Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge [6/1 - Epi 50]

kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:16am | IP Logged
Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..

Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing. 
2. No derogatory terms to be used. 
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum. 
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.

Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

Party Congratulations KMH team on completing 50 episodes of Season 2  Party

A big round of applause  for the entire cast and crew of KMH for working tirelessly day and night and giving us these wonderful episodes.  
Karan and Kritika's wonderful actingClapClap,  outstanding  title trackDay Dreaming, the signature kmh tunesThumbs Up, the amazing dialougesClap,  equally good bg scoreClap, good supporting cast Thumbs Up  and the effort of all the staff Thumbs UpClap to make each episode a better one makes the show so special that we are addicted to it.Hug 
wishing the show all the success and waiting to see many many many more episodes.
Today is also a special day for Anjali 
PartyWishing you a very Happy Birthday Party
from all of us 
Star Have a wonderful day Star

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
50th episode Clap, lets see what they got for us .   Singhania dadi ki  entry into ahullu's mansion Thumbs Up.   Aate hi guards ki band baja di .   then  sanchits turn 'oye tu kya kulfi ka tukda hai'  LOLnext shefali ,poor girl, then gauri Dead itni kam daant aur do teen baate sunani thi, isne hamari naak mein dam kar rakha haiAngry.    Now comes  fake dulhe ka turn LOL  chiku shake turned kabootar turned  Khargosh ROFL, he is afraid of even arohi now beeji is like mogambo to him LOL super scared, body guard ko bulaliya.   Now Asli dulha enters  in style Thumbs Up.  just loved her lines here 'ek baat nahi badli teri ankhe Tongue abhi bhi vaise hi bhole aur masum (even when he had put the knife on arohi's neck that bholapan was visible along with the intensity).   Arohi hai itni sweet Embarrassed ki  beeji could immediately make out that this must be arjun's choice Thumbs Up.  
chiku's nautanki  Sleepy, chale jao,  why is arohi even worried that he wont be there, she must be happy bhulakkad mama will forget abt the ring then.   but arohi doesnt na ,  she wants to talk to arjun , so bahana chahiye , ring ka LOL.   Even he wants to flirt with and tease her Wink and they got a place too now Embarrassed  pillar ka support  LOL,  'do baar please bolo' LOL 'mein hi to hoon is ghar ka damaad'Thumbs Up but best was 'dil hara hoon himmat nahi' Clap,  anybody will think they are the honewale dulha dulhan Embarrassed  if they dont know that chiku clown  is family choice Dead,       But yeh kya gauri ab din ki bhootni ban gayi, har jagah maujood Confused.  
Kartar has done some insaaf ki dhulayi to rudra in the past and hence the enemity, plus there is some alliance involved,  may be they rejected giving bua to him coz of his deeds,  Beeji and DJ are friends in good and bad times,  they also have cute fights too abt family members  Tongue  wonder when beeji brings up the alliance issue betn arjuhi  what would be dj's reaction be,  she surely doesnt like arjun. Ouch.  It was good to see the flashbacks though sply arjun kartar scene.  glad they showed it again. Thumbs Up.   Arjun's super dadi  is so proud of him,  now that he left  rudra's world Tongue,  and oh yeah 'kudi soni hai' Thumbs Up   arjun trying to act innocent in front of her  'kedi kudi' , nahi chalegi  LOL ,  'mainnu  sab pata hai'. followed by his shy smile.  very good scene Clap,  
Again ring milap Tongue , aise hi puchti rahegi to pehna bhi dega LOL good for us again Big smile .  Arjun u got my support  see if arohi says 'ghatiya' one more time u can kidnap her again Thumbs Up.  this time take her to no return land,   sahi ho ghatiya ho should have to stay with u LOL.    Why do I feel shefali's plan might backfire ,  since gauri bhootni Angry was bhatokoing there.  and her evil mind at work again.  also arjun wants to prove he changed ,  dj invited beeji,  and arohi is half ready to accept he is changed,  now if the plan of chiku goes awry it will be tough time for arjun Disapprove ,  beeji's  fierce intervention needed then. 
I expected the episode to start from where it ended yday,   when they ended a smiling arjun looking at  stunned arohi  I was hoping to see him say something more today.  Good episode overall .   Karan looked very handsome Thumbs Up and kritika pretty Embarrassed.   waiting for the mehendi scene now , its going to be a rough evening I guess. 

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:39am | IP Logged
Congrats KMH and Happy Birthday, Anjali!Hug

Res! I'm yet to catch the episode. I've so far just seen the chunk between the two breaks!


