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Today was all out notanki by the Selfish Sax sisters, at their self-absorbed and self-centered best. Teeny Twit wants out of the mess she has created, pronto. Her weapon of choice to force Kriya into bailing her out ....threaten to die.  That's a tall order from someone who is yet to make one sane decision to date on her own. Prats on the other hand plays sister savior but uses Krishna to bail her out, putting him on the frontlines to wade off a Takur attack on her.  Silly Sax sisters.........use and abuse those they claim to love for their own selfish ends. 

We see Prats moping in her room, seated on the bed with the same look we have come to recognize as her stance to get Krishna's attention while pretending to be so deep in thought that she does not see him enter their room. Krishna preparing for a verbal blasting gets defensive when Prats wants to talk to him about something importantOuch. He confesses he hasn't done anything all day besides classifying what would constitute legal vs. illegal work. Hard work that, for Baba who has never used to such mental exercises. WinkOf course he has to do that before he can consider looking for a job that will get the rubber stamp  of none other than his kayda-kanoon loving biwi.  She cuts him off "?Excuse Me! ShockedOkay, Let me rephrase that again'. When have you listened to him? Why are you taking it out on Krishna? What she has to say to him matter what he does doesn't? One minute she wantes him to find a job and when he talks about that she flips and tells him to forget it and focus on her twit sister. Today she was Prats the manipulative nag! Krishna wants to maintain the peace instead of her biting his head off. But no, she has to take it out on him for the follies she and her silly sister manage to create.  She stands up and snaps at him "There is more to life than good news". Of course, there is where your pareshaan family is concerned. Youtake pride in breeding pareshaan and making it the modus operandi of life. Good news on the other hand is like a virus that enters your life and turns it upside down.  Who is Krishna to you? That Bhandar (monkey) doing tricks on the street corner for laughs? No wonder you called him a bhandar not so long ago. "Why aren't you listening to me"? she chides him. There is more to life besides your fixation for kayda kanoon and bailing out your maike members without a second thought no matter how unlawful their actions (Mera's Memory Bank retrieves Prof. and Adarsh's involvement in Angad's death, not to mention the twit marrying KN, her assaulter with her eyes wide openAngry). You are ready to hang a noose around your sasural's necks for their actions in a heartbeat. "Today, Arushi came to me today, cried a river and apologized to me. She has realized her mistake and also acknowledged that her biggest mistake in life is marrying KN." So now it's all about me, myself and mine is  it Prats? Back on that ego trip again?  As long as your ego is riding high, who cares what the fallout around you turns out to be? Krishna is always the joru ka gulam standing by with no job, just ready to pick up the pieces after you create a ruckus in the family for yet another day. He has learned plenty and made a few changes. When are you going to do what you consistently demand of him......grow upAngry?

Bhola Baba is happy and piling on the praises on his Babu "that's a big deal. She has realized she is wrong and you are right. If she had accepted it earlier this day would never have come now. Now she's married to KN so what can we say." The upholder of kayda-kanoon does a convenient 180 degree turn to defend her sister "she got married, so what Krishna? If she made a mistake that mistake can still be recitified. Krishna, as her older sister I will fully help her in fixing this mistake otherwise her life will be fully destroyed." There she goes laying the guilt trip on him lest he refuses to back her plans to save sister dearest. What is this a gudiya wedding? Did you already forget that stinging slap she gave you before she took that saat pheres with KN? Did she listen to Shamu and Naina desperate pleas to go home after SCAM left her standing there? NOPE! She was adamant about getting married before she left the mandap and any man single or married was acceptable to her. She dragged KN by the hand to the take her pheres. What is her defense? She had a momentary lapse in judgment? Well if we are to buy that, then her whole life is nothing but a series of lapses in judgment.  So on what basis do you Prats, the personification of bias classify YKW actions as just a simple mistake, one that could and should be easily fixed.   Why not apply the same rules of judgment you apply to your sasural for their actions? Watch out Baba! One of these days this beebi of yours could call your marriage a mistake and walk out on you tooShocked. Her righteousness comes in different shades. She sees RED when it comes to her sasural behavior and actions and fashionably sings the BLUES when it comes to her miserable maike members.

