Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

05/01 Ria Ka Adda .: Jiju ko yaad na hamari aai :.

secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:20am | IP Logged

Hello Friends Smile

Epi rating:
8/10 Star *nudge* Dont be shocked LOL Epi was entertaining...acting was good Star I was expecting Beeji-DJ scene...lekin koi gal nahi...kal sahi :)

1) "Jiju ki yaad aa rahi hey?" *Aro & addians in chorus* pata hey pata hey kis ki yaad aa rahi hey *nudge* ROFL
2) Funny BG music when cousins saw chikoo LOL
3) Arjuhi's aankho k ishaaray LOL Aro was too cute for words.. "Agar samajh gaya toh tum samjhana bund ker do gi" Heart
4) Chikoo :"Dhekho hum kitnay kareeb aa gaye hein" Big smileHeart Aro: "Door hato" Angry (ROFL) "kya khusar phoosar hoh rahi hey?Ermm  zor say bolo" Angry LOL
5) Arjun answering all the questions while looking at Aro Heart
6) Arjun's self talk Broken Heart & Aro taking her cousin's class ROFL In the boxing ring we can imageine Aro & chikoo ---> ROFL

7) Ending scene...Arjun ka ghussaa jaiz thaa Approve "kya kiya thaa meinay?" Angry


1) Mama g:"Meinoo yaad aa gaya" with whoosh whoosh effect Wacko
2) Cousins are OTT...the way they speak: "hum nay kabhi India nahi dhekha"
3) Aro's acha insaan baashan Angry Move on girl! *rolling eyes* kitni baar same baat repeat kero gi? Confused
4) @CVs: I'm waiting for something hatke Smile

Quote of the day: "i wish you could put your ear upto my heart & hear how much i love you" Unhappy  - Source unknown

Thats it from me Cool Dont forget to hit "Like" & do share your views Geek LOL


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Ayesha_gla Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Me Back Finally Hug
ME LIKED THE EPI.. Big smile

Mamaji - Wat bakwaas is all this about Mamaji.. No use of him D'oh

champu jee - uff I hate him, silly and idiotic..

Cookie and Coffee ROFL what a name !!!

Arohi's Burst out at arjun - I was wondering why it was then realised its her heart which wants to burst out and then also forgive  !!!

arjun-bolo kya kiya hai maine tumhare saath??
arohi- tum kabhi bhi nahi samjhoge tumne kya kiya hai mere saath....Thumbs UpThumbs Up

Star points for the dialogues

P.s: Thanku PavsHug

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Quirky IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
 Me loved the epi...EmbarrassedBlushingDay Dreaming reminded me of the MAGIC of KMH1Embarrassed 

-As I mentioned earlier Cheeku is bringing AA together at his own expense..ROFLsee how he runs away to mano his saaliyaLOL leaving AA together to chit-chatEmbarrassed

-Loved AA scenes ...reminded me of office lift scenes of KMH1...*me  in dream world*Embarrassed

-Arohi's bhashan.. I was like "Phir se"Angry and then she goes of non stop..*banged my head*Ouch

-Arjun's gussa then his smile then gussa then smile...CUTE scene... left Arohi in a confused state of lets see what she says tom in this confusion..Wink

-Arjun's Dadi.. "Tussi jaldi aona "LOL

-Why is Arohi not wearing western clothes?Angry She has shifted back to her multicoloured uniformsAngry and those Coffee/cookie are shown wearing skmipy outfits..CVs..if ppl are from US/Canada doesnt mean they have to wear such outfits..D'oh

-Don't u guys think Arjun's transformation happened TOO quickly?Confused

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karankittu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:28am | IP Logged

i just wish we get to see romantic scenes of arjun and arohi, not enjoying these scenes at all :( !!!!!

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Hello Aadians

First three parts I was like pikachu in pokemon:
seeing the cute Arjuhi scenes and the right moment to increase the level of jealousy in Arohi. So Cookie and Coffee have made an appearance to make a difference on Arohi! The same feeling that Arjun is having when seeing Arohi with another one, it is creating the same burning feeling in Arohi.  However again we got to see the mastery of Arjun's character who even being insulted and accused by the sharp tongued, impulsive and passing quick judgement Arohi, the man is mature and calm and is still having patience to bear the insult. The music was good. The little light tensed comedy feel was good too and I am sure mamaji will only remember Arjun as damaadjiROFL I love the little conversation of Arohi Simi where Simi said she will like someone rich and handsome like Chikoo in her life but she also knows the 'kabootar' nature of Chikoo and pulled back Arohi's leg. LOLMy favourite of the day remains my sweet Shefali! She is awesome! I love her more than Arjuhi now,lolz. She knows the exact time of entry where to give the lovers their time and how she fooled Chikoo.Heart
Chikoo character has really grown like a chick:
 ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL because even Coffee and Cookie know a little flatter to jija, he will inflate and they will get what they want.ROFLROFL
I liked to see again like the first episode like the men Ahluwalia escape from function organisation and the women handle itLOL.
There was the happy feel nature and again I love the little interruption of lovedeep when mama remembered something.
Absent minded mamaWink
She is indirectly also in the gang that is supporting Arjun.
Lovedeep: I am in team loveTongue
Once she will know their love story, she gonna be the first family member supporting Arohi.
Petals of asters for today scene because like the meaning of the asters flowers carries of symbol of love,afterthought and daintiness:
In the light of the petals, i will add that it was an overall  good episode of a rating 7 to me Starand a bonus for the entire characters role played making an 8 out of 10 episodeClap.
Where did they miss the two points to be an 10 out of 10
I will say room for improvement on:
(i) the mehendi function is what we have seen in KMH1 and it was not innovating on the moment.
(ii) Then only for the peak to hit on the 50th episode with the entry for sure of Biji in the Ahluwalia house, they overstreteched the character of Arohi. What did Arjun did to Arohi now with the last dialogue I am confused as well. It was irrelevant and the hard feeling of Arohi to Arjun was only 25 % justified because we know she is in the heart vs mind conflict and because we know she blabber everything what she wants but this time she is passing quick judgement,yes,part of her character,but all what she said to Arjun was confusing for me
(iii) and then now they are continuing using the background love theme music of 'Iktara' that was on Gauri's crush to Arjun on Arjun and Arohi. I feel they could have used music.

