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Written/video update(5th Jan 2011) (Page 4)

-allizwell- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by venture

Laxmiiiiiii I Lub You, we are Bhenaiy. I was looking for you for couple of days, as you were no where to be seen I was about to ask you for Jhalak Dhiklaja.
As there was nothing solid happened today to comment on , just a continuation of whats been happening, I think it will be another week for Suhana to accept the Pavitra Rishta. As they are dragofying to the limits and now some new twist involving Sonali to console Suhana. But anyways dont want to comment on anything as there is no point, but thoroughly enjoyed your update, you can be Master Chef.Yeah the only lobly thing was Suhana was looking awsome in that torqiose outfit, just loved it.
oye Sheems..... tussi toh great ho too lubh u ji....Embarrassed.. yaar miss u all..... i miss our  phorumva.... ab patha nahi kyun..... kuch adhoora sa lagtha hain.....Shakila's VM thread is my only intention to come everyday yaar Sheems..... hope Sushaan's pavithra rishtha does not give us any more jhatkas.... i am allready dun with it.... yaar....LOLLOL.....Thank u so much for reading and your kind appreciations dear....Hug. tried to do something hatke..... now getting lots of jhatke......LOLLOL

Bazingaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Hey, it's a really nice update. Added some fun to the boring was brilliant. Well done. For such boring epis...some fun is surely needed.Big smileThumbs Up

P.S.- for all the ppl who have been commenting that they hated the written update, found it annoying etc.- Guys, take a chill pill. and try to understand that using some soft words to put your point across wouldn't cost you anything. Look,i'm not being mean or znything but it's kinda sad...I mean just try to put yourself at the updater's place and you'll know what I mean. I hope you'll understand. Just some softer words. After all, the updaters are busy humans like us and they take some time out to provide us with the update so they would feel appy if you appreciate their work and if you really didn't like it then at least say so in a more polite way....remember that they take out time to write the update. I understand that it can be confusing for some and annoying too but there's a nicer way of saying it. Big smile  I know you're all amazing and mature peope and will surely understand.Big smile

Phew! Boy, that was some big lecture...not even sure if ppl will read it but I had to say what was in my heart! Smile

And @ the updater- again, that was some great update. Keep up the good work. I appreciate your work and the fact that you and all the updaters take out time to do it for us. Big smile I wish I could say this to all the updaters on IF.....lolLOL

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mjtruelegend IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by laxmi_s


Pyar ki yeh ek kahani suno,

Ek Thakkur tha, ek Ghabbar thi, Ram milaaye jodi ki yeh baat hamari pakki hai suno,

Ek Bholu tha ek Tubelight thi,

Pooch ek duje se yeh Rishtha kya kehlaata hai

Who rehne wali mehlon ki kya kal bolegi Confused, Dil mil gaye,Yeh Ishq haaye Bholu tere liye???

Well guess time to depend on their bhagyavidhaata (the scriptwritersLOL )
Salaam Namaste SGPians,Hug Happy new year to u all, Big smile Awwww, forget that crap, just wanna start SGP ki kahaani meri zubaani with mirch masala..Approve.. so tried this way! Guyz, today's episode was the setting of the stage for Suhana's declaration of love and others knowing the relationship between thakkur and Ghabbar. so my update will be a bit hatke without any jhatkey....LOL  Please bear with me as found nothing much to write.Unhappy

