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future superstar inBollywood Rajeev khandelwal RK (Page 100)

Illumination IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:23am | IP Logged

Teddy Bears Orkut Scraps :-8

fatima  this for u.....

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waniya_fatima IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:25am | IP Logged
@sherry and oliveya...
girles i gtg now.... see ya tomorrow....tc and have fun.
loony talk to u soon tc Allah hafiz
Illumination IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:28am | IP Logged
Sujal-Kashish love confession scene Tongue Tongue omg jaanu lukes too hot Tongue Wink

 Sujal revealing the truth at the marriage night of kashish & piyush Embarrassed "Main tumse tumhare pyaar ki bheek maangtahoon kashish" aahh rajeev's performance Clap Clap

Sujal burning the bed at ban'loreTongue Embarrassed after piyush kashish stupid consumation Dead

Sujal proposing kashish on piyush's tervi Tongue Tongue ekdum zabardast Clap Clap ..wah wah rajeev kya kahoon u r the bestest of the best Embarrassed Clap ...he luks so hot in kurta-pyjama Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

 Sujal-kashish marriage n sujal's dream of their firstnight Tongue Tongue

 Sujal-kashish all rain sequences Wink Wink
 Sujal-kashish palampur trips Embarrassed

 Sujal-kashish mouse romance n well scene...rajeev luks damn gud Embarrassed Embarrassed
  Sujal-kashish consumation...omg butterflies r flying in my stomach...rajeev kitna pyaara lagta hai Embarrassed

 Sujal-kashish cold cream scene, bangle scene & also the ty scene..arrey rajeev bacchi ko marega kya

 Sujal'sEmbarrassed revenge against piyush & kashish Dead specially the josh project one..uff uff rajeev ki ada, style, mannerism uff uff mardaala mujhe Embarrassed EmbarrassedAll scenes of Sujal n his mamma veena..the chemistry btw rajeev n madhvi is just awesome they really luk like mother-son Embarrassed EmbarrassedSujal-kashish jail scene Embarrassed Embarrassed

overall Rajeev Khandelwal rocks Embarrassed

@fatima for only your ........i have written some scene from  my fav

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waniya_fatima IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:30am | IP Logged
thanks oliveya so sweet of ya dear......
loved all of them so so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Illumination IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged
Sujal is all set to go to Kashish-Piyush engagement. However his car is damaged so he takes Piyush's car instead. In Piyush's car, he finds a letter that Kashish wrote to Piyush confessing her love for Piyush. Sujal is shocked and he decides that he will not let Kashish play with Piyush and his life. On the other hand, Kashish tries to call Sujal but he does not answer the phone. After keeping the phone, she turns around and is shocked to see Sujal. He tries to explain everything to Sujal but Piyush comes in between and she is not given a chance to explain. Sujal hides his sorrow and congratulates Kashish. After that he leaves the party as he is not able to bear the fact that Kashish played with his life just for money. He returns the ring he had bought for Kashish to his mother and leaves with a broken heart.

fatima  ...this for ur i hope u like this

Illumination IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:36am | IP Logged
Sujal feels lonely without Kashish and spends some moments alone. Then he goes to the restaurant for a drink. The waiter asks him to vacate that table as it has been reserved for a couple. Sujal turns around and sees Kashish-Piyush. Sujal vacates the table and sits at the table next to Kashish-Piyush. He keeps staring at Kashish and Kashish-Piyush are irritated with Sujal's presence.

fatima  ..i love the ......

Illumination IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Archie asks Sujal what shortcomings she has but Sujal tells her that he is the one with the shortcomings because he has already written his life to Kashish. Sujal tells Archie about his love for Kashish. Kashish-Piyush overhears Sujal's conversation with Archie and Kashish asks Sujal to stop whatever that he is doing. Kashish leaves with Piyush and Sujal meets with an accident while driving his car because he was thinking of Kashish. A passerby who saves Sujal calls Kashish and tells her about Sujal's condition. Kashish-Piyush rush to the hospital but Sujal cannot be bothered about them. Kashish is worried about Sujal's attitude and behaviour.

