Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

A wake up call!

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:20pm | IP Logged

Dear StarOne/ Cine Vista,

This is the'aam aadmi' petitioning you to please give us viewers some credit.
While cinematic liberties make for some great visual indulgences it shouldnt by extension imply we have dysfunctional brains.

Before I am misconstrued allow me to clarify that I have been an avid audience of your show " Geet..." since it made its dream debut last year.
Congratulations! On the successful run,some great performances by the cast and efforts of the crew. Absolutely magical work there!!

Your show is today at the apex of popularity. Your lead actors are the most loved couple in tellytown. You have hurray'ed past the 200 mark.

May I request you to pause, look back and THINK. What was the compelling story you wanted told to the audience in such a compelling fashion.
Love stories are here to stay and need I say you have one hell of it working so beautifully for you.

The theme of the show, apparently, was to highlight the plight of ladies being deserted by cheats who decamp with their wealth under the pretext of matrimonial bliss thanks to the obession for anything NRI.
Mind you thats a serious issue you have touched upon.Its a fact that lives have been lost,destroyed and real people with real lives have been affected.
And, hence,you shall tread ever so lightly on such a sensitive issue and a social evil.

The episodes running to the first fifty, at about the time the protagonist makes her way to Delhi have been superbly executed. Kudos. Neat performances.
Believable screenplay. An underlying social message. Kudos!!!
Now, the story has to go ahead , which was always the LOVE story around the theme of NRI marriages. Fine. Makes for one helluva plot.
Between 50 and 200 episodes, you have shot and canned one of the most entertaining love story on the small screen. Applause!

As viewers we donot wish to be nitpicky and we can overlook a WHOLE lot of errors/idiocy/needless drama glaring at us the whole time.
As long as the love story is gaining momentum we are fine.

You have great TRP's. Your show and star have humongous fan base. Just read through the comments sections in your official website and you shall see you have one hell of a nation ( or part of it )obsessed with it. Those are real people. Those are real emotions you are extracting out of them.
Be considerate.
Dont resort to downright stupid and mindless sequences/ twists in your story that belittles your audience.

You cannot write a decent script? "GET HELP". I shall be glad to help for free.

This is not misdirected anger. Nor do I wish to berate anyone here. May I repeat I am one of your dedicated audience. Only a lot more sensible than you give me credit for.

Shows come and go, but can the Indian TV ever forget Buniyaad, Hum Log, Udaan to name a few?
And being part of the industry who better than you to come up with answers on that. You have a reserach team and a whole lot of crew on hand ( yes ,we are watching when the credits roll during the show).
Please have your writer and director, run any new ideas for the story with the common man alongside your " creative team". That should give your some honest, real world perspective.

Yes, small or big screen, you are the dream merchants. Undeniably so , and you have a tough job on hand. And you may think its easy for us to comment when you are working hard at it. If you take every Tom Dick Harry's opinion you will never get any show done.Agreed.
But please stop ridiculous twists in your plot. It may make it engrossing enough till the next episode but it also makes you look like dumb ass.

Your show is not the regular saas-bahu fare or the holy **** dished out in the name of reality shows. I think that appealed to the masses. Please retain that integrity. Make room for rationality, sensibility and simplicity.

I could give you 100's of bloopers right from the begininng but you are better off reading through the comments segment. For now I shall give you the most recent, yet rather cheap one you pulled off.Please explain, for the sake of sanity. does a woman not show a bump during pregnancy after the first trimester? Your show is running for about 9-10 months now. The pace of the story notwitstanding, your leading lady has been in Delhi for more than 3 months now.

b.Please endorse the fact that," running, jumping, falling , dancing, scared out oftheir wits etc are all safe for expectant mothers, especially in their first trimester.

c. I could go on, but then it would be endless. So, finally, how the **** can a doctor ask people to choose between mother and foetus, the real time gap being shrouded in mystery, but for sake for contention lets keep it at 16-18 weeks.

Please be responsible of what you wish to air in the name of twists and turns to the plot and garnering TRP's. Its not wise to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs but donot trade in the story for 1000 episode landmark.

Its tragedies that distinguish been-there-done-that love stories from the legendary ones.
So ,we can stomach a whole lot of contortions in your script.

