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With You...Forever... (MayUr OS Pg 87) (Page 76)

MyInspirationz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 10:36pm | IP Logged

Jiya... I loved the last OS too.. Mr and Mrs Chatterjee are damn naughty... and i liked the title too.. Bozo..

very nicely written Smile

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...Mitali... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
jiya u r os was just awesome
thnx a ton for the pm

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cutiepie12 Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 8:26am | IP Logged
Heart the bozo n da girlHeart

loved da title...Clap
aww da ant part ws soo cute...Clap
loved da way nupur handles mayankLOL
truely n surely day were in love wid each other bt unknown to da fact cz dey had been never apart to realize n miss each other...

when dey were separated dey forgot to smile n missed each other
loved da convo mayur used to had...loved deir fightings...n silly chit chatsWink
gosh mayu parents were likign it alot n dey sensed da condition...PARENTSLOL

awww U LUK LIKE A GURL...soo cute  yet simpleSmile
loved da gestures during da partyEmbarrassed

hawww n after a yr part Blushing

loved mayur to da core

loads of love
happy new yrBig smile

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-sam- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 7:46am | IP Logged
Hey Jiah Hug
so sorry for being so late!
It was so good os!!!
Khub Bhalo!!!! Embarrassed
I loved the Bozo and the girl!!! LOL
Beautifully described Smile

Do keep writing :)

Take care Hug

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prerna_agrawal Goldie

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
OMG jiaaahhh... awesome os... loved it!!!... really loved it!!!... it was too good!!!... plzzz do write more such os!!!... n do pm me!!!.. :))

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 2:22am | IP Logged
hey guys... i'm reserving this post coz it's my 2001st... and i want it to be special... i'll update it soon... 
phew!! edited finallyBig smile
okay.. so... i know you all are a little pissed off at me coz i promised i wud update kismat.. but i didn't and i have also not commented on some of ur works... n i am dil se sorry for thatOuch... plzz maaf kardo *pouts*... i was not well and i was not allowed to read, write, watch tv, and even sit in front of the PCDead... all I could do was lie on my bed and stare at the ceilingOuch... so while i was doing that this idea plopped in my headBig smile... and I jumped (not literallyLOL) and penned it down as soon as my mom went out of sightLOL... and since m feeling better now.. here it isEmbarrassed.. hope you like itEmbarrassed... and if you don't... plzz let it pass as a random thought of an ailing mindROFL


A Bundle of Joy

The ride back from the hospital was being unusually quiet. He tried striking a conversation with "Gola khana hai??" but only got a silent "nahi... mann nahi hai" in return. He looked at her again, she was looking out of the window, fiddling with her dupatta, and smiling to herself. This was so not his wife. He decided he would talk to her once they reach home.

By the time they reached home, it had started raining. "uff!! Yeh Mumbai ki baarish!!" he grumbled purposely looking at her again, but a smile was all he got. "Tum andar chalo, main gaari park karke aata hoon" he sighed as she got out of the car quietly.

He stopped in his tracks as he saw her. Her arms spread out wide, she was standing in the middle of the lawn facing her back to him, embracing the raindrops. He felt as if the heavens have sent him an angel in disguise who was there to brighten up his life. "Nupur!! Kya kar rahi ho?? Thand lag jaayegi!! Chalo andar!!" She turned around, smiled and nodded to him like a five year old. "Nupur thand lag jaayegi!!" He stepped forward speaking in a convincing tone, but she was upto something else. As he was just about to hold her hand, she slipped away. "Nupur!!" he looked at her with disbelief as he saw that naughty glint in her sparkling eyes. He smiled, now this was the Nupur Bhushan, not Bhushan, Sharma, he loved. He leapt to catch her again, but she was quicker than he thought. However, Mayank Sharma was not a person who would give up so easily; he leapt forward, grabbed her by the waist and twirled her around. The melody of their laughter merged with the song of the rain, as they dropped on the grass together.

