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In Mishal Raheja's Defense (Page 9)


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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
I completely, completely agree with SaraW Clap

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sunshine21 Groupbie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
 Hi one and all,
first and foremost let me make it very clear that i'm not happy with MR leaving and agree with all those who feel that Dutta Bhau won't be Dutta w/o MR. We are all so used to seeing him as Dutta, that for us he will always be Dutta throughout his Amjad khan will always be remebered for his potrayal of Gabbar Singh....I also agree that this is not the right time to quit the show esp when so many loose threads and most importantly the love story of the real naku and Dutta has yet to be realised.....that being said I just have one more question :
I sincerely would love to know why are we blaming Mishal alone??? Why not start with the first rats who abandoned the ship??? Jayesh POatil and Shashi Mittal were the first to jump boat...they are the ones who developed the story and created the character of Dutta Bhau.. they are the ones who wrote the storyline and shaped the whole concept.....So i'm sure the first spark blew at that time ...when the channel producers interefered with the FR and its timing and maybe the CVs didn't think it went with their original storyline and how they had wanted it to go....SO THEY LEFT FIRST....
Then the man who gave the whole concept a reality  and moulded the scenes and brought the whole to life beautifully..the director Vijay Kishan Chaturvedi.....the man actually brought Dutta bhau to life....each and every scene fully of emotions, heart rendering and perfect.....but over here aso maybe he was not allowed to potray the characters the way he wanted and understood the creatives vision to be......rather than be blamed for directly crappy episodes which weren't going anywhere...he too left.....and they brought in Twinkle Vaishnav's brother?usband? uncle? son?? to direct and made it all a lovel colors family prod........HE LEFT SECOND
And then was left the man who brought Dutta to life, gave him a face ,expressions , character and strenght....he did it so beautifully that we all fell in love with him....but then somewhere in July around the JMM track he felt that the story wasn't doing all that well and his character was being basically maybe he tried giving his input , but no one listened so he did the only thing he could ...gave them notice about wanting to quit by end of the year..... for six months he saw there was no change in the pace of the show , but slowly and surely there was a decline in the quality of his character....he saw the creatives and the director give notice and quit but he still carried on professionally....even tolerated the addition of useless  support cast like madhoo, suresh, chaskar  and a second totally shabby SR  (compared to the first one) and that too once again with the same dark naku...when people wanted one with the fair one.......he was then asked to wait till feb which he did  and now he wants to leave too.....HE'S LEAVING LAST........
So , if we have to place the blame on someone, lets do it in the right order.....lets give poor MR a miny break and bash up the colors producers high handedness and useless intereference which has actually led to ruining this show...I don't blame MR in the leastt....the way the show's going with no steady and secure storyline, useless character addtions and average direction, if I were in his place I would quit too...coz that's the only thing I can do which is in my hands.....I would rather have my audience remember me as a strong and beloved character than to see me being reduced to a mere puppet in the hands of my sisters, my mother and my mahaan Bappa ke saamne crying wife....
Sorry if I've stepped on someone's toes...but just had to get it all out.....

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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:35pm | IP Logged