I looove Teji. She's supercute and superduperadorable!Embarrassed EmbarrassedAnd gosh, Chiku is so sh*t scared of Arjun! I love his 'bheegi billi' formROFL ROFL ROFL
Oh and  I loved the Arjuhi scene as usual! Lets see how long Arohi will be able to deny her love for ArjunEmbarrassed Embarrassed
Kartar Sir does have a point that Teji coming to the A's may hamper her relations with her own family. Btw, tell me something, Teji and DJ are best friends or best enemies?? I mean, all they do is taunt each otherD'oh
Anyhow, the Teji-Arjun scene was adorable! Thank God we have someone besides Rashi also who supports Arjun! 
And yay!!! Arjun and Shefu will expose Kabootar, oops! I mean ChikuLOL Seriously man, Chiku is one loose character!Dead But, Arjun!! Why is he sooo nice?? I mean, hadh hoti hai! He's not a criminal anymore but he doesn't need to be so saintly either!
And Gauri!Angry Kill her, Ekta, please!
Memorable Quotes:

Arohi: Woh ring iss ghar ke hone wale damad ke liye hai!
Arjun: Haan toh bilkul sahi jagah ponhoonchi hai woh ringEmbarrassed

Arjun: Arjun dil haara hai, himmat nahi.

Teji: Ok, I can't quote exactly because it was in punjabi but something like I'm proud of you because now DJ won't be able to taunt me at the fact that my kids carry out illegal business!

Teji: Kudi soni haigi!
Arjun: Kudi! Keni kudi?
Teji: Mainu sab pata hai!

Arjun: Main Arohi ko prove karna chahta hoon ki main badal gaya hoon.

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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wow!!!!..great opening post kavya.....really a big big congo to entire team of kmh 2..and karan kritika who have worked tirelessly and really very hard at a strtch of 44 hrs....even during high fever or any illness..hats off to them........Clap.......................and given us a complete entertaining unique 50 eoisodes.....hoping to complete another 3-4 50 episodes..if god's blessings r with us and all is well...Embarrassed.........

btw for todays episode i have nothing much to say.....
 Things Liked..:---
  • arjun's dadi's dhamakedaar entry...
  • analysing  each character perfectly..5 stars to dadi for calling cheeku a khargosh..ROFL..god looks like through out the show cheeku will never become a insaan..coz first he was cheeku ,a fruit then kabooter,a bird and now rabbit an animal..ROFL...but i like it..Evil Smile..
  • arjun arohi's cute nok jhoks....about the ring....and this time we have arohi pulling arjun..LOL..sangati ka asar..LOL....
  • arjun dadi scene ..its the best scene today for me..loved when dadi said ''aankhein abhi bhi maasoom..and at that time arjun's eyes were really..Day Dreaming..i already went to dreamland seeing his eyes and smile..Day Dreamingand also the scene where arjun blushes when dadi says 'kudi soni hai''..aww..mera arjun..hayee.....(off to dreamland.)
  • beeji and daljit scene..from their hug to their chatting all was good great acting by both the ladies and also kartar scene was a gentleman..LOL..but he again did neenda of arjun..Evil Smile
  • shefali...arjun scene..loved when arjun refuses to expose cheeku..Angry..she says that wait for two more days and then go on sayng the same thing..''main badal gaya hu.''..ROFL..loved her..
  Things i disliked..:---
  • camera work when  simi,sanchit and shefali were discussing wat to wear on mehendi ceremony..Angry
  • din like how arohi was still asking arjun for that ring..
  • gauri....hate her 3,4,5........infinity...much..AngryCensored
ok this much from waiting for next epi..lets see whether gauri succeeds or shefali..coz our gentleman arjun wont do anything..ROFLEvil Smile

