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SS.. Past Effects..??.. Part8 Page41.. 21st July (Page 41)

maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome ... loved it ...

add me to ur pm list ...

continue soon ...

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..Akaisha.. IF-Sizzlerz

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owowwowo noor awesomepart yaar srry couldn't chck ti before was busy!Tongue
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nice part fatima

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome . ... 

superb ...

add me to ur pm list ...

continue soon ...
sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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so rehaan is adopted!...
continue soon!
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 Thanx alot for the comments.. and sorry smart.akaisha(soni)  maaneetsangel and sweet scorpio   my like button aint working Confused
Past Effects..??
Part 8
After having McFlurry on Rehaans request, the four of them arrived home. Maan was about to enter the main door when a post man handed him a letter. Seeing the letter Maan became delighted and really happy.
Maan sat on the sofa and read the letter, a smile creeping on his face..
Rehaan saw Maan reading something from a paper and a holding a hard cover in his other hand. Rehaan asked with curiosity "chachu which comic book are you reading? i also wanna read it.
Maan laughed at Rehaan's longing for his spiderman comicbook and said this isn't your spiderman comicbook. This is a wedding invitation of my friend and don't worry your comicbook is upstairs in my room.
Hearing that his comicbook was already home Rehaan said yaay. thanks chachu. you're the best.
As Nakul and his wife were not home and in the absence of the cook; nakul's wife, there was no other servent who could cook and Maan being a doctor didn't appreciate the edibles from outside twice in a day and preferred homemade things.
Not wanting to order anything, Maan was the cook at the moment and that was reason that geet could smell something either burned or over cooked when she came to the mansion to check on Rehaan.
Entering the kitchen she found Maan and Rehaan both in aprons and Maan throwing away the chicken he had just burnt. On seeing Rehaan holding a hot pan, she just bursted up
What are you guys doing? And you Rehaan! What are you doing holding that hot pan?
Chachu told me towas the reply she got
Leave it now geet said taking away the pan from rehaan and asked him to go out in the lounge and look on muskaan.
Geet then turned towards maan and said,
Why did you tell Rehaan to hold that thing when you knew it was hot?
ye larki hay ya patakha? jb dekho gussa karti rehti hay, maan thought and then said Rehaan was insisting on helping me and...
Without letting Maan finish Geet said and made him hold that pan huh?
umm yeah was what he blurted out.
Controlling herself geet said why such a mess in the kitchen?
Maan told her that he didnt wanted rehaan to get sick by eating stuff from outside twice in a day. He could get stomachache and the weatheres not good as well.
On hearing the explanation from the health concious uncle Geet asked Maan to go outside while she cooked food. Without uttering a word maan went outside while Geet cooked food and cleaned the mess made by the great uncle and nephew.
After about half hour Maan came into the kitchen and found it spotless and the aroma of the food being cooked was making his hunger pangs even stronger. On lifting up the cover he saw chiken being cooked. He smelled and noticed something missing. He was about to take out the "methi" packet when Geet who was walking in her trance hit her head with the open cupboard door.
Maan heard the sound of collision and found geet holding her forehead.
i'm so sorry. lemme see.
Gently maan removed geet's hands and saw her forehead getting red. Maan touched the redness gently making geet to gasp.
Maan opened the freezer and took out an ice packet and lightly placed it on the forming bump on the forehead.
Geet hissed in pain when Maan placed the icepack on the forehead on which maan quickly removed it and then again placed it after removing her hair coming on her forhead.
Maan looked at Geet who had her eyes closed and tears that had made trails on her cheeks. With the other free hand maan wiped the tears away and felt her smooth skin against his hand.
Geet opened her eyes as she felt maan's touch on her face.
The hazel brown eyes captivated Maan's gaze as he had never seen such beautiful eyes before. Looking at her face, maan felt as if he was seeing an angel. Had he ever seen such a beautifull and innocent face before he wouldn't have been gawping at her right now.
Maan and Geet came out of there trance when Rehaan came running in the kitchen and said Ann i'm hungry.
Maan and Geet stepped away from each other realizing that they were standing too close to each other. Geet holding the icepack replied to him Just five minutes Rehaan.
After Rehaan left, Geet was about to dish out the chicken when Maan stopped her and added the "methi" he was taking out of the cupboard when Geet hit her forehead with the cabinet door and asked her to let the chicken cook for five more minutes.
On the dinner table Rehaan asked Maan who was eating and also feeding Muskaan who was sitting on his lap chachu when is the wedding?
this Friday
Rehaan became really excited and said then can i come too? please chachu.
Maan looked at rehaan and said no you cant come. its a long journey and you'll get tired
No chachu i wont rehaan replied to maan please chachu let me come too
Rehaan no means "no" said maan with a bit sterness in his voice
Seeing his uncle geeting angry at him made him more sad. Tears were welling up in his eyes. Rehaan didnt eat properly and got up from his chair.
Seeing Rehaan leaving maan said rehaan where are you going? you didnt even eat properly.
I dont want to eat anymore.
Geet who was coming out of the kitchen saw rehaan leaving. As rehaan passed infront of Geet she saw tears falling from his eyes. Geet looked at Maan who was eating.
