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 Out of the BLUE comes Anwesha - WHO?

Point to note: If you can read the post below -meaning to say it exists- that means Annie, the character from GHSP, doesn't exist! It's a simple logic. Post exist = Annie not existing. This is somewhat similar to your action reaction chemical equations that u guys'll learn Today! :D It's like because one exists, the OTHER cannot exists! Made sense? No? I thought so. ROFLROFLROFL Coz neither do i get what i'm saying ROFL
So yea am sure u guys know what (becoz NE can be a non-living thing --- HIGHLY Possible) OR Which ( NE being a living thing --- I doubt it's possible) character Arwen and me will be on Today. 

It's Anwesha, Annie, NES (Non-EXSISTENT sister), NE (The way she asked her BHAAAI to pronounce it by saying the alphabet N followed by E. It becomes NE!), UN-waste-sha, UNwanted-sha ..

(Credits to the names: By the Devils of the Den itself!)

Yes the many nick names just goes to show that we love her oh-so NOT much! Big smile
* I've missed loads of Geet episodes lately (Esp. the ones with Anwesha in) I have no intentions of watching them either SO I may not have taken note of the latest developments (if there are any though I doubt) in NES's character.

** I can get VERY lame ROFLROFLROFL So read it at your own peril! ROFLROFLROFL

Her PURPOSE in the show

-To pronounce the word BHAIII in a cooler way. Don't believe me? Just hear how she goes "Maan BHAAAAI" U'll notice the cooler slang!


-To seduce Arjun with her creepy eyes and her AAHHHHHHHHHHH *Still going on* hhhhhhhhhhhh *she killed me already* MAZING Dead voice modulations just adds on to it!

-To star in the upcoming Rapunzel movie. Wondered if she featured in  A Tangled Tale? Anybody who watched the movie, can chip in here! :D
-To advertise shampoos, you know come in a shampoo advert. Can do it with her *pirate mode* Arrrrrrrrrrrjun as well. I mean look at them! They are a couple match made in HAIRven! Day Dreaming Both of them have got luscious long hair! To die for I tell ya, D-I-E FOR!
-Compete with Sasha/ Tasha/ Pindi Q n TOP the Walking Fashion disaster list. Keeping my psychic *ahem* powers in mind, I FORSEE NE winning the title of THE worst dressed on the show. The Fashion Police are on their way to catch her ---------> Shocked Possible situation of her leaving the show??? I likey this! Dancing


Okay so I can't help but sidetrack. I mean if the CVs can do this in their own show, consistency going for a toss every time, so hey am just doing the same here for this take ROFLROFLROFL
The way I see it, Anwesha's MAIN purpose in the show was just to create a love story between her and Arjun. Infact that was the main reason as to why this character was even formed in the first place. The CVs probably felt that they were running out of tracks so they thought "hey why not lets conjure a sister out of nowhere for MSK and create a LOVE STORY between her and another conjured-out-of-nowhere brother from NT side! Isn't it exciting???" Awwww how sweet right?
Another LOVE STORY apart from Maan and Geet --------- NOT Dead

They fail to realise that this is the SAME OLD BORING RECYCLED track that every other show comes up with when they feel like their story is not moving in any particular direction. So what do they do? Bring in their protagonist (which has now became Maan ROFL) close relation/loved one and try to bring DANGER into their lifes. This would make the male lead lose his cool and FIGHT against the world.

With a sudden sister angle into the picture, it became SO predictable with the way the story is going to be unfold. We all knew that Arjun would try to make NE fall into his trap just to take revenge from Maan and Geet because they ruin his sister's life. Arjun is an innocent chap, probably blinded by his love for his sister hence willing to go all the way to fight for her right, not knowing the fact that his sister is lying to him. He tries to make Anwesha fall in love with him and WOW eventually he ALSO falls in love with her??? Who would have thought about that! Sheesh such a unique love story it is, isn't it?! LOL
All am saying is that, it became way to predictable with this Sister angle which in turn makes the audience bored when watching. Sleepy


Bringing in new characters into a show is fine because yes we understand the need for parallel tracks. Can't just depend on two main actors, can we? BUT, yes a VERY BIG BUT that too, there is a need to include a back story as to WHERE they were all this while, WHO they are exactly, HOW did they land up there and WHAT were they doing previously, before building the character further!

