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A wake up call! (Page 3)

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 12:26am | IP Logged

Now that I am over the panic attack.....the rational thinking is kicking in...

So it all figures now.... I see what CV has set in store for us.
Brij cannot get to Geet till the nth moment thanks to Maan's overtly cautious mind at wrk. And out of pure desperation, Brij is forced to take the extreme step of revealing himself in public eye and commiting the grave sin to avenge the honor of his family.
Come to think of it, he neednt have waited this long. Anyways, he had served time in prison. The Handa family had faced much ignominy and humiliation. He had nothing to loose. He planned and executed the chilling murder of Channi and still got away with little time in prison. Whats another murder then?
Maan shall viciously hunt down the perpetrator of the crime and bring him to justice.As long as he can resist the temptation to slay Brij with his bare hands. Last thing one would want is Maan behind bars for retaliatory murder, technically, thats a crime too as per IPC.
Woh kehte hai na, ek qatal kiya ho ya sau, saza-e-maut hi qaraar hoti hai.
(aisa maine films mein suna haiWink)
So, Geet is knocking on heavens door and her guardian angel shall reverse the earth's trajectory to ....
a. snatch his beloved from the jaws of death
b. Wed Geet...( read through an update that stated...Maan was all set   to take  a huge ' kasam' to marry his lady love in 12 days!!!!)
On a lighter note, the wedding ensemble were gorgeous and the two look like million bucks.
Geez! the contrast. The kind of happy go lucky mood that has been created in the last couple of episodes is about to go 'Kaput'!!!
A dream wedding cut short by fireworks of a different kind. 
Possible death looming large.
A saga of love like never before.
One gritty resolution that shall turn the course of events topsy turvy.
Thats perfect recipe for ballistic entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But the promos promise that dreams do come true. And hope CV lives up to it.
12 dino baad hi sahi lekin bhagwan ke liye dono ke naseeb mein likhe imtihaano se mukti mile.
Watch out guys!!!Kahani mein ' dhamakedaar ' twist...It cant get better than this, does it??

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged

As expected the episode played to the gallery with just the right mix of oomph and glamourCool.

The bachelor party and 'Sheila ka tadka' is reminiscent of "Sharara Sharara" number from MYKSH. 

Geet's arrival at the party and the threesome shaking a leg together was adequately shot. 
Maan's realisation of Brij's presence in his house was a revelation. Smart work Sherlock! 
Its time out for Annie as the cat will be out of the bag and her hobnobbing right under Maan's nose will be caughtClap. Pat on the back.
Post today's episode presumptions made in my recent posts seem to be on the right trackStar
Mujhe toh laga tha, Brij chalaaki se Arjun ke kandhe par bandook rakhkar chalayega, kyunki vaise bhi Maan ko Arjun par ratti bhar bharosa nahi hai...lekin, kya fayda, ab jab Annie se chipka hua pakda jayega toh Maan ne uski chutti kar deni hai..
Maan ne Arjun ke girebaan pakad lena hai aur Annie 'bhai bhai' kehti hui Arjun ko chudane ki koshish karni hai. Arjun ne phir tevar dikhane hai, " Apni hadh mein rahiye Mr. Khurana. Yahan main apni marzi se nahi aaya." so on and so forth.
But before that ofcourse Maan ne Brij ko dhoond nikalne mein edhi choti ka zor laga dena haiSmile Zahir si baat hai Brij itni asani se haath nahi padhne wala. Ab toh Shaadi mein ek poora din baaki hai  aur uske dimaag mein koi fitoor chal raha hoga. Do paise ki akal hai aur isliye utni hi bekaar si idea sochni hai usne.
Phero ke beech mein jaakar taang adani hai aur Geet ka ticket katwana hai.Phir sadde diwale ne apni dulhaniya ko hospital le jaana hai. Is baar to Geet aur Maan shayad bacche se haath dho baithenge.
Ab CV wale Geet ka pack toh nahi kar sakte na.
Hai rabba! No wait, Like Geet says, " Babaji, will Geet be third time lucky? er...unlucky? I think not.
1.Pehle bhi do baar, Brij ne Geet pe jaanleva hamla kiya aur Mr.Khurana ne damsel in distress ko rescue kiya.
2.Pehle Dev ke saath Geet ki shaadi jhooti. Phir Maan ke saath sagai tooti.
3.Pehle hi Maan ke hote hue honewale nanhe mehmaan ki do baar jaan par ban aayi thi.
Teeno hi surat mein, its a "teen tigada kaam bigada" syndrome. Ab toh samay hi batayegaSmile
Dekhna ye hai ki Maan is Brij ka kya intezaam karenge?
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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 3:54pm | IP Logged

