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A wake up call! (Page 2)

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nice post...very true and i agree with it cent percent

how I wish this post is read by CV's....

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A matter of fact and well written post Thumbs Up I appreciate that you took time out to write....some of us have voiced what you have mentioned...sometimes I feel what we say is accounted for & sometimes simply ignored... anyhow what I have gathered is that CV's believe things not to be perfect... and hence we see the bloopers all the time..LOL
Blessing in disguise for them are the lead pair...The chemistry of Maan and Geet portrayed by GC and DD is what saves them at the end of the day!  I am not much of a TV soaps person but GHSP has proved an exception so far...and definitely there would be no doubt to call it my addiction.

Hope in future the episodes are shown with better insight and logic.
Still kudos to GHSP team members for keeping our interest intact from past 9 monthsClap I'm ignoring the phase when leads were ill. Smile
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Dear all,

Thank you for your kind support.

Its said ,for an artist, acknowledgement and appreciation for their work is the single biggest motivator.
On similar lines ,your feedbacks and endorsement has proved to be a catalyst to my idyllic musings.It's been an incredible welcome to
the world of such an devoted audience base at India forum. From collective responses I gather, most of you have been part of the India forum and GHSP forum for quite some time now and yet newbies like myself have been integrated seamlesslySmile.

Couple of weeks ago I was one among the hardliners who smirked at such outlets of individual expression especially where telly talks are concerned.
I could'nt have been more wrong and with the dawn of such a realisation I admit having learnt an invaluable lesson- Not be prejudiced about things I dont know- and there's a whole lot that I don'tWink

Like most of you ,I do believe that apart from our own little forum here, rest of the world (RoW) has little or no interest in the ongoings and intricacies discussed herewith.
Most would consider it a colossal waste of time and efforts.Whether CV or RoW have a 'dekkho' at our opinions or not and/or take a leaf out of it,
it aint my concern at this stage.I am simply content to communicate with like minded folks who speak their mind.
The power of reaching out should never be underestimated. Look what that did for Jessica Lall.

With the opening credits beyond us, let's move on to meatier content.

In the last few posts, I have often digressed from the theme (or so I am told). Thereby, for now, I shall refrain from looking askance at GHSP, ripping it apart with clinical precision and the critical eye.(Some air that! Fancying to be a critic. Lol!!! I know better now, though)

Today's post is dedicated to 'X' factor/s of GHSP, one's we have come to love enough to express with amazing enthusiasm. There are a 100 different
posts on those lines already yet shall we say there's room for one thread to be exhaustive.I do not pretend to be any different but I could try and not be repetitive.
Besides, there have been times when I have been moved tremendously by emotions that the GHSP character's infused in their acts and I think they are worth a mention.

To begin with, some my favorites sequences from the show. I'll start with one scene at a time.And in chronological order.
Now, that shall require some jogging of our memory and clearing of mental cobwebs.

 Episode 2-3

Dev announces his acceptance to the proposal and like a perfect gentleman requests Daar ji 's assent to the porposal.
Geet seems to be thunderstruck,glued to the ground and tears rolling down her cheeks. While the celebratory mood around her kicks in she seems oblivious to it all  and catches Dev's eyes. Dev requests the family to ask for Geet's opinion. Already numbed by the weight of the situation she can only mumble and fumble.And when the two  seek elders blessings, their fingers touch ever so lightly that Geet withdraws quickly enough.
Dev says, " Ruk kyu gayi?" And for a brief second the two hold each others gaze. 
The background score has Daler Mehendi's vocals and punjabi folk playing intermittently and may I add that the melody apart how glad I was that a Bwood tune wasnt being used. Having been blessed with as diverse as a culture as ours, if not filmdom, the small screen should unearth talents and project it for the world to see.