TILL Date, all we know is that NES was studying SOMEWHERE (for how many years, god knows), she KEPT a HUGE poster of her Bhai in her hostel (?) room (which btw is VERY disturbing), her Bhai and her used to have gossip sessions every night just before hitting the bed and her Bhai always bought her a truckload of presents.
She comes for her brother's wedding. Okay understandable because it's a huge event for her brother. But what about those times when her brother was fighting a life and death situation? (That lift accident that MSK got into at KC) Why wasn't she present then? OR why wasn't she present when her Bhai was getting engaged to Geet for the first time? (During that period when Geet found out that Dev is MSK's brother) We understand if she couldn't make it during those occasions BUT the reason for her disappearing act for both Major events could have been at least mentioned by Anwesha herself now!! But NOOOOOOOO, the CVs are choosing to close one eye for this case. Think it falls under cinematic liberty?? Well, hell no! This kind of stuff should have been mentioned/addressed before u guys decided to have any SAJNA VE moments between NE n Arjun!
Giving such MINOR details is just enough? The best part is the majority of the details were of no use to Anwesha's whereabouts! They could have AT LEAST included some flashbacks or solo scenes of Anwesha thinking about her past. The reason for her going to a boarding school (?)

Infact these flashbacks and private scenes of NE alone are just for improving this out of nowhere sister angle. The BEST would have been, Dadi Maa or Maan, for that matter, mentioning about Anwesha once! That they have a younger sister. Like how they have mentioned about Vicky and Sameera previously, the same should have been done by Anwesha. OR to just make life easier for all us, the CVs could have just brought in the other kurana sibling whom we know ALREADY EXISTS, that's right VICKY!

Why oh why are you guys saving these tracks?? It's already 2011!! ROFLROFL Do you expect us to wait for another year to see the other missing but mentioned at least characters? ROFLROFL


SO this goes back to the MAIN point, her purpose was just to be part of a love story which we are not going to accept because we believe that MSK doesn't have a sister. Since none of the above was done to confirm her existence. Hence she remains non-existent to us! Approve


Why would Anwesha call MSK her BHAI and WHY does MSK accept the name tag?

So yea I say she is non-existent but she STILL calls Maan Bhai right? Reasons are as follows Big smile
-It's like a slang kinda thing. U know like "Yo! What's up BRO?!"  Or "Yo, whaddup Bro?!" Or "Yo! Sup sup bro?!"  So that could be what NE is doing as well. It does NOT mean that they are REALLY blood related but just, u know, friendly kinda bro-sis relationship. More than friends but less than family!
The Equation:
Friends < NES's relationship with Maan < Family

- She loves to play pretend-pretend. Must have been childhood deprived, probably didn't play much so now when she's older, she making use of the YOUTH (sounds familiar? ROFLROFL) that she's got n is playing pretend-pretend with MSK. It's like how for one day I pretend to be a policewoman n you -YES YOU! Where u lookin' at? U reading this I meant! LOL - pretend to be the thief. So we play police n thief for one day! BUT for the case of Annie n MSK it is slightly different. You see, they both are pretending to be Bhai-Bhehan for god knows how many years n still counting. Both must have had a sad, sad childhood. Disapprove Bless the future kurana heir. Hope it has a brighter and colourful childhood instead! :D

-Maan has Schizophrenia (not sure if Sinistera covered this in her Maan analysis because i didn't manage to read her take BUT if she has, am carrying it forward here) n he THINKS n FEELS that Annie is a sister who exists to him! But in actual fact, she doesn't exist. It just his mind playing tricks on him, making him believe that he has a sister.

- Based on the point above, it goes to show that even Dadi Maa is Schizophrenic. Now I wonder if Dev would fall under this category as well. Hmm ... Ermm


Going DEEPER into the Non-Existence: Anwesha's character D'oh


As a sister:

I would consider her a sister whom is pampered very much by her brother (MSK does not/did not/ and will never have a sister). If we looked at the first few episodes where she made her entrance into the show, she appeared very demanding. (MSK does not/did not/ and will never have a sister). Wanting her Bhai (MSK does not/did not/ and will never have a sister) to meet her ASAP. MSK actually came out from an important meeting just to answer her phone call AND then he left from the place without informing the rest of the staff. This goes to show Annie (MSK does not/did not/ and will never have a sister) holds a very important place in MSK'S life.

She basically shares a very typical brother-sister relationship with her brother. (MSK does not/did not/ and will never have a sister). A brother (MSK does not/did not/ and will never have a sister) who is very protective of his sister, a brother (MSK does not/did not/ and will never have a sister) who pampers his sister, a brother (MSK does not/did not/ and will never have a sister) who only sees the childish side in his sister n refuses to believe that she's has now become a young adult and is no longer a child.

In 28th of December's episode, MSK wanted to drop NE off at her friends place for the Christmas party. There was this one dialogue that said "Bhai am a big girl now, i can go there by myself. U should instead go n spend more time with Geet Bhabhi." (MSK does not/did not/ and will never have a sister).


As a person/Individual

-She gets what she wants most of the time. She kinda attributed the same MSK qualities. (MSK does not/did not/ and will never have a sister) Qualities such as, being adamant, wanting things to be done her way only, quick to judge a person, little bit of arrogance in her. They feel whatever they want, they WILL GET!