All said and done , you have a fabulous show on! Good luck in the new year.Looking forward to such a beauitful love story ( in a long long time indeed!!!) unfolding graciously.

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged

Today's episode was quite a turnaround. In under 12 hrs , our lady is critical, the family is battling Mom vs baby dilemma and a young romance lurking in the shadows.

The doctor is breezing in and out making emphatic statements on every cue.
Dadima is mouthing the most cliched dialogues possibly written.
Not a single sequence was novel in its execution. MK and Matarani's scene.Since time immemorial such scenes have been part of movies, tv shows and its a case of overkill. When the scenes and even dialogues are predictable theres is no fun. Besides it sends across the message that
writing department has gone into coma. You are a # 1 show . Make yourself unique. Distinguish yourself from the run of the mill love stories based shows. Time tried and tested stuff can only work so much in your favor.
Be creative. Dare to be different.
But one gotta hand it to the lead actor, his expressive eyes speak volumes when dialogues fail.
Cant but help wonder, where exactly is Khurana Constructions office located. Must be the outskirts of the city. That explains why Anni - Arjun cant hail a taxi. Clearly it was an emergency when informed of her to be bhabhi's hospitalisation but Anni's priorities lay elsewhere.
What would a normal, sane, decently educated person do?
Your vehicle is broken down. Its an emergency. You have a phone. You are stinking rich. Should have Anvesha done?
1. Call a Justdial or service provider who can give you number for engaging cab/ taxi services.
2. Call home and inform any of the servants to send across a vehicle for you and you could meet them halfway.Surely the Khurana's own a fleet of car and drivers.
3.Call back someone at Khurana constructions. Surely atleast one employee will have a car/bike. Anvesha wouldnt have walked more than a km away from work.
4. Since she was not far from office, instead of pushing the broken down vehicle and exhausting themselves, the two nutcases should have gotten back to office, picked up Anvesha's car and get going.
5. Irrespective of the location of Khurana constructions, afterall its not at a deserted island, there should be some vehicle that would pass by and they could take lift.
6. Which world is the pea brained Annie living in? or for that matter Arjun.There are multitude of bike/car servicing stations that provide on the spot puncture  etc repair facilities. Since money is not the constraint, they can ask to be towed to the end of the world if needed.
Ok the list can be endless....and we will put up with people who have little or no presence of mind.
But then why would someone do the sensible things when you have to make room for a separate track. In any case, its clear that this track is being developed so there is a confrontation and a subsequent ugly twist before the lead pair is wedded. With the knuckleheaded Brij back at home it will be a matter of time before Arjun and Brij realise they are both upto the same kind of mischief and join hands. Unless ofcourse the change of heart act he is putting on for Anni is fake.
Going by the promos, it was implied that this is simply one of the many shockers and feelers in the run up to the big fat dream wedding.
One of the most positive development of todays episode was the seeds of guilt in MK over his choice. Nice twist there. Sooner or later, Geet will elicit the worry out of MK (...main aapko aapse behtar jaanti hoon and alll that...") and her reaction will be worth watching. So audience shall writhe in excitement to see if MK's fear will materialise or not. Good going CV!!
By the way, while pondering over the dilemma in a state of shock, why is the flashback comprised of scenes ,barring the last sonography one, mostly feauturing Geet. MK was not there in person and was not aware of the truth till 120th episode. Even when Geet tells him she doesnt go over the details and its hard to believe she would have gone at lengths to explain each and every atrocity committed on her to MK. As far as MK is concerned he doesnt wish to dig into her past. Yet in today's episode we have MK recalling events that he wasnt privy too.
So, a relieved MK is ensuring his home is a fortress and nothing can possibly touch his lady love. The previous episode had MK having the outhouse wired with camera. Why cant he get the same done at home too? Afterall Mk acknowledges that they have nothing to loose with beefing up the security.
Another recurrent question. Why is half the office staff always present at MK's home or at parties. When do they work? I have been working long enough in a corporate enviroment to know work pressures and deadlines. The so called presentations, parties, the omni present "plot sheets" is such a mockery of it all. If MK is indeed such a distinguished businessman with a fierce reputation ,what part of him can handle such mismanagement of time, resource and energy at work?
The Khurana's are wealthy undoubtedly and they have sprawling businesshouses. And MK is this hugely successful shrewd enterpreneur. But his business houses do not have PR dept or have not engaged services of a PR firm. So you have parties being arranged at the drop of a hat by secretary to the Managing director and a whole bunch of regular staff ( Adi, Sasha, Tasha, Pinky etc) with no clear responsibilities.
A secretary neednt know the details but can provide the  accounts file or plot sheet of 100 odd projects being handled by the construction house. But how is that at Khurana construction, everyone does everything. Some management strategy that. The IIM's and B schools can take a leaf out of that for their case studies.
And why is Khurana Constructions a one man show? What kind of firm is he running without a proper management structure in place? Its a cut throat competitive industry to be in for gods sake! All meetings will have MK, Geet, Sasha, Tasha,Adi sir and more recently Romeo, Manisha and the sidekick.
Has anyone from the entire unit of Geet every been in a regular corporate meeting either internally or when the client is visiting?
One can recall a 100 episodes ago, Geet is cornered/ tricked into giving a presentation by Sasha. The proposed construction site being the erstwhile disputed property of Geet at Hoshiyarpur.
For heavens sake MK owns Khurana construction. What kind of staff does he have in place should a prospective client visit your office? Heights of stupidity.
Its bloopers galore. And then again its true of all tv shows and movies. So its not a verbal attack on "Geet...Hui...".
Stems from the love of the show. If small things , however insignificant they may seem, are taken care of you will be a near perfect show in touch  with reality.