Posted my initial reaction to today's episodes and now that feels inadequate. So adding couple of observations.

But am prompted to write this post as I was reminded of Sherlock Holmes.
In today's episode Maan identifies the man he sees in the corridor the minute Geet utters Brij veer ji.
A 100 odd episodes ago, Geet and Maan are working late in the office and she closes the door to the conference room just to prove a point to Maan. And Maan says, " tumne aaj prove kar diya ki meri office mein sabse kam dimaag use karne wali tum hi ho..' or something to that effect.
From the very beginning I could never fathom why someone as sophisticated, suave, educated, ' khandaani'  like the Khurana's should want to pull off a con job with their real names.
A petty con artist or impersonator would do that yes. But Khurana's !!! They are supposed to be elite of Delhi's society. So ,why would Dev and Nayantara use their real names let alone the all powerful surname.
Afterall din't Dev agree to this con plan only because he dint want to sell shares which in turn would tip off Maan about his blundering ways and ofcourse the honor of the family would be at stake.
Folks at CV : Dint your script writing dept find it illogical?Gawd!!!
So the point I wanted to make was. Maan was right. In the episodes following her exit from Hoshiyarpur and entry to Delhi, there was no real conviction in finding Dev. Just ont trip to the Canadian embassy and one phone call to the ISD  number.
Next, she is staying in Khurana mansion.
Works for Khurana constructions.
( The first day at work she doesnt know who she is going to be working for. Its not naivety but plain stupidity and Maan shouldnt have hired her in the first place.)
Comes to know at some point Maan has siblings.
Speaks to Dev on phone and even sees him at Khurana house ( yeah she dismisses that as imagination).
And all these still don't ring any bells to her?
For any one with 1% active grey cell in their brains it would.
Folks at CV : You have something against 18 year old PYT's?Must be, cause your Geet is a perfect fit for a bimbo.
Hence, the sobriquet 'Sherlock Holmes' it is Maan Singh Khurana for putting two and two together at the drop of a hat.
I still cant get hang of the scene where Maan is suspicious of a person standing in the corridor but doesnt walk upto him or even call out to confirm his suspicion. It's his freaking home!!! And he is being projected as  super obsessed about security in the last 10 episodes.
Folks at CV : Illogical, yet again.
Maan is recurrently checking with security of whats happening at Khurana  house.So, why dont those idiots tell him all the girls have headed out? Dadima knows about the increased security post the hospital debacle. But Maan had asked Adi to arrange for security for the girls party. Where does the loyalty of the security guards lie?
Geet is nearly penniless when she sets foot in Delhi and her wardrobe is mostly patiala salwar kameez. She mostly repeats them yes but where does she have the kind of money to buy outfits and matching accessories for all the parties she attends. 
Folks at CV: Ask me, I spend a fortune on them and they are not even designer.
In one of the episodes she says she cannot afford cell phone as Maan doesnt pay her a decent salary.  How much does a Nokia 1100 cost? If Geet spent less on her long lasting,shining gloss and lipsticks, the waxing strips, and the trips to parlour maybe she could save enough to buy a phone which is more of an essential.
Why on earth are Maan's staff not working. At this rate, the company sure shall declare bankruptcy by the time the big fat wedding is done with ( if that happens at all !!).
And if they are everywhere before, during and after every party  whether at office or home, what in the name of god is the wedding planner doing? Such a drain on financial stability for Khurana's.
In the episode , where Maan forcibly has Geet consenting to pretend to be his fiancee, he asks Geet why she is repeatedly turning down his proposal. and she says, ' kyunki main nahi chahti meri kismat ke bojh tale aap dab jao..."
Maan responds, " sab bahane hai......blah blah!'
Geet came out clear and loud but then it was Maan who dint catch the significance. Serves him rightClap!!!
Consider this, from the time Geet starts working with Maan, workout the losses Shocked she has inflicted upon Khurana constructions.
Note: Its not exhaustive. So, please add at your will.
1. They loose the Rasika project.
2. Pindi Queens project goes 'whoosh' mid way thanks to Nayantara.
3. Partying at work for no apparent reason with alarming regularity.
4. Maan gifting cell phones to the entire staff.
5. Geet breaks half of the vases/stationery at office and home and for good measure steps on them. So Maan has to bear the doctors's fee as well. And everytime Maan is rescuing Geet he is injured too.
6. The menu disaster for the party they organise and Sasha arranges for alternative. That kind of stuff costs real money!!!
7. After walking out of some party, Geet and Maan eat out at a Dhaba. So Maan has to foot the bill for the ' itna saara khana hum dono ke liye'. Besides all 4 tyres of his shiny black car are stolen. Thats some more green paper for you.
8. Biggest of them all. He buys the defunct 'India Paints'. Sells. And absorb the staff in Khurana constructions.
9. The cost of the entire maternity ward being booked everytime Geet has to go to Doc.
10. Miscellaneous :The cost of replacing all files and papers, they seem to be defying gravity all the time and fly everywhere. The cost of gifts Maan has to buy for Geet. Remember the salwar kameez?
Another endless list.
Folks at CV: Really???? We could use some break.
Brik kills a chef at the resturant and poses as the replacement. We havent seen one single soul, supposedly guests who arrive at Khurana mansion for the wedding. So, what , who, when and how is Brij handling all the cooking. To impersonate is one thing but he will actually have to cook. Also, no one questions about the missing head chef??
In 200 odd episodes we have seen 2-3 familiar househelp around the house. By now we are all familiar with the stately khurana mansion which is nothing short of an erstwhile palace.
Folks at CV: You dont have a clue what it takes to run and maintain a home that size, do you? Someone from your team should meet my mom or for that matter just about anyone's mom in your story writing dept. If you can talk my mom out of the cribbing and hardtime she gives me on maintaining our harem, I shall forgive all of the goddamn bloopers you have done thus far!!!!
While we are discussing mothers, my mom has real issues with stares.She cant understand why Geet and Maan always stare at each other in every two minutes. Its impolite to stare even if it is to build chemistry.
This one is getting longer than I intended it to be.
Pull up your socks CV. Post the wedding GHSP will have to reinvent itself. Or you shall run real time risk of declining TRP's.