Eg: During that period where she was trying to contact Delhi's BEST known Events planner (who was later known to be Arjun) she made sure that she'll get hold of that specific planner even if it means that that planner doesn't have the time to fit her in his/her schedule. She gets what she wants and when she wants it, she really wants it!

I would call her an independent girl? (The fact that she was away from the Kurana khandan for many years, living all on her own) BUT seeing how I detest this character for the sole reason of, MSK does not/did not/ and will never have a sister, I will NOT call her independent ROFLROFLROFL


 *Read between the lines literally for my REAL views ROFLROFLROFL

If you only focused on the highlighted bracketed words, the points above won't be valid already. ROFLROFL The bottom line being : He has NO sister!
Not reading between the lines are for those who have adapted to the sudden out of the blue MSK has a sister angle. Stern Smile LOL


Future plots

-She decides to cut her hair

-Improve on her fashion sense

-Eventually stops playing this pretend-pretend act with her MSK and tell him the truth that NO, I AM NOT YOUR SISTER and NO, YOU ARE NOT MY BROTHER.

-She dies
-She dies
-Did I mention that she'll die? Well I must have not. So yes, SHE'LL DIE!
-OR lets not be a sadist. Give her a happy ending, shall we? She elopes with Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrjun n leaves a happily married and blissful AND hairful life! May their babies be blessed with loads and loads of hair n hey maybe they all can star in a FAMILY shampoo advert! Cool ain't it? I know for a fact i won't be buying that brand. ROFLROFLROFL
- She dies because she opens the microwave? Lots of the Devils were saying this yesterday. I mean Brijjy paaji STILL left the mircowave as it is SO am thinking whoever who touches it, we'll just have to say GOODBYE! So lets all cross our fingers n TOES n HOPE n PRAY that it's none other than NES who does the VERY GOOD DEED of opening the mircowave oven! Big smile Oh wait i mentioned that she'll die above? Well, oops my bad. Must have forgotten LOL
-She confesses that she's an imposter who pretended to be MSK's sister.
- I have no more idea! ROFLROFL Hey am not suppose to be coming up with potential plots! That is the Job of the CVs themselves! ROFLROFL Actually am all tired after writing so much ROFLROFL
SO will end with my,


Out of the BLUE comes Anwesha - WHO?

I think she's a GEISHA just doing some HOO HAAAAAAAAAAA!

And THAT (above) my Friends, is NES as a GEISHA doing the Kurana's very own HOO HAAAAAAAAS! ROFLROFLROFL
Hope u're alright after reading this take of mine!
Refer to the next post for a more enlightening analysis while i go bang my head against the wall for talking SO MUCH about a NON-EXSISTENT character! Cry And that didn't even make sense! How can one even talk abt a non-exsistent character?? Wacko
Hayee babajeeeeeeeeee!

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Watch this space for The Defense of Anvesha Khurana LOL 

Anvesha Khurana aka Annie aka Non-Existent sister and yes the biggest grouse of the devils LOL. What exactly is the problem with her though? The characterization or the execution? Lets find out shall we?

Pampered Ya Brat
No one can forget Anvesha's entry LOL. Spoilt brat are the words that came to my mind Tongue what with the over the top behavior with those designers for instance. For me it reflected her decisiveness; she obviously knew her mind and what she wanted and wouldn't mince her words or go into long winded explanations. One more thing, she obviously thinks the world of her Maan Bhaaaiii and is it so hard to believe that she could have been influenced by some of his not so seemly traits? In his case we put it down to arrogance, anger (his behaviour towards Geet in the early days of office track) or hurt-induced cruelty (remember the way he treated Yash during that business deal Angry?) Point is MSK is temperamental at best. 

Anvesha definitely doesnt carry any of this emotional baggage but she does have the immaturity of her age and it was even reflected in her behavior towards her so called friends. But hey you are young, beautiful, apple of your (very handsome) brother's eye and lets face it - who isn't a little conceited (and impatientLOL) when your brother is drooled upon by ALL of your friends? I was a bit of a show off where my (handsome) elder brother is concerned and I was 22 not 18 ROFLROFLROFL. She definitely seems to be learning and making some changes in her behaviour  though. That "aap" when addressing the servants shows the respect she has for people in general irrespective of their station in life.. Keeping the crappy execution aside, the  episodes actually revealed a girl who was pampered (not a bratLOL), arrogant, highly opinionated and very loving and respectful. Vini has covered all of it actually - just read the non-highlighted parts ROFLROFLROFL

Yes the execution can be questioned but the purpose was to develop a strong female character and that in itself shows that Anvesha has got an important role to play in this show. What that role will be is any one's guess but she is already influencing and helping to move the story farther.

