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Why did you START watching LTL?

SonyaBlade Goldie

Joined: 17 March 2010
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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Hey everyone, with the recent news about Mishal leaving it made me think why did I start watching LTL........what was it about this show that attracted me to it. For instance, if Dutta hadn't entered the show would I have continued watching it.....would it have mattered to me who Dutta was, what actor played him......all of these questiosn and I've had to think long and hard for the answers.....the TRUE ANSWERS.... 
1) The month of December 2009 and January 2010 were AWESOME For LTL..... I mean that those two months the storyline moved really well, everything was going on a good storyline track and I was tuned in every day to watch it....why? Waht was it about LTL in those two months that made me stick with the show and watch it continuously......... it was Nakusha and Moray.... 
The storyline with Moray was fabulous and I think everyone can admit that, there was no handsome man in the picture at that point in time, there was no one who was going to "save" Nakusha, all there was was a gorgeous female lead and a rather disgusting older man who was lusting after her and was going to "marry her.".....I mean if I could watch a storyline like that and stay captivated, what else can I watch......LOLLOLLOL
2) Then Dutta enters the picture, and the first scene where he is wearing a jacket with his dress shirt collar popped out...I was thinking "OMG have I somehow been time warped back into the 70-90's"......I mean what man wears his dress shirt collar out like that anymore.....LOLWinkLOL
3) then we see the three evil sisters.....and the whole family of PN is first I'm not liking anyone....Dutta is okay and so is Baji but everyone fake, so unrealistic...  so I'm not a happy camper at this stage.......but slowly we see him warming up to Naku...we see their chemsitry together, Supriya track was awesome....and it all just falls into place .. ........  BUT this didn't happen instantly for me, it took some time, and I still find myself forwarding the scenes when Kala or the other two are in them....they just don't do anything for me as far as entertainment is concerned.
So all in all.....I believe that this transition if it does happen is going to eventually be a good thing, and the storyline will be fabulous because regardless of the actors its the CV"s who are putting on this show and they have done a great job of it for the past year.
We only fell in love with Mishal, urf Dutta, because THEY casted him for that role......if they would not have picked him we wouldn't have known Mishal as I think we need to keep with it, and stick through this change if it happens.  
My only concern is that Mahi wants to get married in MArhc next year.....and if Dutta leaves how will that change and her leave affect LTL........ hope it all works out.
Sonya ....signing out!

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 October 2010
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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 11:44am | IP Logged
hey sonya u k hun...wel tbh i ddn evn kno mishal b4 ltl..n i gt adicted 2 it cz of da wz jus so diferent den ol da oda shwz bt nw itz mainly cz of D lol LOL rli gna mis hm n da shw wen itz ovaCry x

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rayjst Senior Member

Joined: 24 July 2010
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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Very well saidClapClapClap.......

I remember watching the promos for LTL, it had an old hindi literature kind of feel to it, nd I was pretty disappointed to know that I won't be able to watch the show because I will be going back to my hostel... I really hoped the show would do well because it had a very rare and unique concept to it...So, the first episodes of the show that I did watch were the immediately after 1st wedding ones, and some bits of the jungle track... Later on I happened to come across an episode with Anna, Subs etc online nd was pretty impressed to see that they were potrayed very authentically for most part nd not in a caricature sort of way, which is what usually happens when people from southern part of India are potrayed in popular media...What got me hooked weirdly was Baji-Roops drunk scene because I wanted to see how that story was going to progress. After that I went online nd watched all the episodes before that... The best bits as many have said before also, were the basti ones. Not that the rest were bad, but the basti ones were epic, unique and very real.....Loved the delicate love story of the two leads to bits nd also the other so well written nd executed characters, whom I will never be able to forget like Baji, Kala, Kishore, Anna, Subs, Morey, Sethji, Babi, Ganpat, Jagtap... Nd even Roops, Leela, Madhu, Suds, AS, DP, Bappa, Chaskar etc were also bearable....

