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#*Devil's Den*# - AND ... It's a MIRACLE! (Page 2)

MarshP IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Geet had  MC scare and the Baby survived. Now it's a done deal! Meaning THE BABY STAYS. The whole will the baby survive  questions are getting old now. You better NOT be pulling other MC scare because that would make the Creatives look not so "creative".  Baby is far to important to the story to be taken so lightly. So no more MC scares and no more MC talks!

This is how I interpret the whole Geet or baby thing. He was asked to make a choice between Geet or their baby, when in reality there is no choice. The true choice was to be made between Geet's life and her trust. Saving her life means risking the life of their baby and hence her trust in him. Saving to baby could mean that he loses Geet forever. A true catch 22. Whichever decision he makes, in the end he will get the short end of the stick. He chose Geet, the love of his life, over their baby. I truly believe most men would choose to do same thing as Maan did, a decision we as women wouldn't understand or the mother in all of us refuses to understand. Maan didn't choose Geet because the child wasn't biology his. He would have done the same thing had he been the biological father. He chose Geet because he loves her more than anything, and he didn't think like a father but a lover and a husband to be.  This decision does not lessen his love for the child. In fact the father in him feels guilty for not choosing their child. Maan can't make himself look at the monitor to see the baby because he feels an enormous amount of guilt for not having the same faith that Geet had.  He didn't have to the faith to believe that both could be all right, all he thought was he could lose Geet. He hated that he made a choice and though he instantaneously regretted his decision, he didn't quite grasp the gravity of it till that moment.  Geet trusted him to be the father of her child and he feels he let her down.   And he knows that Geet may never forgive him for that. She may never understand how one could be in forced to make a decision with drastic consequences; at least not until she is in a similar situation where her loved one is fighting for his life.

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Just some pointers for now!

Big Jhappis for creatives for not killing baby and recovering from yesterday's drag fest episode!Big smile

EmbarrassedFaith and how powerful it is for one!  MSK's bharosa on god!  Thank u creatives for wonderful scene on this!  No matter what count on Faith.

Maan's guilt, I just hope it doesn't come to haunt him on the wedding day, but I truly believe Geet will understand his decision, kuddi has become more understanding and she has told Maan she respects all his decisions in life, so hopefully Creatives remember her dialogue and all will be good! Also, how can a fetus survive without Geet, remember this  creatives, don't make it look like Maan made a bad decision or we gonna come after Talwaar! Big smile

Is Marriage happening, well according to GC and SBB video, he does say just wait and watch how Maan marries Geet, but in between lots will happen.  So Im counting on GC's words on this one and yes, marriage will happen, just my take!  Again, this is serial world and TRPs mean the whole world, still Im a little skeptical, but I have Faith in creatives not to make this blunder!

Arjun's hair back to style one!  Eww its gross!

NE, well she still can't act, but Im ok with it now!  Learn to live with dislikes in life, it only makes one better!

Just a few questions though!

Is Dev coming to make his claim???? Well, I think he might just do that, NT is out of his life, Meera left, he only has Geet to claim now after all she is carrying his a big possibility here!

Geet's family will MSK suprise her???? I truly hope so!

Arjun will he be new groom for Geet???? Come on creatives if this happen, Geet will have 3 men in her life....that would really be disgusting to watch and for a character like Geet, not happening!  If this happens then 1st taveez is a lie, taveez is with Maan and he is her humsafar!  Creatives do not make a blunder here!  I will chop u down!

Geet, will she misunderstand MSK again, if so Maan is better off without her!!!!

Again, please don't play with viewers on the Miscarriage replay, enough is enough!  Baby is Geet's plight, this is why she left everything behind!  Think about it baby is essence of this show!  U kill baby, disaster strikes ur show and then u can shut shop!

For my devils!

