Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

06/11 RKA:Bodyguard sexy Dj is Madubala Dj's Frien

shaan17 Senior Member

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(1)  Light off

(2)  Scented Candles On

(3)  Feet up

(4)  With hot cup of tea and Oreo cookies by your side

(5)  Relax and enjoy Big smile

My Canvass:

1.      Loved todays first three parts

2.      Loved it Loved it and Loved it'Like I said only the first 3 parts

3.      I hated the last minute of the episode


(a)  How it all started ' the entrance of Arjun's dadi :DBig smile

(b)  Loved the way she spoke to Arohi's cousin (I forgot his name) Loved the way she spoke to sheffali and to Gauri. HILLARIOUS!!!ROFL

(c)   Both Dadis got different Auras... each of them are nice in their own way :DLOL

(d)  Loved Arjun's shocked expression

(e)  Loved the way Dadi spoke to Arjun :D

(f)    Loved the way Dadi, DJ and Daddu's small chats in the room

(g)  Loved the Rabbit (Chikoo also known as Kabootar also known as Pinkoo also known as Chikbootar)

(h)  Love Sheffali



(a)  Hated the way Arohi looked at Arjun's dadi'I expected her to be somehow sweeter'Too much anger gurl!!u need to slow down its ruining your character

(b)  Hated the way Daddu related the story to Arjun's dadi

(c)   Hated the way DJ spoke to Arjun's Daddi when she was referring to Arjun

(d)  Hated the last minute of the episode'It ruined the whole episode.So much complication' cant it be a simple story..Fair enough Sheffali wants to help Arjun in picturing Chikbootarbit as a bad person ' its only going to make matters worse between Arjun and Arohi. Arohi might even go to the extent of saying it was Arjun's doing.that is the bachelor party was organized by Arjun to picture Pinkoo as the bad person

(e)  Gauri behind the whole thing trying to ruin things will certainly cause a rift

(f)    All I can say about todays episode is that it was really good ' the first three parts were really good but the last bit is ruining the story' why? Because now long term relationships will be ruined coz of Arjun's and Arohi's love story'DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA'as expected by BT!!


Classic Lines

Arjun's dadi: Darjeet ki potti hai ki

Arjun's dadi to Arjun: Mahsoom akhein uuummmyumm


Arjun to Arphi: Pyar se mangoogi toh kyun nahin dedunji :D

Arohi to Arjun: Angooti chor gantya admi ho tum




1.      Change the beginning track' I want the KMH track and that's classic :D

2.      In addition of the title track I also want a video attached to it

3.      Funnier scenes with Arohi's bak bak and Arjun:D'Life is not that depressing' u people are supposed to make us feel good :D'not worse!!!

4.      Better story line!

5.      More of Bua'oh blessed her 'isn't she cool :D

6.      A better father for Arohi'is he her father btw ??*Sarcasm*

7.      More romantic unforgettable scenes :D

8.      Some new dialogues'some new lovey dovey words :D'U know how in KMH1 it was' ek din ke liye'.

9.      More of Sheffali :D'love her

10.  More of the relationships between Makand and Billu and Arjun'oh they so cool

11.  Arohi needs to look radiant..just like at the beginning :D'

12.  Have u decided what has to  be done with Gauri'? If not please decide!!im comfused as to what she wants in real life