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged
I just read your earlier it! Will be back to read the rest and comment!
GodHelpUs Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:19am | IP Logged
And boy am I  feeling smugWink
CV: Great going. Loved today's episode. Fairly balanced.Attention to details, finally. Keep it up.
Arjun -Maan face confrontation.
It was a little ' hatke' from my hunch , still makes for an interesting twist. Maan finding the love birds in act would not not served the purpose. And it turns out to be a cue to Madame Nayantara's arrival- return of the Vamp.
And ofcourse the cover up act from Maan when Geet walks in unannounced at Khurana house.
Just the right expression and  dose of oh-read-between-the-lines dialogbaazi. 
Maan's barely able to conceal his anger and his bristling eyes narrow on Arjun like a hawk's grip on its prey. The juxta pose of emotions and expressions while addressing Arjun and Geet has been shot very well.
Credit to the actor and the director.
Maan overseeing security measures and going over the same with Adi and Romeo.
Details on camera placement, keeping the DIG informed,  checking with embassy for Nayantara.
That was what the show was missing untill now. Common sense.
( Yet, Nayantara is outside Khurana mansion by the end of the episode. Guess someone has to be ready with an explanation soon enough. Romeo does inform Maan that the embassy will notify Khurana's upon Nayantara's return.)
Bonus:Enough air time for Geet and MaanHeart.
Whether it was Geet's monologue or a perturbed Maan rushing to his Mishti's side has the audience painting the town redHug. Indulging in silly coin flipping and 20 questions kind of guessing game...sigh!!!love does that to you.
Ye pyaar ka khumaar hai duniyawalo!!! Chahat ka nasha hai, sir chadhkar toh bolega hi.....kal shaadi mein vaise bhi band ke alawa bahut kuch bajna baaki hai.
(CV cant get away with killing Geet even if she does get shot by her  now gun toting' lathaith' bhai. A month from now they will need her to be around for Mrs and Mr. Khurana's first Valentine's dayBig smile.
Thats another thread to be discussed later.)
Geet's refusal to tell Maan about her confusion unless he tells her about the surprise first.
Maan's first 2 wrong guesses.
Geet accusing him of being a 'ladaku' .
Maan telling Geet how she gets it wrong first and ends it by being a cry baby but then ofcourse he loves everything about her.
Maan, thereon,wishing for the child to be like Geet and vice versa,
Maan speaking to the baby before he leaves....
In totality...DancingAn Utopian sequence.
As actors, both Maan and Geet traverse a myriad range of expressions  in one single episode. Applause!! Infact ,the entire crew has put up a neat act.
Kya baat hai CV. Dil khush kar diyaSmile
That and finally a blooper free episode. Keep the ball rollingStar!!!
Other tidbits :
Yesterday's episode had precap of Brij's resolve to making his move in public.
Arjun's stance on Annie's proposal came across just fine. And towards the end of the episode Annie and Arjun's conversations too were merely cursory.
Finally,the 30 second shot of tomorrow's haldi ceremony left me high and dry and asking for moreDay Dreaming.
Well, that sums up the first impressions of today's ' paisa vasool 'episode.
Got some pondering to do before adding anything elseErmm.....