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
Theme of the Den - Anvesha Shockedwhoooooooooooo?
Vini and Arwen to take up the task impossible and complete it with success ClapLOL congratulations!
Something that came out for NESLOL

This is the story of NE, Non existent sister as she can be
With her Bhaai rap, she dishes out all the crap
Impulsive and stupid,
She falls for flattery of NEB (non existent brother)
Now she expects us all to fall for their
(AA batteries/NES-NEB) love trap!Dead

Episode Analysis

Faisala mera nahin, main yeh kaise loon? Is vish ke ghoont ke kaise piyun?
Ek hai pyaar dooja uske jeevan ka adhaar,
Chunana ek ko phir bhi hai haar....
Geet ko chuna to uth jayega us ka mujh par se vishvaas,
Bacche ko jo chuna to reh jaaonga main akela bina koi ehsaas.
E'parvardigaar dikha mujhe raah...
Itni madad kar meri na lena pade mujhe yeh faisala....
Dil se nikale aur jubaan par aaye ek hi alfaaz,
Geet, tumko hai chuna, par nahin kar paya insaaf.
Jis ko bachane ke liye tumne kiya sab kuch kurbaan,
Uske liye tumhe nahin kho sakta tum ho meri jaan. 
Tumhe paa kar bhi hai maine kho diya...
Tumhare eitbaar to maine tod diya...
Duayen hain rang layi,  Geet aur nanhi jaan hain theek,
Maan aur Dadi ki jaan mein jaan aayi.
Geet bas pooche ek hi sawaal,
Baccha hain na theek aap kyun hain pareshaan?
Yeh nanhi jaan hai mera atoot ansh,
Kho diya to nahin sehan kar paaongi yeh dansh.
Taveez ne bachaya mujhe aur is nanhi jaan ko,
Hume bacha ishvar ne rakha hain aapke maan ko.

Vishvaas ke kasauti ki hogi parakh..
Kya Maan bata payega Geet ko yeh farq...
Jaise yeh baccha hai Geet ki jaan,
Vaise Maan bhi nahin jee payenge Geet ke bina.

CV's MU (misunderstanding) aur MC (miscarriage) ka idea ho gaya puraana,Dead
Ise baar baar baja na tum darshakon ka dil dukhana...
Jo aaye na koi raag bajana,Confused
Veebhatsa ras ko nahin apanaana.Thumbs Down
Samay hai dikhane ka prem rang,
Bharo Maaneet ke jeevan mein nayi umang.
Rona peetna aur glycerin ki barsaat...Angry
Yeh humein nahin aate raas.
Ummeed hai khushiyon ki baat hoTongue
Jo chaho darshakon ka saath hoSmile

Maan ka shaq abhi hai barkaraar,
Yeh lagata nahin koi haadsa...  Yeh hai koi sochi samajhi chaal.
Suraksha ke intezaam kiye aur pakke,
Geet ke jeevan ke saath jokhim nahin utha sakte.
Is roshni ki kiran ne andhere ko ujala banaya,
Apni jaan de kar bhi nahin padane doonga koi galat saaya...

Maan ke pyaar ki gehraayi, Kya jald hi jaayegi aazmaayi?

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sharmishtha01 Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged
1. MC card has been played once and that is it. CV's cannot try to play this game again. No more choosing between baby and mom. Baby stays. You don't want bored viewers by showing repeats.

2. What is up with GC? Can he get back to acting his role please. I feel he is not giving his 100% for his scenes. He can do much better. He seems distracted...DD on the other hand is getting better everyday.

3. Maan thinks Geet will misunderstand him if she knows he choose her over baby. This is come around again, but she won't blame him. One day she might have to make the choice between him and baby. She will choose him and will understand his pain. We have to remember that they love each other beyond anything, if Geet lets him go for his moment of weakness, it is not true love. She understands him more then anyone else. She will understand his dilemma even now. Truth be told if any of us were in his place, we would have choose Geet too. That is human nature, you want what will give you happiness. Call it selfish, but that is how it works.

4. The symbolism of Geet being the light in Maan's dark life is perfect. She is in fact the only brightness that came in to clouded life. I did like the way he said this. This is why he choose her, he cannot let go of the one hope and happiness that life has given him. Barry Dhillon, I loved this dialogue.  One good dialogue in many days.

5. Nikunj was pathetic again.

6. It's time for another hoo haa session.

7. Can we please have intense Maan back? Not angry but intense. Softness can be intense too, and it is probably lacking because GC is not giving his best.

8. I liked that Maan was feeling guilty to look at the sonogram of the baby. It is natural that he should feel guilty for choosing her over the baby. She did after all give him the right to be its father. He feels he has failed her and the baby. He is supposed to be their protector.

9. I don't really mind if Maan and Geet have to elope at the end to get married. Maan does say "Main aya hoon tumhe lene zamana ko chor kar". Hint hint? Either way, they will get married.