Prats says "she will break the marriage, which gets Krishna all riled up. He holds her feet to the fire "Have you gone mad? finally you are starting to see  the Sax girls can be nutty too. This is not some child's play. This is not about getting married and leaving when you feel like it. This is not a film vilm, this is real life,  understand that".Clap Voice of reason and grounded in reality. Way to go Baba, Lallantop! Thumbs Up  How's that for a reality check Prats! For all the baashans you spew, Krishna spelled the reality and truth to you succinctly in a few short sentences.  He questions her "Why are you bent on enmity with my family, isn't life not hellish enough?  Probably not! You forget about all this, let her live with the consequences of her mistake." As always she vetoes his POV and stands her ground "I will do whatever it takes to get my sister out of this jungle as this marriage is illegal." Okay, Prats, now explain why you were a well of patience and waited till twit came to her senses about her marriage? Why all this courtesy for the twit who is unfit for marriage let alone ready for it? Why didn't you file a police complaint about an illegal marriage? You could have had KN behind bars in a heart beat and sent your sister to jail so she can learn her lesson. But NO! your double standards reigned supreme.  You let Kesar spend an humiliating evening in your presence as your sister gloated about her status as badi bahu in the presence of a wrong woman. Where was your speech that day about not silently standing by while you saw wrongdoing in your presence? Your words are just a load of hot air.  You are still clueless about what happened to Kesar on the terrace one night. OuchYou may be ready to face the taunts and hurtful words all in the name of love for a sister. What did Kesar do to deserve this hurtful behavior from your sister in front of the community as she pleaded to Takurain the evening of mukh dikayi? You did nothing for Kesar after you promised to always be there for her.  Don't your words have value?  You are an opportunist who uses people to get your way in the moment. Let's just say Krishna is too good for someone like you who doesn't value his generosity of spirit.  He may be unpud but at least his core values are grounded in reality and he values the institution of marriage and what it stands for. He may "saat denge" for life but at the rate you are going you wouldn't think twice about dumping hiim  without a second thought if it served your purpose especially if it means bailing the pathetic group of people who share your DNA and gene pool. Your education hasn't added value to your life from what we've seen so far.

YKW is sitting at the dining table about to eat a piece of apple (Did KN slice it for her, he always did like to hold an apple in hand when salivating over herTongue) when Takurain stops her. The ever shrewd Queen Bee of Takur Niwas notices the absence of sindoor in the twit's maang and her failure to go to the temple before eating.   Twit seems to have memory loss with Prats's directions to keep up the pretence of being at loggerheads with her until she is safely out of the NIwas.  Takurain tries to sweet talk her into going to the temple but she bluntly refusesConfused. Someone please give this twit a Ph.D. in StupidityTongue. She acts and talks like one with half a brain. SS comes right on cue to ask her why she wouldn't go to the temple due to a mild ailment when KN was observing the "bachelor" tapasya for his part. OuchShockedTakurain pampers her calling her a bachchi. She needs to grow a brain and use it before considering marriage and  becoming an incubator. She still doesn't get it and is pig-headed about not going to the temple her mind is not in itConfusedTalk about being a twit and a dimwit. ShockedPrats  intervenes and twit heads to the temple with tray in hand without a word of protest. Takurain's intuition kicks into high gear and she is alert to the sudden change in the dynamics between the sisters' relationship and voices it to SS and KN who don't seem to get it just yet. Prats who is usually against this marriage is now supporting her and twit obediently leaves for the temple? Get her Takurain, you have hit bull's eye on this one. Thumbs Up

Krishna is all set to go search for a job that meets Prats's requirements. But nope! The Chief of Impulsive Changes rushes in and tells her chauffeur, I mean husband  he won't be looking for a job now bec' he has to go with her on a mission and get her where she needs to go right away, she'll fill him in later, he doesn't need to know it all right away. Do you always have to talk down to your husband when he so much as questions you actions and reasoning? If you want the right to question his behavior you must be willing to let him question yours. And at the moment you have plenty to answer for. Where is your moral compass? Where is that stick of righteousness you freely swing at your sasural without a second thought to demean and question their every action that doesn't meet your biased stamp of approval? Who made you judge and jury of the Takurs.  Where is the fairness in all of this? Mera's Memory Bank retrieves.....Shamu and Adarsh were involved in Angad's death and you gave them a free pass and now the twit gets one for getting into an illegal marriage with her eyes wide open.