Ok...finally my take....I have been an observer of Indian Television and Bollywood...based on what I have seen I think MR has taken the best decision at the right time. He is around 30...he cannot wait much longer to give Bollywood a serious shot as looks are important. Since he doesnt have filmi connections we know of he needs to devote lots to time and energy to pursue his options. Given the success rate of people aspiring to get into Bollywood his chances are low. BUT its not impossible. Other examples of TV actors trying to make it into Bollywood didnt have either the looks or talent or both. Bollywood is like a closed family...people stay within the confines of the family. To break into it one has to extra-ordinary in some way...and Mishal's extra ordinary quality is his talent.
TV career-wise MR is at a high now. LTL at best can go on well for another 6 months to a year. After that what happens to the actors? They need to look out for work again. Very rarely leads are repeated esp if the lead has been popular and has a strong image. But by the time a show ends the show would have lost its charm and the leads their popularity. Another option for MR is to do reality shows...but the only people who benefit out of them are Bollywood stars. So even from that POV MR needs to have the Bollywood tag. MR would have never been our Dutta if his first Bolly plans had been successful. But now the economy is looking up and he better try his best now. Also TV industry is ruthless...leads can be replaced any moment...the channel has all the power...the TV actors dont have much say are more or less slaves to whims and fancies of channel execs who are mostly kids straight out of college. Its really TRPs that rule roost...nothing more...nothing less. Also from a actors POV he has given enough notice. I am sure he has remained within the confines of his contract. Thats from Mishal's point of view.
But what about LTL? Right now MR is the life of the show. Most prolly if he leaves the show it die a premature death. Other shows have gone on without their leads successfully. But those days are gone now. And LTL has a wafer thin story line anyways and primarily rests on Tasha story. All the cast and crew associated with the show will prolly blame him for loss of livelihood. But then life goes on.
What about viewers...unfortunately the TV industry we see today is the handiwork of viewers. These viewers have failed numerous attempts to give them sensible shows and have chosen to back ridiculous shows for years. Maybe we in the forum are not one of them but thats what the majority want. If you chose mediocrity you will get it. We were lucky that a actor of MR's caliber was a part of LTL. As a viewer of LTL its a loss for me...I would rather the show conclude happily and logically with MR's exit but the show is doing too well for that to happen. Most likely the show and its characters will be butchered and I cannot see that happenning. So yes like many others here for me too no Mishal=No LTL. But then by hoping MR give everything to Dutta till the end are we not being selfish? Its our entertainment but his career and dreams.

What I ideally want: Mishal should be convinced to give LTL few more months of his time till the show reaches a saturation point...he can meanwhile keeping looking at Bollywood projects too. For that maybe he can negotiate with the PH and channel that he be let off once he gets the right opty and also get time off to pursue Bollywood. This will be the ideal win-win situation for everyone-MR, channel, PH and viewers.

Request to forum members: Like Aparna I agree that collective bad vibes has its negative effect. Lets not send bad vibes to Mishal atleast for the sake of all the work he has done in the past year. I know we are all angry and upset. But lets not forget we dont know the whole truth and we he doesnt deserve our badduas based on hearsay. Lets instead send good vibes to Mishal and LTL so that both he and the show continue to do well...together and individually. Lets hope he takes into accounts the wishes of his fans who have supported him through the negative news that was coming from the sets and makes sensible decisions career-wise. It will be sad to see a talent like his go wasted.

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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SAraW

Originally posted by make-believe

Originally posted by SAraW

I have a  question from those who are speaking in defense of Mishal/ Actors, Where does a viewer stand ? If one is interested in the story/Characters 
and had been following the show from the beginning and had been patient till  now and just because of his ambitions A viewer  give up  a Show  to which he/she has been connected for a year  ?? What abt us?? its us who are suffering and still u guys want to Stand up for him and applaud... Many ppl are taking Rajeev's name here .. Rajeev stayed there for 2 years! he left because of his creative differences with Ekta/ creative team ..and i was among tose who stand up for him and applauded at his decision ..  but same is not the case here ..Its not abt CAring for ur FANS only .. its abt loving ur work!  its abt commitments! he was committed to the show and informed PH a day before and that too on being asked.. he would have told them and showed his concern towards the show .. But he made it seem as if the show was never important for him ,,, It was always abt him then be it ..  i dont support such actors or ppl.. He is at fault .. because of him the whole show will be either wrap up before its time (specially when the story was abt to end in may or june) or alot of compromises will now be made with the story line up which will kill the essence and the meaning of a wonderful concept . i wont be able to look back at the show now ..  not even those parts which i absolutely loved!  so its beyond me why are u asking Viewers to forget their show and characters and understand the Actor here ? sorry  i fail to support or understand him .. I still Admire him for his Acting skills... and for what he has done for show . but it was for his own benefit it always was... so, why should feel proud of him ??? When there is absolutely nothing to be proud of....I have lost Respect for him being a professional not as a person btw ... 

