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DEVIL'S DEN :Baby's Day out (Page 2)

liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Warm welcome to Manashi Hug

Dear CVs

We love the baby Heart. We cannot stand the sight of NE. Dead

We know you need TRPs and need to tapkofy someone. Trust us we understand your predicament Big smile

You see to us the baby exists since we know where it came from and we also saw it on the sonogram Day Dreaming. Plus we are emotionally attached to it. Cry

NE on the other hand we care two hoots for Dead. We have no idea where she came from so she does not exist for us. Also she gets on her nerves and we want her gone. Angry

So if you need to tapkofy someone TRPs please tapkofy NE. We would highly appreciate it. Big smile

Jhan on behalf of all the devils Hug

PS: Touch the baby and you will not know what hit you and that is a devil's promise Evil Smile

41 people who are wondering how the baby can survive without the mother Geek

An (Daaku)
Anvesha - hamari Anvesha (Ash's mum ) Approve
Shoba (Norstar)
Taqdir (Nabiha)
Vini (Blue)


Let Jhan know if you want to be added to this list

I had booked a spot to analyze and watched the episode to realize that there was nothing to analyze. I never believed that I would see a day when you faltered in every single department there was. Usually it is the editors or the BG people, today everyone blew it and blew it big time. The whole thing looked so illogical and forced, that the actors were having a difficult time coming up with credible performances themselves.

Dhrasti came off the best because after being fabulous in the first few minutes she had to just lie there. GC and Anjuji will take the brunt of the bad remarks. GC looked confused and completely lost. I have not seen him like this ever. It is like he could not believe he was doing this scene and the same goes for daadi. I refuse to let the actors get away scot free but at the same time you give them a lousy script there is only so much they can do.

And the doctor. Lord save us all and anyone who went to this woman. She is a hack. Until the woman is atleast 25-26 weeks along, the chances of the baby surviving are very bleak. Infact even at 20 weeks the odds of survival are very very slim. Which begs the question exactly how far along is Geet (considering she got married in Jan 2010 and it is now Jan 2011 in the series...but never mind that). According to the sonogram she is somewhere around 12-14 weeks pregnant - which is 3-4 months. The fetus will not be able to survive outside the mother's womb. Then how the heck did the doctor say she can save the mother or the child? GET THIS IF THERE IS NO MOTHER THERE IS NO CHILD........GEET NEEDS TO BE ALIVE FOR THE BABY TO BE BORN. I cannot believe that there was not one member of the cast or crew who raised an objection to this. This is beyond appalling and you have become a laughing stock of one and all. You don't need to be a doctor to know this. I certainly am not one and I had read this somewhere. When I got a doubt, I did not need to consult a doctor, I googled it and google uncle told me what I needed to know. You could have done the same, though it would have been a great idea if you consulted a real doctor with a bonafide degree (a gynecologist would have been the best) before making this big blooper. This smacks of arrogance, negligence and callousness. More than anything it shows a deep disregard for your audience's sensibilities and insults their intelligence.

With the Arjun-Annie scene, I think I am going to throw diplomacy to the wind and ask you this? Which genius (note the sarcasm) thought that showing a so called romantic interaction between the two after they knew Geet had been admitted into the hospital was a good idea. That person(s) need to be fired. Where is your sense of discretion and decency. Forget that where is your common sense. If you really wanted a change in scenery you could have shown the office staff celebrating in the office unaware of the happening and Arjun-Annie interaction there. And a bonfire really. Geet is dying/losing her baby and someone thought it was a fab idea for these 2 to have a picnic. God give you some common sense because most people were disgusted by it. People do not like the pair as is and you are not helping any by giving them ill thought scenes like this.

I like one thing about the bonfire though - you can use it to burn the script and screenplay for today's show.

Three more things
1) Maaneet better get married for real
2) Geet better be have a happy wedding
3) The baby better be OK.

