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GR8 - Date Rape Scare... Rati & Arjun<3

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ArTi'ians 0r RatzJun'ians

Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Finally this Comes Out
Can i sing
Ghar aaye mere ArTi
Pyaas bhuji ArTi'ians ke  Akhiyan Ki


And Guys there's just 2 Pics of Arjun Rati togethere from ITA Event
1st one is the Cover Page wherein she's holding him, her hands around his Shoulder & his hands around her waist {ehem ehem} & the 2nd Pic is She's standing in front of him left side posed both look in frontLOL
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
People with weak heart, please avoid seeing this Pic for LONG
Pyar Ho Jayega Jee!
And Disection is Sure Jee!

Rati and Arjun in Date Rape & Scare.......

Star One's most Popular Show Miley Jab Hum Tum's bubbly Nupur aka Rati Pandey and simple Mayank with no non-sense attitude aka Arjun Bijlani have certainly been the highlight of the Year 2010. They ruled the Television Screen for more than 2 yrs and have garnered the fan following that can make many actors go green with Envy. This year went so swiftly that many of us are wondering if time has paced up its speed or just that our lives have bcome too busy. There are moment we cherish, there are moments that make us sad, there are moments we are proud of and there are moments we are embarrassed to recall. All in all, these moments come together to comprise one more year of our lives. Rati and Arjun share trier special, lovely moments with us, but mind you only the happy and positive ones. We dont want to start the New Year by remembering things that make us sad but reliving the beautiful moments and welcoming the New Year with a smile. GR8! Gives you a deep insight on how Rati and Arjun will be celebrating their New Year resolutions, but most importantly their views on the Date Rape Scare on New Years Eve. Read On......

Where do you plan to celebrate your New Year?
Arjun : I am planning to either go to Bangkok or Goa. Both the places are my favorite and I am just waiting to fly off there for 31st and to celebrate New Year.
Rati : I really haven't planned where will I be celebrating my new year. I have been travelling a lot these days and I am thoroughly enjoying myself(Smiles). Well, I guess for New Year I would be coming to Mumbai but again you never know the plan might just change on the last moment(Winks)

Any New Year Resolution?
Arjun : I generally don't pledge any New Year resolutions but I always say one thing to myself that I will certainly work harder and better in the New Year.
Rati : I never make any New Rear resolutions as I don't believe in them. I just decide to further curb down my temper in New Year. That's all i keep in mind but never make it a resolution.

Best New Year you celebrated and would always cherish?
Arjun : Well there are many such memories that I cherish and I will cherish. There have been many such 31st even and New Year mornings that are very Special and dear to me and Thus I just don't want to select one.
Rati : Hmmm... Last year I had gone to Panchgani for 31st and it was just amazing, the chilly weather, cup of Coffees and it is my recent best. People go to lound and happening places but trust me Panchgani was like heaven-peaceful, beautiful and serene. Ohhh! Talking about it has actually made me relive those moments.

One thing you really want to change in yourself in 2011?
Arjun : Hmmm... One thing that I would want to change in myself is that I need to be more patient.
Rati : The one thing that I would want to change in myself in 2011 would again be my temper as I am short tempered. I hope to calm down a bit more and become quiet.  But practically I dont want to become absolutely quiet as i am a honest, open and straight-forward person. So cant change this side of mine though will control my temper & I think to a large means already been successful to curb it down. I will b myself the same genuine, outspoken and frank Rati who will call a spade a spade. And ya, one more change that I want to bring in is that I should become a little diplomatic because i tell ppl frankly what i feel and sometimes it works against me so I need to learn the tactic of diplomacy(Smiles).

One thing you wish really happens in 2011?
Arjun : (Smiles) One thing I wish really happens in 2011, is that I should sign a film.
Rati : If work is concerned then I would really hope that not TV serial but anchor based shows come my way. I cant do the typical role of a bahu; the serial and the character have to be different. Also I would want to do reality shows and of course movies.

