate and passionate.'' She said proudly. Rati loved her parents and she always adored the love they shared. She knew they loved eachother more than her, but she didn''t mind because the love they shared was so passionate, nothing could break it. All of a sudden Rati's phone startng ringing playing the tun ''Pehla Nasha, Pehla Kumar...'' To which Rati blushed and ran out the room in embarassment. Nupur just laughed, ''Mayank jaldi aa jao, mujhe tumhe bohoot miss karahi hoon aur tumhare princess ko pyaar ho gaya hai.'' She whispered to herself.
''Arjun! Moron!'' Rati screamed over the phone standing in the front porch of her house. ''What is it Rati? Everytime i call, instead of hearing romantic things, i hear swear words. Is this how to treat your boyfriend aka finance?'' Arjun complained. Rati simply blushed,''You idiot, i was talking to mum about US.'' She emphasized the word 'us'. ''Oh shit! God dammit! What did she say?!'' Arjun started to get all tense, Rati sensed this and decided to pull his leg a little. ''Arjun, wo...Maa...wo...-'' Rati tried to control her giggle while pretending to be tense and hesitated but Arjun cut her off. ''She said no didn't she?'' Arjun replied in a low voice preventing his tears from following. He wasn't crying for no reason, neither was he an emotional person, but the fact that he couldn't marry the love of his life broke his heart. Rati burst out laughing and tears started to flow from her eyes due to the enormous amout of laughter. Arjun listened to her in confusion. Realisation suddendly hit him, that she was joking. ''Rati! Oh god! You nearly had me there! Tch yaar, I am not talking to you anymore.'' He shut the phone on her angirly. Rati shut the phone and sighed. ''I was joking, aur wo...'' She walked back into her house, into the kitchen and started to make tea for her mother.
Ring Ring.
The doorbell kept ringing, Rati rushed towards the door before her mum got up. She opened the door to find...''Tum?!'' Rati screamed. ''And what? I am here to meet my mother-in-law so please move out of my way.'' Arjun replied and walked inside. Rati fumed with anger and started to walk away. Arjun held her wrist and turned her around so she would be facing him. He cupped her face and stepped closer. Rati got lost in his intoxicating eyes. ''Uh-hum.'' Nupur coughed making Rati and Arjun jump. She laughed at their plight. Both we're looking everywhere but at eachother. ''Maa, wo did you need something?'' Rati tried making up excuses. ''Nahi, bas tum dono ko deke bohoot khush hoon mein.'' Nupur smiled at them. ''Maa, aap kaise ho?'' Arjun tried starting a conversation. ''Bohot acha hoon beta, magar mein tumse naraz hoon, tumne mujhe nahi bataya tumhare aur Rati ke bare mein..Kyun?'' Nupur questioned her son-in-law, but to her he was her son. ''Maa...'' Rati blushed.
Ring Ring. The doorbell ringed again...
Nupur, Arjun and Rati looked at eachother in confusion. It was late evening and Mayank was visiting his ill mother. Nupur couldn't go because Rati had her exams. ''Maa, I'll get it, you all sit.'' She left them to sit and walked to open the door.
''Oh my god!'' She screamed in happiness! ''Papa!'' Rati screamed and hugged her father. Nupur who heard the word 'papa' couldn't help but feel excited. She was seeing Mayank after 3 days but she was angry because he didn't call once. Nupur frowned remembering how many times she tried to call and he didn't pick up or call. Mayank walked in with his daughter, suprised to find Arjun here, and Nupur who was looking everywhere  but at him. He knew she was angry. ''Hi Nupur.'' Mayank said, trying to get her attention. ''You all sit, I'll go make tea.'' Nupur said getting up. ''Maa, Nahi! Papa has come after 3 days, I know you missed him so you both talk and me and Arjun will go make tea, besides you know Arjun world's best tea maker.'' Rati said realising the tension. Arjun and Rati made their way to the kitchen.
Nupur felt awkward sitting here in silence, it was so unlikely for her. ''Nupur, I'm sorry.'' Mayank held his ears. Nupur ignored him. ''Dil se sorry Nupur.'' Nupur again, ignored him. ''I love you.'' Nupur again ignored him. ''Teekhe main wapaas chali jao gi.'' Mayank replied sadly, he missed his morena-express. ''Jao jao, tum to mujhe pyaar hi nahi karti.'' Nupur said, not looking at him. Mayank's eyes widened at that, how could she think that? ''Nupur! How can you say that I love you more than anyone or anything in this world.'' Mayank gripped Nupur's hands. ''Jhoot.'' Nupur replied while tears made their way through. ''I missed you so much, you never called once.'' Nupur cried. Mayank cupped her face and kissed her forehead. ''Nupur, tum to jaanti hoon signal kitni weak hai aur mein Goa chali gaye ti, yeh soch kar ki i will be able to call you from there but it didn't work there either so i returned to delhi hoping these 3 days would end as soon as possible.'' Mayank replied. Nupur felt bad, he tried to hard to call her. ''Mayank I'm sorry mein-.'' Mayank cut her off. ''Chup! Ab aur kuch mat kehna. Mein tumse bohot pyaar karta hoon Nupur, yeh kabhi mat boolna.'' With that Nupur simply hugged him and they stayed like that for a while.
With Rati&Arjun...
''Arjun! Kya karahi ho? Chodo mujhe!'' Rati was trying to make tea, but Arjun kept coming closer. Now he was nuzzling her neck. ''Nahiii... I love you Rati.'' Arjun started to kiss her neck while Rati just simply simpled. Rati turned around. ''Arjun I'm sorry, I know the joke was bad but-'' Arjun cut her off. ''Chup, let me enjoy before your parents come.'' Rati giggled and kissed his cheek. ''That's all i get?'' Arjun frowned. Rati giggled again, and leaned forward. Arjun closed his eyes and leaned forward. Rati looked at him and controlled her laughter. She ran away, soon after Arjun realised she was joking and started to chase her.