I am one of your toughest critics but at the same time on of your most loyal fans. If these three conditions are not met I will not stay around to watch the demise of this show and neither will any of my friends.

You need to recognize that it is Maaneet and their chemistry and their love story that is keeping us here. DO NOT MESS WITH MAANEET AND THE BABY.

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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1. Brij is awesome and I love the way his mind works. I wish though he was smarter. He did not make sure his victim was really dead. LOL Well that works in Geet's benefit, he won't go to hospital to see her die. LOL
2. Geet fainting and being taken to the hospital is fine, Maan crying is fine, but baby dying ever is NOT! Do what you want to build suspense, but baby stays!
3. Barry Dhillon please tell me why Maan would have to choose between Geet and the baby? Geet is not pregnant long enough for her baby to survive outside of the womb! There are bloopers and then there is that! Do your research before you write any line.
4. What id up with bonfire and Arjun-Anwesha romance? Please tell me why that girl is romancing with him while her bhabi is on her death bed? Nikunj should be replaced, she cannot act. She is ruining all the scenes with Arjun, whom I like. Please spare us the torture.
5. This is a great chance for Arjun to find out the truth about who is really the victim in the NT-Khurana angle. When he arrives with NE to the hospital, he should wonder why she is pregnant and NE can finally be of some use and tell him the story. Though I am very sure Nikunj's horrible acting will ruin the scene.
6. Bring Dev and Naintara back. Keep Dev negative and replace the actor if you have to. But they need to be there because they are important to the story and it remains incomplete without them. There seems to be an element missing because they are no where in sight.

CV's seriously need to rethink things. They are becoming too lazy! From repetitive dialogues to scenes. It's getting a bit much now.
If it is possible, bring Swati Pandey back.

Reasons MC won't happen

1. Maaneet are definitely getting married, confirmed by many sources. They cannot get married if there is a MC. Geet will be in no state to marry.

2. Maan for the first time has put his faith in god, are the CV's willing to let him down like that?!  The point of this is to prove that his faith is NOT meaningless and that their love is bound together forever. He cried and prayed that he does not have to make that choice, if he is let down he would go back to being that cynic again.

3. The baby is an important part of the story, for it to go now is murder of the story itself..they have already done great damage by making Dev a saint, that is enough damage.


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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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Manashi welcome dearHug

you chopped em down n yet made em feel so complete... Clap

@Jyo.. i need timLOL

Episode was beyond Utter CRAP!!
with Execution shoved back into the drain..
CAUTION : the more dirtier you WRAP...
the more ill catch the next train!!

i am not analysing crap instead of studying to Save My MBBS degree.. the world seems to need more of it... Stern Smile

@CVs ..

the more u make a mockery  of urself... the more is your own BAD!

NOTE : sensible people chose what is best ... for 'em at the least... and tat rules out ur being sensible!

fake doKtors from random Manali/shimla Godowns might b fools.. but u wanna make us believe MSK is one tooo??

Does anyone proof read ur scripts and dialogues? if yes pls point out tat lone professional.. i need to wack him/her ASAP!... the rest ofcourse are amateurs whom i am not gonna deal with.. n i cant expect standards from amateurs on a daily basis unless tey are hardwrking very unlik ur bunch.

Acting : with such unread unresearched amateur scripts.. i can understand why the best of Actors may b excused

GC seemed confused..  but he is human.. and every action has an equal and opposite reaction..
a brainless heartless body-less legless shapeless fluid script shoved at his direction reciprocated with the Actor trying to Keep up in vain only to flow down!

DD was good.. but the bathroom scene where she stuck to the door dragging herself down was OTT! but then she was saved the rest with her eyes closed... Lucky!

my condolenses to all the actors including the trolly boys....

Nikunj is given a role which does-not exist based on the GHSP we watched till date, and the fact tat she cant Act makes it way mor difficult to tolerate the non-existing substance!