The start of their relationship was rocky at best LOL. It went from a simple clash of opinions to friends to nemesis and back to being friends but with a new understanding which strengthened their bond. Many people questioned Anvesha's behavior in her confrontation with Geet.  But considering the limited information she had, her jumping to conclusions was understandable. She had just found out that Geet somehow caused a rift between her brothers and tore apart her family. When one is in a state of stress or emotional upheaval, do you go around looking for explanations or do u go and directly confront the source of the problem? 

 Anvesha had formed her conclusions based on the limited information she had. Yes she is quick to judge (Maan Bhai ka influence Wink) but Geet was the outsider. Everything had been hunky dory (in Annie's eyes) for years and suddenly everything changed around the time Geet arrived on the scene. It wasn't illogical on her part to blame Geet (who would think badly of one's own brothers?). Lets not forget, Anvesha's character had already been established as someone who was very direct and in your face (throwing away the dresses she didn't like is actually an example of this LOL).

Influence on Plot - Geet's fears rested.
Yes, the misunderstanding was cleared soon enough but this confrontation actually brought home certain facts which were necessary for Geet to assimilate. In spite of being the victim she blamed herself for causing frictions in  Maan's family. Annie's quick support and understanding helped in renewing Geet's confidence in herself and her relationship with Maan. Yes Maan-Geet relationship  was never really in question but doubts, fears and guilt act like a cancer even in the healthiest of relationships. Annie's support also helped in renewing her confidence in the family she was marrying into . This entire misunderstanding-confrontation-resolution was necessary for Geet to understand that she could look forward to her future life instead of always living in fear of losing the people she came to love.  Some may well say that this entire track could have been depicted through any other family member but question is would it have been as effective with some one much older than her (DadiMa) or Vicky? Annie is a girl who is same age as Geet and the feminine friendship and camaraderie could not have been the same with either Dadi or Vicky. Geet had precious few people in her life with whom she could share everything and Anvesha had showed signs of being one of those people (being afraid of darkness conversation, complaining about Maan etc LOL).

Anvesha - Best friend and Confidante
In fact Anvesha may well be the next Meera in Geet's life.  Meera - as good as she was - had the emotional association with Dev and even lied to Geet because of this. There was always the potential of yet another feeling of being betrayed. That danger is not present in a strong bond between these two ladies (Anvesha lying to Maan because of Arjun may cause Geet to advise her but it wont cause any emotional trauma other than worries about Maan's reaction). Anvesha is slowly growing into the role of Geet's  friend and confidante with whom she can share things and who tries to help her out (patao-the-man-in-your-life techniques ROFL) Geet meanwhile seems to take on the role of an adviser and friend as well (conversations about Arjun). Overall its a nice healthy relationship and Geet does need a girl friend in her life. A girl who happens to be Maan's sister is and with whom she can bitch about Maan ROFL knowing she'll do the same ROFL - who wouldn't like such a best friendTongue?


Its Speed

Arjun-Annie romance has been questioned because of its speedLOL.  She was attracted too soon to a guy she had just met and initially hated because of his attitude. Why this questioning?  We fell in love with Chuck Bass more than Nate Archibald though Chuck was definitely questionable.  We prefer Logan/Wolverine to Scott any day. Damon is everyone's favorite vampire. Heathcliff is everyone's favorite romantic hero.  In other words we go down the twisted path instead of choosing the safe option LOL.  

Anyway we had already seen this speed in Dev-Geet story and it wasn't questioned back then. Dev was easily able to earn Geet's respect and trust in three days because he gave her the things she hungered for - gentleness and respect. The first day they met, Dev asked for Geet's opinion about their marriage. In subsequent meetings he protected Geet from the wrath of her family, showered Geet with kindness, love and romance and seduced her with his gentle nature. Geet was up against a guy who was a seasoned player and she because of her youth and naivety stood no chance against him.

Same was the case with Anvesha but  Arjun chose the opposite manner with her. His target was a girl who was used to getting her way and so he opposed her at every point which forced her to notice him and then get attracted to him. His good looks and airs of a guy who didn't gave a damn about her aroused the curiosity in her.  That tinged with the element of secrecy (Christmas date) and fear induced intimacy (trapped in an elevator) and viola you have yourself an instant crush.  Keeping all of that in mind this romance is not that difficult to digest. The question is the purpose it serves.

Consequences for the Story

It may appear at first that one of Arjun's aim was to seduce and abandon Anvesha. Honestly speaking this angle would have been repetitive if Arjun was an out and out villain. However, we saw in his entry itself that Naintara had twisted the facts. Arjun's thought to himself that things might be getting out of hand (trapped in elevator scenario) showed his common human decency. His interaction with Geet where he advised her to stop living in the past was a genuine one and all this showed that he is not your typical bad boy. So the chances of him falling for a person who is a match for him when it comes to arrogance, attitude etc are quite high.