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Some turn of events that!!!!!!!!!!!
Since monday the show has had negative vibes around all its characters. And hence it comes as a whiff of fresh air that the awesome twosome are lost in their world for now, the moment they set their eyes upon each other, amidst all the funfare and impending celebrations.
Guess CV decided to give us audience a nice break. Why even Arjun seems to be having a change of heart!!! Though their track is somewhat being grudgingly accepted its warming up indeed.
The highlight ofcourse of todays episode was Geet and Mann's one on one. Mk's preoccupation does give us some pangs of sadness but is offset by the very understanding Geet. That reminds me ....another highlight. Last couple of episodes Geet has been subdued or in hibernation/sleep mode. Fab to see Geet getting back to her chirpy self.
The bond of understanding is deepened and the emotions running high. With no shadows or villains lurking through the proceedings the episode was a heart warmer.
The tabeez (the one from MK to Geet) was conspicous by its absence. She dint have it tied onto her wrist in today's episode. Definitely spotted that in  a single shot but then it goes missing.Considering the lengths at which last episode the tabeez featured in was wondering it went unnoticed.
It occured to me, that the audience is aware of the potential threat to the wedding...which is Brij and Arjun/ Nayantara.
What else could possibly go wrong?
Who is Sameera? And what became of her? Will she be revealed to us any soon? What's with MK's past?
The family pictures have 3 brothers posing for a happy family portrait. Where's the little one?
In all honesty, it broke my heart that MK couldnt get himself to share the real reason of his inner turmoil for the sake of Geet's happiness. Now if love like that doesnt move mountains nothing will.Ever.
The scenes with the rest of the cast preparing for the skit is somewhat stupid. Are they practising for it for the 1st time on the day of the sangeet? And at the rate they were going its unlikely anyone can put up a decent show in couple of hours time.
Anyways!!!All bloopers can be excused for the sake of such a wonderful , picture perfect couple.
Drum rolls please!!!!!!!!!!! May the celebration begin!!!

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 1:43pm | IP Logged

Had a brainwave a couple of days ago but  never got to explore that bit.