Dialogue writers need to grow beyond admiring what you once wrote... ur tapes seems stuck with a drag... n sounds miserable.

lastly the direction GHSP seemed to take a few days ago... seems lost ... need a COMPAS?

please do take care



i think these lines i wrote for Geet should sum up our relationship too..

Geet - My Soulmate... ?

A not so innocent girl, i thought of her
with a family willing to burn the last of her
she is troubles easiest beget,
inviting in from every corner as yet
Never taking My advice
to keep herself away for my wise
A not so nice girl, i thought of her
with a family willing to burn the last of her

And right when i had put her behind
and i thought she did
fly away with the wind..
i was wronged and there she was wandering
to places unknown to her but in my being
i was to see her every hour of the day
till she was everything i saw from grass to hay
And right when i had put her behind
and i thought she did fly away with the wind..

But that i blinked to think of her
i planned to admit to never ever!
even to myself, as deep in me i fought
to keep her away not just from me but my thought
because i feared what it might bring to me
again uninvited, like in the past u cannot see..
and again that i blinked to think of her..
i planned to admit to never ever! 

Yes attraction it was, mysteriously sensuous
as we clinched at every touch, evidently vicious
even as i learned to care for her was the selfish me
i would not let it open up for her to see
because i saw admiration in her eyes living for me
but the reason behind her reluctance i could not see
Now more than just attraction it was, mysteriously sensuous
as we clinched at every touch, evidently vicious

We fought with eachother for the other, for us
when i wanted trust with purity of The Ganges
all she needed was togetherness for eternity
what she had been denied by my own fraternity
she wanted me beyond the need of my side
and i needed her besides the my want to hide
Toh We fought with eachother for the other, for us
she became my trust with purity of The Ganges

Time passed by in a relationship we could not deny
that had been written in the clouds of destiny
From giving it a name to realizing every promise
be it sliding the ring on her finger thrice
turning her disowned motherhood to my fatherhood
painting her forehead red with a drop of my blood
Time passed by in a relationship we could not deny
that had been written in the clouds of destiny

And now when to me she defines
innocence purity and with them my life in finesse
when in her glow i find my light
and with her tears flowing down i melt
She has made me a different Man, her Maan
with her as my strength, i am once more human
And now when to me she defines
innocence, purity and with them my life in finesse

Geet - she is, tey say will become to all a stranger
but i believe Geet she is, will remain from all 'distinct' forever!
but all said , the forgetten wrath in me,
the reason to which i had let her never see,
hidden behind the doors of my past, with hate!
without me opening to her, is she my soul mate
Yes Geet - she is, tey say will become to all a stranger
but i believe Geet she is, will remain from all 'distinct' forever!

Maan Singh khurana.

YUP!!  lazy me.. Sleepy  i know... LOL

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MarshP IF-Rockerz

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Manashi Welcome to the den Hug and Very well written Clap

The episode:

In terms of Drama, the episode was good minus the Arjun-Annie of course. In terms of Logic, the episode was crap.

Baby or Geet? There is no Choice! You don't have to be a doctor to know that 2-3month fetus CANNOT survive outside the womb.You should have used this Baby or Geet thing to add more drama come Delivery time. But now It makes NO SENSE! I think you wasted a scene by using it now. Please be sensible CVs, it's not too much to ask. Stern Smile

Also, a MC cannot Happen, Now or EVER. The audience has become emotionally attached to this baby, especially after the sonography episode and taking the baby away now would not be a smart move. Trust me on this one, you will lose a lot of viewers if the MC happens with me being one of them. Stern Smile

As for Arjun and Annie: Did Arjun cut the break lines? Smile He had this weird look on his faceErmm  See the smiley face, TAKE A HINTROFL

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starlite7 Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged

Manashi - Welcome to the Den  !  HugSo happy to see u here. Btw I'm Vandana from EE.  Loved your take on today's theme.  Very lucid and eloquent.  Thoroughly enjoyed reading. Relived the Maaneet saga.