I was left to wonder like this

as now I am sure that Arjun is returning home and Biji will show him how to win his dame from being with his family when Biji will understand the true love of Arjun to Arohi and as it was an irrelevant of stretch of Arohi's sharped words, it makes me think is there any effect?
 Will that be when everyone loses patience then she will understand?
 Not so of Arohi's nature but definitely like Arjun Punj she is the one hurting the person she holds.Ouch
Starting feeling perhaps yeah for the 'dulha swap' but then if Arohi humiliates Arjun, that will be so hard to gulp that I gonna hanging around like this pictureLOL
As there is no reason for why she is doing this, at least I can still think of one- does she mean her trust has been so broken into pieces that even if she wants she is unable to trust him as her mind does not want to be hurt again? This is already seen though.
 Is it going to the peak to the extent that Arjun tells her that he justified in the letter that she never received. Will she believe that she is double more hurt that her best friend broke her trust intentionally? Is the matter really turn to hit Gauri's evil mind?

 Action on my presumption for tomorrow:

the 50th episode will be today was the preparation of the ace entry and tomorrow the ace is going to come to give a shake! Looking for the biji and dj takraar tomorrow!

@Mehr - both of us agreed on the 8/10 and like ur pointers
@all - just watch sbs of 2day and tomorow it will be more mastis about mehendi and chikoo ki bachelor party, perhaps in the end the entry of dadi. Still Arohi said she is not convinced on the phone. How Arjun is going to convince her? lol

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged
*skids to a halt*

@Sarab: *hugs back* Loved your super quick take Star Agree...Mama j's character is useless...dialogue writer does a good job Clap

"its her heart which wants to burst out and then also forgive  !!!"
Yup :)

@Sana: *nudge* oye hoye, blushing? Big smile Zabardust pointers StarStarStar

"ee how he runs away to mano his saaliyaLOL leaving AA together to chit-chatEmbarrassed"
Chikoo is three much LOL

"then she goes of non stop..*banged my head*Ouch"
*stopping Sana* Not worth it LOL

"if ppl are from US/Canada doesnt mean they have to wear such outfits..D'oh"
Approve *nudging Canadian girls* bolo na! LOL

"Don't u guys think Arjun's transformation happened TOO quickly?Confused"
Yes i feel the same Confused

@John&Bipasha: Welcome to RKA dear :)  Arey we cant get only romantic scenes...story k baaray mein bhi toh sochna hey na LOL

@Nisha: Pickachoo of Pokemon LOL Zabardust post with cool images & points for improvementStarStarStarStarStar

he man is mature and calm and is still having patience to bear the insult. The music was good"

"ROFL because even Coffee and Cookie know a little flatter to jija, he will inflate and they will get what they want.ROFLROFL"

Petals of asters"

*M goes dreamy* Day Dreaming

What did Arjun did to Arohi now with the last dialogue I am confused as well. It was irrelevant and the hard feeling of Arohi to Arjun was only 25 % justified"

"Just hanging around"
Oye! *runs to stop Nisha* ROFL

WOW! u also gave 8/10! *high ten*Big smile

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Ayesha_gla Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
@sana: Bingo Ditto.. .Wink

Me also dreamland ..reminded me of the ofice fights they had.Big smile

and yeah wat happend to the dressing stylist again Confused
And why do CV's have a special attraction towards Canada..
I think they are missing Anjana .. ROFLROFL

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sumz3 Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 11:33am | IP Logged

Good episode.

Acting, expressions are awesome. Everyone doing a great job!

Cookie and Coffee, yeah, seriously agree with everyone, why are they dressed like that. We don't dress like that … and even if you do, why would you dress like that in front of relatives. So skanky.

Loved seeing Arohi all jealous of Cookie and Coffee. ROFL and Arjun using it to his advantage. Muahahahahahhahahaha.Evil Smile

Aww, the unspoken conversation over the ring was too cute. Day Dreaming Arjun's internal thought "isharo mein samjhane ke yehein baat mili thi" ROFLhow cute, all he thinks of is her ishaara of love ....too cute.

Loved the A-A convo while chatting to Cheekbootar and Cookie and Coffee. Hahahahah Loved "door hatoo" "zoorh se bolo" hahahahahah


Really like Gouri's sari.

LOL at Arohi getting all mad at Arjun for ignoring her. And Shefali too smart, coming in creating a clean path for the love birds.

ROFL Arohi getting mad at Cheeku. Cheeku all he cares about his looking and being cool Cool in front of others. He's found his soulmate airhead frands. LOL

Final A-A convo was really good. Big smile Hurtful but good. Broken Heart I loved Arjun's responses and anger and I'm glad that he voiced his feelings and questioned Arohi as opposed to just taking what Arohi kept saying.

Man, those words from Arohi were so hurtful. I feel bad for both. Arohi trust was broken and to amend will take a lot.

Awesome responses from Arjun to Arohi's accusations, even though he was mad. He gives her the security that he doesn't care about C&C but her. Aww. Day Dreaming

But the ending, what the hell was that? Why cut off in the middle of a sentence … I'm all confused. Wacko Crappy ending. Thumbs Down

Overall, a really good episode. Thumbs Up

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