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Thursday (13/01/2011)

Psychosin Utchagattam

(idhu paattile naan nondha en sondha kadha thaanCry)

Psychos tholla oru pakkam enga ooru
EB dept innoru pakkam
Current cut panni uyire vangaraangaAngry

Pisaasu Mahavoda thadavam ippo thaan online le paathain
Payithiyam thelinjathum update pannarainAngry
poruthukonga please

Payithiyam innum theliyala still Update pannarain
Thappu edhavathu irundha mannichukonga

Sokku and Mayil in front of Malar's appa and Sokku apologising. Malar's dad tells him not to say sorry to him but do just one help for him,that is to ask Maha not to come to their place with her stupid thandavam anymore.He also requests Sokku to tell Gopi not to meet Malar and also assures that he will see his daughter Malar doesnt trouble Gopi anymore.

Malar's dad apologises for complaining like this but tells them that there is no strength in his body or mind to take all that was happening.. Sokku asks him to be relaxed and assures him that he would take action on Maha's matter.(aama appidiye ava adhe kettuttalumAngry)He leaves.

Sokku then polambings to Mayil about Maha.He feels and asks from where he got such guts,adhukku Mayil tells its from PSudan,avar ponnu thaane(En unga aasa Thangai Pushpa ponnu illaya?Angry Azhuthu scene pottu sadhikkarthu emotionala merattarthu unga sister pannathe ille?DeadAngry)

Sokku then talks about Malar's appa who came and talked so politely. Now he is scared about Gopi who is going to married to her. He then blames God for giving such a fate (Ayya periyavare, Gopi Maha jodiye mudivu pannathu Kadavul ille, Paavam avara summa vidunga. Ellam neenga edutha desicion than..Pannarthellam panneettu Kadavula en sir sollareenga?)Mayil consoles him and assures him that he would give dose to Maha

Maha coming with the two Jalras (Evalo adipattalum thirundhadha janmam thaan adhu ivanga thaan. KS coupleAngryDead) Adhukulla SOkku veetle assembly with Maha parents.. Maha drama pottu vandhathum Sokku kitta Maha daddy complaining (haha Malar appakum Maha appakum evalo differenceShocked..)

Sokku and Mayil try to pin point Maha who was koothadiching with all that wanted to do like Shouting Malar's family,putting Nail slipper for no reason etc.. Maha hears this and then starts her music about her guess on how the malar veettu thandavam news flashed etc(periya CBI kandupudikkarthukkuAngry).

She then tells that everyone was behind her but no one noticed wht Gopi was doing. According to her it was Malar who informed Gopi about the Maha episode and thats how PP bros came to knw nu. Mayil tells it was Malar's dad who came and cried nu..
Sokku then tells her and others that Maha can stay with them after marriage but not now. He asks her to leave.. She again puts scene(Oh God pl some one tk her awayAngry. sathiyama she is testing everyone's patienceAngryAngry.. )

She then asks others whter she was to leave or not. Meenakshi opens her mouth and says to be back after the marriage but now to leave.Maha adhukku gives a Blackmail that she will take Gopi for thanikuduthanam after wedding nu (Sabaash appidi podu, unna kattikkanum nu Gopi kitta sonnavanga kittaye nee ippidi sollanum Maha.. hats offClapAngry.. Unnayellam thitti enga BP thaan erumAngry. U will never changeAngryAngry)

Meena then shouts at her for talking rubbish. Maha walks quickly (yaarukume andha fast walk le sandhegame varale..Nail slipper potta ponna idhu nu oruthanukkuma thonale?Angry)

She then goes telling she would leave this world itself and pours kerosine on her (Wah oruthi kerosine kuducha(Kamu) innoruthi ippidi ooteerka(Maha) ...Indha 2 kodumayum update panna bhagyam enakku thaan kadaichathu...enga poyi sollarthu idhellam)

Everyone comes out fearing (vittuthaan paarungalein, pannarva na sound kudkka maattaDead, namma Kamu mathiri silenta senjuttu adakki vasippaCry)Pushpa starts her oppari (ponna ozhunga adichu valakka theriyala nalla oppari mattum vekka theriyumAngryAngry)

Maha then tells that no one should ask her to leave Sokku's house or Gopi.. Sokku gives up (Nalla venum sir. ellareyum dominate pannara oru DIL thaane ungalku venum ,nalla enjoy pannungaAngry)Sam also stays there as if to take care of his sister (super party to take care of sister. ivare pratchanele maattikittu muzhichathu namakku theriyathu?LOL) PSudan leaves.