She went to Maan and asked why was Rehaan crying?
Maan looked at Geet, suprised Rehaan's crying?
Yes, I saw him when he was going upsairs.
Maan hastily got up, handed Muskaan to Geet and went behaind Rehaan into his room. After about fifteen minutes Maan and Rehaan came downstairs and Maan made him finish his dinner.
Later when Geet was about to leave Maan stopped her and said, "Today I got a letter from my old school friend. He found my address after much effort. He's getting married this Friday and wants me to attend his wedding. Now Rehaan is insisting to go with me as well and you'll also have to come with us as I can't control him sometimes and he listens to you always and also because he's insisting that you go with us too. So will you come along?"
umm ok.
Geet was about to leave when Maan said You'll have to pack your stuff too cause we'll be staying there for two or three days.
Geet only agreed to go to the wedding because of Rehaan but staying there was  not what she was expecting. Is it necessary for me to stay there as well?
Yes because the wedding's not in Delhi and the journey is about seven hours. Please dont say no, Rehaan was quite upset when I didnt agree earlier for him to come along. I dont want him to think any thing stupid.
There was nothing much Geet could say and she agreed to go.
Rehaan had to attend school for five days before his summer vacations on the coming Friday and in the absense of Nakul and his wife, Maan was the one taking care of Muskaan in the evenings when Geet was with Rehaan helping him with his studies.
Maan noticed that even after Muskaan was a year old, she didnt walk nor talk like the ones of her age. Maan thought that muskaan had walking and speech problem. He wanted to have her checked up but decided first to help her learn walking, if she wasnt able to walk then he would take Muskaan to the doctor. The times when he and Muskaan were alone, Maan would make her hold his fingers and make her learn to walk. To Maan's surprise Muskaan was picking really fast.
On Friday, the day they had to leave for the wedding Muskaan and Rehaan were playing in the lounge and Geet was finishing packing Rehaan's clothes while Maan was sitting on the living room couch checking the necessary documents which he had to take along.
Geet was coming down the stairs with Rehaan's bag when Rehaan accidently hit Muskaan with his Spider Man action figure. Muskaan started crying.
Seeing her baby cry Geet hurried down the steps but to her utter surprise Muskaan stood up by herself and walked towards Maan with her arms extended so Maan could pick her up.
Geet had tears of happiness when she saw Muskaan walk all by herself without tripping. Geet stood where she was, cherishing the moment with tears continously falling down her eyes.
Maan was trying to calm Muskaan when he saw Geet standing near the stairs, crying. Maan went to Geet when he saw her shedding tears. He thought Geet was upset that Rehaan hit her child although it was an accident. As soon as Maan was about to approach Geet, Muskaan held out her arms for Geet to take her in her arms. But she stopped Maan at some distance and asked him to place Muskaan down. Maan understood that Geet was crying due to the happiness.
Maan made Muskaan stand on her feet and said to her Go to mama.
The crying child who was desperately wanting to be in her mother's arm started taking small steps towards her still crying with her arms extended out.
Geet didnt know if she was dreaming or was it reality but she heard Muskaan say her first word "Mama"
Couln'd resist anymore, Geet picked up Muskaan and kissed her on her forehead.
Maan felt joy in his heart seeing such a lovely moment between mother and her daughter. He in his own joy didnt know when he approached Geet and placed his hand on Geet's shoulder giving her an assuring smile.
Geet was so happy at that moment that she wanted to share her happiness with the whole world. In her happiness she hugged Maan with the free hand and said She walked. She walked by herself and she said mama. Muskaan said her fisrt word.
Maan seeing Geet happy hugged her back. It was something he had never felt nor experienced. Hugging Geet was like being in heaven. he then looked at Muskaan who had stopped crying.
Geet pulled away from the hug when she realized what she was doing. Seeing Muskaan, Geet kissed her on her forehead and saw Maan who was ruffling her hair. Geet heard Maan say She is a truly a fairy.
Maan felt someone grab his hand. Looking down he saw Rehaan standing behind him. Rehaan pulled maan down and whispered in his ear Ann's crying because I hurt Doll? isn't she?
Maan smiled at Rehaan and said Ask Ann youself.
Rehaan came in front of Geet and said I'm sorry Ann. I hurt Dollie. And you both are crying because of me.
Geet smiled at the kid's innocence and said Dollie forgave you.
Rehaan looked at Geet And what about you? You were also crying.
Geet came to Rehaan's level and said I wasn't crying. They were tears of joy. Today your Dollie said her first word and started walking too.
Being kissed by his Ann, Rehaan smiled and turned to Maan Chachu when are we leaving?
Looking at his watch Maan said I think we should leave now. Its already 11 o'clock and its a long journey.

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yaayy.. yippee... m first... Dancing
noor..!!! it was an awesome part... lovedd itt...Clap
rehaan understood that maan was reading a comic book.. haha. he is such a cutiee..LOL
aww... muskaan took her first step and said her first wprd too.. loved the lovely mother daughter scene...Big smile
and maaneet's hug was lovely.. .Embarrassed
continue soon... 

wid loadss of luv,,Heart

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loved it...its simple things in life which give you sooo much happiness...i remember when my son took his first step and said his first word, it absolutely is worth all the trouble

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