The best thing about LTL is that each nd every chara, even minor ones, have always been very well written and the CVs always stayed true to the story line except for few minor bloopers.....Every other show is like a patch up of twists and turns jst to raise the trps for the moment, compromising with the concept, the character description etc, but LTL always stayed true to it and still made it big... Even now the story has that flow, it has always be true to what it was in the beginning nd I applaud every single member of LTL's team for that... The show has been very well cast nd they were lucky also for getting it right, Mishal is Dutta nd no one else can or will ever be...The four main people in the story , Nakusha, Dutta, Kala nd Baji had a great dynamic going on between them nd if MR is leaving, I think I will be missing Duji more than TashaUnhappy.... Well, I too much of my pointless blabbering ha, nyways LTL CVs are nd have always been great, I have full faith in them nd hope that they come up with something good with the whole situation. But not liking the undercover cop story if it is to introduce a new love interest or something, instead if the cope comes in as some sort of a mentor to Naku, you know like some one a bit older, mature, I might be fine with it, Naku's LS starts nd ends with Dutta nd that should jst be the way it would be.........No more new love stories, nope...

Nd I don't think Mahi taking a break during her wedding will create much problems, she has always been a great professional, so they might create a bank of episodes beforehand itself.....

Viewers who appreciate LTL will surely continue watching but there will surely be a huge drop drop in ratings after MR exitsUnhappy.....

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sana786a IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 February 2006
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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
hmmm let me go bk and remember wat attracted meLOLermm well i was bored one day was sat in my sisterinlaws room she had da telly on wen suddenly i saw nakusha running u knw dat boat scene wen they try escaping frm morey i was like is aadmi ney i didnt knw dat she was actually a beutiful girl but wen i came across her i was shocked but den my sil tld me dat she has seen a few epis and dis girls mother babi hides her true face etcConfusedwas about 2 turn away wen da precap came on mr entryWinkLOLfirstly firstly a confession i saw him didnt knw who he was first time i ad seen da guy but wat made me stiop and think 2 watch a few epis afta dat is i realised ladki sundar hain banda gunda hain oh well u get wat i meanLOLkya combo hain was like dem prince's in da story books saving da damzels in distress vbut in dis case nt knwing her true face so i wanted 2 see at da point wat dutta ak mr wud do wud he help dem and all da while i watched 2 see wen her true face wud get revealed

cuming 2 da second bit where evil trio were introduced may i say i was hooked on dat 2 they were annoying made me cringe but i was like wohhh dis is diff bhai luvs dem behney despice dem and act all sati savaitri nt 2 mention dat i was curious 2 see kishore and suds living in der wifes placeLOLek behen ko mila langoor dats sud by day way and ek ko jo sach mein evil hain mila ek shareef bola bala insaan aaj tak i was left wondering even up untill nw bacha kahan sey aaya sachiROFL

3rd point wud i have watched ltl if any oder guy was playing da role honestly i wud have nt saying i dnt like mr as dutta bhau but if another guy was casted 4 dat role gud luking had da presence of a gud dne but one dat is under dis angery emotion thingie i wud have 

by da way sonya gud postTongue

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Dancingdoll IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 August 2006
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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:05pm | IP Logged

9:30pm is a prime slot. I was on vacation in india last year in December and 9:30pm is more prime to me because my parents go to sleep by then and I had the whole house and TV to myself...Open the TV at 9:30pm, browse all the channels...Saas is plotting against Bahu...change channel....Devrani trying to kill Jethaani.....skip to next channel - a souten forced on a woman and she surviving midst of plots by Souten....skip channel - FIL sitting like bheegi billi in front of MIL who is ranting about her lost status since the Bahu's entry....blah blah blah...and my remote kept on beign active for a long time and then I see a ugly gal running behind a kid...The kid's mom had brought him to the scary looking gal because the kid wasnt drinking milk...Betaa, doodh peele nahi toh Naku aa jaayegi....The kid gets scared and decides that milk was a better option than the scary face....and he gulps...