Since the show has quite a knack of springing surprises, how bout a volte face and taking the story to a whole new direction?
The promos "welcome to the dream wedding" is wildly fantastical and super appealing. I could cross my heart, I have never waited with bated breath and  looked forward to some show on TV with such fervor. Infact, I am not a TV person at all. So I am besides myself and cant quiet explain what caused such a change in me.
That credit could well be to the GHSP team.
As someone who aspires to author a novel someday I was musing over what the next 50 episode would look like.
One of the many thoughts that passed by, one seemed to catch my attention.
So presupposing that Brij makes his killer move at the appropriate ( or inappropriate as much as unfortunate for Geet/Maan and us audience)  MK catches him, confronts and brings him down to his knees. Geet and MSK's love and conviction hits Brij in his most vulnerable moment. Realisation dawns on him  though that will take some mindblowing piece of acting coupled with hardhitting dialogues from Geet.
Lets not forget that Geet misses her family even as she admits that its a fact of her life and a choice she made. Irrespective of the grandeur of a wedding and a cocoon of love she will walk into, a girl shall always suffer from pangs of not having her parents and family around to witness and share in her life's biggest moment.
Since the last 150 odd episodes, time and again Geet has lamented on how the extenuating circumstances have snatched away the joys of simply belonging to a family. Every girl on the face of this earth shall vouch that their is no substitute for parental love and the affection of your family. So why should Geet be bereft of love from her ' mayka' ?
Sasuraal mein toh khair itna pyaar milega hi jo saat janam sambhale nahi sambhalegi lekin jo hua usme Geet ki ma,bauji aur behen ka toh koi dosh toh nahi tha. Kismat ne ek beti ko ghar parivaar aur uske babul ke aangan se door toh kar diya lekin Ma ki mamta aur pitaji ka pyaar ka bhi koi mol rahe. Unhe bhi toh tassalli ho jaye ki unki beti ke jeevan mein phir se khushiyaan ne dastak di hai.  Aakhir mummy papa ke liye isse badhkar kya baat ho sakti hai.
Dev ne toh vaise hi galti kabool kar li hai aur usse sudharne ki kasam bhi.
Arjun ke rang aur tevar toh khurana parivar mein ghul milkar badalte nazar aa rahe hai. Sooner or later he too shall realise how wrong his sister has been.
Phir toh sirf Geet ki family ka angle rehta hai.
With Brij's realisation, Geet can be reunited with her family. Afterall,why the punishment for no wrongdoing of hers.Ofcourse, it will not happen without some drama and action, but if it does, the audience will only be glad that their beloved Geet is finally getting the pieces of her life together and the past she so painfully speaks of time and again shall melt away from her life. She will be content if her past is reconciled and issues resolved.
All the happiness she so richly deserves.
I dont know if someone is indeed reading all that I have been pouring out in the last couple of days. But if someone out there is, would love to have your feedback as also contribution to the development of the story post the biggest and most awaited wedding on TV this year.
May the good times continue for the show......

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 6:03am | IP Logged

u've summed it up quite well tht there is nothing much left to add Smile.

oh well ok here's my 2 bits worth...
fervently hoping the wedding will be completed with or without a hitchDay Dreaming
Hoping Arjun will turn positve
Want a make-over for Adi sir & watch the girls out here drooling over sombody else for a changeROFL
p.s: ur command over the eng language is awesome and here's hoping u acheive ur wish to become an authorSmile.

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 12:29pm | IP Logged

I wish I was more tech savvy. Just lost all of the really long post I had painstakingly typed out in the last 37 minutes.

A stupid error message that said: In order to protect our forums from Link Spam we DO NOT allow Newbies to post Links on the forum till they have more then
25 posts made on the forum.

Grrr! meri mehnat pe toh paani phir gaya na....aur phir aaj ka episode khatam hote hi , laptop uthaya aur jhatpat likhne lagi thi...
ab wahi flavor apne is wale attempt mein lana mushkil hoga.

Bade buzurg kehte hai na , "Ab pachtaye kya hote jab chidiya chug gayi khet."So, here' s the reproduction version of the original . Geez! I never even got to proof read my post.

Since I began on a discontented note, let me liven it up before we proceed.

A big "Thank you."

a.To those who responsed and liked the thread.
b.To those who have appreciated my style of writing and made some very encouraging comments.
c. (a) and (b) its a pleasure and honor.Looking forward to your support and guidance. There will always be room for imrpovement.
d. finally, thank you for the inputs to the thread.

So now that I am done with the thanky you's, let us get back to why I joined the forum and subsequently to the discussion board with all the fellow followers of GHSP.

I think it would be an iteration of a million voices when I say today's episode reached greater heights in terms of being
emotionally charged and intensely enacted, rating high up on the entertainment quotient.

