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FF: Another Chance ...Ch 4B PG 12 [7/20/11] (Page 12)

iloveserials Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Wow, what an interesting preview...I am already hooked and waiting for the next update.

Plz continue...

I am looking for the continuation of Hume Tumse Hua Hai Pyaar. plz plz plz...pretty pl...Can u give us a preview for that one too?

Ramya / ILS

Desriee1 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Wonder how JB will manage to be around, looking forwards to the update.

Thanks and appreciation.
ksasi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 9:30am | IP Logged

interesting preview.

Continue soon.
andyash Groupbie

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
wow interesting preview 
minu1234 Newbie

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
cant wait to read more from reading the preview... thank you for continuing this great story
Vampgirl Senior Member

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 7:36am | IP Logged

just read u r ff...loved it plz cont soon

Vampgirl Senior Member

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 6:09am | IP Logged
hey, plzzz update soon
Indian_Goddess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 5:55pm | IP Logged

I apologize for the very long delay and also if this update doesn't meet to your expectations. I'm working on the other updates also. Will try to post them soon.

Chapter 4 B:


"She is gone?" he echoes blankly, his flat voice sounding foreign to his own ears. He stares into his father's grave face that nods solemnly at him.

"She left some time ago… she is not in the room and nowhere to be found," he informs dually, watching the bewildered expression slowly overtake his son's face as the news finally settles in.

"Well where has she gone? Our wedding is an hour away! And you are telling me just now when I have been summoned to the mandap?!" Jai Walia demands from his father, who understands that he is not taking all this too well… his bride has run off after all, deserting him behind on their wedding day.

"Jai, son, now is not the time to make a spectacle… The situation has gotten out of our hands… Your fiance has run away and all the guests have arrived, expecting a wedding… I want you to listen to me closely and try to remain calm… The wedding will proceed… but you will marry Bani instead….," Uday Walia states crystal clear much to the grand shock of his son, whose eyes nearly bulge on what he hears.

"Bani?  …. Dad, are you serious? I can't marry Bani!" he argues.

"Yes, you can… I have already spoken to Nishikant about this matter… he has no qualms against it… and has even spoken to Bani, who is ready to step in…."

"What?! This is ridiculous; I won't marry her Dad… Just tell the guests to leave… There won't be a wedding.. .. I am going to find Roshini in the meantime," Jai declares, ready to enact on his own words, but prevented by his father who keeps him in his place.

"Don't be irrational, Jai… That woman left you, what do you not understand about that? If she truly had loved you, she would not desert you on your wedding day leaving you to be a fool in front of our community… Imagine the scandal that will be talked about our family if this wedding does not fall through…  Roshini has purposely rejected you before our society… It is now in our hands to take charge of the situation and make the best out of it…," Uday explains calmly to his excited son, who will not hear anything his father has to say.

"No, I am not going to marry anyone else… I am going to find her, Dad…," Jai firmly replies, brushing away from his father and walking toward the bedroom door.

"Jai Walia… if you leave to look for that woman, I will disown you this very moment…," his father's booming words warn him ominously, causing Jai to halt in his hurried steps and glance back at the determination gleaming in Uday's dark eyes. "I will forget that you are my blood and disinherit you from the privileges of being my son…," he continues, leaving Jai dumbfound and speechless.

Approximately an hour later, Jai Walia wed Bani Dixit, taking her as his wife before god and their families as their witnesses….

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


6:36 PM, Tuesday

Breach Candy Hospital

Mumbai, India


"Jai? ….. Jai, where are you lost, dost?"

Hearing the concerned question from his brother-in-law startles Jai Walia out of his daze, making him aware of his surroundings. He briefly glances around the hospital's cafeteria before his gaze settles onto Aditya's watchful face.

"What were you saying?" he asks, trying to shake off the memory that had overpowered him moments earlier.

"I was just saying that I had called home earlier and informed everyone about Bani's arrival and Mausi's discharge… hence, they will not give away anything to Mausi when we arrive… But what were you thinking?"

Jai gives a shake of his head whilst murmuring, "Nothing…" Knowing that Jai will not tell him even if he encourages, Aditya lets it pass.

"Anyway… I wanted to speak to you about the Bani factor in all this….," Aditya speaks up after clearing his throat. Jai is alerted by the seriousness in his friend's tone, noting that it is rare when he chooses to be serious about something.