A viewer stands with the remote in his or her hand. You have the choice to switch to other alternatives and scrap their show without second thought within your power, or also to stay away from the idiot box completely and find other means of entertainment. If you are too attached to the show, then they did something right at some point in time which is worth remembering and holding on to, so I don't think anyone is ever going to ask you to forget about the characters and the show...and if they do, it's not worth listening to. If they are facing issues now it's because of the hitches that are a part and parcel of this industry and the way it works (countless limitations that they must accommodate for and work around because of the format a daily has!), which one must look at objectively to understand. I don't think anyone feels proud of MR for walking out of LTL, but there are many who understand his decision in a more career-oriented light and have no other choice but to accept it. It is a bad situation in which no one can be completely blamed or held responsible, be it the PH or the actor. The audience of course suffers the most, so does the PH and the show, so it looks like MR is walking away easily from this and maybe that's what is being found objectionable...but if you think about it, IMO, he cannot be blamed for being in search of the bigger things that he has always vocalized as his goals.

Also, whatever happened and was said/done between the PH and MR is truly known only to themselves...though other sources may have leaked information, it is bound to be influenced by their own perspective and interest in relation to the events, so drawing conclusions on MR's professionalism (or even slinging mud at the PH on the other extreme) and what exactly happened when we don't know anything concrete is moot. I know many are emotionally torn over the news after putting so much faith into the show so this objectivity is not appealing but it's there to be it is up to everyone whom they choose to loose respect for in what matter and what opinion they form about the whole thing...

MB what ur saying is not wrong, Career oriented ppl will find his decision fine and will be able to justify him in some way or the other ..but my point is why there is any need for us to defend him when we are actually not aware of the True facts either ?  Why this topic is brought up when things are still under wrapped ?  If there are ppl who can find his decision fine then tere are those as well who just cannot find it wrong as well .. there is nothing wrong in that either.... yah he cannot be blamed for giving up the show for his dreams ( we dont even know that was the reason, he might have nothing under his kitty at the moment)  but i am talking abt credibility here .. and the responsibilities towards ur Job being an Artist... ..hmmmm May be i was expecting too much from ... i would have been fine if the show had lost its creative touch or there was nothing left in the character... unfortunately that is not the case..  anyways .. Its his decision and he has moved on .. good for him .. we will too but viewers like me wont be able to reconnect themselves to television shows anymore.. and it will be good for us Smile 

Like u said its Us the viewers who have suffered the most here... laagi was a good show, its life was short thats why hooked to it .. as i knew its not in the league of those never ending shows.. Now i really hope they end it soon on a logical note ... otherwise there will be nothing for ppl like me to memorize abt the show.. hmm.. 

anyways i Wish him all the best and May this decision which has killed the show for viewers alteast be beneficial to him.. kissika tu Faida ho .. 

I stand by my views btw .. no compromises with a kind of job like this Smile EVery job has its own criteria s that sense, Why an army officer is has no right to say a "no" ?? so Every field has its own set of rules and responsibilities  .. and an  Artist cannot just leave his job just like that .. yah if the reason is Creative difference then its another thing.. which is visibly not the case here.. 

@In Bold: If we are waiting for true facts then no one should be condemning Mishal either. Just few days back we were supporting him in face of rumours of unprofessionalism. How can we turn our backs against the same person so soon? Its ok if people are unhappy with his decision...everyone has a right to be. But atleast lets not wish him ill. Thats all I want. Also as fans we must try convince him to help conclude what he started ie Dutta's journey.
U have brought up a nice point comparing soldiers to normal professionals...they have to go an extra mile and hence respected by their countrymen. Similary an artist craves creative satisfaction and viewer appreciation. But can we really call Indian Tv actors artists in the true sense? I can only count handful of such people. Most are ppl blessed with decent amount of looks who want to use them as long as they can. They are not artists but as SRK puts it-entertainers. But yes MR is an artist...but can one man change the way things work?

