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With You...Forever... (MayUr OS Pg 87) (Page 86)

--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 12:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by annie07

Jiya, what should i say? ur OS, took me to a dreamland... it was beautiful and very well written...
Rain and MN...nothing can be more beautiful, or more breath-taking...  the way they went through all their moments in rain, took me back to era of MN too...and then the best part...their "bundle of joy", i wish u cud have been the
but nevertheless, even in imagination, thanx for making MN more beautiful for me...
Keep writing and keep MN forever with us!!!!

Thank you so much Annie! I'm so glad I could take you back to the MN era!! 
Me as the CV??Blushing I can say the same for you!!!Embarrassed
Thank you once again for the wonderful words! They mean a lot to me!!

--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 January 2011
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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 12:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -SupriyaluvsMN-

wow jiya!!!
such an beautiful OS
luvd d way u showd d imp of rain in MN's lyf!!!
awww... i soo luvd it ... how i wish dey had shown in d serial also simlilarly!
never mind i can always imagine thru such beautiful OS's!
luvd it 2 d core!
n haan do take good care of ur health
luv ya!Hug

thank you so much suppi!!Hug
m glad u liked it!Embarrassed
thnks for the wishes!! m fine now!!Big smile

Originally posted by SujaLuvsMayur

nice os jiya.
i love d scene when nups tld mayank abt her pergnancy.
its very sweet,,,,,,n nice scene.
u r an aweosme writer.
keep writing.
thanks for the pm.

thank you so much di!!Hug

Originally posted by daniella05

lovely os!!
beautifully written
thanks 4 the pm

thank you!

Edited by jiya_angel - 07 June 2011 at 12:09am
--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -sam-

Hello Jiyu Hug Hi Sammy!Hug
This os was really super cute aww.. thank you so much!Embarrassed
I still remember, how it was shown in MJHT
total filmy ROFL typical Nupurish ishtyle ;) yep!! totally Nupurish!!LOL
I liked it lots here... thank you dear!Embarrassed
specially the importance of rain in their lives :) Mayur in rain!! sigh!!Day Dreaming
and the three years of separation...
mayank's tears :'(... a bit senti... poor Mayank!Cry
I liked it :)
Keep writing more... Thank you soo much!!Hug

Take care
keep smiling :) you keep smiling too!!Big smile

P.S.- Actually thanks to ur Migraine LOL ur block went :)
*just kidding*
hmm... so two-three more migraine attacks and this thread is gonna be complete! what say?WinkLOL

Thank you for taking out time for reading and commenting Sammy!Hug

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
loved it so sweet thik mishty doi er moto...
loved it lodsss

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 1:30am | IP Logged
awww i loved it...

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Bhawna_arti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 2:08am | IP Logged
Lovly os.
--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

With You…Forever...

"Good Morning Ms. Nautanki!!" I smiled as I felt his warm breath on my neck. Aah!! What a perfect start of the day!! I slipped out of my blanket and opened the curtains, letting the warm sunrays fall on me. I was so sure that he was giving me sullen looks sitting on the bed as I did not wish him back, but I loved playing with I giggled hearing the little"hmph!!"which I was waiting for, but he had already disappeared before I turned towards him. pagal!! I chuckled in my mind, not at all worrying about it, I know how to manofy my sadu husband…

I was brushing through my wardrobe, confused about what to wear… it was a daily routine for me.. By God!! I can never choose colours…"white looks beautiful on you!!" I smiled again… no matter how sadu he was, he always managed to clear my confusion. I pulled out my favourite white lace anarkali… he had gifted it on my birthday two years ago… "now go Mr. Sharma.. I need to change"… I heard him groan right next to my ears…lol.. silly boy!! I turned around, but he had already vanished before I had to push him out of his own room…

As I headed downstairs, I could see Samrat engrossed in a serious discussion with Mom. Sigh!! If it had been two years back, I would have been shocked out of my wits to see him here this early, but he has changed a lot since the past two years… the fun-loving casanova Sam from college days was nowhere to be seen now… he had turned into a serious and responsible Mr. Samrat Shergill, a perfect MD of the Shergill Estates, a perfect husband to my little sister Gunjan, and soon-to-be a perfect father. I smiled widely as I remembered I was going to be a maasi soon. I was so happy to see them happy together. When they had started going around, I had been worried, mostly because of Sam's flirty nature. I was afraid that he might break my Gunjan's little heart… I also staked my friendship with him that time… but now as I see him, I feel proud that he had proved me wrong. I was happy to see his transformation, but somewhere I kind of missed my masti partner… we used to have so much fun in college, playing pranks on Shukla Sir…lol.. Mayank used to scold me so much… sadu kahinka!!