"What's there to talk about?" he questions with a huff, not particularly caring to talk about his ex-wife or have anything to do with her.

"You are going to have to reach some level of understanding and civility with her if you expect to pull off this little charade… You can't be snappy and rude with her, especially in front of Mausi, who thinks you two are perfectly happy with one another… Bani has left her life back in America to help us… the least you can do for her is make this easier on her instead of behaving like a chauvinist pig…," Aditya states disapprovingly, causing Jai to become incredibly defensive.

"When have I behaved in such a way with her? I am being perfectly civil with her… I can't say the same for her though," he adds gruffly, causing Aditya to become intrigued by Jai's behavior when regarding Bani.

"There's no need to be so hostile about her… What has she done to you after all?"  

Jai Walia has every mind to shout that Bani had deceived him and joined in on the scam their fathers had conspired, but for some reason cannot muster the words in explaining this. The fact that he used for a reason to despise her all these years seemed to appear petty now much to his grudging dismay. He had successfully convinced himself long ago that Bani was to blame, especially when the event occurred as he was furious and bitter, needing someone to push the liability to for what happened to him. But a small voice inside of him told him otherwise.

If Bani was really to blame, then why did she disappear? Why didn't she stick around and take advantage of being his wife, of being Uday Walia's daughter-in-law, of belonging to such a wealthy family? Why did she leave right after their marriage and later mail him annulment papers? Was she at no fault, innocent like how his father continuously told him? Did she really step in to be his wife with no selfish motives but purely from the goodness of her heart? The thought gravely troubled him. Instead, to justify his anger, he told himself it was because he behaved vilely with her that night when senselessly drunk, scaring her off, prompting her to leave and forsaking their marriage altogether. But now, he doesn't really know what to think anymore. Part of him doubts his earlier resolution of judging Bani so rashly and another part refuses to admit that he is wrong.

"Look… I don't want to talk about her… least of all with you… I know what needs to be done and what is expected out of me…. I'll do my part and she better play out hers…," Jai firmly pronounces, putting an end to the discussion.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


"Look at how much you have grown! And so beautiful you are! You are a woman…not my little Bani anymore… And what is this that you are wearing? You have become modern now? What happened to wearing salwaar kameez, you used to be so traditional?" Mausi questions one after another, excited on seeing her daughter-like figure who she has been yearning to see for a few days now. Bani listens to her with a warm smile, laughing at her inquires and remarks on how much she visibly has changed from what Mausi knew her to be.

"And where had you gone off to, Bani? Munna told me that you were overseas… how come it took you so long to get back to Mumbai? And why were you traveling alone? Why did Munna not go with you? Just wait till I give him a peace of my mind… sending my Bahu by herself across the seas…," Mausi fusses openly, not caring to notice how awkward Bani suddenly has gotten by her proclaimed words.

In the midst of seeing Mausi, Bani forgot about the memory loss, too distracted in drinking her all in….cherishing her time with her again. She realizes, to her grief, that she will have to share her spin of lies to Mausi, whom she had never spoken a single lie to since a child.  Bani gathers herself, not wanting Mausi to be aware that anything is amiss…for her well-being.

Bani smiles sweetly, her honey eyes still twinkling with tears, and attempts to ease her mother figure from getting excited too much.

"Mausi… Please remain calm… Do not exert yourself too much… And to answer your question, I was overseas visiting Rano… she goes to university there now… I was with her when I heard about your accident…," she informs as convincingly as she can.

"Yes, Munna told me she studies abroad…. And you have not brought her along?" Mausi chides, displeased that she will not get to see Rano. "When will I get to see her?"

Bani does not bother to reflect over how Jai Walia possibly knew this information. He had managed to find out her whereabouts, hadn't he? She is sure he used his sources to learn about Rano as well.

"Soon Mausi… she has exams right now hence she could not afford to leave…. I told her to stay and focus on her studies and once finished, she could come see you…," Bani lies further. Mausi nods her head understandingly when seeing sense to what Bani has said.

"You were right to make her stay, Bahu, as I am fine… She should finish her studies first…," she agrees, making Bani feel terrible how easily Mausi listens to her fabrications without any doubts.