 Yahan main Ghar Ghar kheliLOL:Bajpai house bedroom

 Behenein Ghabbar and Sanju having a discussion reg. Ishaan. Ghabbar still furious and Sanju still lagaoing Jeeju naara. Says Ghabbar to stop this jeeju naara and finally Sanju manages a bhaiya. Ghabbar's point is still that Thakkur had been to pub, So sanju asks her what's wrong in that, does n't Ghabbar go to pub? Sanju hits a sixer saying did she talk to Thakkur reg. this? Possibly the matter wud have got solved too. After all Bholu is not that bad. Ghabbar gets furious Evil Smileand says is Sanju her sister or his sister? And then tells her to speak to Thakkur then and there reg. her problem. There enter Khatron ke khiladi KK and says all the talk will be done only tomorrow and by then Ghabbar's gussa will become thanda. Ghabbar gets furious again saying why is her dad and sis supporting Bholu more and her intention is only to retain her gussa, That's why she is in a hurry to make them speak to Thakkur. Sanju says Jeeju must be sleeping so it is better they speak to him the next day. Sanju tries to pacify her saying Ghabbar's gussa is also damn sweet. Ghabbar says she feels as if she is being teased Clown. to which Sanju says they r only trying to help her control her gussa. LOLKK nods and cam zooms to Ghabbar's angry expression.Evil Smile

Saas bina sasuraal LOL Kashyap Terrace:

Pratigya RB sees Thakkur sleeping on the bench, wakes him and enquires why has he been sleeping there and so on. Thakkur is in bhool bhulaiya mode and tries to recollect his memories about the last night fight from the world of Lapathaganj. Smartly says he has been watching the match late night so, soon after came to terrace and din know how he fell asleep. RB directly jumps to point that Ghabbar ke saath jagda ho gaya kya? Enters Jaankhilavan jasoos Meena and says Ghabbar is not in bedroom, bathroom, no where .RB in her anxiety asks Thakkur where is ghabbar? Did something happen between them both??  (Oh goodness RB u r really pratigya, koi bhi baath ko jat se pakad lethi hoLOLaur chodne ka naam bhi nahi lethiWink)Goes down running calling for Choti bhabhi. (worse option, now the kashyap house will be flooded with Rano's tears in no time.Cry) Thakkur is still thinking.(I guess he is only in thinking mode today and no dialoguesOuch)

 Koffee with no oneLOL:Dining area of Kashyap house

 The research and development team comprising of namely Rajni and Disha r seriously discussing as to how can this happen? They had never ever thot Ghabbar can leave the house so abruptly. Confused(ye le. Toh itna hi jaana aap logon ne Ghabbar ko, Remember Suhana bajpai can do anything anywhere anytime.LOL) Disha in a furious mode rushes to Pagla Elesh and says she has been always saying this to him but he never believed. May be she left because of Sonali. Yamla Inder says how can this happen ? Why Ms. Gold?  Rajni says she had feared this and had told him also that she is always chipkofying Thakkur so much. Elesh says they mean to say Suhana left as she suspected something cooking between Thakkur and Ms. Gold? Yeh Ishaan bhi na! Yamla Inder says "Thakkur is no.1 Gadha and  he shud have kept his reservations with Ms. Gold. He is bewakoof also, he has to understand na." But Rajni is in no mood to listen all this and passes a generalized statement "All men r the same. No one understands." Pagla Elesh says "Yeh Suhana Kashyap ekdum bekhar hai. Ishaan aur Sonali ke beech aisa kuch nahi hai." Disha gets hyper and retaliates to him about his statement.  Elesh asks "why is she getting hyper with him when he has not done anything? Rajni says "Why is Ms. Gold doing this, I don't understand, she seems to be a sensible dame, but she also tries to show Ghabbar always that Thakkur is hers more than Ghabbar." Inder is irritated at this discussion and asks them to stop it and feels there must be some issue as all know Thakkur really likes Ghabbar. Elesh says but it was not an easy thing to leave the house. It wud be better if they all will go and manafy Ghabbar to get back to their house. Disha says she must have gone to her Dad's place only but it wud be better if Inder finds out as she is scared to face others reg. this matter.