 And with talks of the Roka ceremony, understandably the family is in a tizzy and apprehension. Poor Geet registers only helplessness, head bent down for good measure.
 Dev seeks permission to speak to Geet in person is met and is met with a stare ,one of mixed emotions.And ofcourse, there's the kaanta laga scene,Dev dressing the wound with his handkerchief, Geet not  taking Dev's support to help her gain omposure.For once Geet has a good look at Dev. One she recalls with some fondness  and a barely there smile at a later point. Subtlety is the key.

 The bottom line as I saw it. The moment when two individual decides on who they want to spend their rest of life with is momentous. For both ,boy and the girl.
 Now ofcourse, we know the flow of the story. But back then, the simplicity of the shots and authenticity of the performances and art direction made for a compelling watch.

 Geet is perplexed and confused with the surge of emotions and the frightful feeling when events spiral beyond one's control. Too much happening in too little time. Dev's understanding
 of Geet's turmoil, the family's reactions, the first hesitant looks they steal at each other were adequately shot and neat. Good work of editing and screenplay.
 Throughout I found Geet was polite bound by her upbringing and etiquettes. Not because she is doclie or submissive. The spirited streak in her was all too apparent even if that was limited to
 her eyes. Drashti as an actor has displayed the perfect body language needed for her character. Abinav's suave NRI act was ubercool.The rest of the crew fit in perfectly
 as the average Punjabi family.

 None of the irritating background music, and/or heavy duty dialoguebaazi, and/or over the top acting ensured that the show was all set to charter new territories and a welcome
 departure from its contemporaries hitherto dominated by Balaji telefilms saga's.

 I'll follow this post up with some more of my favorite moments from the show as and when time permits.For now ,let's hear from you. What has been your most favorite scene/episode and why?

 Have a happy monday and a fab week ahead!!!







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Originally posted by GodHelpUs

I wish I was more tech savvy. Just lost all of the really long post I had painstakingly typed out in the last 37 minutes.

A stupid error message that said: In order to protect our forums from Link Spam we DO NOT allow Newbies to post Links on the forum till they have more then
25 posts made on the forum.

Grrr! meri mehnat pe toh paani phir gaya na....aur phir aaj ka episode khatam hote hi , laptop uthaya aur jhatpat likhne lagi thi...
ab wahi flavor apne is wale attempt mein lana mushkil hoga.

Bade buzurg kehte hai na , "Ab pachtaye kya hote jab chidiya chug gayi khet."So, here' s the reproduction version of the original . Geez! I never even got to proof read my post.

Since I began on a discontented note, let me liven it up before we proceed.

A big "Thank you."

a.To those who responsed and liked the thread.
b.To those who have appreciated my style of writing and made some very encouraging comments.
c. (a) and (b) its a pleasure and honor.Looking forward to your support and guidance. There will always be room for imrpovement.
d. finally, thank you for the inputs to the thread.

So now that I am done with the thanky you's, let us get back to why I joined the forum and subsequently to the discussion board with all the fellow followers of GHSP.

I think it would be an iteration of a million voices when I say today's episode reached greater heights in terms of being
emotionally charged and intensely enacted, rating high up on the entertainment quotient.

Let's dwell on the highlights, one at a time. (the one's i dont mention, please contribute)

1. Acting-MK delivers one of his best performances on the show.The portrayal of a man, torn between his dilemmas and guilt is sensitive yet emphatic.
          Not to mention the chemistry we have come to love so much has revealed another facet- that of maturing and evolving.
          I will have to keep mum on the rest of the cast as I had no patience and was pre occupied with anitcipation. Since no one in particular
          struck out like an eye sore I take it they have been sufficient.
2. The twist- The issue that dogged last two episodes has been resolved. A very sensitive bit of writing by the creative team and delicate handling of the  turn of events. In its entirety the incident has taken the Geet-Mk's bonding several notches up.In the run up to the D Day on wednesday there shall be
              many a slip between the cup and lip yet we audience are rejoicing.

3. The inherent message. Now that's one too many. I think I interpret way too much and read a whole lot between the lines.

   Dadima's conversation with Geet is a classic example of the older generation passing on their wordly wisdom to the younger ones,
   so they can sail smooth through the troughs and crests created by waves that characterize our life.