Episode Analysis

Hello Nissar, PH, Ved, Sudhir, Vikas, Barry, CVs ' you took the story up a notch today with your shock-attack.  You did succeed in stirring the pot quite a bit'.but your 'Geet or baby' stance flopped'big time!  Only ignoramuses , fed on cinematic crap would fall for this trick.

You'd warned that there would be a lot of shocking developments b4 the wedding' I guess today was one of them.

In the sauna


Geet stuck in the sauna'heat rising...Brij waiting for her to die.

Maan placing the taveez at Durga maa's feet, asks for blessings, picks up the taveez and walks back to his room.

Whenever Geet is in trouble Maan is nearby.

Brij feels justified that he has restored his purkhon ki izzat, waits until he sees Geet collapse and leaves confident that his mission is accomplished.

Maan returns to his room, does not find Geet.  Hears something drop and thinks Geet's in the wash room.  That's how he sees  her ' unconscious on the floor.  In a panic, Maan breaks down the door, rushes in, picks up Geet, brings her out and places her on the bed.  He tries to revive her but Geet does not respond.   Even in this crisis, likes Maan's presence of mind.  He calls Dadi and then immediately calls the doc. This does not seem to be the same gynaec that Maan had first taken Geet to.  But this doc seems to know that Geet is pregnant.  Based on the doc's recommendation, his next call is to the ambulance.  Dadi walks in, is shocked to see Geet in this state.  Maan notices the taveez on the floor and picks it up.  Tries to tie it around Geet's wrist but is interrupted by the servant saying the ambulance is here.  Maan picks her up and carries her to the ambulance.

Seeing  Maan carry Geet to the ambulance, Brij rejoices that his mission is accomplished.


Blooper 1 ' Brij jumping to the conclusion that Geet is dead.  For someone as deviously smart as him how can he assume that taking her to the hospital equates to death ?  This is an unacceptable mistake from Brij.  CVs pls  note.


@ the hospital


Seeing her condition doc wants Geet to be taken to ER.  Pulse sinking, suffocation (ghutan), doctor is unable to come to a conclusion without further tests.  Maan watches as the oxygen mask is placed on Geet and the nurse gets the IV ready.  Again Maan remembers the taveez.  He remembers the fakir's words ('tumhari mehbooba ki hifaazat karega), closes his eyes in a silent prayer and ties it around Geet's wrist.  The doc notices him in the room and shoos him out.




Seems like the Geet team wanted to diffuse the tension a little by showing the NE-Arjun track. Nice tactic but the NE-Arjun scenes did not have the desired effect'.on the contrary, seemed OTT.  Arjun finds out that NE now detests him for being NT's bro. Arjun is in a fix'choose between his heart strings or family. 


Arjun character is interesting.  Pls don't dilute his character with NE.


Why would a rich girl walk away from KC especially since her bro gifted her a brand new car.  Even if she did not bring in her car, cant she call a cab with her mobile ?  Especially after receiving Dadi's frantic call, there seemed to be no common sense urgency in NE-Arjun to call a cab or for NE to call the Khurana Office/Mansion for a car and driver.  Amazing'especially from a millionaire khandaan ki ladki like NE.


Doctor's prognosis


Doctor says ' Geet ki haalat aur bhi bigadi to hamein Geet aur bachche mein se kisi ek ko chunna hoga.  A totally ambiguous statement from the doc who knows she is pregnant.


Mega Blooper ' Geet must be about 3 months pregnant.  She does not show a significant baby bump.  The sonogram also did not show a fully formed baby.  So in these circumstances how can the baby survive without its mom ?  And I refuse to believe that at such an early stage of pregnancy, the baby can be delivered prematurely ,  brought up in the neo-natal ICU and survive.


 CVs ki akkal kya ghaas khaane gayi thi ?  Havent we been shouting at you to do your homework ?  You could have just talked to a gynaec and done a background check to see if this scenario was feasible.  You failed. 