She lay on his chest, his arms wrapped securely around her, the laughter subsiding away and love taking over its place in their eyes. He looked at her face; it was adorned with the little rain droplets, few strands of hair stuck to her cheeks making her look breathtakingly gorgeous. His wife was beautiful, but since the past few days, he had noticed a different glow on her face. He tucked the hair strands behind her ears, tracing his fingers on her cheeks, he could see the little bit of red creeping up. His fingers reached the corner of her lips, and she closed her eyes in anticipation. His touch was torturing her. He lifted his head and rolled over, claiming his most precious possession with utmost love and passion, which was equally reciprocated by her as she clutched his shirt tightly, holding him close to herself. Time had frozen in that moment for them as the rain showered them with blessings.

It felt like an eternity before he moved back and lay beside her. With their eyes closed and their fingers entwined with each other, they let the rain blend into their souls.



"Humari zindagi mein baarish kitni khaas hai naa??"

He opened his eyes and rolled sideways to face her, supporting his head on his elbows, "Matlab??"

"Matlab... baarish hamesha hum dono ke liye khaas rahi hai.. tumhe yaad hai?? wo valentines night?? jab humein chunky mishra ne cottage mein bandh kar diya tha??"

He smiled remembering the day, "haan.. us din baarish hui thi, aur ussi din mujhe tumse pyaar hone ka ehsaas hua tha..."

She shyly smiled looking at him, "aur phir jab tumne stage pe sab se saamne mujhse apne pyaar ka izhaar kiya tha..."

"uss din bhi baarish hui thi" he completed the sentence for her "hamare pyaar ki pehli baarish"

"haan..." her smile grew wider, "aur phir..." she chuckled slightly "hamari pehli date..."

"uss din baarish ne mere saare plans pe paani pher diya tha" the frown was visible on his face. She giggled and pulled his cheeks "aww.." but then the naughty giggle sobered down as she caressed his cheek lightly "lekin wo meri zindagi ka sabse khubsurat surprise tha"

"sach??" he flashed his dimples

"much!!" she lifted her head and kissed his cheeks lightly, before continuing "aur phir jis din tum banglore jaa rahe the, uss din bhi toh baarish hui thi, aur..." she blushed and looked away as she remembered the special moment they shared.

"aur uss din hum ek dusre ke aur bhi kareeb aa gaye the..." he leaned in to take her again into a seal of love. But as he moved back, she felt a warm droplet on her cheeks. She opened her eyes with shock, as she saw him sit up and turn away. She quickly got up and moved a little closer to him. "Mayank!!"

He turned around with a smile on his lips, but the rain could never hide his tears from her. She cupped his face, his pain reflected in her eyes "kya baat hai??" He held her hands and kissed them, leaving his lips lingering on them for a little longer, and then held them close to his heart.

"pata hai Nupur?? Wo teen saal jab tum mere paas nahi thi.. nafrat ho gayi thi mujhe baarish se... pata hai kyun?? Kyun ki yehi baarish mujhe tumhaare naa hone ka ehsaas dilaati thi... main baarish ki dhun mein tumhaari awaaz sunne ki koshish karta... par mujhe sunayi nahi deti... main darwaaze se bahar dekhta rehta... mujhe lagta ki abhi tum aaogi aur kahogi ki.. chalona Mayank, baarish mein bheegte hain... main tumhara intezaar karta rehta.. karta rehta.. par tum nahi aati..." tears rolled down his eyes as he remembered his days of pain, as she looked onto him trying hard to swallow the lump in her throat. "I'm sorry Mayank" she whispered, but he was in some other world "par ek din.. issi baarish ne tumhe mujhe lauta diya... mujhe laga jaise.. jaise.. jaise mujhe meri zindagi wapas mil gayi.." He looked into her eyes as a fresh gush of tears rolled down, "tum mujhe phirse chhorke toh nahi jaaogi naa Nupur??" He looked so vulnerable to her at that moment, she pulled him into a hug that instant "kabhi nahi!!" The two words were spoken with so much determination, that he could feel the burden wash away, and she could easily recognize the warm tear drops on her shoulder from the cold raindrops.