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 1:03pm | IP Logged

And, here's Take 2 on today's episode.

The first encapsulation had the high lights, Aaj ki taza khabar so to speak...ab samachaar vistaar meinWink
Pehle kuch noteworthy observations jo mujhse pehli attempt mein choot gaye the...
1. Arjun's first hand experience of Maan's volcanic angerAngry. Had it not been for Geet, this Mt. Vesuvius would have seen some action.
Got a feeling that Arjun will not play along whatever devious plans Nayantara is cooking. Given his reaction accepting the blame and of his judgemental error being near fatal for Geet on one hand, and on the other Annie's feelings for him ( not to mention those of his own )that he cant make up his mind on, he shall not abet in any wrongdoings.
Aaj usne ek sacche ashiq ki deewangee dekhi hai!!!!
Maan Singh Khurana ka aakrosh dekha hai!!!!
Aur heavy duty dialog bhi suna hai, ".....agar aisi koi galti hui toh uski khair nahi".Dead
Geet ne jitni uski tarafdaari ki hai Arjun ka apni chirkut behan ka saath na dena toh banta hai.
Aur phir, usne Maan ka maaf karna ka andaaz bhi dekh liya. Telly world mein sabko pata hai Maan Singh Khurana kabhi kisi se sorry nahi kehta. Phir chahe pehle kitne hi galat ilzaam kyu na lagaye ho.
Sahi hai!Khud ilzam lagao phir khud maaf karo aur khud hi doosro ki nazaro mein uth jaoStar. Aisa tees maar khan dekha hai kahin?
Raha Annie ka sawaal. The story at this juncture is seeing some dramatic highs and lows for the leads and hence the interest level rarely waver to peripherals. ConfusedHad that not been the case the audience would , just maybe, have sympathised with a rich spoilt brat going through her first heartbreak. Broken Heart( yes, even if its a brat that cant act). 
For now that will have to wait.
And she will prove her dumb blonde self right in unwittingly being used as a pawn by NayantaraClap.
2. All the hoopla over the baby in the last 10 episodes.
In the history of daily soaps on Indian television, a nation hasnt awaited with as much mass hysteria as the arrival of Geet and Maan's nanha mehmaan.
Our protagonist is the darling of a million hearts as the mother to be for the last 200 episodes and counting.
Now, thatkind of gestation period beats thats of Alpine black SalamanderGeek.
(In case you are wondering what the creep, I am sharing GK. I know you were thinking the biggest mammals , say Dinosaur or elephants, would have the longest mommy in waiting time. Salamander it is , with 38 months!!! Commit this to memory just in case you are on KBC 5Thumbs Up).
On a serious note, tomorrow or the rumored kasam to be taken by Maan on his wedding day, I can wager its the baby thats gonna take the hit.
Just dwell on the footage the baby has got in the last couple of weeks.Maan and Geet are almost entirely devoting their conversations around the forever-3-month- old-foetus.
Geet has explicitly stated her priority - to be a responsible mom than to be a committed wife. And has even got Maan's word to sacrifice love for it. She has seen, felt and remains convinced that Maan shall guard the child with his life.
Therefore, in event of a miscarriage ,Geet will not hold Maan responsible. The whole family will be devastated ofcourse but Geet and Maan's equation shall change forever.