   MK's moral stance in particular appealed a great deal.

   We live in an era where relationships are on the fast lane and getting quicker. Ficklish and at times spinning out of control. MK's character makes me sit up and take
   note of the need for owning up to our actions and reactions. The character's commitment to nurturing their relationship is astounding.It's a universal truth that
   love flies out of the nearest window with time but its honesty, integrity, and trust that form the paradigms for any binding relationships to last an enternity.

   Likewise,Geet's stance, on owning upto the responsibility that motherhood calls for was delicately portrayed.

   Both, Geet and MK's characters are evolving into individuals who put others/each other before themselves such is their understanding for one another.
   In a man eat man world of ours today, though fictional and in a daily soap,they warm my heart.

   I had never been much of a TV person and a better part of GHSP , I watched them on India forum. The battle for the remote at home is rarely won by me. Sigh!
   And that makes me ponder. For someone who has trashed daily soaps, berated most of the popular shows, aired hateful comments and opinions all along, why the fixation with GHSP?
   And here's what I came up with. A list of what I like about GHSP. Once you are through with it, please add some of your own.
   Note: Not numbered as sequencing shall seem like I am assigning comparative ranking/weightage.

   Barring the times the story required a certain amount of physical violence and verbal assault to lend the scenes credibility, the show has been suqeaky clean and
   not exaggerated or overtly dramatised.
   The language. Hindi with liberal dosage of punjabi has always been respectful. Even the vamps and villains mouth acidic dialogues without resorting to expletives.Such
                 a welcome relief from mumbaiyya slang or addressing in first person. That a lesson in etiquettes.

   The wardrobes. The stylish Maan ( well he carries off everything with equal elan!) The simple Geet (as said on the show, " she would look fab even in a rucksack".)
                  The elegant DadiMa ...So on and so forth. Nothing over the top or inapproriate.

   The actors. Most of the regular characters apart from lead pair have grown into their roles and are very convincing. All actors of Handa clan were superb.The first 50 episodes
               were what did me in.The next 50 got me hooked. The following 50 addicted .Sigh!!
   The direction. The screenplay. Dialogues dept could do a lot better though. Occasional brilliance is fine but sustaining is the key.
   Finally,The Romance. This I keep for the last since I have a lot to vent.

   Disclaimer: All opinions expresssed herewith are personal and apologies if that hurts some sentiments.

   As mentioned, I dont really watch much TV. Hence,before arriving at these views I suffered through some of the crappiest episodes of shows that are scum on the
   face of this earth so I could talk out of experience.

   Emotional Atyachar, Splitsville, Axe your Ex, Love Truth Cash..... You get the drift??
   Most of the participants on the show feature teenagers, mostly. Almost diabolical and ironic that these shows revolve around "relationships". Though a negligible % they are
   representative of the mass, called the " youth". And if what transpires on these shows are any indication, the nations youth is nosediving into moral decline. Headlong!!
   A strong statement, yes. But then it's a personal opinions. Strong cause it irks me to no end as also saddens.

   The most recent one I came across had a dozen odd PYT's vying for a boy's attention. The task was to please the boy in question to earn points. So you have youngsters strutting
   in itsy bitsy , resorting to worst kind of seduction on national tv and faking all of it!! Worse, the camera then pans to each of them interviewed on the sets. The language
   used, the manipulative attitude, the foul tongue....sends chills down my spine.
   I do wish, youngsters would take ( moral) responsibility for their actions and reactions and for heavens sake they are on TV. Raises doubt over social/moral/cultural/ethical

   And at the other end of spectrum we have MK's and Geet's romance. Platonic.Subtle.Profound.Pure.Magical.Beyond the physcial manifestations of "love". The old world charm, where eye's speak volumes when the
   lips doth not move. Its for nothing that god meant eyes to be mirror of our souls and while eyes are the beholder of beauty, skin deep or not, they are the key to unlock
   mysteries of the heart.