Mausi looks fondly at her daughter-in-law and cups her cheek gingerly. "I am glad that you at least have come back home… I was upset when learning you were not here…," Mausi tells her, putting a small smile on Bani's face. She takes a hold of her hand, pressing it onto there.

"You are my mother… of course I would come," she replies genuinely, placing a pleased smile onto Mausi's bright face. Bani ignores the sinking feeling inside of her as the brief thought comes to mind of how Mausi would have felt if she did not come back to India to see her. She did not want to even begin in thinking about the idea. She is glad that she did come, swallowing her pride.

"Mausi….," Bani starts off hesitantly but with Mausi's encouragement proceeds.

"Hain Bahu, bolo…," she sweetly urges.

"… How much do you remember? …. The doctors say that your accident erased your memory…," Bani states concernedly. She wonders as a pondering look overcomes the woman's aged face…appearing terribly fuzzy as she tries to recollect what she remembers as an aftermath from her accident.

"…. I remember the wedding…. Yours and Munna's….," she reminisces slowly, concentrating solely on her indistinct, scattered thoughts.

"…and I remember you going away to your father's home afterwards… you were upset… Munna was angry… Munna's father was distressed… He tried to bring you back home…. but that is all I remember…. I don't know anything else after that…," she confesses, revisiting the distant memory that brought her immense sorrow as she now frowns, alerting Bani to how somber she has become.

"I do not like to think about the memory…. It was a very upsetting time… I was not happy with Munna's behavior about the marriage….," she continues solemnly. "I kept on praying that he would accept you and bring you back to our home, where you belong…"

Bani lowers her gaze when listening to her soft spoken words and only lifts it when Mausi raises her chin affectionately, making her meet her eyes directly. She smiles vibrantly, forgetting the previous sorrow she received from reminiscing the dreadful memory.

"Since I do not remember, I spoke with Munna who walked me through my missing memories…. He told me that he eventually brought you home, letting go of his initial anger, and accepted you as his wife…," she speaks happily.

Before Bani has a chance to react from this, a sudden cheerful voice speaks from the doorway, drawing both women's attention onto there.

"Yes, and Jai and Bani have been happily married ever since then, right Bani?" Aditya questions with a wide, bright smile. His dark brown eyes hint at her to go along with his words. She forces a smile, silently agreeing to his statement.

"Mausi, I have signed your discharge papers… We will leave whenever you'd like," Jai says tonelessly, also appearing by the doorway. Bani's gaze directs over to him.

"I want to leave now, Munna," she asserts whilst trying to get out of the bed, weakly. Bani looks on worried about her haste movements while Jai steps forward, preventing her from exerting herself.

"Mausi, please, be careful… There is no rush. Take your time," he advises concernedly.

"Munna, I am fine," she insists in a weary tone, the rush in which she got up catching up to her and making her slightly dizzy. Jai grimaces on this. Bani approaches her, worried as well. She touches Mausi's shoulder.

"Mausi, please… listen to him…," Bani chips in softly, ignoring the sudden fixed gaze from her supposed husband on her words. Mausi smiles, pleased by what she has said. She throws a glance back and forth from Bani to Jai.

"It is so nice to see the two of you together… Saach, I am so happy…. May god keep you two happy together, always…," she expresses sincerely. Whereas Bani is sieged by discomfort Jai Walia simply remains stone faced, seeming unaffected by everything… as usual.

"Jigyasa has packed you a spare saree to wear, Mausi… Bani will take you to the bathroom to help you change," he states, neglecting to comment on what his aunt had said. Bani throws a look at him, not appreciating the commands he chooses to display on her. He looks back into her gaze, noting the quick ire building in her brown eyes. She does not mind helping out her aunt, but does not want to be bossed around by Jai Walia in any regards. She shows her clear displeasure to him. He only looks back at her challenging, as if daring her to defy him.

"Chaliye Mausi…," Bani says respectfully, turning her gaze away from him. After assisting her up from the bed, Bani leads her to the bathroom once grabbing the duffle bag Aditya hands to her.

"I will bring the car out front… Bring Mausi and her and meet me there," Jai gruffly orders, turning on his heels and leaving briskly from the room. Aditya simply watches him exit from the room with a shake of his head accompanied with an exasperated sigh. He has noticed the evident tension between the two exes and wonders how this whole charade will unfold with both reluctant partners involved….