10. Indication of the future: "Main apne jaan de doongi par is dhoop par kisi ki parchaye nahain parne doonga." It is a given that he will do anything to save Geet, even give his life. It is then that Geet will have to make a choice between him and baby. She will choose him. Don't worry baby still stays. :)

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Poli.Geek IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged

Dear Devils,

Okay I am ready to impart some gyan on all you mere mortals...todays expression...too many expressions lets get started...

Before I more playing the MC card...everyone including this metal box is tired of defending the innocent soul every week...better keep the baby...else Babaji...tumhara bhala nahi karenge...Angry

1)  INSANE feeling guilty of choosing DEMENTED over the baby..Confused..someone teach him some biology.ROFL..the baby is still a fetus that cannot survive without its it was out of question whom he should one was saying lets kill Geet and keep the baby..but if in the future the baby caused complications for Geet and Maan lost her...where the hell was he going to bring Geet from for the baby.Disapprove..Yes...Geet is going to talk about the baby..she is the mother after all...but I think he should have just told her what was going through his head and what he did while she was critical...yes yes...a lot of you will now be in an uproar and tell his metal box to shut up...cause what the hell do I know about daily shows...I don't know anything all I know is that it is my job to keep these two together...Big smile

Hey SHORTY if you have to ever choose...choose me...okay...I want to live..Dancing

2)  SICKY's talk with INSANE...Dead no emotions what so to be bhabhi is in the hospital in critical condition and you cannot emote need to be sued for subjecting us to such horrid acting..Angry

3)  CONFUSED maybe you can teach INSANE were the hug between CONFUSED  and INSANE...

4) DEMENTED...just remember in the future when you find out INSANE choose you over BABY...your words today... you seemed to basically saying to himSmile..that what he did was okay..cause he is not the mother...don't let anymore MISS-UNDERSTANDINGS...come between you...this metal box is I want to have some fun with SHORTY..Wink

5)  Those were security guards?  Even I look more ferocious than them...ROFL.  and all I am is a metal box..that too tiny...get some proper hatta katta men to do DEMENTED's hifazat...

6)  VICIOUS didn't leave...I wonder what made him stay behind...CVs Ms. Taveez wants an answer...liking how you are portraying him...he reminds me of CARTOON..Tongue.where everything the villain does fails..LOL

7) Will not give you the satisfaction of talking about SICKY (although I know today she is the topic of discussion) and PSYCHO...

8) What is with the hair?Dead

That is all from me...
Ms. Taveez

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starlite7 Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 10:02am | IP Logged
Helloo Nissar, PH, Ved, Sudhir, Vikas, Barry – a much better episode than yesterday. You have now used up your baby MC card. We don't want to see any more crap scenes about Maan making decisions or hospital scares.

We know Maaneet's love story is strong. They will overcome Maan's current guilt trip with greater understanding among them. So move on and give us Maaneet wedding.

@ the hospital
Doctor tries to do some damage control today with her dialogues. Hum koshish to kar rahe hai, Maa aur bachcha dono ko bacha le … but saving the child might be harmful to Geet. Is this the standard medical dialogue in any crisis situation ? An ER doctor has to prioritize. So she has to ask the patient's family choice. Logical. One good thing was both the doctor and Dadi were clear in their expectations. Barry, we noticed the improvement. But the doctor should have also told Maan that the baby cannot survive outside the womb. Guess if the writers had cleared that today, they wouldn't have much to write tomorrow….LOL ! So they are going to let Maan and viewers stew in his guilt for a day.

Maan in shock (who wouldn't be in his shoes)…FBs help us understand Maan's dilemma. So Maan uses the only option available to him….surrender to a higher power. Ends up in the hospital prayer room. I liked Maan's self talk – clear, concise, no ambiguity. …Aap meri madad karna chahte hai to bas itna hi kar dijiye ke aaj mujhe is sawal ka jawab hi na dena pade.

NE-Maan convo
I liked this bro-sis convo – Aapka pyaar Geet aur bachche ko, dono ko theek rakhega.

Maan's choice

Geet !

His instinct made him do the right thing. Dadi tries to support his choice. But Maan's reasoning kicks in and he berates himself. He does not believe Geet will ever forgive him for choosing her over the baby.