   GHSP is a love story. Like he M&B's. Like in fairytales.Damsel in distress and the knight in shining armor. So, why do they appeal to us even today?
   Is it because they retain the true essence of romance that they cast such a spell?
   Somewhere along the passage of time, we are witnessing a multitude of changes that are sweeping through modern day relationships.One can speculate endlessly.
   When I watch Geet Mk on screen I can relate to that essence. And that answers my question.

   With the D day set for Wednesday, amid the excitement and anticipation of it all, here's me signing off.
   Brevity aint one of my virtue. those who have made it to the end- thank you for your patience.
   Have a happy sunday!!

Read all your posts, and agree with most of your views. I too am not an avid soap watcher but GHSP has got me hooked. Encouraged by the look of the pre-to-air promos I watched a few episodes of GHSP very apprehensively I must add, but was pleasantly relieved to watch something totally different; a serial that was very appealing to my sensibilities
I agree there have been many bloopers and several illogical sequences and oh yes many unanswered questions. If you follow our forum you'll find several thread discussing these various issues in great details. We too have voiced our concerns.
I agree that these issues have to be addressed for GHSP to maintain it's credibility but we cannot take away from the fact that the CV's have given us a unique show, where they have explored several emotions, issues & relations and they all have been treated in a very unique way, not like the normal mill of the way soaps.
We have laughed, cried, got angry and have been through all the gamut of emotions you can think of with GHSP and have enjoyed the journey thouroughly (except for a few instances mentioned above).
The love story of Maan and Geet (which by the way are portrayed by two incredible actors), their chemistry, the groW*H of their relation which has matured and survived a rollercoaster ride of events & emotions is unparallel.
I do agree sustaining the brilliance of the show and maintaining the credibility is what the Creative Team has to work on. We have to give them some leeway seeing that the show airs 6 days a week but they have to realize that todays audience is very intelligent & will not settle for anything that doesn't convince them.
My sincere hope is that GHSP continues to be #1 and Maaneet continue to be the #1 jodi and our CV's really take in on themselves to maintain this.
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Just a quickie!
Geet was trying out two maang tikka's for the sangeet ceremony that evening and when she meets MK, he approves of what she was wearing than the one she had on hand. But during the sangeet she did not have either of themConfused Instead she is in retro look!
MK's room always has the same drapes,bedsheets and linen from as long as I can remember. It's done up in white and multiple hues of blue. That's the only way one can identify his harem I guessBig smile
And if the theme was retro, why is MK in contemporary sherwani.Not that we are complaining. He looked smouldering hotWink.
Fashion faux pas: Arjun wore brown shoes to go with an all black outfit. I am not much of  fashionista but thats a suicidal combo.Ugly!!
Now, we can debate over how these are frivolous bloppers given the strong emotional undercurrents of the episode. In my defence, its merely an observation made during the reruns of last weeks episodes .
My bro happened to pass by and the hospital scene is on where Geet is finally conscious and MK is battling inner demons in between the conversation. 
Bro:" Whats with the lady? "
Me:"She has been super critical and battling life and death following an attempt to murder by asphyxiation. And apna hero is overwhelmed."
Bro (gives me a suspicious looks) : " She was in ICU in that designer outfit?" What kind of super speciality hospital not change their patients into hospital gowns? Afterall they are meant to keep the environment sterile irrespective of how fashion conscious their patient are.
Also, if that women is out for more than 5 minutes, the baby will have some permanent tissue damage or organ failure at birth for sure and such newborns have high mortality rate. Then MK's decision shall have been the wise one. "
( Yes. He is a science student. Can't argue there.)
I wanted to say, " Thats creative liberty and that just you whining Mr. know-it-all ". But I held back and bit my tongue.
I was momentarily stumped for want of words and promptly fix him with a cold stare instead. He was, ofcourse, being contemputous and hence was duly ignored.
(He wanted to watch the IPL 4 auction aired live and I wouldnt give him the remote, thereby he was finding fault in every scene.)
Still,could one of you could help me with a fitting response? Bring it on!!
P.S: Geet's retro look was also pointed out by him.
Bro:Why is that everyone else seem to be in their designer best and only Geet is looking like a yesteryear heroine. It's her Sangeet!!Shouldnt she be the one dressed to kill?
Me: Kyunki usko sabse alag look diya gaya hai aur vaise bhi woh itni khubsurat hai , kuch bhi pehne pari hi lagengi. Uske dress se tujhe kyu chubhan ho rahi hai?
End of discussion. He throws up his hand in despair Confused.Says ,"Thats dumb. You have lost your marbles" and shuffles out.
I still win!!!!!!!!!!(read possession of remoteSmile)
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Ooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it gets groovy.Yay!