Your Ideal way of celebrating 31st?
Arjun : The ideal way to celebrate not only 31st but any other occasion is with close friends and family.
Rati : Its simple you can be yourself and enjoy the most with your family and friends so of course the ideal way to celebrate 31st and welcome the new year is with people who are really close to you(Smiles), Hmmm... If seen from the angle of adventure then Para-gliding and bungee-jumping is a cool idea and as also I have a height phobia, I would be really glad to overcome it and enter the New year fearlessly(Laughs).

The image

One thing you will remember 2010 for?
Arjun : I will of course, undoubtedly remember 2010 for Miley Jab Hum Tum.
Rati : I will definitely remember 2010 for Miley Jab Hum Tum as I had a whole new but amazing experiance while doing it. I was shocked to know about my death but I took it sportingly and the due to the requests from fans and to bring back the same charisma of the show; I re-entered the show. And now finally it ended one a very positive and a happy note. I was overwhelmed to see the love and support of my fans; I had not expected this and was really happy that all of them wanted me back in the show. Its very rare that you get such loyal fans and all they wanted is that you should be back in the show. I feel I am really fortunate and I will always remember this year, 2010 as it has given me a lot.

One thing you want more of in 2011?
Arjun : One thing I would want more of in 2011 is just good health for family and friends.
Rati : One thing I would want more of in 2011 is lesser working hours, working days, telecast days and everything else related to it should be less or course except money(Laughs)

What is that one thing that you would want to change on television in 2011?

Arjun : The one thing that I really want to change on television in 2011 is the Fake Drama.
Rati : There isn't one thing but two things that I really want to change on television. First is the long working hours and next is the typical role of bahu.

In todays scenario the youngsters take the fact of celebrating the 31st and partying hard a bit too seriously. None the less many unfortunate incidents do happen that certainly are regretted later on but its not that easy to live behind these nightmares. The New Year celebrations turn out to be disastrous for many and the major reason being the alcohol resulting in incidents of date rapes.
Rati and Arjun absolutely agree to this fact.

The image

If at all you get drunk, will you ever indulge in any physical intimacy with a girl or a guy(Given the fact that many people these days get physical with both the sexes)?
Gripped by sudden shock with such a question, both of them are silent and look blankly towards me. Rati quips, "No way, firstly I never drink so much simply because I feel alcohol is the biggest enemy of a person. Also one more important thing is that no matter how much ever a person drinks, he/she is conscious of what's happening and are totally in senses, especially girls. So, if anyone says that I was drunk and that's why I made a mistake; then its just crap, just an excuse to cover up your wrong act. I will not indulge in any physical act with any guy or a girl(as you have asked both). I am very much straight and a one-night stand or something like this just isn't for me."
Arjun instantly agrees with Rati, "I absolutely agree with her and let me put the fact straight that there is no way I will be physical with a guy. I am very much straight and no matter how much ever drunk, I will still be straight. Now, that doesn't mean that I drink so much, it was just a statement to clarify that I am not at all into guys(Smiles). And I think such incidents happen not only by mistake but also many a times youngsters are fooled, deceived and this results in date rapes. So, I think you should go out with your trusted friends if you really love partying. But why such a weird question for a magazine, I mean who asks such direct and bold questions."

(Well, the question is direct and bold(even I felt awkward asking) but as you'll are the idols of many youngsters, a negative response from you'll to such activities & a small message for them, will do good to all the youngsters out there!)

Your message to the youngsters?
Arjun : Please don't indulge in any such activity that is wrong and that you will regret later. Because it will just take one mistake to ruin your New Year, making it a nightmare for you. There is nothing wrong in partying until and unless you are conscious and are going with trusted friends.
Rati : Never make alcohol your best buddy; it spoils your system in every way-physically, emotionally, mentally. When you get drunk, you tend to become emotional and share your secrets and life even with the strangers. Its a very dangerous act and I would advice all the youngsters to keep away from alcohol.