So this was the story of Nupur and Mayank, Two best friends who turned into lovers and we're blessed with a Daughter Rati, who found true love is Arjun.

"You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together."
Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)

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Riddhima Abhi Malik or Riddhima Armaan Malik/AR
''Sir.'' Mrs Malik called out to Mr.Malik. ''What?'' He turned towards her. She held the tears back and walked towards him. ''Um..I think you should rest now, It's getting quite late.'' She replied. ''Okay.'' He told her and walked into his room and closed the door. She sighed feeling rejected by her husband again. She turned her laptop off and decided to call it a night.

The next morning, Mrs Malik walked towards her husband's room and knocked on it. No answer. She knocked louder and harder. Again, no answer. She sighed and closely opened the door. She saw him, who looked like he was in deep slumber. She walked towards him and starteo to shake him. ''Sir, subah ho gaya.'' She said politely. No answer and not a little movement at all. She moved closer and tested his pulse, to realise he was dead. She wasn't in shock or upset. She knew he had cancer and would die very soon. They never shared a proper husband-wife relationship, he never talked to her much and pretty much ignored her. They never made love let alone sleep in one room. She sighed and walked out of the room. ''Hello?'' She called up the hospital and the funeral organizers.

Riddhima Gupta was typical, ordinary and hard-working girl. She was independant, stubborn and a quiet girl. She married Mr. Abhi Malik at the age of 21, but he was much older, 45 years old. After everyone refused for this wedding to take place, she was stubborn as she was, went ahead.

Being much younger, and very beautiful she somehow became attracted to an elder man because of his charming intelligance. After their wedding, on their honeymoon, realisation hit her as she felt rejected by her husband. He abandoned her and focused on his work at all times. He treated her like a child, who needed protection. He wanted her to behave like a wife, who took care of her husband's needs and minded her own buisness when he did not need her whereas she wanted his attention, love, affection and care. As they grew apart from their honeymoon, Mr Abhi Malik's brother, Armaan Malik enetered. The handsome, charming, breathtaking singer, Armaan Malik -- who fell in love with Mrs. Riddhima Malik.

Abhi and Riddhima Malik, we're returning from Abhi's friends party as they reached home, they realised they had a guest. Abhi's face turnedd pale as anger grew. ''Armaan.'' He uttered disgusted. ''Hey bro!'' Armaan smiled and walked towards his brother and hugged him. Abhi pushed him away fiercly. Riddhima was shocked by her husband's behaviour. Abhi realised Riddhima was here so decided not to make a scene. ''What are you doing here?'' Abhi asked, trying not to sound to rude but any human being would realise the bitterness in his voice. ''I am here to perform at a concert, and i have nowhere to stay, and i knew my brother stayed here so i though why not stay here?'' Armaan replied. Abhi fumed, ''How long?''
''Just a week.'' Armaan replied. ''Okay. Goodnight.'' Abhi Malik, replied and walked into the house leaving behind a confused Riddhima and a excited Armaan. Armaan turned to look at Riddhima. ''We haven't met, I am Armaan Malik, younger brother of your husband -- i take it?'' Armaan smiled friendly. Riddhima smiled, ''Yes, nice to meet you Armaan, I am Riddhima..Malik.'' She replied the word 'malik' after a pause. They both enetered the house, talking to one another. Soon they became friends, as they had similar tastes, and the manners and care to talk to eachother.
The next morning, Riddhima woke up hearing a melidious voice. She got out of her bedroom, and started walking towards the garden porch to see Armaan sitting playing his guitar with his shirt opened, singing a song.

''The smile on your face let's me know that you need me,
there's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me,
the touch of your hand say's you'll catch me wherever i fall..''

Riddhima didn't realise how she got lost in the most handsome, charming sight in front of her. His voice was so sincere and melidious. His eyes we're as blue as the ocean and his voice was as sweet as chocolate.

''You say it best when you say nothing at all..''
Armaan finished the song and turned to see a beautiful young lady staring at him. He smiled and waved at her. She snapped out of it and blushed, as she waved back. She realised she should not have been gazing at her brother-in-law and walked back in the room.