Maha then goes to Gopi and talks as some villi that no matter wht he tries or does, be it a small matter or big, in the end it will be Maha on the winning position nu(Chi idheammave pathi solli solli vaay thaan valikkum.. namma standard namma keep up pannuvom)..

Malar feeling and her appa lecture and requesting her to pl pl try to adjust with Gokul and give him a chance.. Nadule Malar annan vera erinju falling on Gopi and Malar for their affair matter. This goes in a cycle and at one stage Malar opens her mouth and tells about all wht Gopi did and said after her appa fell sick.How they dropped their Kaadhal, how Gopi avoided every situation where he was asked to be with Malar,till the end where he refused to help Malar from psycho Gokul.

Both father and brother hear this but they tell her that at the present moment Malar talking with Gopi was not right and they agreed that Gopi was and is a nice guy but Malar Gopi meeting,talkin etc will not be right now. Adhukkula we hear someone shouting 'Malar Velila Vadi, En kooda vazharain nu sollu or else Naan current kambiye pudichu sethiduvain' ..Aama its the psycho Gokul thaan (Vaanga Sir , neenga mattum thaan baaki, vandhu enge uyire vangungaAngry

Everyone rushing towards Gokul who was on top of the electricpost (Haha Malar is the one who tried to give him a shock with the heater. Ippo he himself is ready to catch the wire and die..En ya sound kudukkareengaAngryAngry. senju tholakkavendiyathu thaane
..Chumma sound kuduthu Blackmail panna nalla theriyum)

Thodarum (Aiyyyyooooooo.........)

(Raasa Pandy. pl pl pl save us from this Maha PisasuAngry.. Only u can do it. Oru Psychoku innoru psycho thaan othuvarum.. Pls save us

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Friday (14/01/2011)

Pyschovin Utchagattam - P2

AngryPsychovum Neeye
Mentalum Neeye,
Engaloda Uyire Vaagum Pisaasum NeeyeAngry

The psycho drama continues and Gokul yells that he wanted to live with Malar and unless Malar agrees to go and live with him or else he will catch the current kambi and die.. Malar shouts at him for climbing on a post where only EB dept people should climb nu.(Kadaimai unarchi thaangamudiyalammaLOL but indha mathiri allku sentiments ellam onnum thevaye illeAngry...)

Malar's dad and bro asks her to agree to his request but Malar point out his psycho nature which was again proved by his stupid action now. Rohini also comes in support for Malar but their bro makes her shut up by blaiming her for everything that happened (Rohini idhu unakku thevaya ma?Confused)

Police also comes and asks him to get down but eranguvaara ivaru?He goes on and on yelling ILU Malar come with me adhu idhu nu... Inspector tells his PC to cut the current supply. Gokul's psychic behaviour reaches it utchagattam and he catches the current and the power supply goes off (Cha Just Miss DaAngry)(haha aana andhaal irundha positionkum wirekkum romabave dooram irukkuLOL..)

Inspector then goes and shouts at Gokul for conducting a bug public nuisance with his drama of catching the current kambi and another criminal offence of commiting suicide. He tells Gokul that he could have arrested him and smacked him nicely for all this stupidity (Sir sollatheenga, seyyunga pleaseCry)but then takes Malar's dad's name for which he was leaving Gokul now.. Malar's dad asks Gokul to first trust them and leave.He assures Gokul that he would send Malar to her pugundhaveedu soon.

Gokul then gets up and apologises for his payithiyakkarathanam and tells that he would not repeat such a thing (Idhethaan ya nee ovvoru vishayam seyyunbothum sollareAngryAngry... Ohh ellam oru thadavayaatchum pannittu 'wont repeat' sollalaam nu yosichirukkiyo?AngryDead)

Next segment Moorthy's family where he presents the idea of marrying Kamu but as an arranged marriage as his dad was dead against Love Marriage(Haha endha appa thaan Love marriage okay,pudichirukku na solluvaanga Moorthy sir?Wink)

He then asks his anni,anna,mom and sister to please help him by presenting Kamu's alliance in front of his dad as a proposal and make his dad take forward the proposal as an arranged marriage (Oh love pannara ponnu nu sollama, ponne first time paakara mathiri oru drama va? okay okay nadathungaClapLOL..ellam nalla mudinja seriEmbarrassed.)