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


7:41 PM, Tuesday

Walia Mansion

Mumbai, India


She slams the car door shut with her eyes transfixed onto the large architectural masterpiece standing erect before her, its enthralling white marble presenting the wealth of the abode. How many times had she come running through the doors of this mansion when she was young? Coming in and out as to her liking? She had practically lived in this very dwelling yet today it seems foreign to her, almost surreal….like a distant vision, intangible. Her childhood memories linked to this place have become marred by the disaster of her sham of a marriage. She can only look to it with mixed, bittersweet memories. How she will be able to reside in it is unknown to her…

"Come Mausi…," his rough tone urges to his aunt, who remains seated onto the passenger seat. Bani turns to observe him extend his large hand to the elder woman, who clasps onto it with her frail hand for support. He helps her step down from the vehicle and onto the black pavement of the driveway on which it is parked. Mausi pulls the pallu to her beige saree conservatively around herself when staring at the mansion, a pleasant smile playing on her lips. Jai releases his hold from his aunt and assists Aditya in carrying the luggage from the trunk of the car. Bani takes a light grip onto Mausi's arm, not knowing whether she wanted to prompt her into continuing over to the mansion or needed prompting herself as her feet refused to tread further.   

"Chal Bahu," Mausi says in a satisfied tone, experiencing a sense of home-coming on seeing the sight of her residence while Bani does not share the same feeling. In fact, she has no dire need to step into the mansion that already taunts her from outside.

"Yes ladies, let's hurry on inside… Everyone is anxiously waiting for Mausi's return," Aditya comments, encouraging both women to continue walking, one eagerly and the other reluctantly. She does not notice the pair of dark eyes watching her slow steps carefully from behind. She is too preoccupied by her own racing thoughts.

Aditya is the one who rings the doorbell and seconds later the main doors open, allowing them entrance. They are greeted by Tony, the loyal butler of twenty some years. Bani is aware of his lingering eyes on her and begins to feel sheepish, understanding his query in her.


"Mausi, you have come!"

Shouts and cries are heard distantly from inside as they gather collectively near the entrance. Mausi smiles brightly as one by one her children come racing toward her. Bani remains rooted in her place watching the figures approach them, her wide eyes trying to register the illusory images of people who were once dear ones… She felt as if she were in a dream, not able to believe that all of this actually is happening to her.

"Mausi, how are you?" Jigyasa Bali breaths out when joining them. Her light eyes switch over from her aunt to her grim appearing older brother, her shrugging husband, and at last at her. Bani notices the widening of Jigyasa's eyes as they fall upon her, taking her all in. She guises her reaction quickly and instead directs her attention onto Mausi, blatantly ignoring her in the process. She is well aware, though, how Jigyasa looks to her through her peripheral vision.

"Mausi!" a male voice chirps happily and Ranveer Walia comes into view, his tall figure rushing over to his aunt. He engulfs her into a warm embrace, nearly stifling his aunt from his towering height compared to her 5'3" frame.

"Oh, Veeru!" Mausi chuckles fondly at his usual overenthusiasm.

As quickly as Ranveer embraced her, his older brother smacked him upside his head, evoking a yelp from the young man and prompting him to release Mausi at once.

"Gadhe, Mausi has just come from the hospital… Be careful with her," his tone serious and his gray eyes stern.

"Sorry Mausi," Ranveer apologizes, realizing his blunder and not taking care to think that she could still be weak from the accident and unintentionally has hurt her. Mausi simply smiles at him kindly, cupping his cheek affectionately.

"Koi baath nahi, Veeru…. You have not hurt me… Can a son ever hurt his mother? Chal, come here," she says to him soothingly, opening her arms to him. Ranveer returns the sweet smile and goes back into her arms. She fusses over him till another voice announces its presence as well.

Anu Walia nearly bounces down the long fleet of stairs and runs to her maternal aunt, standing before her breathlessly.

"Mausi! You are finally home! I have missed you the most!"

Bani fidgets uncomfortably in her place and averts her gaze to her feet when Ranveer's dark brown eyes fall onto her and a silent gasp escapes from his lips, smothered later by a hasty cough from him once Jigyasa nudges him in his ribs. Jigyasa's curious eyes trail back to her as well. Bani feels a sudden heat surface inside of her, knowing fully well that her face must be turning red at the moment and not knowing how to control it.