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Dancingdoll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
@Shreya: Good one and exactly my point....I understand that fans take you on a pedestal but eventually an actor is alone when he has to make choices of his career...A fan would only be a keen observer or critique of his work, but can a viewer get him back a lost opportunity? An opportunity gone is gone....
If MR does not have anything in his kitty right now and he is quitting because his annual contract ends by Jan end or Feb and he defn doesnt wanna take a risk by signing an additional annual contract that can bind him at the exact moment when he might need to quit for BW, then I feel PH shld work with him and try creating a flexible contract that can give PH and him time to do justice to the show and give a logical end....If the work atmosphere has become too bitter then again, they can work it out....but if he has something planned and is time bound post feb, then I can just wish him good luck and hope tht his talent only gives us more masterpieces that we can cherish!!!

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ImmaculateDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kshreya2002

 Just few days back we were supporting him in face of rumours of unprofessionalism. How can we turn our backs against the same person so soon? 

Ok im shocked! When and where did i said that i now think he WAS responsible for those rumors?? he never was! that was stil rubbish in my eyes.. and i will support him for that..  All the throwing tantrums on sets and being rude with his lower staff was never true.. i stand by it even now.. 

I think u have misunderstood my point completely ksh .. I have nothing more to say now.. 

 im out of here! 

skavitha08 IF-Dazzler

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@Ksh: thank you so much you are the star i was struggling to write a post wherein i could say it all considering everyone's POV and opinions and that too without uttering anything that may hurt but din find any way to do so 
but said it all buddy.....

agree with each and every point of urs though m sad but i would be really happy for MR if he pulls off this opportunity to work for him and he should never regret the fact of leaving such a gr8 show may god bless him so that one day he feels that the decision he took though hurting many but was proved for his dreams and i loved the part where u said its entertainment for us and career n dreams for true u r......m sad for my LTL my TaSha but i want to be really happy for MR when he becomes an even bigger star and makes it to the top in bollywood....

we are all affected by dutta aren't we ? coz we who supported him when all those article was talking ill of him ....we rubbished it like we know MR very well and all of sudden everyone is mad at

i want to be nakku my love won't change for him no matter what he does....i love nakku's character sometimes she is too good to be true but i still like that...Oh my LTL

still for me LTL rocks and TaSha will always rock....may god (and for that matter viewers) bless the show to continue being on top.....

love u all.....

@rosa awwwwwwwwww honey here come Hug

@aparna: thanks for liking my posts ....i agree with all your points and appreciate for creating this thread as well as for replying actively to all posts.....Hug

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loveumishal Senior Member

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
To my loved ones in the topsy turvy universe of LTL,
A lot has happened within few days , that has turned our world upside down...We are in that situation where the most precious thing is being snatched from us - LTL, Tasha, Dutta , Duji and all...And I see a lot of mudslinging, pro MR, anti MR, non-professionalism etc being spoken out in the forum...its heartwrenching...i know...It's like the love we kept on a pedestal and found out that our perfect LTL world isnt perfect any more !!
--I have accepted the news that Mishal would be leaving the LTL world by FEB 28.
And I absolutely refuse to do a pro-MR / anti-MR analysis on thiS..Absolutely refuse to blame MR on this- What he decides, he does, it's entirely upto him..He has every right to do it..And I have every right to watch LTL or not, whether he's in it or not...
Am I not heartbroken hearing the news ?? I am ...
But I am choosing to be proactive and be with Anu ~ sign petitions, send emails ,let them know the pain that reside in a loyal viewer of LTL...let them know what we want...a Tasha and an LTL that stays evergreen in our hearts...
If all of us, try to be positive and move forward in the direction we want LTL & MR to go, I guess we can make a difference...
I have FAITH.... That's what I have learned from TaSha...

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