"Hey Nupur!!"I came back to present hearing his voice… however serious he may have become, but he still was my best friend… "Hey Sam!! Good Morning" I flashed my widest smile and passed a side-hug to him. "Good Morning Maa!!" I turned to Shilpa Maa and hugged her, she smiled and kissed my forehead… She was a darling… I don't remember my own mother a lot, I was only five when she went away from my life… but since the day I have known Shilpa Maa, I never missed her. I still remember the first time Mayank introduced her to me.. it was my first Diwali in Mumbai… and my best Diwali ever… After that whenever me and Mayank had a fight, she would support… Mayank used to be so angry naa!! By God!! He would turn red like a tamatar…lol… I still remember once.. when he got annoyed like hell and went "aap Nupur ko adopt kyun nahi kar leti!!" hahaha… oops!! Did I laugh out loud?? Gosh!! That is so embarassing.. Maa and Sam are staring at me as if they have seen something alien.. By God!! Thankfully Mayank hasn't come down yet… warna he would have teased me like anything… "Umm… aren't we getting late Sam??" I looked at them sheepishly… Oh!! I didn't tell you naa.. I work at the Shergill Estates now.. I am the Head of the HR department there.. Sam says it's the best department for me.. and even I like my job.. interacting with the employees.. taking care of their needs.. it feels  good.. Oh, and by the way, Mayank was promoted to be the Dean of Excel College two years back... he still is the youngest and handsomest Dean Excel College has ever

"Ya sure.. let's go!!"Sam smiled and got up from his chair… I finished my coffee, and hugged Maa again "Bye Maa!! Take care of yourself… and don't forget to take your medicines.." I added in a authoritative tone.."Achcha meri hitler!! I will!!"She rolled her eyes…lol.. she always turned into a baby when it came on medicines.. sometimes I wondered if I was her mother and not the she wouldn't even listen to Mayank… and that reminds me.. Mr. Sharma hasn't come down yet… By God!! The time he spends in the shower surpasses even me.. hmph!! I looked upstairs once again… sigh!! I wish I could wait, but I can't, coz I hear Sam starting his car now.. sigh!! "Bye Maa!!" I kissed her cheek and glided away.


By God!! Today was so tiring.. I had such a hard time convincing the Board of Directors about the new Appraisal Scheme… I don't understand why these people think investing some extra money on the workers is not profitable… By God!! Did I just say "profitable"?? Sheesh!! Look what Mayank has done to me!! "Profitable"!! huh!! Anyways, all I want now is a little peace, coz I feel as if somebody is hammering my brain.

"Maa!! I'm home!!" I saw her fumble on the couch as she heard me. tujhe sab hai pata meri maa.. The song ringed in my ears, and I knew it. By God!! She had been crying again. I wonder why she gets emotional on small things these days. Okay, that was an emotional movie and the song was really really emotional, but that doesn't mean she has to cry every time she sees it, especially when she has seen it 17 times before.. sheesh!! "By God Maa!! How many times will you watch this movie??" I plopped beside her. She smiled at me through her tears and switched off the tv."Aaj itni der ho gayi.. bahut kaam tha kya??"She caressed my hairs as I rested my head on her lap. Aah!! It feels so peaceful!! "hmm.. I had a meeting with the Board of Directors today.. I had such a hard time convincing them.. bunch of khadoos people.. hmph!!""Ooo!! Then??" She sounded worried.. lol.. "then what??" I couldn't suppress my giggle "do you think your daughter would let them go away without getting convinced?? No one can ever win from Nupur Mayank Sharma!!" I was so proud of my name, Nupur Mayank Sharma. It was like music to my ears.

I was immersed in my pride when I felt a warm drop fall on my cheeks. Uff!! Now what happened?? I got up to see what I was expecting, an unstoppable gush of tears streaming down from her eyes. "By God Maa!! What is wrong with you??" I lifted my hands to wipe her tears, but she clutched them midway.

"Would you do me a favour Nupur??"