Prats arrives at the temple with Krishna where twit is restlessly pacing. Forget about giving them a chance to get a darshan of Goddess and offer a prayer. Twit starts her desperate plea screeching "Didi, I won't go back to that hell, I won't stay there for even a minute. Didi, please save me from that jungle or I'll die. Every little thing reminds me of this farce of a relationship."  Prats's ego is getting a royal boost hearing her twit sister's "Didi" mantra with every breath.  After all she is just getting ready to play her twit sister's savior. What is a girl who is incapable of understanding the value of relationships in life doing getting married to a married man and into a family where crime is an everyday entertainment and pastime?  In a freaking split second she went from calling herself jetani and badi bahu of the Takur family and addressing Kriya as her devrani and devar to wanting Didi and Jiju to go all out to get her out of the jungle and out of Sakthi's life. What a user, and abuser! Angry

Where did she rent her brain when she refused to listen to the repeated pleas from Krishna and Prats and defended duplicitous SCAM repeatedly?  What had she ingested when she went into a jealous fit of rage, shrieked in public with her tirade against Prats and slapped her for attempting to stop the wedding? Where was her brain taking a vacation when she continually taunted, insulted and humiliated Krishna and Prats among guests and rejected a helping hand from Prats after the wedding? Wasn't she the smart ass who said she could fend for herself and knew just what she was doing? Then why is she desperate, using emotional blackmail to get Prats and Krishna to bail her out of the predicament she walked into with her eyes wide open? What is a girl who doesn't understand or value the institution of marriage doing getting into it as if it's playing house with dolls like a toddler in a world of pretend play.

What is this emotional blackmail?Shocked She wipes away her sindoor once again shrieking that she cannot go back to the Takur Niwas. Krishna watches in shock at her attitude and callousness for the institution of  marriage. Baba to you marriage is a once in a lifetime commitment, no wonder it shocks you. The padi-liki twit values no one, not even her family, nor does she have respect for anything that doesn't fit her momentary impulse to act out. Prats tells twit "Nothing will happen to you. I am here, aren't I? Don't lose courage, get a hold of yourself TWIT, and I will get her out of this trouble. There she goes again! Flying solo making decisions without first consulting Krishna!Shocked I bet Prats is feeling like Jhansi ki Rani just about now, playing sister savior while she silently assures herself that she can get Krishna to get the job done once she drops it on his lap and expects him to fix it.  Does Krishna really need a job? He is busy finishing his biwi's impromptu projects, cleaning up her mess with the family, shielding her from his family's verbal onslaught. Pretty steep price to pay for loving someone unconditionally. When will he have the time to work on a real job that comes with a paycheck?  Krishna cuts in "what is this drama? What's with wiping off the sindoor? What is marriage, fun and games that you just say it and it's over? Stop this drama and go back home with us." Prats directs her baashan at Krishna "try to understand Twit's worry. She needs our help and we have to help her.  Krishna (good for youClap) doesn't let it go on Prats's say so "you just say anything.  And just bec' you say so, is everything going to be fine? Even before she said anything, we could have helped her, but you know very well we can't do anything about his matter.  We told her not to many times, to make her understand but when did she listen to us? Now she has suddenly realized her mistake in getting married, so she wants to break off it off and fix her mistake." Krishna hits bulls eyes giving Twit  a much needed reality check "What do you think? You can do whatever you want, make everyone run circles around you when you fancy it? You married Sakthi bhai in front of society per your wishes. Sakthi is your husband, you are bound together as man and wife and you can't break it on your say so." LALLANTOP BABA! Kya baat hai, kya baat hai, kya baat, hai. Star