Sujal gets a call from an unknown man saying that he knows who bribed the officer and took Sujal's name. The unknown man and Sujal meet up. He tells him that it was Piyush who did everything. Sujal is shocked and hands the unknown man over to the police. However, in the police station, the unknown man changes his statement and says that Sujal was the one who asked him to take Piyush's name. Sujal returns home. There, he is arrested and taken to the police station. The whole family is angry with Sujal for taking Piyush's name. However, at the police station, the commisioner tells Sujal that he did all this so that they can trace the real culprit. Sujal and the commissioner find out that the culprit is in Sujal's house. Sujal is totally confident that its Piyush, not knowing that it was Vasundhara who did everything to create misunderstanding between Sujal-Piyush. On the other hand, Piyush-Kashish arrange for a lawyer to bail Sujal out. When they reach the police station, Sujal tells Piyush that he doesn't need his help. Sujal reaches home and everyone is angry with him. Even his mother doesn't understand him. Sujal feels very lonely because the first time, even his mother didn't understand him and he blames Piyush for it. Sujal promises Kashish that one day, destiny will be with him and he will be even more successful than Piyush.
Illumination IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:51am | IP Logged

Director Rajkumar Gupta of NOKJ fame gets candid!

2011-01-14 17:38:51
Cashless Hospitalisation,No checkUp Or Paperwork Required. Buy Online! icicilombard.com

Director Rajkumar Gupta of No One Killed Jessica,  gets candid, exclusively on Sify.com.

Here are the excerpts:

There is something I don't get about NOKJ: Why did you show that NDTV stung Shayan Munshi, when it was really Tehelka who did it?
Ans: I think I would say that Rani's character is the action of entire media... be it any form of media... so she is by and large the interpretation of media...
Any plans to work with rajeev khandelwal again?
Ans: Sure we have been talking abt doing someth
ing together soon...
what made you confident about making a film on such a political issue?
Ans: I get inspired by a story which is so inspiring..
Between Rani and Vidhya, who would you say is more glamorous?
Ans: I would say both are equally glam & talented...
Whats ur mantra for happiness?
Ans: Happiness...

Do U think that Justice is achived by giving the accused a live imprisionment..is that all bas I think the accused had a narrow escape,Whats ur opinion
Ans: I feel that its a heinous crime.. law has taken its own course... In the framework of Judicial system of India they have been given what they deserved.. I think
justice has been done...
 hi ur film was brilliant.what all movies do you watch.im kerala.have you seen any mallu movies
Ans: My best friend is a kerala guy.. but I haven't got a chance to watch a lot of Mallu films ...Parthivaran is one of the films I want to watch and I am a big fan of
 wil u plz tell me what were the hurdels u faced to complete this project
Ans: I think normal hurdlesthat you face or anyone faces while making a film...Do you have faith in the justice system of India?
Ans: Yes I do have...
 how long did you research the Jessica Lal murder case?
Ans: For abt 3 months
Was there a time when everyone on the sets grew emotional about a scene?
Ans: Many scenes as such... one scene that i remember is that of Rani serving the food and the mother cries... on that scene we all got very emotional...
How did Samantha Lal react to her portrayal by Vidya Balan?
Ans: For her it was loving I am sure... she was happy I think...
How did Rani react to the script when she first read it?
Ans: She loved it.. she was on board from the moment from when she heard the script...
The Thought you choose is not only a commercial benefit to you but it was an eye opener for the people, we like your concept
Ans: Thanks.. I would like to try to make good films in future too...
Did you do that cameo in NOKJ just because you wanted to propose to Rani? Why don't you do it in real life? :)
Ans: Good Joke!

WHat is the scene that you liked the most in NOKJ?
 Did anyone ask you not to make a film on Jessica's murder?
Ans: No...
What's your favourite holiday destination?
Ans: I love to go to New York... and my home town Hazari Baugh..
Any star you are dying to work with?
Ans: Haven't thought of as yet...
Hi.....i loved NOKJ! If not Rani, who would you cast in her role?
Ans: I haven't thought abt it.. she was my first choice and I got to work with her.. I can't think beyond her...
You and Madhur Bhandarkar work in the same genre! But hey, you are way better than him. Keep it up!
Ans: Thanks and No comments...
Why did you change the age of the protagonists. Wasn't Jessica 32 or 34 when she was killed. In NOKJ she was just 22!
Ans: I think bcoz I wanted it to be a younger character so I took that liberty..
Hi. How did you discover the actress who played Jessica. There is an uncanny resemblance there!
Ans: The actrees is a friend of mine and is not an actress. I found the same attitude like Jessica... She has done a fab job..
Hey...NOKJ was awesome! How did Sabrina react when you told about this film?
Ans: She was very positive and co-operative abt all the information.. and when she saw the film she was overwhelmed...
I am glad you made NOKJ.... one of the cases the media did something good!
Ans: Thanks..

