Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

3 IDIOTS - LOGIC lost at the cost of DRAMA!! UGH!!

--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 7:57am | IP Logged
Idiots' Tantra Mala

Chamatkar ya Balatkar'idiots ki tantra mala....

We forgot we are Idiots who are supposed to do chamatkar and not balatkaar Ouch...So new improved Tantra Mala includes what is defined as chamakaar and what is defined as balatkaar

1. Your POV
2. Symbolism
3. Ripping of promo, precap, episode
4. Deciphering the characters and their characterization.
5. Storyline, plot, future of the story, track or anything that a new character can bring
6. Ideas unique to Idiot Family
7. Songs, Shayari, Verses, Prose that bring newness to the thread related to the family, characters, story or in general entertainment.


1. Bashing anyone ' character, actor, member or anyone who has expressed a POV you do not agree with
2. Ripping ' anyone
3. Ignoring ' Anyone

Ikkraar Big smile

Aaaal Izzz Weelll as along as we agree to disagree..
Yaar paancho oongliyan barabar nahi hoti'aur muthi mooh par thodi na maarte hain..use to fight depression, oppression, compression, suppression, impression and enjoy the session


1. The first three pages are for analysis ONLY as it gets lost in the pages later on. We have received requests for this. 
2. The chat thread would be the previous day's thread. So feel free to express anything and everything there.
3. Once the reserve of spot is done within say the first hour, the thread is then open for discussion and replies. 
4. Anyone who misses the boat on first three pages to analyse the episode, should send a pm to the opener to index the link so that people find it easy to read your take. 
5. The thread will open at 9:00 pm IST
6.We want maximum people to read the analysis and appreciate the effort and time put into watching the episode several time to bring in nuances.


Dol's OS on Idiotz

Vrush's Short Story Link

Vinu Ki Nihu - Nautanki Ka Raaz - A Love Story

Idiotz Phamily Saga - Vinu Ka Raaz

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Index of analysis beyond pg 3:

Seher's take:

Vinu's sexy spoilers:

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Logic lost at the cost of Drama............

What a BLATANTLY ILLOGICAL TWIST.....i get that it was for the dramatic effect...but that was really STUPID!!!  

There is no possible way to incubate this fetus at 3-4 fact it is very very risky even at 7 months....and order to transplant it has to have been done at the EMBRYONIC cannot be done this late in the gestational cycle.

Even for a Fetus to be born as early as the eight month...there are so many risks.....the lungs are the last to develop in a fetus. Surfactant is a detergent like fluid that needs to be formed in the lungs but is not made till the very late stages if the pregnancy
This is what helps the baby's lungs form collapsing during the breathing cycle.....

Yaar...College ke din yaad aagaye...kya time tha!!!Big smile

Anyhow...continuing with the analysis.......where can the story go from here..??

I see only 2 possible ways....

1. Naya TAVEEZ koi CHAMATKAR karega...and will save Geet and the baby miraculously...hence renewing Maan's faith in GOD!!


2. I hate to say this....but there has to be a MISCARRIAGE!!!  UGH....Maan in a dilemma...or is he really..  Opps...there i go with the logic??  I mean really.....Its obvious that Man will choose Geet....for they can always have other children.

For those who will say....what is she cannot pregnant again...then let me tell you this i snot possible, as there was physical trauma to GEET"S body....organs.  The fetus if miscarried will die of asphyxiation....a lack of oxygen.

Anyways.....What do you guys think can happen??.....i would love to hear your points of view!!

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-honeydew- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 7:59am | IP Logged
My take:

Its like ... when there is story we want moment
when there are moments we want story ..
when there are sequences we look for logic..
when logic is brought in we look for execution...

either ways there is something or the other that we complain of for today .. it was not one of the best... but it was not that horrible as well...

The episode had story... and i guess thats what we wanted .. didnt we.. we wanted things that would take a track forward ...

Geet in the sauna and the door getting jammed was a logical explanation to why she couldnt come out ...Brij was consistent in character... it was more like aadmi khatam-kaam khatam !! they left it at that point so show the man will strike this time big time after learning she has survived the worst as well.. he will also realise that the bigger danger at hand at the moment he faces is from maan singh khurana himself .. and unless maan is out of his way, he will not be able to touch Geet !!

Maan's fear and tension was apparent when he realises he could lose Geet, and even at that moment he looks at the taveez... 
is it Taveez part two i wondered.. remember how the taveez had found its rightful owner? This time also i thought aisa kuch hone waala hai .. But Maan places it around her arm ... in anycase, it was touching to see how a man like him had turned this vulnerable and was willing to believe a superstition for the sake his beloved ...

geet or the baby.. well yeh toh hona hi tha ..looks like it .. sadly, it was a twist that was perhaps expected ... but, unfortunately we the audience of star one are not tuned to watch something like this .. however, i feel there was no other way out .. and this episode was needed ... to clear a few things .. and bring in a few dilemma ...

in a crisis situation like this who would maan choose- the baby or the mother? Obviously he is attached to the baby only through Geet, and only for Geet but now he is attached to the baby as well... 
remember the kasam he had taken for Geet's sake? will it find its place now? we dont know time will tell ... 
however the pace of the episode was a little slow esp the Maaneet sequence...

Anwesha and Arjun: loved how she asked him to win her back and how he was taken aback when she gave it back to her .. it looked like he was beginning to realise she is important to him after all.. and admiting to her that she is perhaps the only person he has explained himself to her, and his shock when she spoke of NT showed Arjun is taking steps in a positive direction ...