13.  I want her story with chachu to start now'They\ kicked off was so so good'u know that balcony scene prior to roka

14.  Less of the 3 Cs

15.  Less of crying

16.  I want that song: tere ishq tere ishq ne'u know the one that kept playing in KMH1 :D

17.  More confidence out of Arjun

18.  Im happy with less singhanias :D'they make the story looks unreal

19.  Longer than 20 mins of KMH2..i know this is impossible' but yet it's a wish :D


21.  Stop making us remember of KMH1 we want to build up our own set of memories for KMH2'

22.  Redemption of the not so good characters!!

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
@Shaan - Awesome take! I agree in your wish list especially on the title track,better story line,more of shefali and bhua and redemption of minor characters.
Secondly: A big congratulation for the KMH team on the completion of the silver (50th episode)
And now my take goes like;
Well i need to rush to school so i will have some pointers:
Overall episode: 9/10
biji's entry - ek dum jhakaas - well what a start of the 50th episodeClap
Ace ki entry boleto isshstyle se ClapClap
Biji = Bijli Wink
THe rawness in her character, even if Arjun has been adopted, but biji has the same fiery sparkle eyes of Arjun -  AwesomeThumbs Up
A 9 over 10 because biji drools me in big laughs as well, her dialogue is too good to sanchit,even shefali did not be missed and how her entry shakes evryoneThumbs Up
I like the respect the bahus in the house has for her,obviously Gauri has got opportunity to pour more evil nowROFL back in action, Gauri ROFLROFL and what action listen what should not be listened as raw material and reprocessed it in evil mind for hurtful outcome more to hubby than Ajju because hubby will hurt them ROFL
And i was watching the reaction of lovedeep seeing Biji,she was of mixed emotion,so what really has happened is set to be a mystery.
I like watching  the friendship of Biji and Dj Thumbs Up coz i thought the first takraar will be dushmani but as RPS said they are the best friends and worst enemies,indeed! Thumbs Up and we saw it, the way they went into the retro how the singhanias and ahluwalias lived as one family Thumbs Up and now what has happened.
They kept the mystery fluctuating as Biji even taunt KPS for the way RPS becameD'oh
New Name for Chikoo: Kabootar se kharghoshROFLROFLROFLROFL I cracked completely here ROFLROFLROFLROFL
And shefali, the angel of ArjuhiHeart, love her role hereThumbs Up
As we knew Chikoo has dig his own grave,lol. Well not so many background music,it was more of familiar atmosphere,like it Thumbs Up
Iwas wondering even Arohi knows like other girls that Chikoo is zero but as he has a respected job and the family loves him, this is the only reason she taunts Arjun when she compared him to Chikoo. I wonder did she do it pourposefully,you remember Arjun Punj used to show he was angry but meant for something really good, I think Arohi has done same thing here, she is testing to the peak his patience to see how much he has changed really and how much he is holding the change. I will like to think like this for Arohi and on that I like itClap Well if it showing a stubborn girl then I will be confusedD'oh
I love all the characters again today Thumbs Up and I fell why did DJ taunted Biji then I realised thats how to show they are the worst enemy too.
Why did I say a 9 today,that goes for the character of DJ, we have always seen the positive side of DJ and today we have seen her flaws as well, well, no doubt she is proud of her family even if it hurts her best friend  Thumbs Up Thats again the theme in KMH, when show it does not mean good people don't have flaw!
I like the little conversation of Biji and Arjun, I was so happy to see two fiery sparkling eyes in convoBlushing
And how still Shefali this time plays an important role to break Arohi and Chikoo's nakli relationshipTongue
I just watched the last part and I like the way Shefali described Chikoo's character,in one line,what I said long time back, well he is sweet but cheapROFL compared to Arjun and I like how now Shefali is taking control on everything Thumbs Up but
 I almost break my schweetoo laptop when saw Gauri back in functionROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
I almost removed all the hair in my head as  I forgot to wear protective gear ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLto see Gauri is the one to hear everything!
Well I still trust Shefali and 'Arohi Patao wali' gang members are present there and I think it must turn good! I gonna crack down guys if Arohi will say Cheekoo has broken her trustROFL
Okay I did not give the 10 on 10 because of the violin theme back in action! ROFL
I am done,running to school now
forgot to add a point in the9/10 rating to sexy khargosh ka moveROFLROFLROFL, bilkul chipmunks ki tarahROFLROFL
Awesome Puneet - I will say your are classy acting tooClap
And Arjun, man come on yaar, you are the man, itni nadaan mat bano just like Shefali said, ladki chali phir tum aram kahunge ke mein badal chuka humROFLROFLROFL Be the sport dude! not the bhola bhala nadaan wala ROFLROFL Okay bhaiya, I know you want tochange the don personality to the chocolate boy but yaar chocolate hi bano not bhola bhala ROFLROFL

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Ayesha_gla Goldie

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Helllo sheeloo Adda wasiyo TongueLOL
Me iz here finally after watching Wink

Lets see wats in the eppy today.

Starting part- Not too much.. jus a little waste of time

New links about arjun and arohi's family wr revealed.
There is so much mystery about it yet....wat was the descion that arohi's dadaji did that made both the families against each other.
Ekta mai is again trying to bring the suspense element of the past ,so carry up with the trp.

