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In Mishal Raheja's Defense (Page 5)

*dewdrop~pearl* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shivansh

 Copying  some parts of  my reply from another thread--
Like many of you, this the only show I've watched in years.
As for MR's exit, well--- His life - his aspirations- his choice. My best wishes! Life does not throw opportunites time and again and one has to catch up with the dreams. Hope, he picks the right one.Who knows
1. he might have requested for the dragging to end much earlier citing his future plans.
2. His future contractual obligation elsewhere demands him to stay off TV for a while.
One man army can't fight against the whole TRP system.I am assuming, it wdn't have been easy for him to leave a show that  gave so much recongnition to his talent. We can just speculate and enjoy the show till TASHA are there,even if the days are numbered.
Personally speaking as  a viewer, I'd want a  logical TASHA reunion,its something that has been on cards for long. That would give me a closure and I'd always look back at this show as a memorable love story. . Silly me, I've burnt my hands once by giving this show so much time, never again!!!
It's Bbbyeee LTL time.
Objectively speaking, this show is  a source of employment for many, the list is endless. I'd  be surprised if the production house would choose to close this venture even before it stops being profitable to them.
Again love you all for your deep insights that made me understand and enjoy the show so much more.

I just loved your write-up Clap! You have pointed out lot of practical aspects that none of us have thought about. I especially liked your @blue & @red points. Your right, life doesnt offer you great opportunities at your convenience. We have to make ourselves convenient enough to accomodate them or else at some point in time we will look back and cry over spilt milk with 'only if...' thoughts. So a sensible person is one who keeps his eyes open to grab the right opportunities the moment they pass their way.

And as you mentioned, maybe he has some other contract else where due to which he can stay on LTL maximum till Feb. And we should also think, if we are finding it so hard to part with MR, even MR would be feeling the same way to part with LTL team na. And he had mentioned before that he is really attached to everyone in LTL, and he really loves Dutta bhao's character.

@ red - That is one interesting point you have pointed out. It would be at the best interest of LTL crew to continue the show till maybe the TRPs start dropping considerably, as every producer will try to maximise his profit till the last drop. And regarding the employment aspect, that is also an important issue.

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*dewdrop~pearl* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ZubyDutta

I am aghast to see that it took just a few hours for someone who was the darling of our hearts & apple of our eyes to become "an unprofessional","careless of commitment","not having enough sense"etc etc persona non grata.Are these phrases really for  Mishal ?Shocked The PH & MR had decided the show would be on upto Dec in the month of June itself?Is that unprofessionalism or are members just irked that the PH & MR chose not to share their agreement with them?Confused  MR has every right to seek greener pastures anywhere he likes.The decision is his to take how he wants to map out his professional life.We dont have that right.Many of us are too are caught in jobs that are just stepping stones to something big which we have coveted all our lives. Just because we did fabulously on those jobs & won everyone's hearts doesn't mean we shouldn't think to move on towards our ultimate goal.
I wish Mishal the best of both worlds & take this opportunity to thank him for bringing Dutta Shreeram Patil into my life.Thank u MishalHug
Awesome post Aparna.Very well written.ClapAgree with all ur points.

Thanks Embarrassed and I totally agree with your points Zuby Clap! I might be upset that MR is leaving, but I can never forget what he gave us before leaving. There were days when lot of things in life were looking down, those days looking forward to LTL and Dutta in a way gave me a reason to be happy and excited - sometimes the entire day goes bad, but the thought of rushing home to LTL brings a small smile to my face Smile. And no doubt, its mainly thanks to MR. I will never forget all that, and I wish MR all the success in life Thumbs Up!

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ImmaculateDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rpmenon


CVs are delusional if they think Nakku can be shown to be in love with someone else.Thats so funny if they think that they can pull off such a thing! If they are on a suicide mission,then we cant stop them,right?

But where did they loose their brains?Its so frustrating to see a beautiful story being mutilated this way.They might as well bring in Morey as the undercover cop and shown repenting,and Nakku will start developing feelings for him?? Sheesh!! Dead

Everyone can be unfair .. and look for more suitable opportunities .. then why not CVs and channel ?? let them also take full advantage from the show.. as TV and shows are now all abt  business and a medium to step in bollywood.. there is nothing beyond that.. Viewers and their voice stand no chance.. they have to nod and Applaud for Whatever step an Actor or Channel takes... thats all abt it.. 

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lizdarcy Senior Member

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
Heartbreak kid. Mishal Raheja. Broken Heart

I've always been in love with Dutta, not Mishal. And i also know no one else could have, and will be able to do justice to the role. That is the reason we love him, and hate him. I am terribly saddened by the news, but i'm not going to be bitter about it. I always knew the LS was too good to be true. If the channel hadn't dragged the show, we would've got an amazing climax by now. We have roughly 1 and a half month. And our super CVs can show us an amazing Tasha reunion in this period.