Let's dwell on the highlights, one at a time. (the one's i dont mention, please contribute)

1. Acting-MK delivers one of his best performances on the show.The portrayal of a man, torn between his dilemmas and guilt is sensitive yet emphatic.
          Not to mention the chemistry we have come to love so much has revealed another facet- that of maturing and evolving.
          I will have to keep mum on the rest of the cast as I had no patience and was pre occupied with anitcipation. Since no one in particular
          struck out like an eye sore I take it they have been sufficient.
2. The twist- The issue that dogged last two episodes has been resolved. A very sensitive bit of writing by the creative team and delicate handling of the  turn of events. In its entirety the incident has taken the Geet-Mk's bonding several notches up.In the run up to the D Day on wednesday there shall be
              many a slip between the cup and lip yet we audience are rejoicing.

3. The inherent message. Now that's one too many. I think I interpret way too much and read a whole lot between the lines.

   Dadima's conversation with Geet is a classic example of the older generation passing on their wordly wisdom to the younger ones,
   so they can sail smooth through the troughs and crests created by waves that characterize our life.

   MK's moral stance in particular appealed a great deal.

   We live in an era where relationships are on the fast lane and getting quicker. Ficklish and at times spinning out of control. MK's character makes me sit up and take
   note of the need for owning up to our actions and reactions. The character's commitment to nurturing their relationship is astounding.It's a universal truth that
   love flies out of the nearest window with time but its honesty, integrity, and trust that form the paradigms for any binding relationships to last an enternity.

   Likewise,Geet's stance, on owning upto the responsibility that motherhood calls for was delicately portrayed.

   Both, Geet and MK's characters are evolving into individuals who put others/each other before themselves such is their understanding for one another.
   In a man eat man world of ours today, though fictional and in a daily soap,they warm my heart.

   I had never been much of a TV person and a better part of GHSP , I watched them on India forum. The battle for the remote at home is rarely won by me. Sigh!
   And that makes me ponder. For someone who has trashed daily soaps, berated most of the popular shows, aired hateful comments and opinions all along, why the fixation with GHSP?
   And here's what I came up with. A list of what I like about GHSP. Once you are through with it, please add some of your own.
   Note: Not numbered as sequencing shall seem like I am assigning comparative ranking/weightage.

   Barring the times the story required a certain amount of physical violence and verbal assault to lend the scenes credibility, the show has been suqeaky clean and
   not exaggerated or overtly dramatised.
   The language. Hindi with liberal dosage of punjabi has always been respectful. Even the vamps and villains mouth acidic dialogues without resorting to expletives.Such
                 a welcome relief from mumbaiyya slang or addressing in first person. That a lesson in etiquettes.

   The wardrobes. The stylish Maan ( well he carries off everything with equal elan!) The simple Geet (as said on the show, " she would look fab even in a rucksack".)
                  The elegant DadiMa ...So on and so forth. Nothing over the top or inapproriate.

   The actors. Most of the regular characters apart from lead pair have grown into their roles and are very convincing. All actors of Handa clan were superb.The first 50 episodes
               were what did me in.The next 50 got me hooked. The following 50 addicted .Sigh!!
   The direction. The screenplay. Dialogues dept could do a lot better though. Occasional brilliance is fine but sustaining is the key.
   Finally,The Romance. This I keep for the last since I have a lot to vent.

   Disclaimer: All opinions expresssed herewith are personal and apologies if that hurts some sentiments.

   As mentioned, I dont really watch much TV. Hence,before arriving at these views I suffered through some of the crappiest episodes of shows that are scum on the
   face of this earth so I could talk out of experience.

   Emotional Atyachar, Splitsville, Axe your Ex, Love Truth Cash..... You get the drift??
   Most of the participants on the show feature teenagers, mostly. Almost diabolical and ironic that these shows revolve around "relationships". Though a negligible % they are
   representative of the mass, called the " youth". And if what transpires on these shows are any indication, the nations youth is nosediving into moral decline. Headlong!!
   A strong statement, yes. But then it's a personal opinions. Strong cause it irks me to no end as also saddens.