Mausi laughs sweetly whilst embracing her youngest, laying a hand on her silky long hair.

"Now you can make me your yummy dishes once again! Tony has been giving me stomach pains for the past week and a half!" she complains with a pout, displaying the pure childishness in her.

"Anu… ," his rumbling voice scolds from behind… Bani nearly jumps from the sound. She realizes that she has unknowingly shifted toward him and steps to her right, standing close by Aditya, who shoots her a small comforting smile when seeing her draw near.

Mausi laughs further. "Of course, I will make all your favorite dishes tonight… I have left my poor child starving...," she chirps back at her most mischievous child.

"Mausi, please, do not listen to her… You need all the rest you can get…. Do not worry about a thing, we have the servants to take care of everything…," Jai Walia declares firmly, hinting through his words about his displeasure with his siblings' lack of understanding of their aunt's health.

"Bani Bhabhi! You are home as well! It is double the celebration!" Anu suddenly screeches when spotting her, alarming everyone around, minus Mausi who smiles widely and especially Bani whose eyes bulge at being acknowledged in this manner. She is left speechless and looks immediately to Aditya for support, missing the grimace that mars Jai Walia's face.

And to everyone's grave shock, but Mausi's, Anu comes forward and cheerfully embraces her. Bani's face turns beetroot red and she becomes so stumped that she has no clue what to do with herself.

"Jai Bhaiya, it is okay--- I will have Bhabhi cook all my favorite dishes tonight instead! As it is, I have grown to love Bhabhi's food much better—no offense to Mausi but you have lost your touch," she continues with a giggling smile, keeping her arm around a befuddled Bani,

"Chup badmash," Mausi gives a playful smack on her head and together they laugh. "I see, your Bhabhi has become into your favorite now…"

"Of course! And why wouldn't she!" Anu protests, startling Bani further by wrapping both arms around her when standing behind and placing her chin onto her shoulder. "My Bhabhi is so loveable!"

Mausi simply smiles and concedes. "Hain, woh to hai…" Just when Bani feels like running away from the level of discomfort and awkwardness she is experiencing, his brisk voice breaks through her muddled thoughts.

"Mausi, come, I will take you up to your room and have you settled in… As it is, the doctor has advised that you still rest and not over exert yourself…," he says whilst flashing an annoyed look over to his siblings who become slightly abashed by his indirect scolding.

Mausi utters a couple of protests, stating that she wanted to spend time with her children, but Jai Walia wouldn't hear any of them. Knowing better than to argue with her stubborn nephew, Mausi concedes and allows herself to be led upstairs to her bedroom with Tony trailing behind them her bags in tow.

Bani watches Mausi's figure disappear from sight longingly, not knowing what to do with herself now with her aunt not around. Realizing that she is left alone with the family she had deserted long ago, she grows sheepish and looks around hesitantly, almost fearing how this sudden reunion will play out. However, she does not have much to worry about since sudden cheering and laughter erupts and Bani finds herself tackled by many arms that embrace her all at once.

"Bani Bhabhi!!"


"Oh Bani!!"

More than just stunned, Bani takes a moment to gather that the arms each belong to Anu, Ranveer, and Jigyasa who are all smiles. Aditya hurries in to hush all of them since they have begun to create a loud ruckus.

"Alright, I understand that you all are happy to see Bani after so long but there is no need to create a commotion about it---especially since we are all supposed to behave as if Bani has been living here amongst us all these past years," Aditya reprimands, reminding his wife and her siblings about the current situation at hand. Jigyasa, the first to realize her slip of a mistake, reluctantly releases Bani yet continues to smile rather weepily at her.

"Bani, you have no idea----it feels like a dream! Seeing you again after so long!" she exclaims emotionally. Against her will of presenting a strong front, Bani feels her own eyes grow damp. Her attention is diverted to Anu, though, as she refuses to let her go and squeals excitedly to herself.

"Oh, I am so happy you are back! I have missed you so much, Bhabhi! I wish you had never left!"

"And now that you are back, we are never letting you go again," Ranveer pitches and takes Bani by surprise as he tightens his hold around her and lifts her in the air, spinning her around.