And therein lies the potential of GHSP to rewrite its destiny!!!
Its the 80-20 principle as work. Inflict maximum damage by least efforts.
Nayantara will play it smartly now since her last attempt failed miserably. With Arjun backing out, she will go for the kill and strike where it matters the most.
She neednt have Geets blood on her handsEvil Smile. Simply get rid of the baby in a freak accident and voila! The repecrussion of that shall scar the Khurana family foreverCry.
3. Noted 2 things about Adi sir.
a. He is a fairly good looking dude.CV get rid of that geeky nerdy look and get him a stylist. You can then have another love track on GHSPEmbarrassed.
b. More importantly, he says, in today's episode, "...Nayantara ko India chode ek arsa ho gayaConfused...."....Oye! Arsa ho gaya hai???????
Is hisaab se kya Geet , Rajanikanth ke maibaap, ke mother india banne wali hai jo arse se apne first trimester mein atki hui hai???
Time warp eh?
Phir toh ye Delhi mein nahi kisi mayapuri mein rehte hai...
Afterall , It's Geet and Maan's child we are talking about. It can nothing be short of a combo of  heman+batman+spiderman+shaktima'a'n.The last one being desi tadka. WackoAll that with Rajnikanth's flair.
Ab ladki hui toh, Ermmpata nahi.Socha nahi hai....Question
Sochne ke liye , I will have to sleep over it. So its siesta for meSleepy.
Good day all!!!!
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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 3:24am | IP Logged
Its here!!
The D Day!!!
Caught up with SBB on Aaj tak.Had interesting segment on what to expect on tonight.
Must say Nayantara has panache.
She will reveal her presence to Geet and Brij and Maan shall face off. Now ,thats some set up for double trouble!!!
The haldi ceremony sequences has some super romantic moments we can look forward to.
Nice!!!! Why be a kill joy? Will have tonnes to share after today's episode anyways.
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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 4:25am | IP Logged
Its incredible!!! The breakneck speed I m working at so I can sit peacefully through today's episode. And that has me wondering.
How on earth will CV cram, haldi ceremony + Brij's and/or Nayantara's sequence in 30 minutes?
Doesnt look like the wedding will happen todayConfused
SBB aired the Sheila ki Jawani segment better than what finally made its way to the episode.
And that kind of editing would be unacceptable again. Going by today's
'khulasa' on SBB, here's wishing better sense prevails over CV and no scene is glossed over or cut short for want of time.
Unfair, that CV set the wedding date for 13th and fall short of their promise. Rushing through the rituals would be equally saddening.
With haldi in the morning and shaadi in the evening, has CV totally forgotten about the mehendiShocked???????? Some major miscalculations there.
That robs us of some joyous moments the one's we have been looking forward to.
Very very skeptical of Miss Geet's cross over chances of becoming Mrs. Maan Singh Khuarana today, living or dead.
So,artistic liberties shall be taken and CV  shall stretch 13th Jan till it suits them.
Well ,we all know CV has its own calendar and sense of time.
Its only wait and watch for now. GrrrrAngry!!!!

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