   The most recent one I came across had a dozen odd PYT's vying for a boy's attention. The task was to please the boy in question to earn points. So you have youngsters strutting
   in itsy bitsy , resorting to worst kind of seduction on national tv and faking all of it!! Worse, the camera then pans to each of them interviewed on the sets. The language
   used, the manipulative attitude, the foul tongue....sends chills down my spine.
   I do wish, youngsters would take ( moral) responsibility for their actions and reactions and for heavens sake they are on TV. Raises doubt over social/moral/cultural/ethical

   And at the other end of spectrum we have MK's and Geet's romance. Platonic.Subtle.Profound.Pure.Magical.Beyond the physcial manifestations of "love". The old world charm, where eye's speak volumes when the
   lips doth not move. Its for nothing that god meant eyes to be mirror of our souls and while eyes are the beholder of beauty, skin deep or not, they are the key to unlock
   mysteries of the heart.

   GHSP is a love story. Like he M&B's. Like in fairytales.Damsel in distress and the knight in shining armor. So, why do they appeal to us even today?
   Is it because they retain the true essence of romance that they cast such a spell?
   Somewhere along the passage of time, we are witnessing a multitude of changes that are sweeping through modern day relationships.One can speculate endlessly.
   When I watch Geet Mk on screen I can relate to that essence. And that answers my question.

   With the D day set for Wednesday, amid the excitement and anticipation of it all, here's me signing off.
   Brevity aint one of my virtue. those who have made it to the end- thank you for your patience.
   Have a happy sunday!!

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Okay I will fill up that top reserved slot later.

I concur with a lot of your views, what set GHSP apart was substance and style - where one was not sacrificed for the other, and whenever it does, it falls short of expectations. Those are my 2 cents additions for your brilliant essays and conclusions.

Thank you for detailing the saga of GHSP for everyone. It is needed - a spot reality check at this fine juncture. Time for a SWOT analysis and for conceptualizing a plan for future roadmap if GHSP wants to be/or set a benchmark in Indian soaps, it has to reinvent itself - apart from the flashes of brilliance like the baby scene today - we need a more consistent and well panned out brilliance overall and credible storytelling as also the old times production values that set apart GHSP from other soaps. When it caters to the gallery it forgets its real essence and becomes just another soap, so it has to realize it's own USP and as to what SET it APART.

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pippa IF-Rockerz

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GodHelpUs, HOW did I miss this post???

You are a hard act to follow....after all that you've written, what can I  say that won't sound illiterate!

At the moment I'm speechless....your grasp over the language is amazing. I hope you are able to achieve your dream to be a writer soon.

Your take on the show matches mine but I wouldn't be able to express it the way you've done, in a month of Sundays!
Yes, the show is amazing,, the lead pair is....for want of a better word....mindblowing!
Unfortunately, the list of bloopers (all that you've said about Maan and his office staff, is spot on!) are increasing alarmingly culminating in that maha blunder about the mom and fetus bit the other day.

Again, unfortunately, it's this very lack of attention to some of the simple necessities of scriptwriting and fact finding that can make a huge difference between a good show and an extraordinary one.

(One blooper...if you can call it that...and not such a great one as it evidently didn't catch anyone's that inspite of being a big and superbly successful businessman, why did Maan take Geet to a mall(!!) to buy her a wedding dress instead of hiring the topmost fashion designer in the country? Most of them live in Delhi anyway.)

Having said that, I have to say that the Cvs, like God, move in mysterious ways. Only the other day, I was tearing my hair out in frustration and confusion over Maan making a big deal out of the Geet or baby decision....I was wondering what the fuss was all about.

Then, we get the Mother of all episodes, with superlative acting by the leads....the segment in which Maan apologises to the unborn child directly instead of confessing his transgression to the mother directly was an inspired move by the cvs...who were more or less written off for their stupidity the other day.

That and the portrayal of Maan as what must be the most unselfish and selfless character ever to be created in teledom or filmdom....his unhesitating assurance to Geet that he would choose the child over her the next time must have been the most difficult promise he's ever had to make....but he did it in such a way that his beloved never guessed or saw what it took him to do that!

It's the subtle touches like these that make us forgive the cvs for their inanities and their tendency to take us for granted.

I think I can put up  with a thousand asinine bloopers if they throw crumbs like this our way once in a while!!

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Come-on MaanEetians Wake Up!

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Bobbi. 4 750 07 July 2010 at 3:32am by nik_sweetpoison

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