There comes a lady shouting at someone over the phone(Yaaru nu paatha namma Shanthi's friend who brought the Kovail alliance to PP familyShocked)After a small talk with Moorthy they realise tht Kamu is the gal and Moorthy ku ore happiness (Andha amma ivaroda Athai so adichathu lucky prize Moorthy kuWink) Moorthy then presents the matter and convinces his Athai to take care of the matter. Athai also happily agrees.. Appram a small discussion about Moorthy's appavoda peru and we get to see his photo also (Saamiyoda peru vatchallum Bhootham mathiri thaan irukkaru.. Aiyo idhu naan sollale, avanga sonnathu thaanOuch)

Sokku and Mayil feeling about Maha's behaviour and again a conference with Gopi to trap him with their lecture and sentiment talks. Sokku tells Gopi to consider this as a sacrifise for something good like aputating the leg to save a man's life. Adhukku Gopi replies that even for that operation Doctor discusses with the patient about the time comfortable for both of them nu(Haha Gopi sir, point ellam eduthu veesareengaClap.. Ivalo ellam yosippengala?Shocked )

Sokku and Mayil pesi pesi makes Gopi finally agree that he would not meet Malar madam or talk to her.Sokku happy and leaves. Mayil with another application.Gopi is needed to play Nadaswaram again for a big function. Mayil tells that Gopi was gifted with talent and now it is coming to him on it own, so its good if he accepts and makes use of the opportunity nu..
Mayil asks Gopi his decision and freeze (BGM mattum edho thiyagam pannapora sad BGMOuchCry)

(Nadathunga,PP vaasikka naan readya thaan irukkain)

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Monday (17/01/2011)

Naan thaan Vasikkaporain.
Shreeyakka idathile okkadhu,
inime konjam naalaikku naan thaan katcheri pannuvain

Moorthy plan half successEmbarrassed -Maha plan super sodhappalLOL

First scene vandhu namma Gopi agreeing to do Katcheri. He tells that he would start doing both the works to supprt his family and to somehow take it to the next level.Mayil Chithappa very happy

Moorthy kudumbam thaan. Pakkathuveettukarangaloda sanda (Actually ivanga silent aana avanga thaan katharaanga) Moorthy veettu marathoda branch vandhu pakkathu veettu pakkama valaruthu and adhunaal kambili pootchi coming into house it seems..

Ore ragala thaan..Appo terror entry kudukkaraaru namma Moorthy sir Appa (paakka romba bayangarama irukkaru) He learns about the fight and asks his eldest son about cutting it and he tells that he had called someone to cut it but no one came nu..Vittaaru sevulle oru Palaar appram avare andha maratha vettaraaru..

Neighbours 'en sir branch vettunga na marathe vettareenga nu ketka' enna kelvi kekkaravangaleyo, ragala pannaravangaleyo enakku pudikkathu,so cutting the problem from the root nu sollaraaru ..Family le all shivering seeing this.

Apprama namma Moorthy Athai vandhu talks about Kamu's alliance and Moorthy effect increase panna starts opposing for marriage (Appa oscar awar thaan air unga performancukku)Avanga appa ku karaikudi Sokku sir per kettathum he was impressed and asks his son to obey him.He goes out and ellarum ore kushi kummallam thaan.

Anga Sokku house backyard le ore discussion thaan namma Sam with his aasai sister Maha and KS uncle. Topic 'Gopiye eppidi madakkalaam'.KS uncle gives comments on Maha's Phoolan devi way of behaviour and looks which makes everyone get irritated . He also tells that Gopi should be handled with love and not with domination,without giving him a sec of privacy or space (appa ivalo naale ippo thaan urupadiya edheyo solleerkaaru)

Sam also gives his ideas on how to madakkify Gopi.. He asks her to dash Gopi while passing him and Gopi will catch her and loves work aagumaam (aama evalo naal than idhaye try pannuveenga?)Maha listening to everything with her slapping SAM in between.(aama indhamma ku therinjathu Moraikkarthu, Merattarthu, Arayarthu)

Gopi coming home and avanga amma ore complaints about her chella MAha. (Nalla venum neenga thaan Gopi thalela adhe katti vekkanum nu nenacheenga le?) Gopi tells her to ignore Maha and leaves (Haha kalyanam kudiyarthukulla Gopi's Kovam and Veruppu will be at its UtchagattamTongue)Adhukulla Gopi gets a call and adhu Moorthy.