How did the title 'NOKJ' come to your mind? Cos its a very good one!
Ans: It was inspired by a news headline in Times Of India...
 i hrd yur next film will be a romantic one...do u feel you can make the film as good as u made the serious films like Jeesica and amir?
Ans: Why not? I will do my best...
 So how has the response been to NOKJ? Did you get any interesting tweets or texts? Could you tell us one?
Ans: It has been overwhelming.. mostly ppl are loving the film.. the film has really effected ppl...
 Hi. Awesome job! How long did you work on the script? And did you actually meet all the people involved in the Jessica case?
Ans: I did a lot of research.. took 3 months of research and 7 months of writing...
 How was is directing two talented actresses like Rani and Vidya. Were there creative differences on the sets?
Ans: No there weren't any.. everybody loved the script.. it was my privilege to work with both of them...
 Aamir and NOKJ have both been pretty hard-hitting. WIll you now take a break and do something light?
Ans: May be.. I would love to do it..
 I thought i read somewhere that Rani's gallis were going to be beeped out. But in the film, nothing had been censored! Did you manage to get around the censor board?
Ans: No its not abt getting around.. I would like to applaud them for passing the film without any cuts...
 Vidya's chanracter, Sabrina, isn't meek and subdued like Vidya portrayed her on screen. Why did you change that?
Ans: No I dont think so.. her character is not meek.. she speaks less but is as strong as the character of Meera
 Hi. Loved NOKJ. Were Rani and Vidya your first choice?
Ans: Thank you very much for loving the film... Yeah! they were my first choice...
 did you feel that abusive language was the best way to give the appearance of a tough female journalist?
Ans: its not only that... the character is very natural and came naturally to Rani's character

 Was all the PDA the two actresses displayed while promoting the film their idea or yours?
Ans: I think it came very naturally... They shared that kind of relationship...
 who has most influenced your style of film-making?
Ans: I am not influenced really by any film maker.. but may be the influence comes in.. its for the people to decide...
 Was there any tension between Rani and Vidya on the sets?
Ans: No there was no tension.. they are both very professional.. have a good rapport on the sets as far as this film is concerned...
 Hi. I liked the film, but the scene where Rani confronts Sabrina and asks her to grow up I thought was insensitive and very filmy. Didn't you think so too?
Ans: No, if I had thought so.. it wouldn't be there in the film..its the key moment in the film..
 ever wondered why the crime rate in delhi is so high?
Ans: It obviously bothers me.. I hope the gov.does something abt it soon.. especially the crime against women..
Do you watch koffee with karan? which was your favourite episode this year?
Ans: No I couldn't watch till now.. sorry to disappoint you there...
 Have you got any reaction from any politician on no one killed jessica?
Ans: Not that I know...
 Do you read reviews every friday? Do you take them seriously?
Ans: I read reviews.. but reviews have their point of view and I have my own.. its all about point of views...
 Dear Rajkumar, I didn't like too much abussive words in the film which could heve been avoided. Congrats for raising once again issue of corruption in high places and judicial flaws.
Ans: Thanks.. I think that the character's attitude to use abusive language.. it is inspired by real life people... you do find such people in real life... dont you?

black friday, aamri, NOKJ...why only serious topics? no plans for a mass entertainer ever?

Ans: I dont think so.. I tell all the stories which I find inspiring enough... I will never restrict to any kind of cinema.. I believe in making good films..

your favourite heroes? heroines?
Ans: I dont have any fav heroes or heroines..
 your favourite director: in indian and foreign cinema
Ans: Martin Scorecese and Mani Ratnam, Rajkumar Hirani and RGV
wasn't the second half of jessica too long, too filmi and too dramatic?
Ans: I dont think so.. it was not too long according to me.. Neither did I think it was too dramatic...
 what did you do before aamir?
Ans: I was working with Anurag Kashyap for Black Friday and No Smoking...
 Your background? do you have a degree in film-making?
Ans: No I am a normal Graduate.. I have learnt mostly on job...
Why the special thanks to anurag kashyap? What was his role in your film?
Ans: Anurag has been a moral sopport.. in this film also he was always there morally... He has always guided me... Its a personal tribute to him as a filmmaker
 Aamir or NOKJ: Which is more special to you?
Ans: I think both are special to me.. Aamir is my first film so is close to me but I feel I grew as a directer in NOKJ
 What is your next film about?
Ans: My next film is Rapchik Romance.. its too early to comment on it...
The real star of the movie is amit trivedi. Do you agree?
Ans: I think Amit has done a fab job... I think everyone has worked as a team.. all of them did a great job..!
Does a woman journalist have to use expletives to show she is tough? Why the stereotype? Esp when the expletives didn't come naturally to rani
Ans: I dont think there is anything stereotypical journalist in Rani... In fact in real life these type of characters exist.. so its more real...


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