Gossip Girl watchers - ever wondered what would have happened if Chuck and Jenny had a relationship? Chuck and Dan with their obvious differences and grudges and Dan's little sister dating Chuck. Sometimes I think it would have been a damn sight more interesting than Chuck and Blair LOL even though Jenny is a skunk Tongue.  

Point is this - a romance building out of twisted relations (though cliched) gives rise to a lot of intriguing elements.  However, there is an added twist to this. Arjun had told Anvesha that no matter what she may have done, Naintara is his sister. This reflects his loyalty to Naintara and this loyalty may well survive the reality of Naintara's actions. Considering the loyalty to their respective siblings, and the fact that the said siblings will be enemies for life, the potential of this love story is pretty good.  The emotional quotient brought to the plot via a pathos filled love story could not have been achieved with a cousin or someone who was not as closely associated with the Khuranas.  This makes Anvesha's role a very important one. 

In a battle of justice and revenge, there could be the suffering of innocent people who were caught in the middle. Even if Arjun turns out to be a blackguard, even than Anvesha's story would be important as Maan and Geet are forced to confront the suffering of Khuranas because of this battle. Conflicts and frictions within the family (Dadi the eternal pendulum may be going against Geet and Maan?) along with the character's own doubts and guilt gives rise to a lot of interesting plot lines.

BUT - Give Existence to Non-Existence LOL

Yeah this is the constant demand of everyone. Even I can't defend the lack of a back story. However, is it always necessary to be told everything upfront? We could always go back and forth right? Non-linear plot development is not new. Though it is disconcerting to see a sister come out of nowhere but then sisters also disappear into oblivion never to be heard from again LOL. And I don't mean Geet but daily soaps in general . And although attention to detail is satisfying but like i said audience don't have to be told everything. May be some day in the future essence will be given to non-existence LOL. But for someone who is non-existent, Anvesha can bring forth a lot of twists LOL.

Ultimately each character has his/her own place in the story. It's the writer's prerogative how to develop it. At least Anvesha is contributing to the plot and has the potential to contribute a lot more. Ultimately it will come down to the execution. Anvesha isn't non-existent; its the treatment given to her story that is making it seem worthless.


Phew. i m done LOL Sorry for the delay though Embarrassed which was a consequence of my procrastinations and sheer bad luck Ouch

Don't know if I have managed to convince you guys but I have managed to convince myself ROFLROFLROFL

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Previous DENS with THEMES


Potential Plot lines (MB)



Aesthetics (make up etc)


Brij and Yash







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Page 2 - mi7chimes, MarshP, 49erFan, Shreya_I, sharmishtha01, Ann.A, Poli.Geek and Starlite7
Page 3 - temorocks, rdfan, Anwesha_02, panchjun05 and pixie
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Page 34 - Shonuu's take
Page 4 onwards - Discussions on the episode. Mainly about BABY, MC and Marriage

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Episode Analysis
I've not watched the episode. Just read the written update. So it seems that both the baby and mother are saved and it was a miracle? Well, the majority of the audience most probably knew that a miscarriage will not be happening. It was kinda obvious that this was all part of the so called "HIGH VOLTAGE DRAMA" that the CVs are planning on having for this wedding. So yes, happy that nothing happened to both the baby and the mother. Am hoping that from here onwards the CVs take it lighter with the drama element. Having a dramatic wedding is fine BUT an overdose of it is when it becomes a problem. Am hoping we get more celebrations now and put a hold to Brijjy's attacks? LOL Maybe nearing the wedding date there'll be another HUGE dhamaka. Who knows? Will just have to wait and watch!
Also i hope this would be the first and last time regarding a miscarriage scare. We all want for the baby to stay. If this incident, that happened yesterday, served as an indication that in the future there could be possibilities of a miscarriage happening, i would say it'll be a boring move CVs! I mean make it different by keeping the baby save and there! Why try to bring in new angles by posing danger to the baby? If you want to do something different in your show, let the baby stay!
Maan's dialogues must have been great Today! I read the update only so don't know exactly what were his dialogues.
Hoping the Sangeet will go well! And Arjun and NES romance still sucks! Cut down on the SAJNA VE please! It really would have been so much more better if we didn't have a romantic angle between NES n Arjun. Why coudn't you guys just left Arjun to take revenge on his own? Without pulling in anybody's loved ones?
Brijjy is still cool! I still like him as a villian. Smart guy! Maybe he'll have more plans up his sleeves for tmrw's Sangeet ROFLROFL As much as i want the Sangeet to go well, i would also LOVE to see Brijjy boy's amazing plans! I gotta say the jail taught him well! ROFLROFLROFL A multi-talented guy.
One last thing, if this Baby scare was just to show Maan's sudden faith in god, hmm i don't know what to say. I am in mixed minds about this. First of all, MSK has prayed before at the Golden Temple so i found it weird itself that he doesn't enter the altar in his mansion. The dialogues for the Taveez were all fine but that "Never entering into a prayers room" was kinda silly on the CVs part! :S
IF they show him saying a dialogue where he has now gained faith in the almighty after the incident that happened to Geet, it would be okay. But if they were to leave it as it is, then i don't see the point of even having this BABY SCARE in the first place! :S
Or was this MC scare just to produce a situation where MSK is put in a tight spot to choose between the unborn child and it's mother? :S
Will end it here. I've got nothing more to add since i've not watched two episodes plus ROFLROFLROFL
One thing for SURE, MG's marriage will take place! Just that they'll have to overcome some obstacles on the way. The obstacles being the DRAMA MAMAAAAAA that's coming our way. ROFLROFLROFL
And YES, please get that microwave oven fixed before it's TOO LATE! Stern Smile ROFLROFL

