Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Only Mine ===OS===

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Only Mine

His eyes were closed

Am I doing the right thing?

Am I doing the right thing?

Breathe in

Lungs expanding, the hotness increases, again the same question runs thru his mind

Am I doing the right thing?

Eyes opening, the sight which greets him: her eyes closed tight; her lips ajar, wet, shimmering; her tongue darts out and licks them, wetting them even more.

YES, I am.

Eyes closing again, he closes the distance; placing his mouth on hers, he runs his tongue on the same path as hers had followed, tasting her; taking advantage of her half gasp and half moan, he slips his tongue in, finally tasting  her flavor from its source.

She offers no resistance, her hands clutching the hair at his nape.

He hears the steps coming near them.

Pulling her even closer, forcing her to brace herself on the wall behind them, one of her legs raised, wrapped halfway on his leg.

The light filters in from the window beside them, illuminating them clearly

The footsteps are even closer now

The door comes open

An exclamation is heard in the room.

They were caught.

Finally pulling away from his addiction, he turns around; she is hidden behind him, only her astounded eyes peer from his shoulder at the people who had caught them.

He does not speak, nor does she.

He knows the consequences of this.

That's why he did it.

They were caught, entangled; bound together by this act; by being discovered like this.

She's mine now. They will bind us together in marriage, forever


Geet's 14th birthday

It was her fourteenth birthday. The party was huge, how could it not be because it was the party of the eldest Handa daughter.

Everyone who was anyone was invited. They wanted to show off their wealth and happiness to everyone; she could care less; a big party or small; she would have been happy if it was only her family and friends; she knew that these big parties, however pleasant up front, were pools for gossip, relentless whispers.

"Oh, did you see her, that's the problem with these new riches, no class. She's probably at least 7 kgs overweight, and those glasses and the braces. Why I would never allow my preeti to go out in public like that"

"I know I heard, and do you know how she acts, my Minnie was telling me, that girl hangs out with all the boys, playing sports. Also, has her nose up in the air like all the time, won't even talk properly to our daughter's. Who do she think she is. Does not matter, my baby looks way better than her, no amount of money can buy beauty"

"I know, I saw Minnie, she looked absolutely adorable, see what did I say about dr. Mehra, he really is a genius with a scalpel,  isn't he, that nose looks flawless."

"Yes he is, I have an appointment booked for myself too"

"Oh, look, its that Khurana boy. Too bad, Pammi did not have a son until after he was adopted, how she can stand to have her husbands illegitimate son in her house I cant fathom"

"shhhh........he's coming closer, he might hear you"

He overhears them; he always overhears them; at every party; every social event.

That's his life as the Khurana heir, eldest son of the family, illegitimate son of Rajveer Khurana, adopted son of Pammi Khurana.

But he was not here for them; this society of vultures, he was here for her.

She was surrounded by her friends, mostly boys, some girls. She had a hard time getting along with the society girls who mostly surrounded her, they were too much of carbon copies of their mother.

They were handing her gifts, one's that her friends had personally picked for her: chocolates, dvds, sports games, comics.

He looks down at the gifts he is holding, a beautiful, fanciful bouquet; a collection of Jane Austen and; a book on Greek mythology.

He knew his gifts were different but that was the point.

Even her friends did not see her, for what she was.

To them, she was their playmate, one of the guys; a good person with quick smiles, a good humor, an infectious personality.

For all their liking of her, even they could not see past her slight chubbiness and her braces and her glasses; she was all these people's best friend, these boys did not see her as a girl, as a potential person they could fall for, they did not see her as he did.

Maybe it was the fact that he was 4 years older than these boys who were surrounding her, maybe it was because he was used to being more observant rather than outgoing, a person who studied people, but whenever he saw her, he saw little else.

He saw how she was different from everyone else, from all other girls, how she was special; she was the only one who saw him as Maan, just Maan, not any of the other titles and relations attached to him. She had been the first one to laugh at a conversation they had overheard about him being beneath some society boys, she had been the one to inform them very clearly that one day they would be working for him or begging him for favors, so it was better for them to wise up now before this came back to bite them.

He saw the delicate curve of her neck, the fullness of her lips, her beautiful eyes.

He saw her romantic tendencies; he had seen her weep in Disney movies; had seen her sneaking his sisters romance novels and reading them sitting on the stairs.

Truthfully, he saw her, just as she saw him.

He did not know if he was being too hasty, but he wanted to show her he saw her differently; in a sense he wanted to be the first one to stack his claim, a way of saying, I see her and she is mine.