"We wish all our fans and all the readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. You'll have loved and supported us in past and we hope that in future too you'll shower us with blessings and give the same love and support."

Dharmishtha Dagia

and 1 Individual Pics of both Arjun n Rati which we have in IF Gallery but Both looking HAWWWWWWWT in that ITA

Ohkay here's are the Snaps I took through My Cell Phone
Scanned Copies ke liye Need to wait till i Reach HomeEmbarrassed


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I would be sued if i dont reserve today by Ms. Preeti LOL

Originally posted by -Preeti-

Rinky .... Iske baad is Huge Intro on New Year and How they have Rati and Arjun for this Coverage

and To Post Written Update i need to leave my office ka kaam and post this .... as Arjun ka answers r simple and One Line but Rati has like given essay's

Pehli baar we have Rati doing more of talking than ArjunLOL

this Interview is taken after MJHT ended as rati said that MJHT finally it ended on a nyc and positive Note

and let me Post one reply of thiers here as I found it quiet Straight and Mast
what thing u wanna say abt urself in 2011?
Arjun says just need "to be patient "
and Rati says :
temper as she is short tempered
and hopes to calmdown a bit more and be quiet.  but not absolutely quiet as i am a honest, open and straight-forward person, so cant change ths side of mine but would control my temper & to a large means have been successful in doing tht n curb it down.  I will b mineself the same genuine, outspoken and frank Rati who will call a spade a spade. And also i should bcome a bit dimplomatic bcoz i tell ppl frankly what i feel and sometimes it works against me and so i need to learn the tactic of diplomacy(Smiles)

Originally posted by myownarea

Originally posted by -Preeti-

Ohkay My Reasons for This to be Special Mag Cover Till Date

Very Well said Preeti!! :)

1. It has Arjun and Rati togethere Sizzling like a Fire

Good looking and talented - deadly combo!! :)

2. Its from ITA 10th Red Carpet Awards where these 2 were Chose to Host it. I mean this is something real Good and Big according to me

yup and to think they did an AWESOME job, were given awesome outfits - Neeta Lulla did Rati's saree :D ..Also only talented people get such an opportunity :D and not everyone can live upto the huge hype, these 2 did!! :)

3. It comes as New Year Edition - Jan 2011(After a Decade)

Special special VERY special :)

4. Doesnt talk about the Actors but talks about a Social Issue which I believe is soo Good. All Others cover lives of an Actor and all but very rarely do people try and put up Social Msg & GR8 doing that for the 1st time with Arjun and Rati makes me feel PROUD MoreApprove

Exactly, the point is not every actor can talk intelligently on socially relevant issues..

Actors are in general wrapped in their own little world ...but to get out of it and answer with clarity about social issues!!! Makes us all VERY proud!!

Gosh cudnt help adding in bold :DDD


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di.. isnt there any itv of ArTi?

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finally arti ki kuch toh mila.............mere toh din ban gayi yaar.................SmileSmileSmile

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Originally posted by arti4ever


di.. isnt there any itv of ArTi?

Yes there's ArTi Interview about thier Year 2010 & 2011
gimme time and i shall update it soon

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omg omg Preeti, thanx a ton for the good newsTongue
waiting eagerly for the pics.

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 this 1st morning khabar
this morning is suchhhhh wonderful morning
Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
Big smileBig smile
i'm so happy shappyyyyy........

dil ki halat bahut kamzoor hai ROFL
i like the way you move

Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
can't take my eyes off
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

january month ki shuruat itni katil hai
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
they both r looking stunninglyyyyyyyyyyy HOTTT
ignore my pagalpana

arjun & rati u two just set everything on fire

one is looking like ice & another is fire
ice is melting from fire.....that water is making fire
to extenguish...
BlushingHeartDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingHeartBlushing

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yayyy im really excited!.....waiting for the pics and interview!........thanks preeti Smile..........naina

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