"Nupur!!" He pulled out of the hug and looked at her, "aaj ye achanak baarish ki baatein kyun??"

She bit her lower lip as she remembered from where the conversation has started "wo kuch nahi, aise hi... main bas soch rahi thi ki jab bhi hamari zindagi mein kuch important hota hai, tab baarish hoti hai.. aur aaj bhi.."

"aur aaj bhi??" he looked confused "aaj kya hai Nupur??"

She looked down and got up from beside him, leaving him all the more confused. "Nupur ruko!!" She had started walking away, when he sprinted before her and blocked her way "aaj kya hai?? main kuch bhool gaya kya??"

She whispered still looking down "nahi.."

"toh bolona aaj kya hai??" he asked impatiently

"wo aaj.."

"haan.. bolo Nupur.."

"Mayank... wo main.."

"Nupur plzz..."

"Mayank.. wo.. wo.. main.. tum.."


"Mayank... tumpapabannewaaleho" She said all of it in one breath and closed her eyes tightly, waiting for a reaction from her husband.

It took him a moment to register the words in his mind; Mayank tum papa banne waale ho... it sounded so magical. His eyes widened with joy as it sunk in him. He whispered to himself "main papa banne wala hoon." He looked at her, her head was down casted, her eyes still closed. He cupped her face making her look at him, "Nupur main... main papa banne wala hoon??" The excitement in his voice made her blush more as she nodded yes. He suddenly lifted her up by her waist and twirled her around, screaming and laughing with joy "MAIN PAPA BANNE WALA HOON." The suddenness of his act left her startled for a moment, and then she laughed with him. He put her down and pulled her into a tight hug "I love you Nupur!!" She pulled out of his embrace and looked into his eyes that was glittering with happiness "Tum khush ho naa??"

"Khush??" he looked at her surprised. "Nupur main..." he gently held her face within his palms "aaj main is duniya ka sabse khush insaan hoon Nupur... I am the happiest person on this earth today... Ab hamari family complete ho jaayegi.. tum, main aur hamara baby... Nupur I am so happy... I love you Nupur" he pulled her back to him and held her close to his heart. "I love you Mayank" she whispered against his chest, as the rains celebrated their happiness with them, their little bundle of joy that was to arrive soon in their lives.


so... that's it guysEmbarrassed... hope u like itEmbarrassed... n hope i'm forgiven now *hides face*

love you all



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res Congrats on 2001st postParty

First of all, nice title! Bundle of joy, indeed! : ) And the idea was really a good one! I remember how everyone was looking forward to a cute scene where Nupur would tell him about the baby. But we got the one in the car – although I loved it (it was a typical MN scene lol), I think this would've been a beautiful one too!


 "The ride back from the hospital was being unusually quiet." – LOL…that is unusual when u have Nupur Mayank Sharma in the car…lol


The way u described the scenes were just so beautiful! I'm sure every person reading it could imagine the scenes. And seriously every word was just perfect! You made me blush like crazy too…lol.


"Mayank Sharma was not a person who would give up so easily" – oh no, he is not! And we love him for that! Wink


" he had noticed a different glow on her face" – reminded me of the dialogue…on Nov. 5th about the glow…


Yup, MayUr and rain do have this special connection! Rain was with them to share all the special moments in their lives! I wish CVs had used this idea….my MayUr in rain – how beautiful! : )


Awww….Poor Mayu ! U really brought out the pain in ur words! I can understand how painful it must've been for him … : ( Then him asking for reassurance like a little kid was so sweet and shows how vulnerable he is though he looks strong on the outside.


"Mayank... tumpapabannewaaleho" – Aww….wat a beautiful moment!


I loved how Mayank kept asking to make sure….lol, he is so cute!


"Ab hamari family complete ho jaayegi.. tum, main aur hamara baby..." – Aww….how sweet!


Really, I love ur take on this scene of Nupur telling Mayank about the pregnancy!

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Originally posted by Ishita16

res Congrats on 2000th postParty

u still got lot many posts to unresEmbarrassed

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