The higher power Maan surrendered to drove his instinctive response. The higher power further proved his faith in it by saving both Geet and the baby. But Maan's logic wont let him accept this decision. That's because he always prided himself in doing the right thing and he feels, today he acted out of selfishness. Little does he know that his instinctive choice was also the reason for saving the baby. The baby could not have survived outside the womb.

Maan can't believe his ears when doc says Geet aur bachcha dono safe hai. He closes his eyes into a silent prayer and breaks into a smile. Loved the Dadi-pota hug ! He rushes into Geet's room and sits beside her. Geet he says and she opens her eyes. Geet confesses that she was scared. Doc walks in and turns on the baby monitor. Geet's whole being is riveted by the sight and sound of her baby. Dekhiy hamara bachcha aapko uski awaaz sunayi de rahi hai. But Maan is unable to raise his eyes towards the monitor and see the baby. Geet is worried that Maan is hiding something from her…abt the baby. So he reassures her that everthing is fine.

But Geet has also learned to read Maan. She compliments him for putting his faith in God…yeh taveez laakar apne sirf meri nahi, hamare bachche ki bhi jaan bachaayi. Why do I feel this statement will help Geet when she finds out Maan's true cause of discomfort. Maan's guilt is made worse when he hears Geet talking about the baby and mamta. I liked Maan's answer…khushi to mujhe iss baat ki hai ke tum dono theek ho. Amen !

Dadi and NE walk in . Dadi kisses her on the forehead. NE tells Geet how worried Maan was about her n the baby. Doc walks in and says Geet n baby are fine and can be discharged. NE confirms with doc if the party and sangeet can proceed as planned.

Increased Security
Maan gives Adi detailed instructions to increase the security at home. Dadi overhears him and asks why. Maan tells his doubt that Geet's mishap was not an accident but can't prove it. She tries to dispel his fears but Maan does not want to take any chances. Dadi agrees for Maan's peace of mind. When Maan requests Dadi not to tell Geet, she asks itna pyaar karte ho ussey?

Haan Dadima. Aaj tak is dil ko har jasbaat, har ehsaas, in sabse bachaakar gehre andheri diwaaron mein bachaakar rakha tha. Lekin pehli baar subah kid hoop banker is gehri andheri mein ujaala karne aaya, ab mein chahta to bhi dadima, par is dhoop par kisi ki parchaayi nahin padne doonga. Dadi is clean-bowled seeing the love for Geet shining in her pota's eyes :)))

Adi talking to plainclothes security and gives them their assignments. Pinki, Romeo, Pandeyji all busy with Sangeet ki tayyari. So is Arjun. Dcor looks really good. Arjun has had a hair cut….I think.

NE waylays Arjun to thank him for helping her get to the hospital. Oye, Arjun pighal gaya…changing for NE who is maha pleased and shows it. NE ban gayi Anwesha for Arjun.

Brij walks in shocked to see the added security. Rues the fact that Geet is still alive and he is forced to curtail his plan. But Brij vows that he will reach his target, Geet. AB mein vaar sahi waqt pe karoonga aur aisa karoonga jiska koi bachaav na ho.

Wonder if Brij will manipulate Arjun…that brain of his is ticking furiously on that possibility.
Precap – Adi wants Maan to surprise Geet with a dance. Geet plans with NE/Tasha that she will make Maan dance at the sangeet. Geet admiring the decorated sangeet setup.

Nissar, Barry, CVs – Execution was much much better than yesterday. Dubbing sounded weak in some spots . Dialogues were much more streamlined. Scenes did not seem band aided together like yesterday.

Gurmeet – Fabulous performance portraying Maan's dilemma , guilt , confession to Dadi and protectiveness.
Drashti, Behzaad, Dadi – Great performances.

Ok friends, Geet and baby is fine. We don't want to see any more crap scenes about Maan making decisions or hospital scares.
Just wanted to warn you. Based on the GHSP article, things will be fine until the sangeet. After that expect all hell to break loose putting in doubt Maaneet wedding. BUT Maaneet wedding will happen.

So get ready for a roller coaster ride after the sangeet, take a chill pill, fasten your seat belts, remember the end goal, Maaneet wedding ….and enjoy the ride ! Dreams do come true !

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
I wonder how u people ever made a den on Annie Silly
Does she exist at all?..........

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