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Episode Analysis - Reserved


Tonight's episode was a really good one in terms of execution, logic and plot development.

Nature versus Nurture
This debate always creeps up when parentage of a child is questioned especially in the Indian sub-continent.  The common perception is that the adoptive/step father cannot love the child or parent the child as well as his biological father would.
Maan was faced with a double-edged sword. To choose both the baby and Geet would mean losing both and choosing Geet meant losing the baby he had come to love as his own and in the process losing Geet's trust. The prevailing mindset of people with regards to adoption meant that people would always be quick to jump on Maan and question his love for his child. He wont give a damn about what people think but he gives a damn about what Geet thinks and he knew that it will be very difficult for Geet to understand the choice he was faced with and his decision. Geet's zealousness and protective, motherly instincts and love for her child is there for all to see (loved the use of flashbacks here - perfect utilization). She would have been shattered if she had lost her baby and under the circumstances (+ the average mindset) she would have pointed accusing fingers at Maan. She trusts Maan;s love for her but his love for her child can always be questioned. This is why Maan was hoping he wont have to make this choice but he had to. The fact that both survived didn't make his crime (in his eyes) any less.
It is very clear that at some point Geet will know about Maan's decision and it will cause friction between the two. CVs is this the pre/post marital drama you are planning on Stern Smile? Actually this track had to crop up at sometime and it will be interesting how CVs resolve this conflict. Maan's attempts to regain Geet's trust when at the same time he is dealing with his own guilt, Geet's questions about her relationship with Maan and whether he could be a good father - I m looking forward to this track Smile

It was dramatic irony indeed as we listened to Geet talking about faith. Maan recognized the irony of it because he knows for sure that Geet's faith in him will be shaken. However, this conversation was laced with references to faith on God so I suppose Maan may well turn to God when he loses all hope. And yes Geet's babaji will be needed to revive her faith in Maan LOL. Wonder what the God's above will do to bring these to back on the same wavelength?

While we are on the topic of faith, I hope CVs you don't break our faith by having Geet go through an actual Miscarriage? You made Geet say that she can't imagine her life without her little one so I m assuming there will be no miscarriage. I hope so. We went through hell wondering if Geet's baby will be alright and I dont want to go through this again and I'm sure no one wants to see a heartbroken Maaneet dealing with the loss of their child. Don't play this miscarriage track. Once is enough -we can't deal with it again and again and again Stern Smile

Maan the Tiger
Well he is getting there LOL. His protective instincts are at a high after Geet's accident. He has his doubts though he cannot fathom who did it(Arjun was in office so he cant point fingers at him). I liked the fact that he is going to keep his doubts to himself and not let Geet worry. What I'm really looking forward to is the expression on his face when he realizes Da Brijj is back. That will be awesome Tongue

Earning the Trust
Arjun earned some major brownie points with Annie when he dropped her off at the hospital. Annie trusts him now and is able to look beyond the fact that Arjun is Naintara's brother. I liked their scene and for once Nikunj was bearable (I still want her out though Tongue). It was cute and healthy flirtation but I couldn't understand if Arjun genuinely wanted to change her opinion of him or was he acting to get back into her good books? I like this ambivalence about Arjun and hope CVs retain it Smile What I didnt like was those bangs Dead Piyush you were looking great on Wed night with your hair pulled back so please retain that look Smile

Da Ultimate Evil Smile
Brijj is furious that Geet survived again. Point to be noted is his control. He is willing to be patient and wait for his opportunity before attacking Geet. This discpline wasn't there in Hoshiarpur. There he was impulsive. I don't know how he learnt this self-control but it makes Brijj one hell of a villain. Combined with the brains he seems to have developed overnight, his unrelenting pursuit of his target, his unrepentant attitude and willingness to be evil without apology has made him my most favorite villain in this show. Keep it up Brijjy boy. I'm really looking forward to what you do next.