He talks about his family coming to knw about his love and the way they are coming to Kamu's house for the Ponnu paakara sadanguEmbarrassed. Then he talks about his appa who doesn't knw anything about the love matter. Gopi hears everything and agrees to take care of things from his side that no one talks about the love matter nu..

Then the Athai talks to Gopi and convinces Gopi that this time nothing will go wrong. She also spoke to namma KS aunty. Gopi then talks to Sokku and tells about everything. SOkku first scared about starting the relationship with a Lie.. Gopi then convinces his appa to be silent and also tells that he would tell his Mayil chithappa to do the same thing..

Gopi leaves to tell Mayil and Maha idhaan saaku nu goes with her mission to idichify Gopi and fall on him (Cha koduma da indha ponnu. Sometimes nenacha paavama irukkuCry but most of the times nenachai pathikitu vararthuAngry.) As per plan she passes Gopi and dashes him and Gopi catches her when she is about to fall..

Maha asks whter he would catch and protect/save her like this till the end nu..Gopi hears this and puts her down on the floor (Haha nalla venumLOL..avangallam oru aalu nu avaa solla plan ellam try pannariye? konjam understnding and caring a soft a handle panna enna koranjidum?Ippidi meratti oru mannum kizhikka mudiyathu maAngryAngry..)She shouts in pain.Gopi leaves

Maha goes and slaps Sam (Slap nu illa, mothu mothu nu motharaa
ROFLROFL.. )she then tells that she knws how to take care of her life and win Gopi's love.She walks with pain and Sam ore smiling and laughing thaan.. (Enakku vishaym purinjupotchu but sam enna sollararu nu paapomWink)

KS uncle asks the reason and Sam laughs telling Maha was his sister,She is walking like him itself (APpidi podu Sam i knew it
ROFLROFLROFL, I noted it along with you. Pongal show le namma 4 devi's panna vida originality irundhathu... Haha yaar thangatchi avanga.. ille?WinkLOL)


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Wednesday 19/1/11

Starts with Gopi and Malar - Ore feelings of India - as usual
Malar says some thing and Gopi infers some thing else. Gokul lands.
Gokul is elated - has more ammunition now for his  psycho tantrums !!!
Applauds Gopi for forgetting his "sathiyam made on his thozhil " . Malar
 shows pure disgust on her face and rightly advises Gopi " I am going,
you better leave, don't waste your time " Gokul goes on saying that Gopi
has two professions "Onnu Peepee and another is tailoring.. entha
thozhil mele promise pannine? Hmm, unakku maccham yaa,
ellam rendu rendu.."  Gopi leaves and Gokul decides to deal differently !!!

Deivaanai is all smiles. Brings some paniyaaram for "vaayum vayirum " Shanthi.
Shanthi is not too convinced "hmm, ithu eppO marupadi kadikkumO " attitude
but Velu is in no mood to let go the paniyaaram - mosukkufies and asks Shanthii to join. Senior peepee comes , is happy to see Deivaanai in smiles and dons the
advice coat " unakku innum kOnjam maturity venum.....pOnnukku Kalyaanam....
 vayile vantha thai  pesi ...ellathaiyum keduthukkathe.." Deivaanai is in happy mood
and so lets senior Peepee lecture. After he leaves, goes to assist Mahesh and
 Meena - Meena jovially says - " yen pOnnai paarkka Maappillai veedu varaanga,
 I  will be there.." Deivaanai immediately drops the flowers and leaves. Meena has
the last laugh.