So he gave her his gifts, and he saw her eyes alight, he saw her smile reach her eyes; she reaches out to him, placing a chaste kiss on his cheek when no one is looking; she blushes, the first one to grace her face because of a boy.

Geet's 18th birthday

She was 18 today. Today's party was one of the biggest ever held by the Handa's. How could it not be, it was the day their daughter firmly took a step into womanhood. The gods had been kind to this family and their fortune had only grown with her increasing age.

Again, as every year, everyone was invited. All the families which dominated the Delhi socialite circle. Today the handa family wanted to show off their beautiful daughter. Usually, she could care less about these parties but today, she cared. She cared a lot, she wanted to see his reaction when he saw her. It was not that he did not see her almost everyday, but today was the first time she was wearing a saree. She had been astonished at her self, almost unrecognizing of the woman staring at her in the mirror; she cannot help but fidget and wonder at what he would think.

He was always the one to see her as herself, not her last name, her "image"; and today, in this new look, she cannot help but wonder what he would see.

The relentless whispers which follow her, since her grand entrance, do not touch her; she is as usual lost in her thoughts and daydreams, paying little true attention to anyone.

"Did you see her, wearing a saree. So old fashioned. You know that's the problem with these too traditional families. At least, the girl in not overweight anymore with those horrendous glasses and braces. You know, my Preeti would never such sarees, Do you remember the gown she wore for her 18th birthday, wasn't it fabulous?"

"Darling, how could I ever forget. Your Preeti looked beautiful. The dress was Versace right?"

"Of course, nothing but the best for my angel. By the way, has Minnie been working out, her legs are looking fabulous today. Oh look, here he comes"

"Wow, he really is very handsome. Did you hear, his new company made very good profits this year, and he's already taken over half the family business too."

"I heard. You know, Preeti met him at Mr. Verma's party, she said Mr. Verma was practically salivating at the prospect of doing business with him. He's some kind of a genius. Hey, lets get our daughter's ready and have them introduce themselves to him"

He could not help but laugh at the gossiping aunties. Did they really think he would fall for their vapid, shallow daughters.

This was how it has been for the past 2 years, ever since he has grown into himself, proving himself a success in his father business and in creating his own successful company. The aunties and their daughters have littered his path. Whereas before he was avoided as the illegitimate son of the Khurana scion, now he could not get away from all the praising and introductions..

But he was still only here for her.

When he saw her his heart stopped and then started beating so fast. She looked like a divine angel, in her light blue saree, adorned simply with glittering silver and diamond jewelry.

As much as he is grateful for the site, he wishes she was in those over sized glasses and overalls which were two sized too big for her. He wanted to hide her away from everyone's gazes. Especially those boys.

He notes that everyone could see her beauty now, when it was becoming so obvious for the past few months, and today was only a confirmation for it. He still wishes they could not see what he has seen for years.

As usual, she was surrounded by her friends. Still mostly boys. Expect today, it was different. Today their gifts were not the customary chocolates and dvds and sports games. Today they were finally gifting her flowers and jewelry. Gifts used to woo a girl.

He cant help but let the grin show on his face. They did not know it yet but they were too late.

They were 4 years, 4000 meetings, and 4 millions conversations behind when it came to wooing Geet Handa.

He had followed the adage of slow and steady wins the race. Over the years, he had become her best friend. One to hold conversations with regarding all sorts of subjects, like art, philosophy, literature, history, everything, anything which they felt like discussing. The one to meet first to inform them of a triumph or first to hold when looking for comfort.

He looks down at the gift he is holding. They were plane tickets. With the blessings of both the families, arrangements had been made. They were 2 tickets to Greece, one for her and one for his sister, Pari. They were to have a 2 week full expense paid vacation in Greece and Italy. He knew she was dying to go; she wanted to explore the ruins and history, see first hand the places she had read about in her books.

He wanted to show her that he could help her fulfill her dreams. He wanted to make a promise to her that he would always do his best to accomplish her dreams and desires.

Her response was the same as every year, as soon as they were able to get a moment alone, she pulled him down a little and placed a kiss on his cheek, blushing the whole time.

Today though it felt different, a little warmer than before.

It was nothing more though.

Not Yet.

Geet's 20th birthday

There were talks of his marriage, countless proposals pouring in.

Her parents were looking for a boy for her, countless boys to consider.

Today's gift for her was a surprise.

The swains were still swarming her, only growing in numbers in the past couple of years, laden with flowers and jewelry; they still did not comprehend they did not stand a chance.