Coming to Mishal, i don't think we can judge or blame him. He's gotta look out for himself. And i've always admired his single minded determination, which is so apparent in his acting. Something tells me this guy is gonna make it big! And before we judge him, let's remember, he's never spoken out. Maybe there are problems we aren't aware of. I kind of like the way he's kept quiet in the face of accusations. Though i'd say, Mishal, now is the time to speak up. Tell us when and why you're leaving!

Like i said in the other thread, we could try and make him understand that staying back is only gonna prove good for him. Out of sight, out of mind, Mishal! If only you could manage this with your other commitments. If you don't do it, you've got nothing to lose. But if you do consider this little request, you have everything to gain. I'll pray for you anyway. But suppose you do rethink the decision, you'll be winning fans for life. I for one, will be a fan for life if you bring this story and character to culmination. And a lot of people here will agree.

God bless you, whatever your decision maybe. Because with your portrayal of the fighter Dutta, you've given me more hope than you could ever imagine. I will always love you for that.

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rpmenon IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Out of sight,out of mind,So true.

If he has something in his kitty,then good for him.If not,then...I only hope he doesnt have "Only If..." thoughts later.

But oh well...all is well as long as it stays,and if/when it turns stale,it will be bye bye,LTL.

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Hessa85 Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
i know its MR's right to leave but the more i think about a fantastic show is ending the more im annoyed to be honest.. whatever his reason is.  i know most people really disagree and will hate me saying but i didnt entirely disbelieve the repeated news of his unprofessionalism with all the '''little people'' around him and late arrivals etc etc.  it makes sense if all LTL is is a stepping stone to reach bollywood, an opportunity to showcase his talent in a succesful tv show.   personally i feel he knows exactly where he wants to and knows exactly the popularity he holds and the impact it will have on the show... yes this is great in itself you should be confident and self aware.  But the audience that gave you name and fame, the people he works for and the people he works with also deserve more notice and time to take the story somewhere reasonable before leaving.  if hes leaving for bollywood, frankly i have no respect fo it, there have been very few movies ive actually enjoyed without feeling like theyve ripped off some american story.  i just refuse to watch em now. but i guess thats where the money is. and if he is going there i hope his talent is used in something decent.  and still he is one of the best actors ive seen so i wouldnt wantthat talent to nowehere, so good luck to him.

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
i am in no state of mind to contribute in this thread. sorry guysCry
But I have immense respect, love and appreciation for the actor in Mishal Raheja and wish him all the best from the bottom of my heart for all his personal and professional success.. I will miss u terribly, that it hurts even typing it here..kaash tum hum sab ka pyar dekh paate.. kaash

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*dewdrop~pearl* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Why is everyone blaming MR for leaving the story in between Confused? Dont you think its the CVs who should be blamed for this? MR had given a prior notice in June itself that he is going to leave by December. So the creatives had ample amount of time to wrap up things by December. They could have planned the story in such a way, but they dint. They couldnt do so by December, so they requested MR to extend his time to February. MR silently obliged. Now even by February if they are not able to wrap up the loose ends, how is it MR's fault? He is not leaving the story in between, its the creatives who failed to finish off things by the time MR said he wanted to leave. And I dont think it was that difficult to wrap up things by maybe January, if the CVs had minimum avoided that DP track which was a total waste of time Dead! If they had that time, they could have easily closed other tracks by Jan atleast.

So if the CVs dint do that and preferred to drag each and everything till February ultimately leaving no time to complete Tasha story, how is it MR's fault Confused? How can MR be blamed for not being committed when it was the CVs who dint finish off things while MR is around? And because they werent able to complete the story line within the given frame of time, it is looking as if MR is leaving things in between.  

Because the CVs couldnt plan the story properly, they wanted 2 more extra months which MR readily agreed. Why MR had to agree? Bcos he is COMMITTED to the show and is SINCERE to his role. Now how right do you think it will be from the production's side to ask him to extend it for another 2 months? He was generous once, but unfortunately CVs couldnt do justice to this extended time period also, so how is it MR's fault? Because of the fault of creative team, why should MR keep postponing his exit when he might have other things to do?

Or what if the CVs have already planned beforehand, and they never intended to show a Tasha reunion so that they can easily rope in another guy in Dutta's place and start showing Nakku's romance with him? What if they would have thought that since Mishal is leaving, if they showed Nakku's romance with him it will be more difficult for audience to accept another guy in Mishal's place? I know it sounds sick Dead, but what if?!?!?! And if thats how the CVs wanted things to be, what say would Mishal have in that?

So lets do one thing.....instead of MR, lets just blame the CVs for all this miss Big smileLOL!

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