"R-ranveer!" Bani finally sputters out a word,  shocked and taken aback by his behavior as well as tickled with amusement by it. Eventually, despite herself, Bani releases a small giggle that gradually transforms into ringing laughter as she begins to feel light-hearted. The worry and angst she felt when wondering how Jai Walia's family would feel when seeing her escapes her and is replaced with incredible warmth instead. She shouldn't have worried herself sick over it since it is evidently clear they hold no bitterness or grudge against her. And she should have known better than to think they would. They were, after all, people who she loved…still love.

"Welcome home, Bhabhi," Ranveer greets with a triumphant smile when placing her back down onto the ground. Peering at his and the others bright, smiling faces, Bani's mouth slowly twitches into a wide smile as her eyes sparkle with forming tears….

No, this mansion was not her home, nor would she ever want it to be, but with them—her loved ones—she felt at home, like she belonged….like she never left.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


10:57 PM, Tuesday

Walia Mansion

Mumbai, India


After settling his aunt in and making sure that she had everything that she needed, Jai Walia fled to the sanctuary of his Study. He skipped dinner that night and was not surprised that none of his family members came to check on him judging by the cheer and jubilation echoing from outside. This dampened his mood considerably more than it was earlier. A permanent scowl now marred his perfectly handsome face.

Curse her, he thought bitterly to himself. As if Mausi dotting on her wasn't enough, she has the rest of his family eating out of the palm of her hand. What is it about her after all that everyone loves so much? Why does everyone chirp about her always when she is around? It had been like that in the past as well, his father one of her most avid admirers…

Taking a swig of his nightcap, he continues to brood in the silence of the room.

Giving a swift look to the clock hanging up on one of the walls, he reckons its time he retire to bed. As it is, he has to wake up early for his morning jog and thereafter get ready for another day at the office. The workload is sure to have increased due to his absence. He finishes the rest of his drink in one swift gulp and carelessly places the glass onto his desk while lifting himself off the chair.

He had closed the door shut after himself and turned to look at the hallway before him and proceed down it toward his bedroom, but halts in his steps when his gaze falls onto something that catches his direct attention.

Down the vast expanse of the hallway, he catches the sight of a figure lurking by…rooted in its place before something. Struck with curiosity, he quietly paces down the hall and it is only when he is midway that he recognizes who it is.

Of course he could not tell right away since she has changed so drastically. He had become so used to her old appearance, the lanky form and bobbed haircut that he fails to recognize the sight she presents now. His steps come to a slow as he approaches closer unknown to her knowledge since she remains rooted in her place. He learns what it is that has caused her to lurk around here…

His gaze follows hers to the enlarged picture of his deceased father hanging high in its frame on the wall. It is one of his favorite photographs of his father, depicting how he really was when he was alive. He smiles widely; showcasing his white pearly teeth…his eyes nearly squinted, twinkling with light mischief...his rectangular glasses perched on the bridge of his nose….his face slightly flushed and wrinkly. His gray eyes lower onto the back of her head; her long silky hair cascading down the length of her back.

"You're lucky that the last you saw of him was like this…. I wasn't…."

He startles her from the sudden sound of his deep, rough voice. She hastily turns around and Jai finds his eyes locked with her wide ones that glisten with unshed tears. After years of having known her, it is now that he takes notice to the exact detail of her eyes… a hazel-green that he always mistook for being simply brown.

Realizing the close proximity they share, Bani Dixit lowers her gaze and treads away without a word or another look in his direction. He watches her go diffidently before returning his attention onto the framed picture before him….staring into his father's beaming face.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She could not help gazing at the picture of the man who treated her no less than one of his own. She drank in his appearance greedily to her heart's content and could not withhold the tears that stung her eyes. Even after all these years she felt consumed in guilt…guilty for not attending his funeral to say her last goodbyes….guilty to have left him along with everyone else behind….guilty to not have heeded his desperate pleas for her to stay.

"You're lucky that the last you saw of him was like this…"

He must have been referring to the night of their wedding, where Uday Walia had been smiling in immense pleasure all throughout until Jai Walia had taken her forcefully out of the wedding hall and furiously drove her back to the mansion.

Oh how she wished that was her last memory of Uday Walia instead of the real one that continues to haunt her, refusing to leave her in peace...

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AbhiNikiLuver 125 19133 01 February 2011 at 11:37pm by mitzification

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