I love the oldies in the show..
Both the dadi's ROCK !!!!Thumbs UpStar
thier convo was too good.also the way they trust thier freindship.Hug

Chiku aka champu for me... and champu ki jawani ..ROFL

Shefali - (watever the actor's name is)
U need to work on ur voice really seems broken.But apart from that the character is growing wise and intelligent.Clap
She managed to make aplan to unite arjuhi - now letsee wat happens tom and how gauri tries to ruin her plan.

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Nudgy Hello to all Smile

Epi rating: 7/10


1) Beeji taking everyone's class LOL @Go-awry "Gadhi ho tu" Approve @Chikoo: "ye khergosh kaun hey?" ROFL ROFL ROFL *offers kitkats to dialogue writer*

2) Change in BG music when Beeji saw Arjun Star Poor chikoo LOL KK's voice modulation was good here "aap kab aaye?" Smile

3) Beeji-Daada g convo'*wondering what was the dard* @CVs: Backstory better be good *nudge* AngryLOL

4) Shefali suspicious abt chikoo leaving early Clap *cheers*

5) Arjun-Beeji scene Star "aap ko meri waja say shermina hona parra" Beeji's answers were nice Star and her after thought: "Kuri soni hegi" Big smile *nudging Arjun* Kuri pass hoh gayee *balle balle*

6) Go Shefali! Approve Expose Chicks! Hmph. Bus Aro shouldn't misunderstand Arjun Ermm


1) No epi continuation? Memory loss? Confused Back to bickering LOL

2) Chicks has no manners *nudge* Bazoorgo ko "tum" kehtey hein? Angry

3) Go-awry eavesdropping *rolling eyes* Come on CVs! Kuch naya kero.

No whoosh whoosh today! Thank you.

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Quirky IF-Rockerz

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LOVED the epi..ClapGreat points Shaheen..and EshuThumbs Up

Finally saw Arjun's dadi...loved her ...she has a feisty character and amazing dilougesClapThe actress is doing a great job!!!

Dadi-Arjun jodi is supercuteeeDay Dreaming
Loved the scene when dadi says Arjun's eyes r the most innocent..see Karan's eyes..fab expression!!Blushing

@Mehr.. Zabardust!!LOL
"1) No epi continuation? Memory loss?"

 ...i thought i missed out the start..ConfusedCVs hamesha kuch gadbad karte hai

@Sarab it quickly ..waiting for take ...

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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@Shaheen: I love your tips *dreamy* LOL ZABARDUST Post and wishlist StarStarStarStarStarStarStar

Yep, Beeji was hilarious ROFL

"  Hated the way DJ spoke to Arjun's Daddi when she was referring to Arjun"

Me too! But u know what? Thats like her character :) Even my granny is like that..though they are old and sweet....they wont stop taunting Stern Smile LOL

"g.that is the bachelor party was organized by Arjun to picture Pinkoo as the bad person"
Exactly! Phir bhi...lets not judge..dhekhtey hein what CVs have planned :)

"Longer than 20 mins of KMH2."
Please NO! ROFL *ducks from shoes* *wears invisibility cloak* *flies*

rest later! Byeeeeee

P.S. i lost my take...had to type again Stern Smile lesson learnt. Always save in word *haan*

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shaan17 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 11:54am | IP Logged
To all: txs for hitting like

@Eshu: thxs hun... i was in real hurry today...


THe rawness in her character, even if Arjun has been adopted, but biji has the same fiery sparkle eyes of Arjun -  Awesome

I love all the characters again today Thumbs Up and I fell why did DJ taunted Biji then I realised thats how to show they are the worst enemy too.

no doubt she is proud of her family even if it hurts her best friend

If they were good friends why did daddu behaved in such a way Confused with RPS

@Sarab: thxs for helping :)

i totally agree with u on this:

I love the oldies in the show..
Both the dadi's ROCK !!!!Thumbs UpStar

i think they are performing really well ...something new on screen :D...bettter than the other characters

@Mehr: love cartoon like of much like chikbootarbit ROFL

No epi continuation? Memory loss? Confused Back to bickering

i know...shame!!!!

why not more than 20 mins huh...may be then ull fall completely madly in love with KK...ROFLROFL...Uve already started rating the eps above 5 so who knows with more than 20 mins ull be permanently in LALA LAND...with KK by your side Day DreamingROFLROFL

@Sanz: Thanks Heart

@Love14: So true about continuing the previous ep... but this episode is not so much of a

n.b: Wishlish was in celebration of the 50th episode of KMH2

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