Fix this blooper tomorrow.


You could have possibly used this scenario later on in the story but today it was  preposterous.


Precap ' Maan praying to God fervently that he must not have to make the choice between Geet or the baby.


Gurmeet was in Maan's character today.  Maan is a person who internalizes his emotions, is in control of the situation, someone who deals with his emotions in private.  All of these aspects were visible in Gurmeet's acting.  If he seemed wooden that was becoz he was trying to get a grip on the situation on hand and keep a control on  his emotions so he can think clearly.  But Dadi knows her pota and her pota too is not ashamed to show her his tears.

So Gurmeet, I think you did really well.  Yes, you could have done much better, but I blame the writers for a weak script.


Will Geet survive? Will baby survive ?


If Geet does not survive, Geet HSP will not survive.

If baby does not survive, Geet will not survive which means Maan cannot survive.

If all this happens Geet HSPs TRPs wont survive.


My prediction - Tomorrow, taveez and Maan's prayers will show their kamaal.  Maan will be saved from having to make a choice.  Both Geet and baby will survive. 

Focus will shift towards who locked Geet in the sauna and increased the temp ?  Will Arjun come under the gun? Will Brij be dragged back into the picture ? How?

In the meantime, I'm sitting back and chilling with a cool drink and my favorite book :)

Nissar ' execution wasn't top notch today.  Story progressed with the shock factor but NE-Arjun scenes seemed to be band-aided together.  Script left a lot to be desired.

Nissar  and team - Damage Control is the name of the game tomorrow.

Viewers are gearing up for a Maaneet wedding.  We want our Maaneet wedding and we want the baby too !  So Geet HSP let's see what u have in store for us.

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Welcome Manashi!

Love ur writeup on Maneet! this is one serial I can watch over and over again! Embarrassed

Jyoti, as always u leave me speechless! Embarrassed

All Im gonna say is that this was one drag fest episode!  Well Im sure there could be a few reasons for this!  To me it seems like Drashti is sick, she could hardly speak yesterday!  So Im sure they giving her these scenes so she can have her rest too!

Baby or Geet, depends on how one looks at it!  Question is how far along is Geet???? I guess then one can say its a logical question!

ARjun, hair is looking much better, thank u creatives!

Why complain about Arjun and NE track, I have a question for the fans, Do u just want to see GC and DD on screen???If answer is yes then you're being unreasonable!  This is a daily and that too that runs 6 days!  One does not realize what it takes to put on a daily!  Even I don't enjoy Arjun and NE scenes, but now I can tolerate it!

Will marriage happen??? Will make Dev make his claim??? Will Maan have to choose between  Baby and mom??? Well, I guess if they kill baby then they kill Geet and this will kill MSK!  The rest we have to wait to find out right!

Stay tuned to GHSP M-S 9:30pm Star one!

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Welcome ManashiHug

Theme of the Den: Maaneet
Manashi and Jyoti well written Clap 
I wanted to write an ode to my fav couple but my spirits have dampened and I'm not interested anymore to write... may be later if I feel like I'll add somethingSmile

Episode Analysis

CV's this is the first time in so many days that I'm writing to you and not writing my usual poetic take... The expressions Maan exhibited today seemed genuine but somehow I'm not happy to write anything... why
  1. How can the fetus survive with out its mother... It is not clear how many months Geet pregnancy has lasted to even think this as an option??Angry

  2. Even if such a situation falls upon Maan we know he cannot chose.. though he is not biological father to say that he wishes to save Geet ...he absolutely knows that Geet has given her life for the baby before and if Geet was conscious enough to make a decision it would be the baby she would choose... (I would credit Rash for this point)

  3. Why are you doing all this tamasha of promoting Maaneet wedding if you plan to show this dream is not going to be trueConfused...I hope you can anticipate the consequences of an MC and Marriage being canceled....Evil Smile

  4. Lastly Why to talk of faith in God if you have to shatter itAngry.

  5. I would like to ask when people have integrated heating systems at home then it is prerequisite to have a fire alarm system installed when temperature exceeds killing levels Angry so how come no alarm went off when there was so much of heat/smoke for Geet to suffocate???? Care to answer more ?... What happened to the ventilation system in bathroom?