Prats queries "Can't break it offConfused? But whyShocked? When she has realized her mistake, doesn't she get a chance to fix her mistake?" Krishna responds "it's too late why don't you understand? It's a huge mistake and she has to face the consequences for it. It's not just her but we all have to pay for mistake. Ain't that the truth! Your wife rarely thinks of the consequences of her actions, she never has and doubt she ever will.Mera's Memory Bank retrives Prats going to restaurant wearing the pink saree Krishna sent her without thought for the signal she was sending him at the time.Prats how passionate you get when it comes to bailing your maike out of their messes. "Just bec' she made one mistake in her life she has to pay for it for the rest of her life? If she made a mistake, then KN took advantage of her mistake.  You also know this marriage is illegal bec' KN remarried when his first wife was still around."  Talk about being a spin doctor! Baba should run for political office and use her as the media coordinator to put the spin on his candidacy.  Krishna is frustrated "you just don't get it" but Prats is no longer listening to him. He knows how his family operates and he knows fully well they won't take this lying down after telling the world KN has remarried. It's a matter of their maan-maryada.

Twit panics "Didi, I won't go back there. I know I made a big (make that humungous) mistake and made life difficult (make that living hell) for everyone but I regret that mistake.  I won't go back there." Now take that Prats! You go back without twit and the Takurs will be ready to blow your kopadia off for trying to steal their incubator right from under their noses.  This nakali drama is her passport to blackmail Kriya to buckle under the pressure of her notanki and tantrums. She slipper slapped KN and dragged him to the dias to marry and now she wants to run away and to hell with everyone and fallout they have to face. She is egocentric and self-absorbed, no wonder she fails to get any empathy or sympathy from viewers.  She takes her notanki up a few more notches "I ask for forgiveness with folded hands. I made a big mistake and I am already ruined my life.  Before I let Sakthi touch me I'll give up my life. Jiju (seems her selfishness has erased Devar out of her dictionary) only the two of you can help me. If you don't, I will die. I can't continue with this pretense and fake drama". Prats tries to reason with a self-centered twit who wants out of there pronto "it will take some time getting out of the mess you got yourself in. You think everything will be fixed just bec' Krishna and I agree to it". Talk about putting the squeeze on the two people she abused the moment they stepped forward with the truth about SCAM . As far as her family is concerned she is already dead to them. There's that replay of the way she asked Kesar for forgiveness. She didn't wait to see the woman's reaction yday either. What a self-absorbed twit is she that she can't see beyond her own selfish agenda?

Prats drops a bombshell on Krishna when she explains to Twit "I invited the Baba who came to the house and asked you to keep the 21 day vrath, or else neither you nor we could have protected you from KN getting his hands on you".  She wards off Krishna "I'll explain all that later." Of course Maidam, what else does Krishna have but be at your beck and call. The audacity of the silly Sax sisters! One of these days Prats need to learn a harsh lesson that her husband is not her boy toy that she winds up and expects to dance to her tune while she gets away with it. Baba get a spine of steel will ya, and teach that biwi of yours a thing or two about reality while you are at it. It's been long overdue.

Yet again Prats puts her twit sister first and uses Krishna once again. She turns on the innocent look and tells Krishna, her chauffeur "Let's go Krishna. We'll take Twit to Mummy Papa. Please" Krishna asks "instead of making her understand you are telling me? I understand her problem well, but what can we do? We can't do anything about this problem. Explain it to her." Flashback of SS talking to Takurain. Prats tags on "Krishna, please, for me" to make the order sound like a request. Who is worse? Twit for using Kriya to pressure them to get her out of the Takur Niwas or Prats for putting Krishna smack in the middle of this mess asking him to dance to her tunes just so she gets to be "Prat the Great" and save her sister's sorry behind. She knows this is going to put Krishna in a predicament with his family yet she doesn't care about it. Where is her moral compass? Krishna is the only person grounded in reality today. Both sisters have rented their brains outTongue.  Where is your sense of righteousness Prats? You are ready to help someone who got into this mess with her eyes open. You failed Kesar miserably after promising to be there for her in that hellhole you both inhabit bec' your sister was smack in the middle of this mess. When it came to Krishna in your early days of marriage, you made Krishna pay. Now you just use him to have it your way all bec' he loves you? Pray do tell, how do you express your love for him? By using him to get your way whenever you fancy it? Shameless indeed!  Krishna loves you unconditionally, your love comes with a price tag 'that he dances to your tunes and bail you out at the Takurs taking the hits from his family all in the name of love. How do you expect him to hold a job when he is busy getting you out of the mess you create for your own entertainment whenever you fancy.