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Hey Kavya, great opening!
Thumbs UpClap
Well i need to rush to school so i will have some pointers:
Overall episode: 9/10
biji's entry - ek dum jhakaas - well what a start of the 50th episodeClap
Ace ki entry boleto isshstyle se ClapClap
Biji = Bijli Wink
THe rawness in her character, even if Arjun has been adopted, but biji has the same fiery sparkle eyes of Arjun -  AwesomeThumbs Up
A 9 over 10 because biji drools me in big laughs as well, her dialogue is too good to sanchit,even shefali did not be missed and how her entry shakes evryoneThumbs Up
I like the respect the bahus in the house has for her,obviously Gauri has got opportunity to pour more evil nowROFL back in action, Gauri ROFLROFL and what action listen what should not be listened as raw material and reprocessed it in evil mind for hurtful outcome more to hubby than Ajju because hubby will hurt them ROFL
And i was watching the reaction of lovedeep seeing Biji,she was of mixed emotion,so what really has happened is set to be a mystery.
I like watching  the friendship of Biji and Dj Thumbs Up coz i thought the first takraar will be dushmani but as RPS said they are the best friends and worst enemies,indeed! Thumbs Up and we saw it, the way they went into the retro how the singhanias and ahluwalias lived as one family Thumbs Up and now what has happened.
They kept the mystery fluctuating as Biji even taunt KPS for the way RPS becameD'oh
New Name for Chikoo: Kabootar se kharghoshROFLROFLROFLROFL I cracked completely here ROFLROFLROFLROFL
And shefali, the angel of ArjuhiHeart, love her role hereThumbs Up
As we knew Chikoo has dig his own grave,lol. Well not so many background music,it was more of familiar atmosphere,like it Thumbs Up
Iwas wondering even Arohi knows like other girls that Chikoo is zero but as he has a respected job and the family loves him, this is the only reason she taunts Arjun when she compared him to Chikoo. I wonder did she do it pourposefully,you remember Arjun Punj used to show he was angry but meant for something really good, I think Arohi has done same thing here, she is testing to the peak his patience to see how much he has changed really and how much he is holding the change. I will like to think like this for Arohi and on that I like itClap Well if it showing a stubborn girl then I will be confusedD'oh
I love all the characters again today Thumbs Up and I fell why did DJ taunted Biji then I realised thats how to show they are the worst enemy too.
Why did I say a 9 today,that goes for the character of DJ, we have always seen the positive side of DJ and today we have seen her flaws as well, well, no doubt she is proud of her family even if it hurts her best friend  Thumbs Up Thats again the theme in KMH, when show it does not mean good people don't have flaw!
I like the little conversation of Biji and Arjun, I was so happy to see two fiery sparkling eyes in convoBlushing
And how still Shefali this time plays an important role to break Arohi and Chikoo's nakli relationshipTongue
I just watched the last part and I like the way Shefali described Chikoo's character,in one line,what I said long time back, well he is sweet but cheapROFL compared to Arjun and I like how now Shefali is taking control on everything Thumbs Up but
 I almost break my schweetoo laptop when saw Gauri back in functionROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
I almost removed all the hair in my head as  I forgot to wear protective gear ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLto see Gauri is the one to hear everything!
Well I still trust Shefali and 'Arohi Patao wali' gang members are present there and I think it must turn good! I gonna crack down guys if Arohi will say Cheekoo has broken her trustROFL
Okay I did not give the 10 on 10 because of the violin theme back in action! ROFL
I am done,running to school now
forgot to add a point in the9/10 rating to sexy khargosh ka moveROFLROFLROFL, bilkul chipmunks ki tarahROFLROFL
Awesome Puneet - I will say your are classy acting tooClap
And Arjun, man come on yaar, you are the man, itni nadaan mat bano just like Shefali said, ladki chali phir tum aram kahunge ke mein badal chuka humROFLROFLROFL Be the sport dude! not the bhola bhala nadaan wala ROFLROFL Okay bhaiya, I know you want tochange the don personality to the chocolate boy but yaar chocolate hi bano not bhola bhala ROFLROFL

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Updated mine on pg1.
SHIKHA19 Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
BIG CONGRATS FOR 50 EPISODESClapClapClapClapPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyParty


now abt d show ....

bcoz this is what aarohi was repeating again n again lolLOL n arjun nahi doonga nahi doonga nahi doonga ..LOLchahe
kone mein lekar jao ya kuch bhi karoWink

starting of d show was dhama
ka as usual daadi no.2 is bomb aur aate hi dhamal macha diya ...pehle sanchit , phir shefali phir gauri or phir chiku sorry i mean khargosh LOLROFLki band baja di Clap

but disappointed wid daadi n daadi meeting ....thee
k hai apne poorane days yaad karo but arjun aarohi ki bhi to kuch baat karo Thumbs Down
only 1 thing was gud that pichle raaz mein mista
ke was 4m ahuluwalia's side so i think its revenge time 4 singhania's ....but plz dont include their love into all this.Confused

dint li
ke DJ also the way she was making fun of arjun Angry
gauri is bac
k wid her mean plans AngryAngry

but shefali is trying hard ClapClapClapClapwell done girl ....bhagwan tumhe bhi
koi arjun type ladka deWink
last scene was very gud ...loved d bonding of daadi n arjun ....punjabi dialogues...Thumbs Up
MAINU SAB PATA HAI...............
n arjun blushed BlushingWink

now its bachelor party n mehndi ceremony time 2moro . but  i doubt
ki shefali ka plan flop na ho jaye aur bichara arjun na phas jaye .Cry

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SHIKHA19 Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged
@kavya ..very nice starting ..but what hppnd to ur font increase little more..warna i will need specs Tongue
@chill out  its arjun not abhay Tongue lol i think PkEk hangover LOL

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