I like where the story is heading .. and after this ... my prediction stays where it is ...

just a predikson :
Geet passes out in the bathroom and she is rushed to the hospital and while she is unconscious she dreams of Maan and herself and him taking her away, and all this while everyone is worried and scared as to what would happen to her ... 
But then she see's herself sinking and, its the hope to be with him that brings her back !


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preetgurti IF-Stunnerz

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Maan beleive in God make me write this song as Maan only wants Geet good

Nit Kher maanga sohniya main teri
Duan na koi hor maangda
Tere pairach akeer hove meri
Duan na koi hor maangada
Tere pyar dita jado da sahara ve
Maahiya bhul gaya mainu jag sara ve
Khusi aiyeo meri sajna batheri
Duan na koi hor Maangda

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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ha ha ha

looks like i might see the epi and...laughing ever since..the blunder..

but i am sure..they meant that if they dont do MTP... then Geet's life is in danger too!!

hee hee..but..theek hai..chalo aisa bhi hota..hai

me see other thing..

the bieber hairstyle gone..and Arjun looks see beyond...the blunder..he is so hot..!!

i liked the dynamics...between Arjun and Annie!! the character sketch of Arjun is that of a caring though misguided man i like it i like it

hai mera..mushtanda..without moosh..tho...gaadi aur kudi..ko..apne haathon le jaayega...!!

does this mean....Brij is gone??

no no..i want him to be beaten to maan and arjun!! i have nothing more to say for now!!

if it had not been for that one dialog it would have been would have awesome awesome heart wrenching epi...

par just cos of one dialog...all of us are looking at every inch/frame..that went..on..and we do that always...

it is just that i like to focus on the bigger picture..
and me looking out for... the shaadi

the ghodi..the baja...

and..wah kya shaadi hogi..

some funny moments

the way Maan picked up Geet poor soul..after losing the muscle to struggle to pick up Geet..and then when he delicately put her on the bed then...he removed his hands in a jerk that jolted her

then the way he stopped twice before he said, Geet aankhen kholo...
he said geeta.. geet..aa..that made me think that maan has suddenly gone the south indian...way..

ok in a serious situation me sitting and laughing and the cherry on the cake of course was the losing mom to keep the baby...alive..dimwit how does a baby in the womb survive without the womb may be there is a new technology of keeping a 3 month fetus alive and grow in test tube?? me not medically viji meri GG will throw some light on you

now..coming to flimsy is the car that a stone..that too a crumbly one..can..kill the car...!! chalo theek hai
but instead getting the woman could have done someting about taking her to the hospi..
chalo ye bhi theek hai....

par first mein nahi second mein dalna padta hai gear ko to jump start it...hee hee..sorry i am a car bufff!!

where did AAA go use phone the mechanic..and delhi mein cab service nahi hai??

chalo chalo..bahut hans liye..

Ah a symbolism

Arjun has goodness in his heart..and when he will really try to help that is when glitches will happen...

but Ani trusted him enough to ensure that he would take her to the hospi..

i like the story development of Anni and Arjun!!

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Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 8:11am | IP Logged
Shivi ka Tommy aur lungi rocked the post yesterday, we had gala time...I hope today we will hit 150 pages....
Idiot phamily rocks....

Tommy is Idiotz phamily's gun, Maan is most lethal weapon, lungi is bidu logo ka phree air condisnor....Lungi pehne ka bindas ghomne ka, tenson nahin leyne ka, sahi Shivi behn?

Don't think Muni gets nut, it's just the last night effect of the post....

Masti sisters rocks...

Today episode was superb, what I had expected from Maan he had reacted the same way, he was so broken to see Geet in this condition that he had no idea what actually he was saying..he was out of word, fumbled and blabbered..the way he put Geet on bed, it's not seem that he put it, he actually threw her on the bed lolz...anyways can understand his situation...the pain of losing someone can clearly see on his face...he was so wanna be with her...loved it how he collected baba's words by holding the Taveez in his hand...this is the 2nd time I had tears...1st when Maan was in hospital, and they had hugged in hospital, and 2nd today...brilliant work by Guru & Drashti...

Oyeeee mera Brij aise nahin ja sakta, I wanna see my sher and our oyeeeee face to face...

First time I enjoyed AA battery scene...really liked eyes was only on Arjun...don't wanna comment on Nikunj..Seriously if I think about her then there is no option to dislike the scenes, so I totally kept her out from the frame, and enjoyed the track...

Today epi stealer was Maan Singh Khurana only....10/10...dont wanna comment and cry over precap...I am sure they will change the precap scene, if not then tomorrow my andas, dandas, and chappals will be ready..don't wanna bother myself for believe to cry tomorrow when thing actually would be happen, don't believe to start cry over something which I am not sure would be happen or not...

I will update anything if I missed or forget...


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--Revv-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged

Hey Gangzta... How is the week treating u aaaaaaaaaal ????

BTW.. I would like to thank my friends who unwaveringly beleive that I would update my take one day... Zaroor karegi.LOLLOLLOL
Ok... I am wondering what to write today... I see that most of them have covered the points...
But I wanted to know why both of them ddnt think of calling for a tow truck and call for taxi so she can go to the hospital.. I know the romance wld be killed... But still ConfusedEmbarrassedLOLLOLLOL
Now coming to the maha drama of Geet possible Miscarriage
I have no words!!! I am just sad ErmmErmmErmm
A few predictions/questions from ma end...
Will Brij walk away without confirming Geet is dead ??
Will Maan know Brij is behind the turn of events??
Will we see the Great face off with Oye oye in the back ground ?? LOLLOL
Will the fact of miscarriage be kept away from Geet till the wedding due to her emotional and physical unwellness ???
Will Arjun be blamed for this again and will Annie come to his rescue as she would be his alibi EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I guess its enuff for now EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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