Next day, Ugly gals mom isnt happy the way her daughter is being made fun off....and we realize that she is forced...there is a beautiful face behind that scary image....*sits up alarmed*...yeh kya hai....This is unique....and beautiful face...then has to be something unique in store.....surfed the Internet to know if its a LS...who would be the guy....shld I continue watching says that someone would come for her from saat samundar paar...okie...sounds and dad are sleeping and I cant give it a try....
jump to Jan end and the male protaganist enters....Morey stands opposite to him...His right hand man has already been knocked hard and couldnt do anything...The hero looks seekiyaa pehlvaan...tut tut...Yeh kya maaregaa....Morey punches him hard! le!!....Pls get some other guy...pls....and then the hero raises his fist and knocks Morey....*shock muh*...what???....That was SOME punch...Morey is all hilloying and dooloying...and then the hero doesnt give Morey any more chances....Knock upon knock upon knock....*Holds heart in kajol style*...Hayeeeeeee.....My HERO!!!
Next day, put on the TV at dot 9:25...extremely curious....Kya hogaa ab!!
and then comes my first scene that I have cherished till date....The hero looks at the ugly duckling curiously from the rear view mirror....He holds no sarcasm, no contempt...Just curosity...The gal reciprocates the curosity feebly....I knew I was sold then....and then he helps her clean her hands by pumping the hand pump....Oh my!!!...
and then he gets shot! OMG! No god please....and the family drags the gal from the scene but finally she finds her voice...."Nahi, Mein nahi jaayegi saab ko chod ke"....
That was the day when I decided, "Nahi, mein nahi jaayegi yeh LTL chod ke"...The saab journey started from that day in its true form for me and it would die the day the saab doesnt exist!!!

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zeekaytg Groupbie

Joined: 30 June 2010
Posts: 148

Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
In april 2010 ,hamare yahan colors channel onn hua or me us channel ko kabhi lagati hi nahi thiApprove.meri czn mere ghar rehne ayee for a week.she watches LtL very fondlyGeek.At that time i saw nakusha and i started laughing what kind of heroin is sheLOL.i was also laughing on name of datta bhaoLOL and i remebered what i said after watching datta"kya yaar ye hero hai itna sara hua"Unhappythen i have to watch that serial wid her dailyWacko,i dont know when i started to  like mishalBroken Heart.or usk janey k baad  me serial dekhne lagi.itne pagal paney se k net pe usko serach kiya k uska real name kya kaun haiDay Dreaming etc........................woh din hai or ajj ka din ek epi khatam hone k baad paglon ki tarah next epi ka wit kartin hunDay serial k me apna sara kaam jaldi khatam karleti hun,mon to fri me kahiin nahi jati ,agar kahiin majbooran jana parey to chahe kitne baje bhi wapis aon ltl dekhe bina nahi sotiD'oh.sat sun youtube pe puraney epi dekhti hun ltl k.Wacko
OMG bt ab kya hoga?????????????????ROFL

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Crystal29 Goldie

Joined: 03 February 2006
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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
I started watching LTL because of one particular video in youtube - The scene where Nakku confesses to Dutta that she did love him and that too with the gun pointed to her head...But what amazed me in that scene was Dutta's expression after she says that! I was like Wow! I have to see this show..The chemistry between Dutta-Nakku rocked.

So I guess for me this show IS Tasha (with Mishal & Mahi as Dutta & Nakku). Their story has moved me to bits and has made me cry and laugh. The day one of these character or actors change, it will not be the same for me. And now, with my personal favorite Dutta changing, it will be time to bid adieu to this show!

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-Carrie- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 June 2010
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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
It was March 16.2010. I'd had a horrible day at work with my principal & had come home in a cranky mood. Mom was all decked in her kanjeevaram & was pressing another heavy one into my hands asking me to quickly drape it & accompany the family to some reception.I flatly refused to go anywhere & it all ended up in big tiff after which I was left alone at home to sulk.After crying for a bit I switched on the TV which was rested on Colors coz the family was watching BV earlier.I saw this beautiful girl singing my all time favourite "jaane kya baat hai" and I stopped to watch. Slowly the camera moved from the girl to a tall, lanky,grim man who had such tortured expression on his face.He just stood there forlornly by himself but his eyes spoke volumes.I wanted to touch & ask him what;s wrong such was the intensity of his pain. For the rest of the serial I went into a trancelike fugue state.Bas woh ek din & aur aaj ka din.I never recovered from that trance.I rushed to the Internet to find out more abt him.I watched the missed serials haphazardly with out any sequence but it didn't matter to me.I just wanted him on the screen. I was scared to blink even when he came on.I still haven't watched Morey_Nakku sequence.One reason only.No Dutta in those scenes.And the next day heartbeats were skewed from 8 pm itself.Till date the same condition continues.No matter how ridiculous the story line, how irritating the characters bas one jhalak of him & I think I've died & gone to heaven. Curiously later when I watched the actor in interviews I simply wasn't interested. It was only when that brooding,grim angel in dark clothes came on screen my knees turned to jellies.
So for me its only Dutta,Dutta,Dutta & oh!I forgot Dutta .I go when he goes.
Nice post,Sonya.

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