Sam and Pondy - water beating ritual . Only this time, they
go to the local bar (??!!) where Selvarangam is the bar tender.
Sam asks " what  fly doing in iron beating place?" Oru second
Roja , the expert literal translator Ee  asanthutta - ada ada ada , enna
Oru literal translation?? Sam , vaada kanna, Roja group le join pannikkO....
 Both order Selava..demean him..... Sam  tells  his mappillai Pondy "senior
Peepee refused to give me Kaamu ..saying some silly reason of no job for  u !!!
 Inge supplier velai pakkaraan avar mappillai and I am ordering
sarakku !!! Who is better??" Selva is calm and Pondy doubts
 " Ivvalavu kevalaama pesarOm, you are not angry??" Selva
says that people who come to the bar are never sane and so
he is not angry "Ithu ennOde velai, neenga nithanathile irukkarache...veet
 le vaich, I will show you who I am" Anyways, " I want only Maha as my wife....
I want to marry Kaamu " happens between Sam and Pondy - both decide to
stop Murthy from the "girl seeing" padalam.

Gopi comes home - the sisters are waiting outside to warn him
but do not tell him exactly what awaits inside " (apram ethukku Dwara Balagas
 mathiri veliye nikkaringa mma??)
Gopi goes inside....Gokul welcomes him with a smile...


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Melz I'll do it. :)
Thursday Jan 20 update
Gopi enters his hse, sees Gokul, shouts at him to stop creating problems and get out. Gokul denies creating any problems, Sokku and Velu agree that he came there to talk to Gopi. Gopi asks Gokul what he wants to talk about. Gokul says that they have spoken earlier but the prob didn't get solved which is why he came to his hse to get it resolved, says he promised that he won't come and interfere in Gokul's and Malar's life anymore but he breached it so quickly. Goes to Sokku and starts repeating the same thing (aiyoooo unakku vaai valikkala?? enakku kaadhu valikkudhu daaa.Angry)..
Gopi says that he meeting Malar was a coincidence, but Gokul says, even if it was, he shd have just hello and gone off and not chat away in the middle of the road, making other ppl think they are hubby and wife. Gopi gets really annoyed and asks him to get out. Maha loosu steps in and supports Gokul, highlighting that noone believed her when she said the same thing. Gokul asks Sokku if his anger is justified, and Sokku assures that Gopi wont create any problems in his life. Gokul says he wants to hear that from Gopi's mouth again since he breached it, and so he has to promise on his family, that he wont see or talk to Malar anymore. Gopi gets annoyed, and the rest compel him to promise, so he reluctantly promises that he wont interfere in their life anymore. Gokul asks him to also promise that he wont see or meet her, Gopi gets frustrated and says he cant close his eyes on the road, and wont talk to her even if he sees her.. (the way Gopi got annoyed and screamed made me laugh soo hard..LOLLOL)
Gopi warns him that he'll be different person altogether if he comes and troubles his family again. Gokul says he wont, and hangs onto the promise Gopi made, keeps rambling "kudumbam mela sathyama pannirkeenga malara paaka maaten pesa maaten" and leaves. Gopi is sad.
Maha calls Gopi's phone from Malar's no., posing like she's Malar and cries. Gopi asks her whats wrong and where she is, Maha says "inga irukken". She says she erased Malar's no from his phone and saved her no. instead, and chides him for breaching his promise that he wont talk to her. Gopi gets pissed off, asks her to stop doing such things. She asks him to erase Malar off from his phone and mind and save her name instead and leaves (intha maha loosu thollai thaanga mudiyala saami... Angry)
Selva enters the house, late at night, gives Mahes his day's earnings. Sokku asks Mahes if he drinks cos he has the smell on him. Mahes denies and says that since he's working there, the smell will linger on, and that he was hesitant to tell Sokku about it, since Sokku doesn't like all these things. Sokku admits that he mistook Selva, and says that it doesnt matter where one works, the urge and responsibility to work and support your family, instead of being idle or depending on other people, is what matters most. Selva apologises for hiding it from him, but Sokku says he has only gained more respect on him now. Sokku promises to help him get a better job.
Malar's dad is leaving the hse, sees Gokul's parents and a pattalam of ppl coming, calls Ashok out. Asks them whats the matter and they say they want to do Panjayathu since he refused to send his daughter with them. One lady from the crowd says that he shd have adviced his daughter and sent her off with the hubby and another man says that Gokul has changed, so they shd give him a chance. Malar's dad says he has spoken to her but she's very adamant. Another lady intervenes and says that its his reponsibility to convince and send her even if she's adamant, cos society will talk abt it in other ways. Malar's dad asks them what guarantee there is that she wont be harmed by Gokul again and if they will come to save her from that, and refuses to send her daughter off with them. Ashok supports his dad..
Gokul arrives. Asks his dad to stop creating problems. Says they have to be patient as it will take some time for Malar's family to recover and send her with him. Malar comes out, ignores everyone. Dad stops her and asks her why she is ignoring Gokul. She says she wont believe any of it, cos she hasn't even seen any of the faces there before and also knows abt him very well and leaves. One lady says she's v arrogant and he can rather live alone than stay with her. Gokul asks them to leave. Tells his friend privately, that its very difficult to live with a gal who is both beautiful and intelligent, fren asks why he's sticking with her then, and gokul says that her beauty and intelligence together is killing him, and he has to get her at any cost (nee dream pannuda, she'll make u mad instead...LOLLOL)