The girls were still panting after him, only growing in numbers for years, wearing tight dresses, dresses which got more risqu the less attention he paid; they did  not understand that for him, they did not exist.

He pulls her aside from the group; he has things planned out.

He pulls her into a small unused room.

Am I doing the right thing? This plan. Once this is done, she will be bound to me. I have wooed her since so long. I know she loves me. But have I really given her a chance to give someone else her affection. Should I give her the chance to gain more experience. But I know this is right. Am I being too hasty. Should she be bound to someone like me.

My heart is beating so fast, I wonder what his gift is. Is he finally going to propose. I know he loves me but he hasn't said anything yet. Being alone with him, my heart is beating so fast, I wonder if he can hear it. What will he think?

End Flashback


One thing to learn in society is that rumors travel fast. No sooner were they caught, did they news reach their parents.

It was a whirlwind after that.

Before they stepped into the main party ballroom, they were pulled apart by their families.

They were talked to privately, and before they knew it, the families were announcing that today was to be a double celebration, that of Geet's birthday and her engagement.

It worked, we were to marry.

They did not get a chance to speak till the end of the party.

The parents were to meet the next day to settle the talks of marriage and such. However it came about they were happy with the partners that their children had chosen.

As he is making his way home, he realizes, he has still not given her his present. He makes his way back to her house, parking his car a block away.

Having been to her house so many times, he knew it like the back of his hand. And knowing her, he would probably find her on the swing in the back garden. Also, thankfully he knew the gate worker, so there was no fuss in getting inside the house.

He found her sitting, swinging lazily, absentmindedly; her finger would come up and trace her lips every few seconds before she breaks out into a small smile.

Making her way to her, he stands behind the swing and holds it steady.

Slowly coming around, he sits next to her.

Holding her hands, he whispers

"sorry our tradition was spoiled today. I know the kiss comes after the present but I could not help myself"

"Oh, I thought that was my present"

"No, well, maybe a part of it."

He takes out a ring and slides its onto her ring finger.

Holding up her hand, she notices it's a celtic love knot.

"Maan, this is......"

"I know"

"But, how did you remember....."

"I have never forgotten anything you have ever told me. Plus, you think I would forget that when someone proposes to you, you wanted them to give you this type of ring"

"Maan, are you trying to tell me, that you, that this....,you are not upset with what happened, with the sudden engagement"

"No, absolutely no,  how could I, I don't think anyone can ever be upset when they are given their heart's desire. In fact, I am sorry. I am very selfish and territorial and possessive when it comes to you. I kind of had an idea that when we were caught today, they would get us engaged. I wanted to tie you to myself forever, I could not stand anyone else looking at you, at being with you. So I am sorry"

"Wait, you planned this. You knew this would happen. Maan how could you. Wait, you had the ring with you, so why not propose to me and then have us get caught kissing"

"Well that was the initial plan but when I saw those boys, I kind of wanted to have us engaged before anyone thought to propose you. Please Geet, I am sorry. I think a part of me was afraid you would say no"

"Maan. Give me a few hours to think, but yes I will forgive you, and I would never have said no. But to be honest, I also felt maybe I was not enough for you and if you had not kissed me, I would have worries. And as far as we are making confessions. Well, over the years, I might have misled some girls, regarding your preferences, like making them think you like modern, mini wearing, non-traditional girls, so that they would not impress you"

"What, really, wait did you say, years? But then is it not like pot calling the kettle black kind of a situation. No don't pout, ok I will give you a few hours to think but then I am coming back to claim my bride. Plus I would love to hear about this sabotage of your. But Geet, you have to know, I have never looked at anyone else but you, I don't think I even noticed any other girls but you"

Hearing this, she turns towards him and leans to kiss his cheek.

He turns his head just as she reaches him, causing their lips to touch.

They resume from where they were interrupted before.

The intensity increase rapidly and he slowly pulls her closer, closer, until she is straddling him.

Their last thought before all thought's go blank is

She's mine.

He's mine.

Comments please. Let me know what you think. Thank you.

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nice Os....... different story .loved it

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awesome ...  

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amazing and wonderfully written OS......Keep it up....Smile dp pm wenever u post something new! Wish it was a longer OS!

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Wow! An extremly amazin os.

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 7:43am | IP Logged the word :). Absolutely awesome. Loved it. WoW
Please add me to your buddy list or PM list. I would love to read all your OSs and FFs

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Khushi...You made my day! Thank you...this was totally Fab!

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a nice OS and different story/concept...
A different angle to Maaneet story... 
Write more soon...
I would love reading it...
and if u have a pm list or sumthing like that, please add me to it... 

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