What is wrong with her today?? Favour?? She never talks like that!! By God!! Now I am worried!! "What is wrong Maa?? You are worrying me now!! Please tell me what's wrong!! Why are you so upset?? Did Mayank say anything to you?? Was he rude?? Don't worry Maa!! You know him right?? He must be a little tired, that's all. Dekhna.. when he cools down he'll come holding his ears and say dil se sorry…lol.. Don't be upset Maa.."


Wh..what happened?? Why did she shout like that?? OMG!! By God!! Yeh Mayank bhi naa!! He has made her really upset today.. aaj main uski zaroor khabar loongi.. hmph!! But I have to take care of Maa first. "Maa par.."

"Stop It Nupur!! Just stop it!! Why don't you understand??"Oh God!! She's sobbing more now!! What do I do?? Uh!! Maybe a hug could help. Yeah!! Good thought Nupur Mayank Sharma!! So I hugged her and she kept crying in my arms. By God Mayank!! Tumhaari toh aaj khair nahi!!

"Nupur!!"She looked calmer now, thank god. Her sobs had subsided, but her face said she was still upset, and she wanted to say something. "Nupur.. your Bauji had come home in the afternoon today!!"Ohkay!! Now I am confused again. Why was she speaking about Bauji now?? Gosh!! I better be silent and listen to her right now. "Nupur!! He wanted you to meet Adhiraj tomorrow, and I said yes."

"Adhiraj?? You mean Adhiraj Khanna??" I wanted to confirm whether it was the same guy with whom Bauji wanted me to get married to before my super-dramatic marriage with couldn't believe I would actually have such a filmy wedding. Okay, Nupur focus on Maa now, you can daydream later!! I glared at myself and shifted my attention to Maa "But why??"

"Don't you know why??"She snapped at me, and I suddenly felt my limbs getting numb. I saw her take my face in her palms, "Adhiraj is a nice boy Nupur. Please.." uhh!! Why do I feel so cold?? I need to take a hot shower. And also I have a sadu husband waiting for me upstairs. "Maa, I should go now. Mayank must be waiting.."


"I..I.. I saw his car outside. So.. even he's gone somewhere he might not have gone very far.. he must be coming"

"He..he won't come Nupur.. He'll never come!!"

"Maa please!! You must have been engrossed in your movie, so you didn't see him coming. I know he is waiting for me upstairs" I wriggled out of her hold and hurried to the stairs."NUPUR!!"I heard her scream, but sorry Maa, Mayank is my priority right now. I knew he was at home.

"MAYANK!!" I banged open the door to our room. It was pitch dark inside. "Mayank!!" By God!! What a perfect time to play hide and seek Mr. Sharma. "Mayank please come out naa!! You know I don't like darkness!!" I had started feeling cold again. "MAYANK!!"

The room was only lit by the soft rays of the moon that poured in through the window. My eyes fell on the frame on my bedside table. It was a snap from the final scene of the play, when he had confessed his love in front of a filled-to-brim auditorium of Excel College. I could see the smile of content in his eyes which was reflecting on mine too. Sigh!! I lied down on my bed, hugging my most precious moment close to myself. I felt his arms snaking around my waist from my back, engulfing me into his protective warmth. I was not feeling cold anymore, he had made the numbness disappear with his presence. "I told Maa you were here, but she won't believe me!!" I complained without turning. I didn't need to see him to know what he was thinking, I could feel him smile at my words. "I love you Nupur!!" I heard him whisper. Aah!! I didn't want anything else from the world, these four words were enough to spend a lifetime. "I love you too" I whispered back, as I drifted off to the land of peace. 

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Hey guys.. I know some of you are missing me because I suddenly disappeared in thin air... I am really sorry guys... Its just that my life has become utterly hectic as my studies have started on full swing... So please please please, don't be angry on me if I don't comment on your FFs/VMs... I promise that I read them all... but I just don't have the time to comment :(

Some of you might not receive a pm for this... coz as I said I don't have the time to pm, which is why Fiza-ji has volunteered to take the pain.. Thank you sooo much Fiza-ji... So guys, please don't feel bad if you don't get a pm, coz it is really a tough job!!

I am sorry again guys... I don't know when I'll be back again... I miss you all a lot...

Thank you so much for all the love that you have given me in this short span, and I am really sorry if I have ever knowingly or unknowingly hurt any of you...

Bye bye...

Stay happy forever...


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