Concluding Notes

I liked the execution. Appropriate flashbacks used at the right time. Dialogues that made sense and a story that is consistently moving forward. All of this made it this episode a worthy watch. I liked the flow, and retunr of logic and hope this continues Smile

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:33am | IP Logged
My short take for today
I liked today's episode and for me logic returned back today at least to some extent
Things I loved
  • Doctor's dialogues were changed today ...according to her if they save the fetus then geet's life will continue to b in danger ...the dialogues were not very poslished but today they managed to bring some logic in the dialogues which I liked...Thumbs Up
  • I loved the instant reaction of MSK when he said "GEET" loudly and then suddenly realised what will b Geet's reaction when she will come to know that he had choosen her over the baby..GC's expression was spot on thereThumbs Up ...MSK knows how emotionally Geet is attached to the baby since he has seen how they had fought with her own family to save the baby and so MSK's thought process in this scene was well executed hereClap..
  • I was going through FB and people r there complaining about why MSK gave such a lukewarm response seeing Geet when he should hv jumped on her ..kissed her ...hugged her...ROFLROFL...I m sorry but I strongly disagree there...when MSK entered the room,he saw how Geet was excited seeing the baby..all she talked was about the baby...Thats the reason MSK was hving guilt in his mind that time because he saw that Geet was so connected to her baby and he opted for only one..not bothCry..because of that guilt he was not able to take Geet in his arms...So his reaction there was justifiedApprove...U don't always hv to shower hugs and kisses to show your love and care for your lady...Sometimes your inner turmoil and silent expressions r enough to show how much u love your ladyEmbarrassed...
  • MSK's dialogues with Dadi outside the Hospital room hints towards MSK's dark pastWink....The way he says how Geet filled his dark life with lights of happiness....I liked Barry's dialgoues there..but again he should keep it a bit simple need of such complicated wordsLOL,..but still it was goodEmbarrassed...
  • Loved the determination on MSK's face to protect his Gith from all the tsunamis of lifeThumbs Up
  • Brij staying in the picture will keep the viewers on tenderhooks for the next episodeThumbs Up
  • Questions raised regarding how next day Geet is all jumping for sangeetLOL..I hv no issues here because its a daily soap and if they had continued with hospital saga for this whole week, we would hv complained its everything can't b realistic or else entertainment value becomes lessSmile...
Turn-offs for today..
  • Doctor's cliched way of saying its a mircale..both r savedROFL...but I guess they din't hv any other optionLOL
  • Arjun-Annie love story going nowhere and Arjun is reduced to a love sick puppyOuch..
  • MSK is going for more security which is all fine but then why is he not checking those CC camera footages ?? he waiting for the shaadi shubh mahurat day kya ??AngryLOL
My fears...
  • MSK is guilty about the fact that he opted for Geet and when Geet comes to know about it she might feel he will not do justice to the child as a fatherOuch..the feeling itself is very dangerous and might result in no marriage if Geet comes to know the truth exactly on the marriage dayOuch...
  • Dev is not seen for a while ...but lets not forget Baby is connected to Dev...dangerous signalsOuch...
My Episode rating:8.5/10...Logic returned,.acting was all good today...Story is going in interesting direction and CVs r succeeding to make me more and more negativeCryOuch
PS:Vini wonderful job with the NESROFL..What can I say about her..she is still NE for all of usLOL..but u did a fab jobClapClap
Short Take by my Jerry AditsEmbarrassed
k jus watched the epi on YT n thought of writing a small take.........

guyz we shud have known dt d baby wud b safe....jus d other day wen she hd a bad fall in the bath tub..guess both didnt evn realize nythin wud hv happened to their baby ....toh phir ek sauna bath suffocation se kya hone wala hai...ROTFL. ..aftr all it is a khurana khandaan ka chirag.....SUPERMAAN khurana ka baby.........n usse bhi zyaada superwoman geet ka baby....ROTFL....

i lkd geet ka maa aur maamta wala emotional talks....

i so lk watchin Adi.......pinky............... n romeo...manisha pandit n gang....dey r fun to watch.LOL....

arjun n anvesha the scene was nt frm annie side bt arjun was gud..Way To Go..

i dont lk to c dis paralyzed n disappointed brij.....Disappointed 3.....i so wanna c dt OYEEEEEEE geeettttttttttt...n talwar..Wushu....wala brij..LOL.....

anyway lookin frwd fr marriage n stuff.....