Teeny twit with folded hands pleads her father's forgiveness for all her mistakes.  Shamu is kanjoosi about his tears and his willingness to forgive and let's just a single glycerin laced teardrop escapes from his tear ducts.  Naina, on the other hand, is feeling very charitable today and desperately tries to squeeze every last teardrop out in an attempt to rapidly empty her tear ducts.  Adarsh like most other matters in his life, is unsure if he should waste his tears on the sister who is dead to him while Dadi eases into her comfort zone by shedding tears of relief.  Not one to be left out of the Saxes Sobbing Symphony Prats joins in with a few tears of her own. Maybe tears of pride for being Queen for the day and bringing the twit sister back home to the family fold where she is still dead to them. Shamu turns away in rejection from twit as she falls at his feet and she pleads for forgiveness.

Now viewers, readers and posterwas! Prepare for a notanki fest at Mumfordgunj tomorrow. In spite of viewer displeasure, the schedule calls for yet another day, another time assigned just for Saxes extra-special self-pity concert.  Wonder where Krishna is when all this is happening? Gone to the store to get a fresh mop, busy mopping up the tears or did he rush out with a flood alert to warn the unsuspecting people in the neighborhood. 


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Beautifully written! You guyz are making me lazier, I don't even switch on the telly now. Mera, correct me if I am wrong here, isn't marr. more a collaboration rather than a battle of sexes. I pride myself on being a fairly progressive, liberal thinker but it still pains me to see K or the husband here being reduced to be a henchman or a yesman, whatever you may prefer to call him.
The CVs have failed big time to show what a marr. means. They have made this relationship into some kind of  a see-saw, a contest where only one person can be the winner. As a woman, I will not like to see another woman being reduced to be a Kesar, voiceless and spineless. But at the same time I don't like to see a Krishna who has to prove how good a husband he is by obliterating his own personality. Why is it that when we talk about women empowerment we have to do it at the cost of subjugating men. This cannot be equality of the sexes.Not the way I see it.Plz give your perspective on it as I am really keen to know where am I going wrong here, if I am.I don't like it when a woman is called her husband's paon ki jooti and I don't like it when a hubby is forced to be JKG.Does this make me weird?Shocked 

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really ClapClapClap...
i must say...
u bring out our frustrations... n krishna's dialogues were apt for the situation... was like our words in his mouth...
good job chechy... n thank you...

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Hi Mera
I was headed off to bed and then I saw your post . Let me just say I'm glad I stayed up to read it . Fantastic post as always.

Anyhoo I'm off to bed. See you in LUD tomorrow.

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Pahle to apki writting ke tarif
Now about the thoght .
kya bat hai , kitne patints se likha hai
and totlly agree.Star
i think whole family is nowtanki hai
Nainaji   DADI Adrshm Syamji the Grate, University pro
no, my mistake  the Alahabad University prof
ALWAYS  rona dhona .
Arushi had made big atyachar on ss family.
pote ki ummid , 
my foot

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Originally posted by Mili97

Beautifully written! You guyz are making me lazier, I don't even switch on the telly now. Mera, correct me if I am wrong here, isn't marr. more a collaboration rather than a battle of sexes. I pride myself on being a fairly progressive, liberal thinker but it still pains me to see K or the husband here being reduced to be a henchman or a yesman, whatever you may prefer to call him.
The CVs have failed big time to show what a marr. means. They have made this relationship into some kind of  a see-saw, a contest where only one person can be the winner. As a woman, I will not like to see another woman being reduced to be a Kesar, voiceless and spineless. But at the same time I don't like to see a Krishna who has to prove how good a husband he is by obliterating his own personality. Why is it that when we talk about women empowerment we have to do it at the cost of subjugating men. This cannot be equality of the sexes.Not the way I see it.Plz give your perspective on it as I am really keen to know where am I going wrong here, if I am.I don't like it when a woman is called her husband's paon ki jooti and I don't like it when a hubby is forced to be JKG.Does this make me weird?Shocked 