Abhi did not want to face the sight of his brother and therefore decided to eat in his room, and told Riddhima to serve him there and immdiently told her to leave the room. Riddhima being well mannered and sensible joined Armaan for lunch. Abhi regretted his decision as he heard laughter and giggles. He sighed and called Armaan's manager. ''Hello, I am ready to pay any price, Please find a place for Mr. Armaan Malik to stay.'' With that he cut the phone and whispered. ''I will not let you near my wife, Mr. Malik.''  He said with a determination in his voice.

''Pack your bags and get ready to leave, your manager has found a place for you to stay at.'' Abhi told his brother smiling at him victoriuously. ''Thank you brother, for letting me stay here.'' He replied looking at little hurt. Armaan walked into the room and packed his bags. He walked out of the room, ''Bye brother, nice seeing you again.'' He smiled and turned towards Riddhima,''Nice meeting you Riddhima, Keep in touch.'' With that he left. As soon as he left, Riddhima left anger rise in her for the first time. ''What the hell ?! Why did you do that?! He was your brother!!!'' Riddhima yelled at Abhi. ''I don't give a damn, and it's better if you stay out of my matters. You interfered once, don't do it again.'' He replied and walked towards his room and shut the door. Riddhima's tears began to flow like a sea of water and pebble prestening mixed emotions.


Riddhima was walking home after, fixing her virus laptop at the repairs, when she heard a tap on her shoulder. ''Tum?'' She smiled. ''Yes, me. How are you?'' Armaan asked her. ''I am great, thanks. It's just you know..Abhi but how are you?'' She asked Armaan delighted to see him again. '' I am very good! Abhi? He is very stubborn and insecure and doesn't care about anybody besides himself. ''Hmmm'' Riddhima replied, not knowing what to say. ''Where are you heading?'' Armaan asked her. ''Home.'' Riddhim replied in a low voice. ''Allow to me drop you.'' Armaan smiled friendly as Riddhima smiled back.

They reached Riddhima's house, more like a mansion as Mr. Abhi Malik as a millionaire. Abhi looked out of the window to see Riddhima and Armaan together, and got furious. He had to stop his man, from coming close to his wife. Whereas Riddhima, realised how distant Abhi had become from her and gave up. She decided if he didn't care, neither would she.

Despite how much Riddhima cared for him. Jealousy and anger rose within him as he realised the freuqent meetings between Armaan and Riddhima. But he still beleived Riddhima was naive, and needed protected from the jerk, Armaan.

The next day, as Riddhima was walking home, she saw Mayank and another girl talking. She didn't understang why, she did not like seeing them together. ''Oh shilpa, your so cute!'' Armaan spoke to the girl, Riddhima fumed with anger and walked past Armaan completely ignoring him. ''Haha, the girl you love just walked past you and ignored you.'' Armaan looked completely confused to why Riddhima ignored. He also couldn't understand why and how he fell in love with Riddhima, she was very unique and quite intelligant.

Armaan waited for Riddhima to come out of the library as he always saw her leave from there. ''Hey'' He said, Riddhima remembered Armaan and Shilpa as the anger within her rose. She started walking past him when Armaan held her wrist and turned her around. ''What's wrong Riddhima? Why are you ignoring me?'' Armaan asked her confused by her behaviour. ''Nothing! Just leave my hand! Do not cross the limits of our relationship!'' Riddhima screamed at him. Armaan took a step back and let go of her. ''I am sorry.'' With that he walked off. Riddhima felt a strange pain, guilt was rising within her.

She felt guilty and decided to go meet him. She went to the concert, to find no one there apart from Shilpa and some guy who has holding her hand. ''Uh hum.'' Riddhima coughed bringing Shilpa's attention. ''Hi'' Shilpa smiled as she greeted Riddhima. ''Hi, who's that?'' Riddhima asked confused. ''Oh that's my husband, Siddhant Modhi.'' Riddhima was shocked, Shilpa was married! Oh god, i am stupid! I had misunderstood Armaan! ''Oh wow!'' Riddhima excalimed. ''Have you see Armaan?'' She added after her previous comment. ''Oh uh...He's leaving today at 10.30pm at mumbai station.'' Shilpa mumbled. Riddhima was shocked and ran to find him. She knew it was wrong, but she wanted to say a final goodbye.

Armaan sat down on a bench waiting for the train to arrive. He knew loving Riddhima was against the society's rules and regulations but he couldn't help it. ''Armaan.'' Riddhima spoke, jumping him out of his thoughts. He smiled seeing her. ''You're leaving me?'' Her voice broke. ''Sorry.'' He replied. ''Goodbye My Riddhima, I will always love you. May god bless you with all the happiness in your life.'' ''Thank you Armaan.'' With that he boarded the train and left. Riddhima sighed and walked back home.

As she enetered the house, she was thrown by accusations by her husband. He thought that she had a affair with Armaan, which was not true. The fact was true that she was in love with Armaan, but neither of them crossed their limits, and she always completed her duties.

Dear Armaan,
Riddhima is in a bad state, Abhi has cancer and has passed away. Riddhima is curently staying with me but she has broken down, because she has no one by her side.
Your friend, Shilpa Modhi.

Armaan returned to town, and won Riddhima's heart. They both got married and we're blessed with 2 children, Karan and Jennifer.

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Awesome part. Waiting to read more

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