  6.  Being positiveSmile I'm thinking it is the test for Maan and his newly establish faith... rest lies in your hands whether you'll keep it or destroy it...Smile

Only thing I would say is I wish to see Maaneet happily wedded with the baby being safe.Smile

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Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 9:01am | IP Logged
Welcome Manashi. A great write-up on Maneet's relationship. Thoroughly enjoyed reading yours and Jyo's posts. Clap

Today's Theme of the Den

 Love is like magic, and it always will be.
For love still remains Life's sweet mystery!!
Love works in ways that are wondrous and strange
And there's nothing in life that love cannot change!!
Love can transform the most commonplace 
Into beauty and splendor and sweetness and grace.
Love is unselfish, Understanding and kind,
For it sees with its heart and not with its mind!!
Love is the answer that everyone seeks...
Love is the language, that every heart speaks.
Love can't be bought, it is priceless and free,
Love, like pure magic is life's sweet mystery!!
Unknown Author

I know you are not PERFECT, but you are PERFECT for ME

People who identify with Maan and Geet's characters know that they are not perfect. 
Maan is an egoistic, arrogant, rude, selfish to the entire world. But when it comes to Geet, he cannot help but be selfless, kind, caring protective and possessive. 
Geet is innocent, selfless, kind. But she has learnt to live her life on her terms from Maan. He taught her to fight and has always been her pillar of strength, even when her own family wasn't with her. 
The thing that brings them together is their desire and fight for truth and justice, and their love for simplicity. They are both believers of truth and respect each other for their determination to live life on their terms.
They don't believe in sacrifices unless it is small. They are opposites of each other in every aspect but one, their fight for each other's happiness. They complete each other, in the true sense of the phrase.

I cannot spell L"U"V without "U"  

Maan and Geet have had experiences in their past which led them to loose their trust in people. They have taught each other to fight the world again. 
It has not been one sided. Geet would not be what she is today without Maan, and Maan would not be himself today without Geet. They have taught each other to trust eachother more than they trust themselves. They have learnt to L"U"V from each other, for love for them is trust and understand and passion.

Love is shown in my deeds, for I don't know how to say it in words.

Maan and Geet are not believers in confessing their love explicitly all the time. They know how they feel for each other and are confortable with each other. Their actions show their selfless love and when it comes to them, words have no place.

My love for you is my ability and willingness to allow you to be what you choose for yourself, without any insistence that you satisfy me.

Maan has never known to give in to anyone else's demands. He dictates terms and everyone listens to him. Else, he will destroy you. But in his love, he has let geet decide for herself what she wants to be. According to me, he cannot express his love for her anymore than this.

Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.

Maan and Geet are not people who succum to the other's demands easily. They have had their ups and downs in their relationship. But what makes them special and different is that it is not always both of them fighting. When one is fighting, the other is being understanding. And if both fight, it is their inert urge to forget and clarify things as opposed to continuing their fight forever. 

No man is worth your tears, but once you find one that is, he won't make you cry.

Maan is the reason Geet learnt to laugh again. He can give up everything under the sun just to bring a smily on her face. Maan told Geet recently that if his loss makes her happy, he would loose forever. For a person like Maan, love cannot be defined in any other words.

There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to the one you love.

Geet and Maan are entering a new phase in life. They will be married soon. But marriage to them is just a formality. They are already at peace because they are with each-other.

Throw the water of reason and control on the flames of desire and breathe in the smoke of ache that oddly comforts.

I have not seen another couple as passionate as Maan and Geet. You guys bring the screen on fire and we watch the show because you make it special. Thank you. 

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