Albeit a tad short on my expectations, nevertheless, an entertaining episode.

Undeniably, MK and Geet move like dream on the dance floor and their good looks add sizzle to the already boiling chemistry.Sangeet concludes with one happy family in noisily festive mood. The lure of coming up after the break kept me on tenterhook and from what I figure, "teen ka tadka " with Sayantani will make for some high voltage, live wire episode tomorrow. 

Noted that both Maan and Geet were on a streak of mischief and the impishness was evident as it danced merrily in their expressions. Its been a while since Geet and Maan 's face off's and their adorable 'tu tu main main' brought about some cheer. The joke on Geet putting on weight and Geet ribbing Maan as 'akadu' had me smiling.

And so did ,Geet ordering Maan to maintain an arm's distance from womenfolk at the bachelor's party.

Its a first for me. I drove back home in record time today just so I wouldn't miss a single minute of the show. 21:17  and ticking I almost swore at a cop at the traffic signal. 

As is Maan's wont to say , " Ye ladki mujhe pagal kar degi." I could add, I sure have turned crazy. Thank you GHSP.

So while I waited out 11 long ' excruciating' minutes in midst of a jam packed intersection,the moon decided it was peek-a-boo time. And in me that triggered a recall to episodes at GHSP featuring the moon.Some very poignant moments. 

Off the cuff that occurred to me then were -

 Maan slipping the ring onto Geet's finger." Woh chand dekh rahi ho? ye  chahe kitni koshish karle, raat ke saaye se chip nahi sakta...raat ke saath  rehna iski taqdeer hai. Aur shayad tumhare aur mere taqdeer mein bhi  yehi likha hai....

 Maan assuring to stand by Geet forever.They are returning from  Hoshiyarpur and staying with a Punjabi family. Geet is nostalgic  and feels  lonely. Maan reminds it was her decision to let go of the past.
 And Geet wanting her simple uncomplicated life back..." babaji ne meri  kismat mein imtihaan hi likha hai, akelapan hi likha hai..." and breaks  down. Maan wraps the blanket around her, encases her in his arm,.."geet  tum akeli nahi ho..main hoon tumhare saath".

 Maan expressing his love just before their engagement ceremony ( the one  she walks off from thanks to Dev's arrival). "Ab se  humare beech kuch  banavati nahi hoga......" and he leads her, points to the moon and says, "  woh chaand jise maine gavah maankar tumhe anguthi pehnayi thi aaj woh  bhi humare rishtey ki bedaag pavithrata ko dekh kar sharmata hoga...."

 Maan tucks Geet into the bed post the whole drama at Pindi Queens  party , the murderous attempt by Nayantara and culminating with Maan
 symbolically marrying her. He's looking at the moon and then turns to the  blissfully asleep Geet and goes, " itna khubsurat toh khwab bhi nahi ho  sakta"....

One too many out there, aint it? Which one is your favorite?

P.S:Its been under a week having joined India forum and I haven't gone through any of the discussion thread as yet. Made a mental note to read one each day.I call it 'resolution'Smile  And I hope in time I manage to stay as updated as I can.

Good night buddies!!!!

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.
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Caught a pre to air promo on TV  nano seconds ago....
Brj shoots Geet at point blank range even as she and Maan are taking the saat phere's around the sacred fire in their wedding fineries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let that be a horrible dream someone wakes up from.....

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