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:34am | IP Logged
@Blueyyy I love you Your Take on NEROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLMe is still ROFLing awsumm Mwah for makin me lauf so muchh...ROFLI have never Laughed a lot about anything tht is related to her but u made meROFLROFLI love you BlueyHug
@Anj thankshh for makin her do it.I've missed Bluey's takes since forever..Ouch
@Arwen You actually had to defend herShocked nothing but just Hats off to You for thtStarLOL
 And I am not being Sarcastic Arwen me love you for that..You took up the challengeHug
-I can see CVz sweating reading thru all the dhamkis yesterday and the dandas everyone gave on FB&I-F abt tht one dialogue misconception and they changed itROFLROFL
@CVz Miscarriage Fears have been used many times now..You've scared ppl enuf times about it..No way that you are gonna use the same card again for future..That's it..It is done..The Baby is safe and the baby will remain safe..No more Hospital trips related to Chance of MC..If you're running out of ideas look up to devils in here..They will help you out but don't be repetitive about this..We cannot stand it again&again..Sleepy#
This is from Opti and they deserve to be on the first page
Future scenario:

1. The doctor who is invited for the wedding may tell Geet that Maan loves her so much that he chose her over their baby. Geet will be shocked and heart broken hearing this.

2.Brij may make an attempt on Geet's life. Arjun may step in time to save her life. May get hurt but ends up killing Brij. This way Maan will be grateful to him and his doubts will disappear. Arjun will then get closer to implementing his plan to bring about the K family downfall.

3.Because Brij is dead and he was Geet's brother, they may raise the issue of how can a wedding take place during the period of mourning (12 days).  Despite what Brij attempted to do, he still was Geet's blood relative. Maan may then take vow that he will marry Geet within the period of mourning as Brij does not deserve to be mourned.

4.Maan and Geet finally get married after a few more adventures during this period (can't think of what they might be right now) but their SR will be ruined by Geet's thoughts about what Maan chose to do when she was in the hospital.  She may confront Maan who may admit the truth. While they may be living together and their feelings for each other be unchanged, they may be torturing themselves with thoughts of betrayal and guilt. 

5.During this period Sam may make an entry, creating a stir in the already muddy puddle.

6.When the truth about Sam finally comes to light (whatever it might be) Geet may take up for her Maan and fight for him fiercefully. At the end of this track we may get Maaneet consummation which may be both passionate (from Geet's side) and tender (from Maan's side).


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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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CVs ( better earn the dear and dearest u lost !! )

what was tat all about??

High Tension nail biting TRP drama to hook audience - existing as well as new to the GHSP??

firstly i wanna clear ur misconception about the audience...

especially the youth who watch STAR ONE or for that matter even the older ladies.. n gentlemen

noone watches TV for CRAP... coz u know wht.. our heads are not gunpoint to watch a particular show
we watch by choice... as long as there are different choices.. the one we choose may change according to our liking
so in the want of attracting newer audience with silly drama which begins to end the next day with AND ... a MIRACLE! might grab u one or two for today...
but what  does it make us existing viewers??? FooLs??? u bttr understand tat no human wants to make a fool of 'emselves and neither do we..
and the one or two u just grabbed might as well leave ur hands when tey find out they were being fooled tooo...

and why exactly am i accusing u ??

1. High tension drama of MC... u think its ur trump-card no?? we say its HELL NO!! tooo much of anything can b a pain
 a child with mother running and jumping about ... father dragging her around ... ALWAYS put in pressure cooker...
it going thru another hit/fit/whatever is not gonna survive our liking... ENF of using the baby...
its was alwys an integral Part of Geet and hence now of Maneet.. NO WAY its going anywhere else but coming to us. GET TAT clear!! n loud ofcourse!!

2. and exactly why i wanns break ur heads...

today we had another good epi... in terms of execution, script ,  screen play and direction... and ofcourse it took away the damage yesterdays chaos had done

but u think any audience who has been or has started watching ill tolerate tis AMATEURish behavior?? agn HELL NO!!!

we Pay to watch ... n no one pays to watch anything less than Good churned out by PROFESSIONLs... heard tat word b4?? at Graduate school or where u learned wht u r doing?? did tey teach u to not Proof-read / not Proof-watch a product b4 u throw it into the visual field of t masses??

i need an answer.. and it bttr be through CONSISTENT PROFESSIONALISM!

EARN ur audience n their Respect just like u are supposed to EARN ur PAY!

me is running outta tim for class.. yea u r lucky...

while i go learn driving.. u bttr stop crashing ard making ur license so NOT-Proud!

please do take care coz we r watching...



oh yea...

PS : MSK doesnt NOT hav a SISTER!! and not one breathing Sajna-ve ( Maahi Ve's Twin in Parseltongue ) HELL NO!!!

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