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Friday Jan 21 Update

Episode starts with Pandi mirattifying Paramu. Asks her to tell Kaamu to stop getting ready for a wedding thats not going to happen. Paramu goes and tells this to Kaamu. Both the girls are scared of what Pandi might do, and want him out of the house before the groom's family arrives. Deivaanai is bajji suttufying when Pandi comes and threatens her as well. Sam arrives and says the bajji was supposed to be suttufied for him, not someone else. Mayil arrives and Pandi teases him and challenges to Sam that he will show who he is.

Scared of his behaviour, Mayil calls Gopi and informs. Gopi comes up with an instant plan, to shut Pandi up. Asks Mayil to say "aiyoyoo gopi enna solra" and pass the phone to Pandi. Tells Pandi that Murthy cheated them and he's not coming for the ponnu paakaraaning. Pandi gets elated and keeps rejoicing over his victory. Gopi says he had bought foreign sarakku to celebrate if the ponnu paakaraning happens well, but all that has gone to waste. Pandi says he's really happy now and so has to sarakku adichufy. Sam asks Mayil if he can take over, since the maapillai is not coming, and says "panni vecha palagaaram ellam" ... Mayil is shocked and says"panni?" Sam "panni.. aama naan thaan" ROFL

Pandi and Sam to go Gopi's shop. Sam oramkattifies Pandi and says he will give him Maha if he gives him Kaamu (ithu enna 1 to 1 dealing ahhh.. LOL) Sam then oram kattifies Gopi and pours out his pheeeelingsu for Kaamu, and keeps talking when he realises Gopi esssuuu-ed. LOL Gopi gives them the sarakku, says an excuse that his business will get affected if ppl see them sarakku adichufying and locks them up inside the shop, while he and kaja leave.

Whole kudumbam and rels assemble at Kaamu's place. Sokku and Mayil are happy and are confident that the alliance will get fixed. Mayil is worried abt Pandi, but Gopi assures him that aal izz well. Groom's family arrives, Sokku and Murthy's dad get introduced, welcome them in and groom's family introduces themselves.

Murthy's dad asks abt their poorveegam. Sokku says his dad was a famous nadaswaram vidwan called Gomathi Nayagam, Murthy's dad says he has heard abt him too. Sokku introduces Gopi as his son and tailor, and murthy's dad asks if he'll stitch all the clothes for the wedding. Athukkulla murthy's bro asks if they will play nadaswaram for their own daughter's wedding. Murthy's dad gets pissed off and asks him to shut when elders are talkg (this man seems like a big rowdy hmmm). Murthy's dad complains abt his 3 children, being 3 extremes, and Sokku says that the basic thing is to have trust on their children, cites Gopi's responsible behaviour. Mayil asks him where his eldest DIL is from, and Murthy's dad questions him back in a crooked way asking if he'll only give his daughter if he answers that. Sokku covers up for him. Murthy's dad asks Sokku where he gave his eldest daughter, Sokku introduces Shanthi and Velu. Murthy's dad enquires abt their business and Sokku says that they are staying in their hse because of huge losses. Murthy's dad offends them saying "koochame illama sammandhi veetla irukkanumna athukku oru ithu venum". Sokku says he treats his SIL like his own son.

Finally, they bring Kaamu. Kaamu and Murthy are in all smiles. Murthy's dad expression at a glance didnt seem right. (enakku ennavo ithu nadakkaadhu nu thonuthu, enikku thaan ivanga veetla ellam nallapadiya nadanthurukku?? LOL)


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