 Rendezvous with Ms. Gold and Gunahon ka devta DadajiLOL: Terrace

 Ms. Gold crying and walking to and fro as she now knows that Ghabbar is no more in the house. Gunahon ka devta Dadaji enters and says things will be fine. Ms. Gold says nothing is fine, as Ghabbar has left the house and things seem to be on a wrong way. Dadaji assures her that things will better up and did anyone tell her anything? Ms. Gold says it is not time to think what others told her and not.  If Ghabbar leaves Thakkur how will he survive, as he won't be able to survive without her. Dadaji convinces her that Suhana is also in love in Ishaan and she will def. be back. Ms. Gold is worried that if she does n't she cannot face herself and apni nazaron mein ghir jayegi. She tells Dadaji to take her to Suhana and she will talk to her. Dadaji says Bajpai will be bringing Suhana in sometime and things will be fine when sat and spoken to each other about the issue.

 Ghabbar ka insaafWink: Living room

 Yamla, Pagla, Deewana(all 3 brothers), Ms. Calamity Rano, Dabangg Dadiji,  RB, the research and development team(Rajni, Disha) all turn by turn pestering our Thakkur with questions as to why Ghabbar left , what happened and stuff. Thakkur helpless, just maintains his restless mode and avoids the questions by not  answering back. About to call Ghabbar on this, but enters Bigg Boss Alok and Maati ki Banno BM and says Suhana is gone to her house only and she will come with her dad in sometime. Rano shocked asks Alok knew it pehle se? Alok says he knew it now from BM. RB rushes to make a phone , BM says no need since Suhana and KK have already come. There enter Khatron ke khiladi KK(minus his band, bhaja baraat this timeLOL) and Ghabbar. Looked like Ghabbar is trying hard to maintain the magnitude of her gussa.

Inder asks Suhana as to where she has been and all have been worried for her. She sternly tells to her dad to  talk to all and she will leave with her dad after that. Currently she will go to her room. There enters Dadaji and greets her. But she leaves abruptly. KK is all into apologizing with all but is sure something is wrong. Though he knows his daughter's temperament, this time it is certain of some misunderstanding and they shud talk about it and sort it out. Alok scolds Bholu and says is Bholu having rusgullahs in his mouth(oh even I doubted that, as he din say ,much  dialogues todayConfused) KK still maintains that he needs to talk in privacy as possibly some misunderstanding must have happened. Rano says Ishaan is not the kind who can hurt someone, no idea what is wrong.KK says Suhana does not know to handle dard from her bachpan. Iss baar usse kuch chubi hai. (the arrow is of Cupid, ..... the players r Ms. Gold, Maati ki baano and Gunahon ka devta.LOL Well, u will know it soon Mr.Khatron ke khilaadiWink)


 KK talking to Dadaji and BM. Says he thot all wud be ok. Dadaji says "Ab ek hi raastha hai"Ms. Gold says to Suhana she needs to talk to her. Suhana shuts the door. Ms. Gold reluctant to leave , stands against her door and says she needs to tell her something. Suhana is reluctant to open but is confused and in tears. Cry

Shukran guys.Embarrassed.. apologise if have bored u.... since the episode was thanda, had to add my mirch masala to it..Stern Smile... please bear if finding it all rot...Ermm.LOL
Hum hai rahi pyaar ke.Silly...phir milenge chalthe chalthe..Dancing......

OMG your update is so funny.LOLLOL Too good. Well done to you. In all this harsh weather in the world of SGP you've brought out a ray of sunshine in your  writing.ClapClap I have laughed a lot reading this. ROFLROFL
Big smile

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Atulji Newbie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
please update in a regular style.

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jaswargikoinahi Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 5:23pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update. U rock.

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-MakhanMalaai- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 5:27pm | IP Logged
yeh update to ik dum jhakaas hai laxs...Clap

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zanabeg Senior Member

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 5:44pm | IP Logged
aplogies, but i did not enjoy reading the epi...

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 6:49pm | IP Logged
I normally enjoy your updates......but am so sorry to say tha I really did not enjoy reading this update,  sorry no offence and  please, please nothing personal!! just my point of view!!.

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