Hi MIli:

I find it frustrating to see how shows paint a lop-sided marriage. When it comes to a healthy marriage It's a matter of balance, of give and take between a man and woman.  For a culture where women were treated like second class citizens in most families for the most part over decades, the intention to show women empowerment at the expense of making men look like just a fixture or a bumbling fool and they are nothing more than a puppet to their wives, dancing to their tunes and indulging their whims and fancies demeans men who by nature are blessed with fragile egos for most part.

Contest in a marriage to the extent that partners nurture and challenge each other to grow and adjust to their changing dynamics makes for a healthy marriage. Even healthy, productive arguments spices up the marriage. But if contest means one wins at the cost of the other partner it could create a whole lot of problems.

I remember an old relative once saying that one of the secrets to a happy and healthy marriages is to always make the man feel like a winner.Wink  Hope that answers your question.Big smile

Prats has a long way to go to understand what constitutes a healthy marriage. She seems to be under the impression that Krishna's unconditional love means he will cow down to her every whim and fancy. What she fails to realize is that even such men can tire of giving and giving to an unappreciating spouse over time. This could cause a major breakdown in the marriage. All attempts to fix the cracks may be too late at that point.  I rarely see Prats encourage or appreciate what Krishna does for her in the name of love. Come to think of it, he demands very little of her. She has very high expectations of him but never qualifies it.  She seems to take it for granted that his love for her means she gets him to do it her way every time even if it vexes him to do so.

We have often heard Krishna voice his displeasure at her failure to understand his love and all he does for her. She appeases him for a few minutes, gives him intimacy and returns to yanking him around like a puppet on a string once again. I do hope she learns to value him as a person before it's too late. For a man who had a self-confidence at the beginning of the show, he is now reduced to following her around, trying to please her like a toddler does his mother.

Luckily this is just a fictional show. In real life her attitude would have caused all kinds of problems by now  if she continued with her superiority complex and put downs the way she talks to him at times just like she did today. She shut him down with "life is not all good news" in the bedroom but turned on the "please, do this for me" at the temple. She is one manipulative woman and I don't care to appreciate such women that play games. 

Personally, I think the Krishna we met at the beginning of the show was a smart guy, I'd dare to say he has a higher IQ than Prats who is full of ideals and theories and fails to think outside the box or on her feet. She is rigid in her ways like the rest of her family no wonder they are such miserable people who have no clue how to handle real life unless someone had written about it in a book somewhere and that they happened to pick up over the years from a library or bookstore somewhere.  All idealism and no realism, that's Sax family for you.

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I wholeheartedly endorse your views on what constitutes a good marriage. Remember that episode that came before the Courtdrama drama, wherein Krishna does a bit of introspection and comes back home to ask a few pertinent questions to P regarding the non-consummation of their marriage. I found that incident to be very honest and realistic. Wonder what has happened to the CVs now. Kriya's relationship is not on an even keel. My saying this may mark me as a nay sayer but as of now that is the truth. Love your views. They show your keen understanding of not just the show but human nature as well. 
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A standing ovation to you Mera!!!Thumbs Up.
the teen twitterThumbs Down, still has no respect or any understand of her action, all a child play for her. Yesterday, it was jethani, today didi, devarji, jiju, talk about trun it on and turn it off.
Pratz, is just ashamed of her sister action, she just want to get this over so papa, will not be the talk of society...expected  better from her atleast she should give her baby sissy a talk about their papa and society.
shamu, is just reaping the hard work he put into his children.  Loser #1, well she is the better one so far just a tad, hopefully Krishna, love will teach her a lesson. Loser #2, well a big disappointment and a bigger one to come with those sticky fingers. Loser #3Ermm worst in the lot, green eyed monsters.

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